Selfish Protagonist

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It is, unfortunately, very complicated.
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My list of novels where the MC is thought to be a good person/tragic character (even if they don't think they are/even if they aren't).... more>>
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Vomiting blood? Overworking yourself? Self injury? Always choosing the self sacrificial route as plan A? Misunderstanding? Of course.... more>>
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Novels I personally disliked or left a bad taste in my mouth (Biased Opinion)
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These are list of novels, i plan to read.... more>>
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With their abnormal flaws and huge red flags, they’re not for everyone, but they’re perfect for each other. Involves intense and passionate love, and often some forgiveness ... more>>
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Enter a realm where darkness reigns supreme and malevolent protagonists cast their chilling shadows across the pages of our curated collection. Each book unveils characters of sinister allure, driven by ruthless ambition to achieve their goals by any means necessary. These tales entwine readers in a web of intrigue and suspense, blurring the lines between heroism and villainy. Prepare to be captivated by the enigmatic charm of these nefarious figures as you embark on a literary odyssey into the heart of darkness itself, where morality fades and the allure of evil beckons.
Other Novels not in NovelUpdate : ... more>>
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A list of stories with main characters who range from selfish and socially awkward to just plain flat-out jerks. Sometimes the author tries to hide it, other times they show off with shoddy justifications.... more>>
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Evil and Ruthless Male Protagonists... more>>
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Tear jerker + Regrets + Guilt? Sign me up. Prepare your tissues ladies and gents.
Pathfinder dxu
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No romance mc has no bottom line ruthless evil and selfish mc
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Characters who have self-serving personalities or tendencies, and may or may not show it in interactions, actions, emotions, intent, and thoughts. Or just that the character has a willingness to do things that aren't compatible with our modern and diverse views regarding morals, ethics, principles, and ideals of good. Of course these books have different tones and also handling of this subject.... more>>
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More than just being strong, these protagonists drag everyone else around at their pace.
They do things their own way and flaunt their power to... more>>
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Novels about MC's who only care about themselves. To them, everyone else is a side character who they don't care if they live or die. ... more>>
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eu gosto de protagonistas do diabo