When Our Colors Collide


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When five-year-old Goldfish Lim, a charming little girl goes missing, it is a terrible nightmare for her distraught parents, but for everyone else, it’s just another sad story that soon fades from memory. Seriously—who has time to worry about a missing girl, when everyone’s too busy drowning in their own troubles and miseries?

Mr. Ooi, an elementary school teacher, has become a subject of controversy after “that incident”.

Mrs. Soh, a dedicated housewife, is losing her sense of self.

A university student from a lower-middle-class background is just starting to rise up through the ranks when he finds himself caught in the middle of a scam.

A high schooler, who demands a heavier penalty for an uneducated widower who has tortured three kittens to death, is accused of being an aggressive SJW.

A sixth grader takes refuge in the virtual world of video games, where he finds someone akin to family.

A young traffic cop, hopeful and passionate, faces his father’s constant mockery.

Facing all sorts of hostility, they begin to doubt themselves…

As the hours tick by, Goldfish’s missing persons case remains unsolved. And amidst this mystery, seven souls who live utterly unrelated lives seem to be interconnected in curious ways.

A glimpse into their ordinary and complex lives presents a blurring line between good and evil, and perhaps, despite everything, a tinge of hope.

“Everyone glows a different color, and when these colors come together, feebly as each one may glow, they form a beautiful, blazing rainbow.”

Trigger Warnings (as suggested by translator): mentions of emotional abuse and childhood trauma

T/N regarding translated title: A literal translation of the Chinese title would be “We brush past each other in the rainbow light”, but the current translator chose not to use that. There are two reasons for this: 1) They personally think it doesn’t bring out quite the same emotional impact as the Chinese title in English; 2) even the official English title, “The Sparkling Moment”, isn’t a literal translation, but they personally don’t like it, so they came up with the current title. Both the official English title and the translated title, the translator believes, refer to the same theme in the novel.

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The Sparkling Moment
We Brush Past Each Other in the Rainbow Light
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