This is How I Became a Chaebol


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I regressed to the era of romance.

It was a time also known as the age of success, the age of ambition.

I would seize control of everything from textiles, petroleum, machinery, shipbuilding, to automobiles. I would become not just a chaebol, but a legend…

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나는 이렇게 재벌이 되었다
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New ZeroKishi rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: --
The MC regressed not as his younger self but the younger version of his Boss with the knowledge from the 21st century bringing it to the 60's.

The novel consisted of technical terms that it's indeed boring yet somehow you can't help but continue reading, it's as patriotic and propaganda as Chinese novels so some people might feel bit off
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Not too different from reincarnated as a genius type novels.

Dude wakes up and everything is fine and flush. Random knowledge that's critical to improving technology, check. Korea number one, even though there's serious economic, technological hurdles, check. One man army and everyone else exists to make MC look good, or resolve the current problem, check.

As such, it's rather boring.
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