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Banished from her cultivation sect, Yan Hui accepts a hunt to earn money. She encounters the snake demon she’s hunting but is wounded in the fight. The snake demon flees, and she is forced to stay in remote mountain village until she regains her magic. During her time in the village, Yan Hui stumbles upon several mysteries. Who is the strange boy that seems to be hiding his true nature? And who is the woman dressed in white?

Yan Hui finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy. With fingers pointing at her former shifu as the culprit, Yan Hui sets out to find the truth.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Back from the Brink (Drama adaptation)
Protective Heart
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haruhi91 rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Wow, this novel easily tops among my favourite chinese novel, thanks to the translator who made me discover it.

The ML and MC meet by coincidence, discover they are connected together by an event in the past and are forced to journey together. Well, the ML is doing the forcing but for a good reason and I find very realistic how the MC isn't happy to comply and tries to resist, not every one can act as a good samaritan towards a person recently met. But, whenever the author shows glimpses... more>> of the ML's past, my heart suffers for him and I'd just want to hug him and tell him that everything will be fine. Their relationships is well constructed, it starts with distrust, progresses a circumspect truce towards a building trust.

Updated: I read ahead the raws and completed as unfortunately the translation is very slow and oh my god, the feels... This is the type of story I crave for: supernatural elements and a romance which is slowly built and totally worthy it.


Tian Yao starts as a weak person, hurt both in the body and spirit, with only the thought of revenge in his heart and plans to use Yan Hui as a tool for his goal. Little does he know, that Yan Hui will tear down his walls with her blunt and obstinate personality. After realizing how important she becomes for him, he desists in wanting to complete his goal as obtaining the last piece will result in Yan Hui's death. I love how in the last part of the novel, their situations are reversed: Tian Yao is strong while Yan Hui is weak, Tian Yao doesn't want to use Yan Hui any longer but she willingly decides to help him in reaching his goal without him knowing.


Actions speaks loud than a million sweet words. I also really appreciate how the story uses well-rounded villains who have real reasons for their actions and not just because they are "evil".


Take Su Ying who cruelly dismembered the ML's body for stealing his dragon scales. She did it because she wanted to protect her lover and considered the ML only a demon. As the saying goes, every villain is the hero of his own story and in another novel she really could be the protagonist who tries every way to save her lover and in the end she fails. Obviously, love doesn't justify her actions, but it makes her a relatable character, by the end I also pitied her because she was left with nothing.

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lamperass rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This is by far a thrill of a read. I really recommend it for anyone, it had a perfect mix of drama, mystery, and romance. I have reread this novel two times already, and waiting for the drama to come out sometime 2022!

The love between the two leads developed so well and it was just heartwarming. Also the side characters have a part in the story and aren't just random plot points, since they actually provide a backbone to the story.

I just wish the antagonists had more suffering but I'm... more>> satisfied by everything else


They have a happy ending!

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Shadowdrop rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: c51
Although there are only 24 chapters translated so far, I really like what I have read and I expect it to be a very good novel. (Update at ch.46. - It only keeps getting better!)

The characters are interesting, and everyone has their motives and reasons. Some are horribly twisted, some I just can't agree with, but so far no one's motives felt far-fetched or unbelievable.

Yan Hui, the main character of the story, is not kind-hearted or just. But she won't hurt others unless - 1) she needs to do... more>> it for her survival/safety OR 2) they hurt her first.

She has very deep gratitude towards her former shifu and does not doubt him. Although it might be a bit irritating (especially when all clues point to him), but I was moved by her loyalty. And, as seen from her flashbacks, it's not just blind trust, but rather something that was formed over time in response to his actions.

Even though she grew up in a demon-killing sect, she has no prejudices against demons. In fact, she treats them and humans equally - hurts those who hurt her, help those who helped her. "For feelings, as long as both parties are willing, then it's fine. Who cares if it's xian or demon. As a bystander, who am I to say who should like whom?" - although she talks about love, but from these words it's obvious that she sees demons and cultivators as equals, even if demons are her enemies.

The male lead is very interesting too. I won't talk about him, because I don't want to spoil anything, but this much is not a spoiler, I hope. Just in case I'll put a spoiler tag, so you can decide if you want to see it


Even 24 chapters in, he is not in love with Yan Hui. He uses her, he needs her, he sticks to her. But he still isn't in love. He will obviously fall for her, but only when it will make sense, and that's what makes me love him.

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Anisfii rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Maybe you will regret reading this novel, because after reading this you'll find another novel pale and boring in comparison (that's the case for me)

Definitely my fave of jiu liu feixiang's novel. The comedy, romance, the sad and the heartwarming part all engaging.

The female lead is the expelled xian cultivator. She is very human, has her shortcomings. She herself doesn't know that actually she has a good heart. The female lead reminds me of the FL from 'My disciplie died yet again', especially their internal cursing :D

The male lead... more>> is a wounded demon dragon. He's been betrayed by his ex lover. In the beginning He's cunning and aloof towards FL. But after receiving her protections (many times) and her sincere warmth he fall for her and doing all his best to protect her too, because for him, she is his life.

Although they officially became couple near the end of story, but we know early on the flow of their love, how they fall for each other, how from bickering, scheming, too caring, protecting and loving each other

Aside for the main lead, the side character also have their own charm. And the twist... it surprised me greatly

This novel telling who is the actual 'demon' among the xian cultivator and the demon clan

don't worry it's happy ending for the main couple, but you will need some tissue while reading some parts, because it will make you shed tears, both because the comedy (that will make you laugh so hard) or the heart wrenching part

Thank you so much for the translator (Nikkispores) for her hard works and her regular updates.

If you're impatient waiting for the next translation, you can read the mtl version. It has decent translation and not too head scratching, compared to other mtl I've read <<less
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koco2018 rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This sadistic author.
Frozen. Extracted. Heartbreak. Powerless. Can you match the fallen characters to those words? Haha... f*ck, my tears.

Hey, I am so sad. The story is wonderfully written, and beautifully translated, I was swept into the world and felt with each of the characters. But do you know what the hardest part is? ... more>> The author has a clear understanding of 'Nothing is ever just black or white'.

Spoilers, because I know you are here for them.


These are Mild spoilers. I know you want to know everything. But, no. I want you to cry with me.

Our ML, Tian Yao, is a Dragon Demon who was brutally dismembered by the one he had loved. His heart, tendons, bones, scales, horns, and soul were viciously stripped from him and sealed away. While being skinned alive, Tian Yao used all his cultivation to send his heart protection scale away from his murderers.

As you can tell, this is Tian Yao's revenge journey. Tian Yao's soul was released from its seal and he began to wander in search of his other sealed body parts. When he located a sealed part, he possessed a silly boy from a village nearby and worked to release the seal. He couldn't. He had no power, strength, ability, he was hopeless for ten years, until Yan Hui who is a Xian cultivator poisoned by a snake demon, floated down the river. She was picked up by traffickers and sold to the grandmother of the body Tian Yao possessed, as a bride for her grandson. That is how our MC Yan Hui, meets our ML Tian Yao.

I feel like I already spoiled too much.

The conspiracy is deep, nothing is completely black or white in this story. There is a lot of loss and heartache. Read it if you can handle moping around for a day after reading this, because this is a happy ending in a cruel mess. But you can always remember this one thing.

Somewhere in that world, there is a happy family that has no flipping idea that Yan Hui's life is being thrashed around by fate. Somewhere, there is a family living their best life completely unaffected. Which is funny to me, because Yan Hui and Tian Yao's lives are falling apart, but they are just two small beings. It consoles my broken heart a bit, since I usually feel second-hand emotions from these stories.

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Eru101 rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I was planning previously to give this a 5 star rating. I was praising this novel so well but then I became disappointed on the decision of FL at the near end. So I dropped it to 3 star rating. *Shakes head*

... more>>

I didn't like how FL chose to prioritize the greater good (for her shifu) and yet, wishing for ML to be happy, liking him by fooling him.

I didn't like the hypocrisy of FL that she acted like she was sacrificing for ML.

FL acted like her shifu: Concealing her actions and assuming it was better decision for the other party. Doing this without asking for the opinion of ML was a selfish act. In the end, she deceived him and used him to "save" the world. She forced him to do what she wanted and did not have the least bit of consideration of his perspective. FL knew how devastating the feeling of guilt when her shifu didn't reveal anything to her. And she did the same thing to ML.

For the world, yes, FL did the right thing. But for ML? She was unfair to him. She pushed him to the pit without him knowing. Just like Su Ying. The difference is that, FL let him live in his previous "glory". *Rolls eyes*


I wanted to say more things but I focused on this one because in the epilogue and the chapters before that, it was portrayed as "goodness but tragic". Reading it became unbearable. *Sigh*


Anyways, it was a happy ending. FL has a backup plan when she planned to sacrificed herself. So all are well.


If I'm gonna exclude the near end chapters I didn't like, the rest is a full five star lol

At the first 15 chapters, FL and ML relationship was unpredictable. It was like they are playing tug of war and I'm the piece of cloth tied on the middle of the rope, being pushed and pulled until I got dizzy as hell. *Nods* It was indeed, a stressful situation.

But because of this, I personally enjoyed the slow romance between them. And the dog fights are in moderation, I didnt feel my head ached from face slapping scenes. No overpowered characters. <<less
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Lala Harlyn
Lala Harlyn rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: Completed
My 1st language is not English, so i'am sorry if this review makes u uncomfortable to read it lol

I'll give u a few reasons why this novel more than deserves 5 stars:

  1. Jiu Lu Fei Xiang : all of her works are trully MASTERPIECE. I knw that iam biased of the author, but u can prove it by reading her other novels. So before I read this, I know that the story will be amazing and that's the truth.
  2. thx for the amazing translator : Sporadic Spores. U did really a good job >///< I hope in the future u will be translate Jiu Lu Fei Xiang's other works. I BEG U !!!
  3. This novel is a complete package: you will not only get romance with perfect ML, but you will also get adventure, comedy, action, mystery and amazing angst which can make u cry a lot.
  4. The story is really well written. There are no characters with 2-dimensional nature, definitely not cliché, story shows that what you think is bad is not always bad. And what you think is good will always be in a good way (you could even say the good side here is the bad side bcs of their selfishness who always consider themselves as a holy people)
  5. ML = ML character here is not an evil tyrant, at the beginning of the story ML is a little cunning, but when he finds someone he likes ofcourse our MC then he will give his whole soul and body to the person he loves. Definitely a loyal ML
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ike_00000 rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c52
Super interesting!!! I LOVE the story buildup and the developing relationship between MC & ML. This deserves a way higher score, but it started off slow so I get it.

Characters: 5/5

Damn, some people. The author has incredible skill at portraying characters; one second you hate, but you could still end up loving. In the beginning, I was seriously infuriated with the ML, but I got over it. There's still a lot of intrigue around her master, and I feel like the author is definitely gonna wreck readers' perceptions of him... more>> around a couple more times.

The side characters are also great and filled with personality. They have flaws, but that makes them more interesting.


I do hope one day the misunderstanding between Zi Yue and MC will be cleared up though...


The relationship between these two are great. Far from love at first sight, they clearly seem to have an irreconcilable death grudge at the beginning. However, we see them slowly caring for each other and putting down the baggage of their past, and it's beautiful.

Plot: 5/5

Seriously masterful story-building! It has a heavy dash of mystery, but the unveiling of how all the pieces come together is almost on the level of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (that's one of my top fav ones ever). We see pieces and then see them somehow come together and it's eye-opening and lots of fun.

Writing & Translation: 5/5

Thanks for the hard work! <<less
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Aslee rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: c49
Very good so far! I adore xianxia novels with female leads, and this one is very special. Most novels cast all demons as bad guys, and all cultivators as, if not good guys, then at least neutral. This novel is doing a lot to explore that, with the ML being a powerful demon. Speaking of the love story, it's great! There's no instant love, no beating each other up as a way to show affection-- It is true enemies to lovers, where they hate each other, are forced to work... more>> together, and then slowly start to have feelings for one another... 50 chapters in and neither of them believe themselves to be 'in love', because... they're not! They're just crushing. I can't wait to see where this mystery goes, and to see how their tender feelings blossom to into an epic love that even the Ice Queen can't destroy! <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
December 12, 2018
Status: c26
Bitter sweet story. 75% bitter like original taste of chocolate but I love it.

About a demon whom his heart stolen and a little girl that coincidence receive his scale.

The girl is really rude but honest. The Demon was very cunning and fate bind them together whether they like it or not.

I just remember the phrase from other literature:

"With a friend like these who need enemy."
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Belly Button
Belly Button rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: c52
Interesting novel which hold my attention. Also it is not a thousand long chapters novel. LOL. It is not a angsty romance up to chapter 52. FL was kicked out of her school and met ML. Not love at first sight. As they get together by fate and intention (by ML) since FL has something which belongs to him in her. They face problems together and try to sort the mysteries surrounding them. They appear to be growing on each other. It is a relatively fast paced novel so... more>> one looks forwarding to the mysteries and perhaps the ending. <<less
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Oahts rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c53
[Edited 1/31/20] I started reading this because I loved the author's other works and this one did not disappoint at all! I love the MC and ML's developing relationship, the plot, the mysteries, and the supernatural aspects.

If you like strong female protagonists, Yan Hui is a kick-a** heroine. She's not perfect. She won't go out of her way to help someone, especially if it puts her own life in danger. However, once she has decided to help someone, she is a very loyal friend. I also like that her relationship/power... more>> dynamics with the ML is balanced -- they make plans together, fight together, and take turns saving each other.

The translator is doing a great job, but updates are a bit slow. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chande rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the best cultivation novel that I've ever read. The plot was so engaging and successfully kept me hooked until the last chapter. MC, ML, and even the side characters all had refreshing personality, especially MC. She wasn't an OP character and she had many flaws but it was those flaws that made her became more interesting. It wasn't also sunny in this story and there's some scenes that were so heartbreaking such as:


Ling Xiao and Zi Chen's sacrifices for MC. Both deaths made me cry a bit. But I still don't like how Ling Xiao kept MC in the dark all those time although he knew MC's personality so well. I think if he told her from the beginning about her condition, she won't act recklessly because she respected him so much. But of course if Ling Xiao indeed told her the truth, she probably won't meet ML.


But don't worry, although there were so many deaths in this story, MC and ML still had their happy ending.
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justaboredgirlreading rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: --
WARNING: A very long review

First of all, idk how to write review and this is just my first time so please don't expect too much from me and bare with me LOL. The reason why I'm writing this review for the first time is because, I just want to vent out my feelings and what's on my mind after reading this story.

I just want to say that... my heart is still aching for some unknown reason LOL. It's a HE! Don't worry, it's a HE. I just didn't expect to... more>> cry too much reading this. I kind of regret not reading the reviews first to prepare myself. So, if you're the type of person who easily cry and is sensitive (just like me LOL), you better prepare lots of tissue and a strong heart I guess. And if you're expecting to read a fluffy and light one novel because you don't want to cry or feel ache, this ain't it. Find other novels to read and skip this one for now until you're ready to read a bittersweet novel and ready to cry.

Let's start the review with the characters. The characters are superb for me. They're well-written. Either it's the MC and ML, the side characters, or the villains. The characters' stories will somehow put you in a dilemma. Whether their actions are hateable, or justifiable, or will it make you pity them. The misunderstood "villain (s) " will put you in a dilemma of whether what they did is justifiable, or pity them at the end of the day after you know their reasons. There will also be a case where the situations will put you in a dilemma and makes you think complicatedly on what side to choose and who's right or wrong. But eventually, you'll realize that there's no really "right or wrong" side, there's only advantages and disadvantages of the situation. There will be a matter of principle vs. the matter of heart. So, who can tell who's on the right and who's on the wrong? Who are we to judge?

For an instance..


The shifu. From the start of the story, the MC strongly believe that her shifu will never do those accusations towards him. But as the story goes by, and "evidences" resurfaced, the faith of MC slowly crumble until there's nothing left (and I feel the same way as the MC as she unfold the truth). But then, at the end of the story, you'll know his reasons but it's already too late, and just can't help but pity him. He have his own reasons and he was greatly misunderstood. Tbh, I also disliked him. Just like the MC, I have faith towards him at the beginning. But as the story move forward, I felt like some actions of him were just too much thus, I disliked him. But he made me cry and ache for him after knowing his reasons. Though some of his actions is still not justifiable for me, I feel like if only he communicated with the MC and didn't hide it from her, I feel like it won't end like that. That is one of my regret for him, and the other is him and the MC not having their closure.


But even though there are villains that'll make you pity them, there's this one villain that I just can't feel any pity.


The ML's wrong love (LOL because I refused to call her his "true love" and that's how she is anw). I don't feel any pity for her because her actions just to justify her reasons were too much. TOO MUCH. She's selfish, and cold-hearted. Yes, even though she was capable of loving someone, she's still cold-hearted for me. And yes, also manipulative, just to add. And can I just say how she always think she's in the right and her actions justifiable because the ML is just a "demon" and she's a xian, the "goody" one. She treated all the demons as the evil when in fact, she's the cruelest evil to ever exist in the story. She and her selfish reason caused the ML to feel not just the pain of betrayal of a loved one, but also the coldness of dying and being dismembered. For 20 years. All the ML did was sincerely love her but she exchanged it with great pain and betrayal just to grant her real lover immortality. Okay, she did it for her loved one. But she caused someone else pain and never felt any guilt about it and never regret it till her last breath. So, how can I feel any pity for her? Also, not just towards the ML but to other demons too. She never felt gulity killing many of them for her selfish reasons. She also caused pain towards her own "lover" by killing the one he love in that present lifetime. And yes, it's satisfying to know that at the end, before she died, she lost everyone she love. And her knowing in her deathbed, that her lover, although remembering his past life memories, still did not chose to love her in the current lifetime and chose who he love in this lifetime, and he died at the hands of her too. There's no other great retribution knowing the one you love do not love you anymore, who also happen to love someone else now, and you're the cause of his death, and he chose death to be together with his chosen love to accompany her on the other life.


What also made my heartache were the side characters and their love stories.


I hope for the side characters, in their next lifetime with their lovers, for them to finally have their only happy ending. The love story of the other side characters were just too tragic, although there were other side characters love story that were able to survived and have their own HE.



And also!! Can I just cry a min for Senior Disciple? He's the purest, selfless, and kind-hearted overall in the story, he don't deserve that kind of ending!!!!! Author, just why???? And why are there no tags for death of loved ones!!!?! There's no warning at all!!! *sobs*


Alright, now let me talk about the chemistry between the ML and MC even from the very beginning. Their little bickering were just enjoyable and you need to cherish every moment of those, I swear!! Because the overall and the rest of the story is just..

Anyway, I so love the MC. She's not the typical MC who's goody perfect. She's can't fall on the category of the kind-hearted MC. She's not at all good, but also not that bad. She knows her disadvantages, she's not always a good samaritan. This is a realistic reason and very understandable why she refused to help the ML at the start because she knows she'll be put in a disadvantage and she's not a good samaritan who'll always help anyone. There's this scene I love where the ML once said that she has a good heart. And her answer? Non-verbatim: ("I don't. I just know what humanity is." and that's f-ing it!!!! She made me fall for her principles. Yes, you don't have to always be kind, you just have to have humanity. She never held any prejudice, either it's a xian or demon although she grew up in a sect where they taught demons are evil. Because she has her own principle of humanity. She knows there's evil demons BUT it's not all of them. Because, not all xians are all good either. But, once she fully give her help to someone, she'll go all-out just to protect and help them. And oh, I just love how the situation were reversed where she's the one who's protecting the ML. I love that kind of dynamic. She also able to show her strength and is not a damsel in distress that needs the saving all time.

The ML, he's not a perfect ML, alright. He's kind of selfsih too (I'm just glad he's self-aware), manipulative, he used the MC for his advantages, and used her as his sword and shield. There'll be times where you just want to scold and smack him. But then, I understand his reasons. He's desperate to get his revenge and to be completely whole again (I mean, literally LOL). But then, both he and the MC were put in a hard situation where they were not the ones at fault but have to choose a decision in order to move forward. It's not really their fault, it's just the situation that made them want to be selfish for them to live.


The ML wants MC help him collect his other parts because she's the key. Why? Because she has his protection scale that able to save her when she was born, so somehow, she owes him her life. That's reasonable. But, the MC is aware of the danger she will face thus, she don't want to get involve. But if she won't help him, she'll also die too once he dies. There's not really right or wrong choice for them. It's not their fault, but the villains who put them in that situation. Because if the ML wasn't dismembered by the villains, they won't be in that kind of situation. But that also mean the MC won't live long. So yeah, it's kind of a blessing in disguise. A blessing in disguise they were fated to meet.


But, although the ML have that kind of attitudes, he was able to realize his mistakes and try to correct his wrongs towards our MC.

What I love the most is, although it's a slow burn romance, I didn't feel it like that at all. The MC and ML's chemistry were just overflowing, even from the start of their meeting, the sparks were there already. And again, those moments of them bickering will make you cherish it because of their situation. I love the development of their love. Both of them were mistrustful at first (which is understandable), but as they experience life and death together, they're able to have this tacit understanding along the way that just seems so natural. Like they're able to understand each other because they are desitned for each other. And the way the ML describe feeling the warmth from the MC after the 20 years of coldness is just so- it makes your heart soft but at the same time makes your heart ache. I just want give him a hug. I also love how the ML indulge the MC consciously and subconsciously even before their confession. How he's always watching her, her every move, her expressions, and be able to tell her moods with just a look, even though it seems like he doesn't care. They deserve to be able to peacefully live and love each other after all the heartaches, pain, and sorrows they've both experienced.

Overall, this is a great novel to read, you won't regret reading. And it's a HE! But for me, this a story that has a bittersweet taste. After reading this, it makes me want to read a light and fluffy story for the next days or even weeks just to comfort my still aching heart LOL.

Also, is the word underrated fits this novel? Because I feel like this story is so underrated, I'm so lucky that I happen to discover and read it.

And.. that's the end of my TED talk! Thanks for bearing it with me till the very end of this long a$$ review LMAO. <<less
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Lingxiao rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Love love this!! This is the third novel I read from the author. The novel were written very well, not a single complaint.

The translator are doing great job, thank you so much sporadic spores!!
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Smilingly rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a great story! It fits all of my needs. The angst is mostly about the sacrifices instead of s*upid misunderstandings, which is great!

The ML is really manipulating at the start which makes you want to beat him up. Then he starts to melt through because of how caring MC is, since she's a xian cultivator and her master taught her go be like that. The whole story really shows and justified why and how they fell in love with each other.

I love novels that make ML regret and... more>> fell horrible pain slowly and realize things a tad late. This does it and it's amazing.

The whole story gives you huge turns and twists along the way and it's amazing how things are revealed. It's paced perfectly for me. The side characters are amazing! They're not passerbys, yet they don't carry the whole story, like typical novels.

I MTLed the rest of the untranslated chapters and even the horrid translation from google couldn't make the novel become a bad read. I even shed a few tears in most parts with the use of MTL.

I can't wait to read the whole novel again when it is fully translated. This is really one of the best. (๑♡⌓♡๑) Yan Hui & Tian Yao <<less
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weirdnshort rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c60
I love this story. I like stories where the characters we perceive is "evil" isn't really all that evil, and those that we perceive as "good" isn't all that good.

I like the romance. No one realizes their feelings. I love the fluff yet no one is confessing XD.
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Cincha rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c113
I definitely recommend this book if you love a slow burn! The character development of the main leads were imo cathartic and I love that the side characters had their own little background story and definitely added spice into this book.

I was hesitant about this book due to the low reviews regarding the MC being selfish etc. I’m so glad I disregarded the reviews because the FL was opposite of being “selfish”. The decisions she made were justified especially under certain circumstances. ML character growth was jjang! These two are... more>> probably one of my fave couples in the stories I’ve read here on NU.

I’m grateful for the translator because they did such a job well done considering it was their first book that they’d translated, ever. There were minor grammars/errors but it honestly doesn’t take away from the story of the book. There were tons of quotable lines that just made my heart melt.

I don’t typically leave reviews here on NU... but I felt this book was worth it! Please give it a chance! (: <<less
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Raizel_Pendragon rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Once again I've found an occupation I must avoid roleplaying as in the off chance I got transmigrated- a righteous cultivator FL. My short tempered pettyass would've straight up beaten to death half the people the FL happened to run into. Starting from the ML and his "grandma" ... more>>

who can happily buy a girl from a human trafficker (of course this bish too) to become her mentally challenged grandson's wife. Especially after her crash course on how to take the girl on the first night. Imagine if it wasn't the ML and actually a real little fool. And it wasn't the FL and just a normal mortal girl.... Well I know it's an ancient setting and it's sorta 'expected' but I'm still infuriated.

And the ML actually plotted against her for almost all of the series. From the first time they met and how he put a tracking spell on the food he fed her. And then blackmailed her into believing it's a life-threatening curse and coercing her into following him to a cave to retrieve his sealed bones where he freakin STABBED HER through the heart without any forewarning.... TWICE! Yes I know he's a poor guy with trust issues developed after being brutally betrayed by his ex-lover... but this is the sorta behaviour that give trust issues to the others too. And FL at that point being a near complete stranger (one that was being held against her will at that) really didn't deserve having to put up with all his sh!t.

And maybe the FL and her infinite patience and understanding~

A decent read but the plot is a bit too predictable. Maybe I'd have enjoyed it a bit better if I didn't re-read Copper Coins recently. The plot is a bit similar with one lead being a dragon with missing body parts and the other lead

ending up dead for a while towards the end.

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Live2Read rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: competed
This was PERFECT. It has a plot, good leads, a slow burn romance, angst and lots and lots of fluff. Reading this was incredibly satisfying. I couldn't find anything I would want to change. If anyone is contemplating about reading it and is sitting on the fence at the moment, I'd say go for it. You certainly won't be disappointed.
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