Secret Relationship

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Some novels that left impressions
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Get ready for an exciting and interesting romance! A novel that is well-written, which is intruiging to us to read.
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This is just a way to easily manage my TO READ list. After reading a historical novel I tend to need a break afterwards, so here's a list of modern ones that I'd like to read or have read.... more>>
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Hello!!! ... more>>
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I have created this list for people like me to likes to taste the angst and tests for endura. Certainly not too much though. ... more>>
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Different from reborn/rebirth stories where the female/male leads go back to their own past, transmigration happens when the female/male leads took over other people's body,... more>>
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There are some that don't only are romantic but also have some exciting batle scenes and reflection about life and it's hardships and also some philosophy that i love so much, i'm up to protagonist that have weak physical strength but have a strong mindset and inteligent...i'm also up for the strong female protagonist that can help the male lead protagonist in the story as well... more>>