Doomsday Summoning Frenzy


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The blood moon hangs in the sky as the demon realm invades.

In this world where men kill men, where even humans are no longer human, slaughter is my means of self-preservation. Callousness is my sturdiest armor. Strength alone guarantees my survival!

Upon this vast earth, I hunt fearsome monsters, experience the darkness of the human heart, endure the most hopeless of wars, and search for meager glimmers of light and hope!

This is an era from which heroes emerge in droves. This is a ruthless tale. This is a struggle with no hope in sight.

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05/25/24 Nacelox c25
05/25/24 Nacelox c24
05/25/24 Nacelox c23
05/25/24 Nacelox c22
05/25/24 Nacelox c21
05/23/24 Nacelox c20
05/23/24 Nacelox c19
05/23/24 Nacelox c18
05/23/24 Nacelox c17
05/23/24 Nacelox c16
05/22/24 Nacelox c15
05/22/24 Nacelox c14
05/22/24 Nacelox c13
05/22/24 Nacelox c12
05/22/24 Nacelox c11
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