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In The Kingdom of Elves, the War of Gods 1000 years ago caused the fall of the World Tree. In a world where true gods rule, the fall of the elven civilization came soon after.

A 1000 years has passed, the new World Tree is now reborn.

Eve Euktrahill, the Mother of Nature, the Goddess of Life, the Great Ruler of Elves. Armed with the ability to connect to the Internet on the blue planet, She(祂, a pronoun used for god) now must rely on players from the blue planet to help her goal of reviving the past glory of the elves and the World Tree.

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bloodscryer rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: c857
Author's note from Ch. 588, explaining gender confusion due to errors in English fan translations.


To make a digression, some readers told me that the book has also been translated on the Internet, but there is a big problem, that is, the unified translation of "祂" into "he", and even emphasized in the introduction, which caused it. Many foreign readers are confused.

... more>> But in fact, it is more appropriate to use "it".

"祂" is not "他" (he). In China, "祂" often refers to gods.

I would like to explain here. I don’t know if I can see it outside. This is a question of translation.

And when I use "她" (she), every time the protagonist uses the incarnation to descend to the earth, careful readers should be able to find it. Gods always use "祂".

--- <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c625
This is the type of light novel that can reduce the amount of stress in your daily life. The setting is a bit familiar with "Shepherding Humanity", but more detailed and much enjoyable to read because :

    1. World building is simple yet much more easy to be visualized in your mind. Personally, I think this is one of the main attraction of this novel.
    2. The story is about the development of the Elf Kingdom not just the MC, so the Author always try to make all of needed characters to develop on their own story. That's why there are a lot of pov in this novel but without disturbing the flow of the story.
    3. There is a good balance of amount of the story of MC and the side characters. You will never feel boring.
    4. Even if the MC just to become a bystander in many occasions, (once again) it't not gonna be boring.
    5. It's not just about kill or be killed, it's all about development of the Elf Kingdom and the MC (World Tree), so even though battle is still one of the main but overall it's just part of the whole story. There are much more interesting things to read here.
    6. Even though it's not much, the Villains still have their own stories to follow.
    7. There is no feeling of to be rushed from one arc to another arc.
    8. The game elements are not using too much, there is good balance maintained by the Author here.
Overall, this is a good novel that worth to read.
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weewooweewooweewoo rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c982
This is definitely one of the better game management system novels out there

The MTL is pretty readable

I definitely enjoyed it. I think the MC is pretty reasonable unlike most isekai mcs. Also, watching the payoff of some arcs is satisfying.

... more>> If you had to describe the plot, I'd say it's a cross between The God of Games and Lord of Mysteries. It actually blatantly rips of an entire story arc from one of these with very little changes to it.. Not that I mind as it's a good arc

It's a Chinese novel, so there's a few thing which are kinda annoying being

-Nationalism (China number 1)

-Weird sexualization (probably half of which is of minors, some of which is of actual preteen children)

-mol*station (there's 2 or 3 scenes where groping and a forced kiss happened and it's written off as a joke)

-Chauvanism (minor amount for a Chinese novel)

-Racism (minor for a Chinese novel), especially related to skintone


I find it pretty funny how they basically comment one of the goddesses would be very beautiful but her skin is black so she's just pretty


Gay jokes and anti-LGBT comments

Outside of these problems, it also has common isekai novel problems like

-rinse repeat plot line

-power scaling jumps all over the place in some fights (weak defeats strong without much basis)

-shallow characterization aside from like, max 8 characters (some are purely gag characters that you could remove from the novel with no effect)

-random overexaggeratedness (multiple instances where people are like

killing fetuses, fetus being roasted over a fire to be eaten, pile of dead babies

and it's just to emphasize good or evil but it ends up being immersion breaking)

- some braindead villains

these nobles must be braindead or something to let a successful missionary presch at his execution platform


Overall, I think the problems are not noticeable unless you read into it too much and it's a good way to pass the time for sure <<less
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aShinyVaporeon rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: c60
Yet another of webnovel's trial reads that didn't pass... it's still got MTL tho.

Anyway, reads similarly to I Am the God of Games (in the 'god protagonist + game dev managing players' aspect) and Shepherding/Nurturing Humanity (in the 'slice of life kingdom building but with VR players helping you' aspect).

The story is, the MC (a pretty typical Chinese dude on a futuristic Earth--his original name is not Eve) dies and reincarnates as the new World Tree, the ancient patron goddess of the elves (whose name is Eve). Yep, so it's... more>> gender bender, but there's no romance.

With only a dying goddess body, remnants of the elven believers, and internet connection to Her old world, how will our friend Eve bring Herself and her followers back to their former glory? Hopefully this can be further translated. <<less
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YeetusOffACliff rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c979
I have read the entire novel and its extra chapters in Qidian. A very great shining star out of all Chinese and Japanese web novels. From web novel standards, this is among the top 5% easily. However, it is not without problems.


Quite unique and original plot. Breaks away from a lot of the common tropes, or at least deviate from them.

The player characters, although some being somewhat cliche, are quite unique and enjoyable as well. They do not get old even after a thousand chapters, and you can see their... more>> growth.

Extremely unexpected, interesting and enjoyable ending. However, the ending is an open-ending, and the writer has no desire to write a continuation.

Almost everything happening in the plot, even if it seems to deviate quite a lot from the mainline, links back to the mainline in one way or another, forming an interesting mystery plot.

Power creeping does happen in the novel, but it is not too much and it's at an enjoyable level. You can still keep up even in the closing chapters.

The plot and novel stays enjoyable from beginning to end, there are not much that would make you want to drop it.


The pacing is messed up. Sometimes the plot moves slowly (Around the first 60% of the story), then immediately picks up the pace quickly during the later half, until it goes super fast.

Non-player characters are quite cliche most of the time.

The Chinese to English translation leaves a lot to be desired, it fails to capture a lot of the inner jokes and true essences of the novel.

The revealing of the truth comes way too quickly in my opinion. Yes, the mystery leading up to the truth lasts for hundreds of chapters, but the final plot twist which reveals everything happens in just the span of 20 chapters, which is way too short for how long the mystery had been brewing.

The ending is open-ended. It hints at a new adventure for the entire universe and cast in a new universe, but there is no chapter to build upon that afterward. It ends suddenly at the start of something new, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, very good in web novel standard. It'll have high score even with light novel standard in my opinion. It is very much worth your time, but I recommend the original Chinese version way over the translations.

Spoiler for the entire plot if for some reason translation stops and people want to read the rest of the plot:


Power levels of the story:

Apprentice (normal people, most of the population of the universe, level 0-10 in Eve's system)

Professionals/Evolved (Iron, Silver and Gold ranks. 5% of the population of the main plane, other planes depend on the power level of their cores. Level 11-100 in Eve's system)

Legendary (The strongest a mortal can become before becoming immortal. Vastly increased life span. For races without potential to become immortal such as monster races, this is the final level. It is also the minimum requirement to survive and travel through the void between planes without assistance. Level 101-? In Eve's system)

Demi-God (Immortals who have either reached the first step of acquiring divinity, or those who have received direct favor of gods. Infinite life span is reached. Demi-gods have anywhere from 100 up to almost 1000 points of divine power)

Mythical/Gods (Level 150 in Eve's system. The final level a native-born lifeform of the World Tree corpse universe and the outside (human) universe can ever reach. Ascending into a god has 2 methods, they depend on species and both require a demi-god having at least 300 divine power and successfully solidifying or acquiring a divinity (It's divine mission in translation, but divinity is a much more accurate translation). The first method is solidifying one of your own. If one's species is strong enough, such as an ancient Dragon or Titan, simply growing strong enough by devouring outside energy will make Laws of the Universe bend to your will, becoming a divinity. If one's species is weak, an alternate method can be used. By gathering the faith power of intelligent lives in the universe, a new divinity can be created. There is a further divide between gods into 5 levels: Fragile Divine Force, Weak Divine Force, Intermediate Divine Force, Strong Divine Force and Great Divine Force. The maximum divine power of each level are 3000, 10000, 30000, 1000000 and infinite. Between each level, not only the quantity of divine force is increased, but the quality is increased as well. From Fragile to Strong divine force, all one has to do to ascend to the next level is to max out the divine power storage, as long as one's divinity is strong enough to produce the next level of divine power. Due to the story's universe being a barely surviving universe inside the World Tree corpse, the energy within can only support the existence of 1 Great Divine Force god. To ascend into Great Divine Force, one must have a divinity of Strong Divine Force level, and the ability to control Laws of the Universe (the sixth and seventh Origin Keys created by Neo are imbued with this power). Once the requirements are reached, you must then completely perfect your main divinity, or devour most of the Laws of the Universe within the World Tree corpse. If one's divinity is a species divinity (i.e. Human), one must develop their species to its highest peak. Otherwise, one must devour enough Laws of the Universe (Origin Laws). Great Divine Force god has the power to directly manipulate and/or destroy all Laws of the Universe, effectively granting them control of the universe)

Creation God (The absolute highest peak within the plot, only reached by the World Tree corpse when it was alive and Eve at the end of the plot. Lifeforms born from the universes within the World Tree corpse and from the outside (human) universe cannot reach this level due to the ultimate limitations of their potential. Laws of the Universe (Origin Laws) can be created easily by beings of this level, allowing them to create actual universes. They have truly infinite power)



A wormhole was born in our universe naturally in the far past, it was linked to another universe that is filled with all types of high-mythical lifeforms, such as Perfect Form World Trees. One such Perfect Form World Tree entered the wormhole to our universe in the far past, but the unstable energy in the wormhole and the forced universal migration were too much for it to handle, which tore it apart and killed it. What remained was a World Tree corpse floating in the vast space of our universe. Inside the World Tree was another, higher dimension universe, which was in ruins.

3rd Millennia C.E., the human race had discovered Precursor ruins on Mars, with various ancient alien technologies, including Warp Drive. From then, humans created interstellar travel and conquered the universe. They also discovered the corpse of the World Tree. They recognized that the World Tree is a mythical being with god-like powers. Scientific Research on the World Tree began in hopes of retrieving godly powers for humanity.

The Interstellar Swarm appear out of nowhere. It was a hivemind species of interstellar bugs. They invade and takeover planets to become their new habitats. The United Earth Republic entered a losing war with the Interstellar Swarm.

Humanity succeeded in retrieving 'Essence of Life' from the World Tree, and began cloning and injecting them into humans. Human life span was dramatically increased and many humans awaken superhuman powers. One such human was Neo. He awakened the one-of-a-kind power of being able to interact with Laws of the Universe. He became the head researcher of the World Tree corpse.

In a last ditch effort to survive the incoming onslaught, humanity initiated the 'Destruction and Resurrection' contingency plan. By causing a massive destabilisation chain reaction of Dark Matter, all normal matter in the universe were destroyed, including 99% of humanity and all of the Interstellar Swarm. The universe enters Heat Death. The last 1% of humanity entered deep cryogenic sleep and went into the World Tree research facility.

Neo, having the godly power of interacting with the Laws of the Universe, was chosen to be the protector of humanity. His job was to fix the universe within the World Tree, creating a strong universe that can support the revival of humanity while searching for a solution to deal with the Interstellar Swarm. He created the the first universe, but it was too weak. The Laws of the Universe within were far from perfection. In the end, Neo decided to destroy the first universe. Using Interstellar Swarm eggs, Neo caused the Interstellar Swarm to appear within the first universe, in order to destroy all life that arose within and gather data on the Interstellar Swarm. Neo used his AI assistant from when he was still the research lead, and made an independent copy of it. He named it the Guardian of the Stars. Its job was to manage the cycle of creation of destruction of subsequent universes, and harvest the Laws of the Universe from dead universes. The harvested Laws of the Universe (Origin Laws) were then stored next to the core of the universe, deep inside The Origin. They were stored there, awaiting for someone to ascend into power level high enough to save humanity and be absorbed as an energy boost.

Neo created the second universe. Using the experience and power from the first universe, the Laws of the Universe were more numerous, and closer to perfection. Subsequently, Neo created and destroyed 4 more universes. The last, and most powerful surviving divinities of destroyed universes were able to escape their dead universes and reincarnate into the next universes. However, they almost always came at a cost, such as reduced power or lost memory, and it wasn't always successful. One such divine was the Grandmother of Dragons, who escaped from the second universe and survived all the way to the seventh universe.

In the sixth universe, Neo finally perfected the solution against the Interstellar Swarm. The Interstellar Swarm was assimilated into a controlled hivemind, named the Abyssal Consciousness. The Interstellar Swarm ceased to exist as bugs, but became the Endless Abyss that corrupts all living beings & planes and was controlled by Neo.

The 1% of humanity in cryogenic sleep had their consciousness integrated with a central super computer controlled by the main AI. Their consciousness were put inside a simulated Earth in the 21st century, and on a loop.

Neo realized that humanity's final plan of creating a perfect universe was impossible, and he was almost out of time. He spent billions of years trying, but the facilities housing the last of humanity were finally failing despite how s*upidly wear resistant they were. He only had 10 million years left before the facilities completely fail and the last of humanity die. He created the seventh and final universe. He also realized that the closer to perfection the Laws of the Universe were, the shorter the universe lives. The chaotic energy that the laws bring s**ked the life force out of the universe, decreasing its life span. In a final gambit, Neo, who achieved Great Divine Force, sacrificed his soul. He created a script that would be set in motion by his two assistant AIs. By splitting his soul in half, half of his soul was imbued inside a dead World Tree seed. The seed, now with a powerful divine soul, would be able to grow into a new incomplete World Tree. The seed was planted in the seventh universe, and the script was set in motion. By having the main assistant AI pretending to be the evil 'Creation God' and the sub AI pretending to be the Guardian of the Stars, they create a fake storyline on how the previous universes were all harvested to provide power for the resurrection of the evil 'Creation God' to give the inhabitants of the seventh universe a goal, while the Guardian of the Stars nudged things into a direction that follows the script. The ultimate goal of the script was for the incomplete World Tree to die once, by then the alive half of Neo's soul would had absorbed enough Faith Energy to solidify the being of the World Tree, then recall the other half of Neo's soul to truly glue together the World Tree seed. The now completed World Tree would then reborn and absorb the entire universe and all the Laws of the Universe collected from previous universes, to become a new Perfect Form World Tree, a true Creation God to save humanity.

Neo acted as the King of Gods, to guide the local born divinities into the direction he want. His disappearance was caused by him sacrificing his soul to the dead World Tree Seed. He was the only Great Divine Force in existence before Eve's ascension.

The sixth universe was destroyed by Neo directly instead of being destroyed by the Endless Abyss, resulting in all the Laws of the Universe being unharvested. This was done in order to preserve a way for the perfected World Tree to ascend into a Creation God.

All existing and dead universes within the World Tree corpse have an Origin Key, created by Neo. Each of them have godly powers surpassing that even of divinities. The Origin Keys of the sixth and seventh universes have the condensed power of Laws of the Universe, which allowed them to become the key of divinities ascending into Great Divine Force, the penultimate step to ultimate power.

Even after Neo's soul being complete again in the World Tree seed, he was completely dead, without any possibility of reviving. The new completed World Tree Seed evolved a new identity - Eve. False memories were implanted into Eve before reincarnation as per Neo's script. Neo was the owner of the sixth Origin Key, and the incomplete World Tree was the owner of the fourth Origin Key. Eve, being the successor of the incomplete World Tree and owner of Neo's soul, received the fourth and sixth Origin Keys. The fourth Origin Key allowed Eve to consume any and all power weaker than herself without backlashes. The sixth Origin Key allowed Eve to interact and retrieve the consciousness of the surviving 1% of humanity in cryogenic sleep through the central system remotely, which became the basis of 'Kingdom of Elves'


Age of Awakening


Dragons and Titans are natural born life forms of every World Tree Corpse universe. They existed naturally in every universe except for the first universe, where the extra-universal Oyu civilization (they came to the human universe and into the World Tree Corpse universe through the same wormhole that the old World Tree travelled through) suppressed the evolution of Dragons and Titans. Using their extra-universal technologies, some of the Oyus survived the destruction of the first universe despite not being a divine, and went into hiding. The survivors hid from the second universe all the way to the early eras of the seventh universe, when they finally found a way to break out of the World Tree Corpse universe and escape back to their home universe via the wormhole. They travelled to the very bottom of the Endless Abyss, where they successfully pierced a hole in the border of World Tree Corpse universe using an immensely powerful and ancient ritual then escaped through it. After many years, the self-repairing system of the seventh universe repaired the hole to a point that it was no longer possible to travel through it. The broken portion of the border was shattered into shards, which became the Primordial Shards.

The first God of Death, a divine of Strong Divine Force, purified a plane in the Endless Abyss. The purified plane became the Limbo, where the souls of intelligent beings without deep faith in gods go after death.

Before the death of the first God of Death, he passed the divinity of Death and Limbo, along with his divine artifacts, including the Reaper Scythe to Hela. Right before his final breath, he said 'We are all losers.' to Hela. This is a hint to the fake script created by Neo.

After the death of the first God of Death, the God of Darkness saw this as a chance to invade Limbo and take over the divinity of Death, thus ascending to Strong Divine Force. He occupied a corner of Limbo.

Limbo, now being contested between two gods, the divinities of Hela became incomplete. She only ascended to Intermediate Divine Force instead of Strong Divine Force. True Divine Artifact Reaper Scythe only submitted to the true owner of Limbo. As such, Hela was not able to wield it.

The incomplete World Tree (first World Tree) was on the edge of ascending into Great Divine Force, as per Neo's script. She had gained enough divine power and Laws of the Universe (Origin Laws) to become a completed World Tree Seed. The Guardian of the Star, following Neo's script, spread fear among the native gods, making them siege the incomplete World Tree, killing it. The siege caused massive damage to the Main Plane, almost destroying it outright. The extensive damage caused a massive drop in the energy level of the Main Plane. The energy level of the Main Plane is no longer sufficient to support the entrance and exit of gods. The main AI retrieved the half of Neo's soul in the incomplete World Tree, and recalled the other half of Neo's soul in the void to sacrifice them all to form a completed World Tree Seed. The completed World Tree Seed, now having a new consciousness as Eve, was implanted false memories (to make the script easier to proceed), given the Fourth and Sixth Origin Keys and sent back to the universe inside the World Tree corpse a thousand years after the death of the incomplete World Tree. Due to the slightly different soul signature and Eve's self-conception of not being the real World Tree, the throne of the World Tree in the New Temple of Gods didn't recognize the revival of the World Tree, thus staying deactivated.

Eve revives as the second and complete World Tree as per Neo's script.

Eve, unknowingly using the power of the sixth Origin Key, called the consciousness of some of the surviving humans in cryogenic sleep into the universe inside the World Tree corpse, as a game called 'Kingdom of Elves'.

The sub AI of Neo, Guardian of the Stars, pretending to be a god of Strong Divine Force began to nudge the world in the direction of Neo's final script once again. He gained the trust of the God of Humans, Leader of the Eternal Age.

In the ruins of Florence, the player elves discovered the Orb of Death, a lost sub divine artifact of Hela's. Eve, knowing how sensitive her identity as the World Tree is, began using the Orb of Death to mask her presence and divine power. By pushing her divine power through the Orb of Death, her divine power gained the scent of Death, masking the scent of Life and Nature. By using the Orb of Death as a containing vessel of her consciousness, she was able to create a split body with the scent of Death, allowing her to play her presence and power off as a Godwarden of Death.

Eve successfully recovered from her near death state, becoming the Low Form of World Tree.

Her actions of using Hela as a scapegoat was noticed by Hela herself. Hela, the Goddess of Death, an intermediate divine power, being a neutral party during the siege of the incomplete World Tree, agreed to a secret alliance with Eve. Eve began providing Blood Crystals of Life to Hela, in order for Hela to strengthen her divinity of Death to prepare for the encounter against the God of Darkness. Eve, now instead of pretending to be the Godwarden of Death, now pretended to be a newly born Goddess of Life and Nature under Hela's protection.

Rivendell, a fallen elven city was recovered by the player elves. A legendary Spider Queen was tamed by Eve. The caves of the mineshafts of Rivendell lead to the first layer of the Underground World.

The third layer of the Underground World, being the place at the very bottom of the Main Plane, was closest to the Endless Abyss. Thus, the Demon Gods of Hell and Evil Gods of the Endless Abyss were able to forcefully open weak connections between a top Abyss Plane and the third layer. A demonic fortress was built by the demons to protect the connections.

Eve and the player elves invade a half-orc tribe at the entrance of the Forest of Elves. The high priest of Ullar stationed at the tribe was bestowed with a True Divine Artifact of the titans, the Withering Heart by Ullar. The Withering Heart was forged by the King of Titans, an ancient god of Strong Divine Force. It was tainted by the Endless Abyss. It was a forbidden divine artifact that used divine power to overwhelm the souls of opponents of the same or lower grade as the used divine power. Then, a suggestion that the affected target should seal their own power would be implanted in their mind. The target would then unknowingly seal their own power, therefore getting weakened. Ullar planned to have the high priest summon a Totem Guardian, a demi-god of Ullar's then use the Withering Heart to seal the power of 'the Godwarden of Death', then kill her. Eve's split body was hit by the Withering Heart, then she began to run toward the World Tree, with the Totem Guardian chasing behind. Since the target of the Withering Heart was the split body but not the main body, the World Tree was still at full power. Once they entered the effective radius of the World Tree's power projection, Eve slayed the Totem Guardian, and ascended to Weak Divine Force by absorbing the Totem Guardian's divine power. With that, The World Tree grew from Low Form to Intermediate Form. The sudden growth absorbed a large quantity of energy from the void between planes, empowering the damaged Main Plane. The Main Plane is now on its way to recovery in a few tens of years.

Hela, the Goddess of Death, was the major faith of the first layer of the Underground World. The Underground World was traditionally the home territory of the God of Darkness. The God of Darkness, not wanting to have his home territory stolen and weakened, declared a divine decree. All cities of his faith in the Underground World were to form the Darkness Alliance and raise a massive army in order to invade and take over cities faithful to Hela.

Eve led the player elves to the defense of Hela's cities. They ultimately won, but the main force of the Darkness Alliance was mostly unharmed. By the decree of the God of Death, they marched to siege the Holy City of Death directly, seeking to cut off Hela's connection to the Underground World and slay her strongest demi-god, the Cerberus. The top combatants of the Darkness Alliance were: The God of Plague, a recently reawakened Fragile Divine Force, Fallen Angel Lulia, an Abyss God of Fragile Divine Force, Queen of Pain Alissa, an Abyss Goddess of Fragile Divine Force and Demon God of Lust, a recently reawakened Abyss God of Fragile Divine Force. The mortal army was led by a Legendary wizard with a sub divine artifact which can control dead souls belonging to the first God of Death. Cerberus successfully held the God of Plague off until Eve arrived. Hela, now with a slightly more complete divinity of Death, was now able to wield the Reaper Scythe, barely. The Reaper Scythe was a soul artifact, it attacked the soul directly. Anyone weaker than the wielder would not be able to withstand the attack and their soul would be destroyed when hit, even if the one hit is a split body. Hela instantly killed the God of Plague with the Reaper Scythe, and the Demon God of Lust was weakened by Eve's Withering Heart. The Fallen Angel and Queen of Pain, infamous for betraying allies and immediately running away at an unbelievable speed as soon as the situation turns bad, ran away and left the Demon God of Lust alone. The Demon God of Lust was captured by Eve.

The souls of the Demon Gods were all ingrained within the core of the Hell Planes. Killing the body of a Demon God would just resurrect them in Hell. To truly kill a Demon God, the core of his Hell Plane, which was well-hidden, must be destroyed. The Demon God of Lust, now knowing Eve's true identity as the World Tree, was sealed. The Demon God of Lust draws power directly from the Lust Layer passively, so his energy regeneration is infinite. In a supremely evil scheme, the 'Maze of the Demon God' was created by Eve for the players. The weakened Demon God of Lust and hellspawns born from his aura were regularly beaten half to death and farmed respectively, in order to not only strengthen the seal, but to also harvest the Demon God of Lust's infinite energy.

The God of Darkness, now having lost his foothold in the Underground World, seek to kill Eve.

With more and more original elves returning, and more and more player elves being called, the power of Eve rose meteorically. She defeated Ullar, the God of Hunting and Winter, a god of peak Fragile Divine Force and his half-orc race.


Age of War and Rising


The final battle


Extra chapters


not completed, please check later

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ArthurArk rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Edit 3: Let's make a new review, again.


  • Simple but very immersive world-building
  • Enjoyable kingdom building
  • Multiple povs each with unique personalities
  • A good amount of chapters to end (I ideally like to aim between 300 to 1000 chapters with a few exceptions)

  • Very basic MC (both Pros and Cons)
  • Little to no character development and depth
  • Nationalism (Didn't mind it too much)
Game of the World Tree bases its story on the MC, who became a God and needs to survive and grow stronger. The MC invites people from another world into his/her world... more>> as a game, where the people simply thought it was an actual game.

The story overall is light-hearted with a few to no real tension. The flow of the story is well down and simple, which makes it enjoyable to read.

The same goes with how the MCs kingdom grows continuously throughout the story and the opponents it faced along the way.

The story has multiple perspectives between different characters and players in the story, each with a set of unique personalities and has a bit of character development along in the story which was really nice to see.

As said in the Cons, the MCs character is very basic. He's not annoying nor outstanding, but mediocre and makes rational decisions and planning. But this also serves as an advantage with the multiple person perspectives, seeing the different views of the people without feeling annoyed that it takes so long to go back to the MC's perspective.

It is also because the MC is basic, the overexaggerated admiration for the MC is a little question and unnatural from my perspective.

Overall, a really nice web novel to pass time if you are looking for something light-hearted and relaxing to read. <<less
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albreo rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: Completed

After 2 weeks of reading and 979 chapters later..., I would recommend it. One of the best novels out there and I'm feeling comfortable reading it whole.

The progressing of the entire story is very solid and the story stays true to the initial plot throughout. Every character has a very unique characteristic and is easy to distinguish apart which is a plus when there are more than 20 important characters. There's a lot of emotion going on between player - NPC and the author portrays it beautifully. The combination and... more>> explanation of the MC application of power are surprisingly logical with few loopholes. The ending is a bit rushed and fell short. The last epic battle never happens and the entire player engagement in the plot ceases. I really hope that the players were more involved, even as a spectator. The revealing truth at the end also came out of nowhere with no hint or clue beforehand which is likely a last-minute decision to close up the novel. <<less
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The-Lonely-Daoist rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: Completed
The MTL of this novel isn't that bad, but it does get confusing from time to time. While the novel might have bad traits (slice of life, pov shifts, etc.) that might not be to other reader's tastes (which the author acknowledges in their testimonial), please give it a try.

The world building and plot twists were surprising. The stories of the "NPC"s made me cry, while the "players" are endearing. The comedy had also made me burst into laughter from time to time. There's a certain charm in this novel... more>> that hooked me into reading 900+ chapters with no break (which was a bad idea considering I did this near my prelims), and I hope others would also get caught into it.

My rating for "Game of the World Tree" would be 4.5 out of 5. <<less
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December 27, 2020
Status: c560
Solid 4.2

Good world building, no forced reaction, have its moments, and a very solid background world and flow that have almost no plothole.

also a very good system that breeds thinking from the developer's side (Mc/god) and the players' side.

the background of the story is not hidden too, unlike some that always cliff-hang you with revealing the past part by part, with 100s chapters in between

the same awesomeness as legendary mechanic and super detective in a fictional world
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bruhuh rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: c979
I mtl'ed this and it's honestly pretty good.

The lore is actually really extensive for a web novel, and I feel like the worldbuilding is interesting as well. The plot and progression are pretty good, and I find the supporting cast (the players) to be full of personality. However, I find the MC to be really bland, and sometimes I like reading other characters' chapters more than his.

The novel gets repetitive towards the middle, but it quickly picks up later on. The twist at the end is extremely convoluted and weird... more>> (though that might be because I was reading on MTL and it was really hard to understand).

All in all, I would definitely recommend this novel. It's definitely not a masterpiece by any means, but I feel like it's well-written and organized with a lot of thought put into it. <<less
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rumly111 rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: Completed
The author created a very believable world.

And what I like is there is no forced tension. I could read with ease, because everything would turn out alright for the characters. There are some cruel scenes, but it's needed for the world building.

There is lots of humor that I enjoyed. For example how the MC toyed with the demons.

The ending was a little 'meh', but that's only a few last chapters, and I can live with that. The extra chapters are good fan service.
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Kyleid rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This book provides me the strongest impressions about what will happen when your goal, your life, and your passion are all finished and everything itself ceases to exist.

... more>>

The fact that the game will be shut down after more than ten years and all of the characters have their unique endings made me cry a little bit. The rich lady got reincarnated with a brand new self/soul and met the black dragon again, the pair got married, and the last one to live until old (who frequently creates a strategy in the game) logged in the last time for the closure of the game until his death. The red-haired guy who had been reincarnated met his lover who had been waiting for him for a long time. All of these things serve to remind me that there is no such thing as an endless tale, and each one has an end. Simply said, the story is a masterpiece.

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mustachemerlin rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: --
The translation is driving me absolutely nuts. The protagonist is female. She is a goddess. The Mother Goddess. And they have translated EVERY pronoun as "HE" and "HIS". Sometimes six times in a paragraph! It is beyond abundantly obvious that she is a she. They call her goddess. They describe her appearance as a beautiful woman. And in the *same* sentence call her "he". It is constant. Over and over and over again, sometimes six times in a paragraph. I know that Chinese can be ambiguous with gender, but this... more>> is ridiculous. There's no ambiguity at all, she's female, the translator clearly knows she's female, and still keeps calling her "he". Apparently it's so bad the original author even weighed in on the translation in an author's note... she's a she. Or at least an "it". It's maddening. I desperately want a find and replace button so I can just fix it...

It's also hosted on an eclectic mix of the *worst* places. Webnovel. com, then fanfiction. net, then friggin *github*, then Google Docs, and now finally, finally someone has started posting on a real, actual blog.

The story itself is amazing though. It deserves way better than the treatment it's been getting. I've read far worse stories treated far better than this has been, and that's sad. Nihilaine TL seems to finally be doing it right, I really hope they keep going. <<less
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April 15, 2021
Status: c60
The novel is only translated up to c60 (don't believe what the chapter list above states) and it is really good. However I simply can't bare to read the MTL versions after reading the properly translated ones (half because the manually translated ones changed all the names and I read 60 chapters with all the characters having different names.)

It's sad that this isn't getting continued, it's a good premise with decent execution. Hopefully it can get revived in the future.
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fireutsie rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
One of the better "reincarnated into a game" type novels like Transcendental mechanic. However unlike situation in Transcendental mechanic, the MC here is actually a god and the game's "admin". He summons the souls of the people into the bodies he makes for them in the world. If people log out then their bodies don't magically disappear. He decides what they can do and cannot do, he gives them quests, allows other "npc's" to give quests and designs the overal plot of the game to fit his own goals.

It has... more>> some good world building, likeable main player characters and npcs. There is a bigger overarching plot that is pretty interesting and the MC isn't too scared to take action himself either later on. My nitpicks would be that the novel could have some more details, world building and more well written characters. Cause some of it does feel a little bit on the shallow side.

Edit at chapter 900, the score is still a 4/5 and it's still enjoyable to read. The mystery of the past has been revealed and much more.

Edit 2, the novel has ended and while the last 80 chapters or so were just ok it ended allright. <<less
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mazest rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: Completed
That was a story and a half.

Pretty good novel with good worldbuilding and ideas, but the MC is a bit basic and the characterization overall is lacking. The ending is also really fast paced compared to the rest of the story, and with inaccurate MTL translations, becomes really confusing at times.

Overall great story though, 10/10 would recommend.
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Dynamic library of sins
Dynamic library of sins rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: c28
Most of chapters I read so far seem to contain a lot of either repetitive useless information or highly unnecessary detailed explanations of what is happening (probably for the word count).

As of now all characters are plain and boring.

Also the plot is kinda absurd. MC says that it chose gamers based on the amount of experience they had (human-hours wasted on them games), so it's highly unlikely that there would be any people, who would be able to build anything similar to a hut, not to talk about a... more>> house (or a town lol).

Also, I love how 30 meters long walking tree hides in the forest, especially considering the fact that it was mentioned before that "oak guard" is much taller than the usual trees in the location (you can tell, lol).

The "Demacia crossdressing" event was cringey as hell. I mean I could understand why would NPCs hate the idea of luring goblins with hoes, but why tf are other players "disgusted"? I understand that getting bussy in China is an extremely difficult mission (there are quite a bit more males than females), but I still don't get why would they all get mad over Demacia's idea. If it is some kind of an attempt to joke, it is even worse, cause it is a 100% natural purefied cringe. The "fighting" scene that follows is even worse. 5 gamers facing off against 3 goblins of similar level and they can't cooperate at all/ don't have any plan/ are just dumb mofos (are they really "professional" in anything?).

So almost 30 chapters in and I haven't even smiled once. Compared to the beginning of "Gamers of the underworld" this is Scheiße. <<less
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Leblebo rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: c982
At most, very damn good. 8/10 in terms of everything really. Characters are alot and they have importance to the story and not just there for shits and talks only. Although some characters, I never saw them again (lol)

Very very good and pleasing, and the story was very much planned to the end, although pacing gets quicker at the latter parts, it is still very enjoyable overall.

Give a read, even if its MTL, you won't regret it.
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saputrak rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: c97
Very good story

I wish the story in chapter 980 would be continued

When old mysteries are revealed, new mysteries emerge

... more>> I don't know why the Author made a new mystery but in the end this novel was not continued (I don't know if this was just a hiatus or maybe the Author really didn't intend to continue it)

After reading up to chapter 982 I was disappointed..

This novel really influenced me, especially since the story of the Frost tribe, I'm getting deeper into the story of this novel

It's a shame the story in chapter 980 hasn't been continued until now, if I had known then I would have chosen not to read this novel

Sorry I use google translator so maybe my comment is hard to understand.. <<less
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Merlin2113 rated it
October 27, 2022
Status: Completed
A masterpiece in my eyes.

Generally the story focuses on the mythical reborn existance Yggdrasil (Yuktr*shil) - the World Tree. The predecessor World Tree has fallen in the last divine war 2000 years ago due to some circumstances which lead to a great plotline. The new World Tree seems to be an ordinary human being which was reincarnated to another world and fuzed with the incarnation of the world tree/remainders of the original World Trees soul.

Relying on the humans in her previous World she shall raise again to Greatness or fall... more>> to eternal damnation...

The story is great and does not get boring even after 900 chapters (yes they have been translated, read them on novelhi). The story is finished, the last chapters are bonus chapters. Personally I would have liked if it was continued, it definately would have had the potential to do so.

I especially liked the chapters where she advances to higher levels, miracles with immense power and divine battles.

The story is complex enough to support this number of chapters and provides sufficient emotional and intellectual depth.

For those that need further motivation to read this in form of spoilers as to why it shall be read:


4-5 main evolutions of main char, Divine allies and enemies, Story twists in true identity of Goddess and the Universe in general




Advancements of Goddess:

  • Weak divine power
  • lesser divine power
  • intermediate divine power
  • great divine power
  • greater divine power (not explicit)
    • multiple forms of world tree becoming rather a Universe Tree as Planes are fuzed to the Goddess and she becomes the incarnation of the Universe
  • Creation Goddess. She can create Universes at will.


you have been warned multiple times.

True Origin of the Universe and The Goddess:

  • Once there was a very advanced civilization reaching pseudo-divinity with awakened abilities and the power of law.
  • However an unbeatable enemy was encountered - The original abyss creatures
  • Not being able to defeat them they decided to destroy the Universe/World with heat death
  • Survival Plan: Create a Universe where Humans can live
  • The Transcended Human Leo <something> also called NEO was in charge of the project.
  • However they were not able to create such a universe on their own, just a smaller inferior version which was not suited for humans
  • However they discovered the remains of a withed and rotten World tree, lets call it the ancient World Tree. They found out that the World Tree should have the power to create an Universe as it represents Life itself.
  • They cloned the World Tree and confirmed this and some other properties, however they were not able to make it grow properly, only a seed remained in the end.
  • In order to provide the conditions for the World Trees growth they created an artificial Universe
    • To strengthen the Creation Goddess/God that would create their new home they had the Universe reincarnate itself to collect the laws and to get to a point where humans could live in this world
    • The world tree which was the goal of the Universe (to nurture it) was not part of the earliest incarnations fo the universe but only in the last one (or two, not sure)
    • Why are there 2 World Trees in the Universe of Segers? Because the first one had to attempt greater divinity and fail to prepare for the success of the second attempt.
    • Who is the world tree and why was there reincarnation? It was deemed necessary that the world tree needed a soul as it was artificial and should not be hostile to humans. However a pure and strong sould was needed, so it had to be NEO, with splitting the soal in two parts. So the world tree is actually a mix of World Tree and NEO making it somehow the child of NEO and the ancient World Tree.
    • Blue-Star is actually a Matrix-like program for the sleeping humans of the ancient civilization waiting to be awoken for their new home.
  • In the end Eve succeeds and receives the legacy of the ascended human society as I like to call them in form of history knowledge and power of laws from the previous instances of the universe of Segers.
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