Cannon Fodder’s Original Wife Strikes Back and Gets Rich [80’s]


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Pei Li, who has spent half of her life struggling in the catering industry, transmigrated into a novel and became the cannon fodder first wife of the original book’s villainous boss.

The original owner was abandoned by suitors due to her overweight and lazy nature. She married a man rescued by her father along the way, but continued to torment him, forcing him to work hard despite his injured legs, leaving him permanently disabled and wheelchair-bound for life.

However, Pei Li, who transmigrated into this world, knows that the bedridden man in front of her will later escape from the Pei family and personally establish a commercial empire, becoming the biggest villain on the original book’s female protagonist’s path to wealth.

Looking at the dilapidated adobe house, the impoverished family, and her own out-of-breath body, Pei Li thinks…

“Fat? Can’t I lose weight?!”
“Commercial empire? I can start one too.”
As for being the villainous boss? “Can’t I just deal with him and get rid of him?!”

But unexpectedly, the man’s legs are healed, and her commanding father-in-law comes looking for him, yet he refuses to leave, showering her with affection and pampering her to the core.

Relying on her skills, she steadily progresses from setting up a stall to running a mobile stall in the town, then to opening a storefront in the city, and subsequently establishing a chain of gourmet restaurants. Her business becomes increasingly prosperous.

With the money earned, she invests further, and her wealth multiplies, making her the richest person in the region.

The villagers who used to mock her as the fat girl who likes to watch the excitement are dumbfounded when they see her family moving from the village to the town, then to the city, living in a villa, and continuously ascending socially.

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