Mistaken Era


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The master once said that Cui Xiaoxiao, who has the “Ten Injuries” destiny, was actually very lucky. If she had been born two hundred years earlier, with her extremely yin destiny, she would have become the nemesis of the Demon Sect Lord Wei Jie. If that were the case, the novice Xiaoxiao would have been hunted to the ends of the earth, her bones scattered and ashes dispersed…

Xiaoxiao secretly exclaimed in relief: Wei Jie was cold and cruel by nature. Fortunately, two hundred years ago, he was killed by his vengeful disciple Qin Lingxiao. This demon is gone from the world! Only his evil reputation remains stinking for eternity.

Later, Cui Xiaoxiao accidentally time-traveled back two hundred years and took on a handsome and unrestrained young man as her disciple.

Cui Xiaoxiao was very gratified, secretly praying to her master’s spirit: Our Lingshan Talisman Sect has finally branched out and spread! I will definitely cultivate my disciple into a talent!

After praying, she turned to her tall and mighty disciple, smiling and asking, “Disciple, I forgot to ask earlier, what is your surname?”

The disciple looked at his master’s bright eyes and slowly said, “My surname is Wei, Wei Jie…”

Short introduction: The wrong time, the right person…

Female lead: Accidentally took the Demon Lord ancestor as a disciple, leading him down the path of demonic cultivation in her bitter life.

Male lead: Accidentally took on an adorable master, living a blessed life receiving her loving smiles every day.

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Mistaken World
Wrong Era
Wrong World
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New Mistyrose rated it
June 30, 2024
Status: Completed
The first half of the story felt slow and dragging but the second half was riveting (considering I had to mtl it!) The story is so complex and has many layers that draws you in the more you read. Beautiful plot line with no loose ends. The love story here is very satisfying. Kudos to the author! I also liked her other work as well (Possession of my beloved). Thank you also to the translator who is doing a great job considering that every chapter is so long. ❤️
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