Transmigrated Villain: My Fiancée Orders Me To Beg The Male Lead’s Forgiveness


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[Light-Hearted + Multi-Novel Worlds Fusion + Proactive Female Lead + I Want Them All!] Also known as

“After Reseting for the Sixth Time, the Female Lead Takes the Initiative to Come to Me.”

Transmigrated as a villain, becoming an experience-rich, wealthy, and handsome character, the beginning sees the fiancée coming to accuse me on behalf of the male lead!

According to the plot, not only am I supposed to be face-slapped by the grassroots male lead, but my fiancée will also be stolen!

Finally got the system, but it wants me to obediently follow the plot!

Can I tolerate this? I will fight back directly!

The protagonist reborn to amend regrets? No need for amends, just make him regret more! A war god returns, searching for his lost love in the city?

Flirt with his lost love right in front of him, making him only able to bear it silently! Eavesdropping on thoughts, the female lead falls for him after listening?

Bring out the signal blocker, and the male lead directly becomes a fool talking to himself!

The villainess and her followers want to bully others because of their status?

Insubordination, directly snap them away! A reborn immortal emperor, who acts without needing to explain to anyone? Despising the law, an additional crime, immediate death penalty!

As for the missed girls, I’ll make amends for you!

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Ravenpeko rated it
May 22, 2024
Status: --
Seems like every other CN novel where the MC is an antagonist in a game or novel and said MC is son of rich family, so he’s engaged to one of the female leads. Then MC breaks off the engagement and the other heroines start acting differently and other bs; and he also will have a villain system. Sounds familiar? Cuz it f*cking is. So yeah, not fun.
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