The Grand Princess


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Li Rong married Pei Wenxuan at the age of 18.

Li Rong used Pei Wenxuan’s family background to avoid disaster, and Pei Wenxuan used Li Rong’s identity as Princess to establish himself.

They married for political reasons, without the slightest bit of affection.

Later on, she lost herself in the midst of wine, song and dance. As for him, he had a home yet did not bother coming home because he already had someone in his heart…

Husband and wife for 30 years, yet nothing between them but power.

In the end, it was hardly surprising that someone turned them against each other, leading them to die under each other’s schemes.

However, when they woke up, they had actually returned to the year when they were 18 years old, returning to the most difficult time in their lives.

So Pei Wenxuan went to look for Li Rong.

“Does Your Highness feel that we should go through this marriage again?”

“Let’s do it…”

“Then this humble one must get rid of your ‘Guest Official’ first.”

“Do you think I’ll let your sweetheart off?!”

After a long wordless silence, Pei Wenxuan spoke again: “How about we bear with one another for the time being? In two years, when we each have power in our hands, you and I will divorce. From then on, if there are grievances, settle those grievances, if there are grudges, settle those grudges. What does the Princess think?”

Li Rong hesitated for a moment, and then said: “Fine, go ahead with it first…”

Later, Pei Wenxuan and Li Rong secured the power to control the Imperial Court. Seeing Li Rong write up the divorce letter at home, Pei Wenxuan looked left and right, considering the situation from all angles, then finally walked into the study. “The children are already this old, how about we keep living like this for a while?”

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New 416temp rated it
July 12, 2024
Status: --
I really enjoy this novel. Usually if people get mu*dered in their first life, the 2nd life is about revenge. This novel takes that spin it around because the FL doesn't really know who killed her. After everything has changed in her 2nd life, does she still want revenge?

There are some flaws to the characterization of main characters like FL and 2nd ML. But it didn't take away from the fact this was a good read.

I also like the fact that the chief instigator against them was a smart chess... more>> player, often giving them real trouble that they had to wiggle their way out of without arousing the suspicion of the emperor, who did not want them to work together. It's more suspenseful and thrilling with their twists and turns than the average brainless competitor like you see in Malicious Empress and most reincarnation stories. <<less
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New Anner rated it
June 29, 2024
Status: c32
I don't understand why so many readers think Li Rong's actions are too harsh. Because she isn't automatically falling all over herself for him?? What exactly is so great about his character or actions?

... more>>

The ML is selfish:

When I read his spoken words or his thoughts it eventually always revolves around him. He comes immediately looking for Li Rong in the second life because he wants to and because he spent his past life all for his little moonlight so in this second life he wants to enjoy Li Rong's sincere devotion (his words). Even in the second life, he never once verbalises or thinks about how he would treat his little moonlight, which makes him seem fickle and keeping all his options open.

Idiotic, short-sighted and self-centered:

He immediately without a second thought schemes against her potential marriage partners, because he wants to disappoint be with her a second time around, but that his schemes against Li Rong, a member of royalty, could potentially harm her never crosses his mind. And that she might not want to marry him and he maybe could respect that, isn't apparently worth thinking about either. After all, he wants to enjoy the 18-year old Li Rong's devotion.


He keeps calling his little moonlight affectionately Zhenzhen even in the second life, and when Li Rong gets angered by his relentless clinging to his moonlight, he gets all brainless: "What did I do? Princess, getting angry isn't good for you!" I wish she'd throw him into a lake a hundred more times. He finally stops when his little moonlight crushes his narcissistic delusions.

And yet, whenever Li Rong treats Su guy nicely but distantly (and she doesn't call him affectionately either!), he's all upset and pouting, nursing his bruised ego. Hypocrite much?!


He and his inferiority complex need constant cuddling. I wish he'd finally act like an adult and work on improving himself instead of pouting all the time at the unfairness of other people's skills and achievements, in this case the Su guy's qualifications.

Even when he admits that he treated Li Rong unfairly, this self-reflection doesn't amount to anything as he always thinks about his feelings and wants first and I have yet to hear/read a credible sincere thought about what Li Rong may want and what may be best for her. His character is completely insufferable and I wish the author had the good sense to lay off imparting so many of his thoughts. In fact, I wish the author had had the sense to be less verbose and focus more on the plot in the first third or half of the book instead of being so redundant about the conversations between ML and Li Rong and their thoughts.

Li Rong, on the other hand, is clearly the only adult between them. Se tries to navigate the complex political situation among the royals and ministers and keeping her brother from repeating the past life's mistakes. When the ML gets pouty at her interactions with the Su guy, she calmly explains her reasons – which his insecure little ego often can't take. Is she supposed to cuddle him? He neither deserves nor should expect it considering his own little moonlight and the fact that he's an adult. His character is so flawed and exhaustingly short-sighted and self-centered, if I were Li Rong, I wouldn't be able to have such patience to indulge his fragile ego for this long. Being reborn, I would want nothing to do with him and focus on people that are actually sincere towards me. Grow up, ML.

I guess what annoys me the most about the ML is that he seems to have learned nothing from the past life. In the first life, he was stubbornly set in his way of guarding his little moonlight's memory (even twenty years after her death) and was too stubborn and prideful to let go and find a way to build a life with Li Rong. In the second life, he is stubbornly set in marrying Li Rong, alternatively claiming it's because he wants to enjoy a good life or because he wants Li Rong to have a good life. But he never once spells out why having him in her life again would possibly benefit Li Rong or her happiness this time around. Especially when he finds out she has retained her past life's memories and more importantly feelings as well and that she clearly doesn't want to marry him again. What good would it do for her to marry him? Comes across as self-centered and short-sighted again.

The only upside is, I guess, that all his character flaws make him a pretty rounded character. Kudos, author, I guess?

I like Li Rong, she's strong but not harsh (like so many of those supposedly strong but really just blood-thirsty female leads in C-novels), nor clinging to her past feelings for Su guy or the past in general. She's the only one of the two trying to move forward. She's even able to think about what might be best for Zhenzhen in the second life. I wish this novel had been more plot-driven with a focus on Li Rong instead of character-driven and being this long-winded about their repetitive thoughts.


The author keeps promising that the ML will eventually get better, but honestly right now I don't trust that to happen and after everything I've read of his thoughts and actions, I don't care to find out. There are better books to read with flawed and yet simultaneously interesting or likable characters. <<less
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autumnpond rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Disclaimer, I might be a bit biased as the translator. I’ve been waiting for the novel to be completed before leaving a review. There are a lot of spoilers, so proceed with caution.

The novel is fairly MTL-able with Google Chrome page translation, so consider heading over to jjwxc to support the author and read ahead!

It starts out with a relatively simple story of two enemies on their journey to becoming lovers with reverse story-telling, revealing bits of the previous life along the way. It seems like an easy read with its fluff, humor and occasional angst—very characteristic of its genre. Just when you’re tallying up the merits and demerits of the characters to set your judgment in stone—you will come across a plot reveal that went unnoticed earlier because of the subtle, unreliable narration.

The occasional angst comes at almost 2HA level knives. It’s not just coming from the main leads; it comes from everyone. Everyone is a key player—crouching tigers and hidden dragons with complexity and their own circumstances.


That cute little brother whose lines start with ‘Sister, sister’? He’s quite perceptive and has always known more than what he lets on.



That flirtatious idle young master will sit an antagonist down for a thought-provoking conversation. Respect. I’m sorry I wrote you off as a some happy-go-lucky passerby T_T



That potential second female lead? Nope. She is willing to throw away her old life and identity for her family and justice without batting an eye. There was nothing to think about.



That cute rebellious side couple that you ship and hope they will be able to avoid their fate in their last life? Well, where there is smoke, there is fire. Their last life was much, much darker...


It’s rare to encounter a male lead who doesn’t feel like he’s just meeting basic requirements, ie. handsome, devoted, gentlemanly, doting, etc. Pei Wenxuan has complexity and his own issues he needs to work through. He looks like the flawless Immortal type but is not-so-elegant at heart. He can be petty, insecure, smooth-talking but also hard-working, empathetic and patient—he worked his way up after his fall from grace after all. He knows how to give way to authority, doesn’t overstep social hierarchy out of male pride, and most importantly, reflects on his actions.


When he set Yang Quan up and killed him, he killed a man and sealed a family’s fate to secure his marriage and clear the way for the Crown Prince’s future. Li Rong was right about him willing to do anything to achieve his goals, but it wasn’t like he didn’t sit down afterwards and think about what he’s done and the human costs.


Some people joke that Pei Wenxuan has picked up the female lead’s script by mistake because he will do things like pour tea for Li Rong while she negotiates and do nothing while she takes charge of affairs. To be fair, it’s not an attempted gender trope swap but a reflection of his background and experiences. Pei Wenxuan is more of a passive “sage” type that observes a situation from afar and quietly resolves things. After all, he rose up from an aristocratic son with no real power and an empty title and had to constantly swallow the humiliation. On the other hand, Li Rong is an enforcer type that exercises her power and authority because she was the favored, first child of the Emperor and Empress with a strong maternal clan behind her.

Li Rong is hilariously cynical. She’s a very logical and calculating person that reasons her way through life, but she’s also a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend who will protect her loved ones at any cost. Her complexity is there—she is well-intentioned, but she will mix emotions in with ambitions to gain the most out of situations, not surprising given her upbringing in the Palace. She’s not actually power-hungry, but this ambiguity leads her to be misunderstood (a lot) and end up betrayed by her loved ones in the first life. She guards herself too tightly and can be very critical of herself when she’s hurt and confused.

I suspect the author has a bit of a background in psychology and wrote this to explore human nature and environmental factors. Characters’ actions and beliefs stem from their upbringing and experiences in life to some extent.

Behind the power struggle is the human heart. The moral of the story is not to destroy what is essentially human nature—all the perceived bad, evil, villainous actions and people—but to learn from it and provide guidance. Guide people to be better and lead a better life than to condemn and punish the “villains” on moral grounds. Everything they did stemmed from human nature and desire to selfishly protect their own interests and loved ones. They just didn't triumph in the end. The ending and the message that it ended on did not disappoint at all. I didn’t expect this... especially from a rebirth romance novel.


I personally think it was better that Su Rongqing wasn’t killed off. He ends up drafting solutions and inventions to aid the flooding in the south, which he anonymously sent to Li Rong. This aligns with the overarching theme of “guiding human nature rather than destroying it.” Su Rongqing can still be useful and compensate for the chaos he raised in the Capital. He got to see more of the world, rethink life and live better off than having his role end with a sword slash because he was a second ML that turned to the dark side...



Even the “big evil concubine” and her monologue before death had an impact on the ending and politics going forward.



While Li Rong becoming female Emperor did feel a bit far-fetched, she and Pei Wenxuan do have a general idea of what is going to happen in the next 30 years and presumably many people’s secrets too... I will give it a pass.


The divorce scene in the novel description should not be taken seriously by the way. It’s not representative of the text. It’s more of a crack-humor scene, so don't let it discourage you! The writing is good, it’s simple but delivers its point. I’m quite satisfied with the premise of human nature and characterization. Don’t underestimate its innocent pacing and light-hearted humor either. It’s definitely an underrated and unique read!
128 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jevanka926 rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: --
This story is a tragedy filled with love, hatred, and second chances. When everything has been sacrificed and burned, and you are given the chance to change it, what would you do? The two translated chapters are filled with complicated feelings and a tinge of sweetess. Our leads have the chance to start again, would they choose to let go, or would they repeat the tragedy they once had?

I read this novel because I love how cute this bickering couple is--- until I know, that this novel is heay but... more>> wrapped with honey. Their first live is twisted, bloody, and full with heaviness, and when they choose to start over, they might be able to change it. This a political novel, that lures you with it's sweetness, then surprises you with it's sour and bitter aftertaste. In their first live, many loved, yet hated each other deeply. Just like Pei Wenxuan would always have feelings with Li Rong, but separated. Just like how Su Rongqing loved Li Rong yet he still killed her in the end. Just like Li Chuan and Li Rong, one worshipped and adored his sister, and the other tried to protect another with everything she could, yet in the end, they could not even stand each other.

I shipped Shangguanya and Su Ronghua, not knowing how tragic their story's end in the first life. Their story felt cute, that is, until I figured out their bitterness. An unexpectedly rebellious noble miss with a playful young master. Their intertwined heart was cruelly cut off in front of clan's interests. They could let go, yet also longed for each other.


Li Chuan, the emperor could not sleep with Shangguanya and kept vomitting after the deed. Just like him, Shangguanya also vomitted after. They were both disgusted, but their fate was alreaday tied the moment they were born in the same clan. Shangguanya needed a son, albeit disgusted with the emperor. Li Chuan had to stabilize the country and be filial towards the clan, hence he offered himself to Shangguanya -at least his body-, albeit unwilling. It was even said later that both even had to take medicine before seeing each other at night.

When Shangguanya still could not get pregnant, the surpressed clans worked togetehr. The Su and Shangguan clan made a decision to send Su Ronghua in order to make Shangguanya gave birth to an heir. It was the best night for the two of them. Yet, they also knew that they were doomed. Just like Su Ronghua said,

The moment he entered the palace, he knew it would be his funeral

Su Ronghua knew that the emperor only favored Qin Zhenzen, so he tried to poisoned her son, yet QZZ always tasted everything given to her son, thus making her poisoned. Her death made Li Chuan crazy, he surpressed the clans, and no longer cared about the country. The Su clan was wiped clean, and Su Rongqing was saved by Li Rong



I became disappointed at first when Su Rongqing chose to go againts our leads, but he also knew about the past life, he knew that he lost many of his loved ones, can I really blame him? Even so, Su Ronghua still told him that he might make a mistake


The complexity of this story is amazing. The lively or cheerful people you read in the second life may had a tragic end in their first life. The characters feelings are bounded together in a messy red lines, intertwining them in a complex way. The way where you could betray and kill someone you love when you need to.

I can symphatize with Li Rong's complex feelings towards Su Rongqing. She also admitted that she herself didn't know what kind of relationship she had with Su Rongqing. They had feelings and sparks, they were together for more than a decade, but at the end, his clan's interest won and he chose to kill her.

I'm glad that Pei Wenxuan got the guts to start over with Li Rong. They both made mistakes, and their pride made them crashed to each other and got separated. Pei Wenxuan learned his lessons from his previous life, and when he realized that he wanted to be with Li Rong, he chased after her. His dislike towards Su Rongqing came from his inferioty, they were always compared but everyone's sentence always ended 'what a pity....'. After he sort it out, his feelings toward Li Rong became clearer. I once thought that Pei Wenxuan was very cruel towards Li Rong, but then I realized that they were cruel to each other.

I feel complicated towards Li Chuan, he was a nice sweet young brother of FL but became messed up in his later life. Just like Li Ming said, Li Chuan was weak but not weak enough, he was smart but not smart enough, he was tough but not tough enough, he was just slightly smart. Gosh, I suddenly understand everyone's feeling when Li Chuan changed. I don't know how to connect a ruthless emperor with this cute teen.

I'm so freaking happy when our leads finally got together! Our leads are not OP, they are just strong, and together, they are invisible. Someone other than Pei Wenxuan can't match Li Rong scehemes, and someone other than Li Rong can't restrain Pei Wenxuan's smartness. They are match made heaven. Definitely one of the best historical novels I've ever read! I just wish that our couple would not end in a tragedy like in their previous life <<less
36 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fulminata rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Edit 2 : Completed. It's great, really. LOVE how the main characters are not overpowered until the end; the sense of unease and uncertainty was maintained up until the finale. Wow, just wow.

Edit : I mtl-ed this series. Even with the choppy translation (thx mtl for scrambling my brain), this story still managed to make me cry at some parts. That speaks volumes. I really love both of the MC, so beautifully, perfectly imperfect. The angst hit just right. So pretty

Regarding the review by ShortK of the FMC treatments... more>> to the ML, I have to disagree. In their last life,

the Princess did give all of her heart for the ML, once. In the early days of their marriage, Li Rong loved Pei Wenxuan wholeheartedly. She was young back then, a blushing bride in her 18, excited and full of hope. For him, she sacrificed her pride in front of undeserving in-laws, making carefully-picked soups, and done things that she would never usually do. She was the emperor's most favorite daughter, after all. Her pride usually is as high as the sky, so it speaks a lot when she did all of those things for Pei Wenxuan. BUT then, Pei Wenxuan "cheated" on her, and he himself admitted to do so at the time. The rosy picture that she dreamt and painted for the two of them shattered. Then as years gone by, she... found her own ways to cope and goes on with her life, although her relationship with Pei Wenxuan was never really repaired until their second life.

Now in their second life, Li Rong, a 50 years old woman in soul who have plots and schemes as her bread and butter up until her last breath, is not someone who can love easily. She have seen how it destroyed her brother, her mother, other consorts, and how it shaped her complicated relationship with the Su something man. She was HELLA afraid of Pei Wenxuan's feelings. Fo someone who've seen the most ugly side of "love", loving someone wholeheartedly is hard. Her inner struggle was surprisingly realistic, especially the one where she feels undeserving of such feelings, and how she was at a loss on how to deal with it. And when she finally, hesitantly opened her heart slightly and earnestly say for him to " wait for her" as she reacquainted herself with the feelings that she have almost forget she has.... well.... that's just makes me cry (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `) ♡



Holy Molly.

Alright. This story brings ancient china rebirth setting to a WHOLE NEW level. Dig in, and feel the freshness, plus the wistfulness. The characters are fleshed out, and I absolutely love them. A hidden gem.

Regarding the characters. I love how well-written they are, and how painfully HUMAN at that. Both of the MC are ridden with faults and is very complex.

I have to stressed that this story is a Josei. It is aimed to a more mature audiences, not in the sense of many snu snu, but in regards to the views of romance. The conflicts in their relationship in their past life were so painfully, wonderfully relatable. You need to understand; the two of them are high-achievers, holder of important positions in a deadly chess-like political games, and are schemers to the core. When two people like that clashed, do you honestly expect sweet romance? Egos, calculations, pride. There were only glory or ruins for them, and the two of them meet the latter at the each other's cold-hearted, extremely logical decisions. Once upon a time, there was a chance for them to actually be good to each others, but they were young and foolish, and destroyed the good that might have been possible. Who would've thought that it'll actually stain the rest of their life in bitterness

Tens of years into their dysfunctional marriage that look more like a brittle, uneasy truce, they were given a chance to re-live the beginning of it all. With dynamics like an old, bickering couples that knows each others to the bones and throwing needles to other's Achilles heels as fun, they proceed to try to make up a better course for themselves and the ones they loved.

Again, a must read! <<less
29 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ireadb4ijudge rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I can’t seem to understand how people would give low ratings cause they hate the character? This story is one of the best. You are rating the novel, not the character.

If you want a confirmation or a sign to read this then this is it!

The weird thing about the people who hates the FL here is that they think she’s too much? I don’t know why alot seems to just be okay when a guy cheats and if the woman did it to retaliate then she’s worst. Seems like... more>> normal society to you ey?

PW started it all. That’s why he’s so happy to have a redo of his life cause he REGRET it all in the past. His ambitions and white moonlight was his priority in his last life. He knew. She knew. And she doesn’t have to TOLERATE THAT.

Any woman who has self respect and knew her worth wouldnt have to put up with an indecisive husband who can risk their marriage and their life just for another woman. He knew he fvcked up but he can’t even ask for forgiveness cause asking means admitting his like and he cant admit. He wont. His pride wont let him. And that’s where tragedy struck cause he underestimated her decisiveness.

She is black and white. No in between. When she let go, she did without turning back. And may I remind everyone, her ambiguities with SR started after they separated in the last timeline physically. Cause yep they did not reconcile but verbally agreed to separate.

LR in his flash back was a blushing bride full of hopes until PW crushed it. Her full of thorns now was something she got from being a member of an imperial family with no father’s love, a husband who loved another and finally, a companion for 25 years killed her. Tragic.

She might come up strong here but she can bend, and that’s what set her apart from just someone malicious, when PW treated her well, she treats him well when she thinks he’s being open minded and giving way. You can see her trying to explain things, trying to ease him up. He was the one full of insecurities and doubts on himself. I actually wanted to applaud the FL for trying to accommodate him then accept him.

Do not let the bad comments on the FL hinder you from reading this gem. Read with an open heart. She is one of the best FL out there. <<less
28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 13, 2024
Status: --
To quote another reviewer, who believes that the FL doesn't deserve the ML: "ML looks at his mistakes and choices, and re-evaluates them all."

Okay. And?

Please understand the principle behind apologising and reforming. A person can apologise and change and regret their past, and yet none of that obligates their victim to accept their apology or forgive them.

... more>> Many mu*derers reflect in prison and say that they regret their crimes. Even if they do, do you think the victims' families are always willing to accept and forgive them?

You are not owed someone's forgiveness. If you make a mistake and are sincere about your apology, you should not expect your apology to smooth everything over. If you shatter a jar, saying sorry won't magic the shards back together. Putting in hours gluing it back together... still will not make it the same unbroken jar.

Sure, the FL's revenge is petty, it's amoral, and it's not very nice of her. So what? Why does she have to be nice and virtuous and quick to forgive and forget? So what if the ML decides to turn over a new leaf? That doesn't make the hurt the FL experienced any less real.

Because, you know, the ML cheated first, and he cheated on his wife with his white moonlight 'one true love'. Ouch.

"That's why I think this novel is too gender oriented. The FL is upset that the ML thought he loved another girl in his first lifetime. HE NEVER laid hands on her, or made romantic advances, he was just like a friend."

Oh, but they didn't have s*x, so it doesn't matter! It doesn't count as cheating. The novel is 'gender-oriented'.

Spoiler alert: s*x is, shockingly, not the only factor that matters in a relationship, much less a marriage.

Do you understand what an emotional affair is? Emotional cheating is still cheating. Do you understand that a married man actively seeking his 'true love', even in the form of seemingly innocent 'friendship', is utterly rife with ulterior motives?


Most importantly, 50 year old Li Rong had Su Rongqing in her heart.

That person had been with her for 25 years and even killed her. Perhaps his betrayal would make Li Rong resent him, but love and hate oftentimes coexisted. He could not get in between such deep feelings between them, nor could he tolerate it.

He didn't want his wife to yearn for another person in her heart. This was no different from what 20 year old Li Rong had thought of him back then.


"So FL decides to cuckold him by having a male eunuch (no pen*s so no sex) servant that she makes out with and has an 'emotional connection' towards."

Lol. Reread the novel, please. Who cuckholded who?

What this reviewer has nicely side-stepped is the fact that the so-called friend is also the ML's ex-fiancee. Sure, the marriage with the FL was ordained when he already had that crush, but it was good for him—it would've been far harder for him to achieve anything without the FL's status propping him up. Sure, he already had someone in his heart, but he was married and certainly didn't make his emotional hangups clear to the FL from the beginning.

Why? Because he still needed to use the FL.

And after taking advantage of his status as her consort to rise, he goes back, hangs out with his 'one true love' ex-fiancee as 'friends', and takes care of Zhenzhen for a lifetime. All very good reasons for the FL to immediately accept and forgive him, btw.

"Eighteen year old Li Rong was still a bit innocent and kind. She would even occasionally blush when she sees him. On the day that he lifted the veil, she raised her head and looked up at him with a bit of sincerity and seriousness. After that, she lifted the cup of wine and said to him, "Pei Wenxuan, no matter how we came to be together, having become husband and wife, I still want to live with you for the rest of my life." "

She went in sincerely, despite it all. He clung onto his ex-fiancee true love. The circumstances were bad, but in choosing to keep loving Zhenzhen, he chose to betray. And she's the one that doesn't deserve him, simply because he finally decided to repent? Lol, ok.

BTW, even the ML acknowledges that his "friendship" (white moonlight love) was an insult to the FL's dignity:

After all, even if he and Li Rong made it clear that they would have their own lives, Su Rongqing was always an insult to his dignity, just like Qin Zhenzhen was to Li Rong.

Truly, some reviewers need to read the novels they review. And possibly have irl relationships.

Also, the ML starts off assuming only he was reborn and goes, "oh, well, I took care of my ex-fiancee all her life last time, so this time I'll break it off and marry my wife properly." Not scummy at all, eh?


Eighteen year old Li Rong was very good.

Although he didn't want to admit it, Pei Wenxuan still remembered that at the beginning of their marriage, when he lifted Li Rong's veil, she raised her head and looked up at him with embarrassment and curiosity. Then, when they exchanged cups of wine, she said in a frank manner: "Wenxuan, no matter how we came to be together, having become husband and wife, I still want to live with you for the rest of my life." At that time, he also seriously thought that he would live with Li Rong, have children and live peacefully for the rest of their lives.

That was, until Li Rong found out that he liked Qin Zhenzhen.

In truth, he didn't even know what kind of feelings there were between him and Qin Zhenzhen, whether it was love or merely responsibility. They grew up together as children, and he only had her in his heart and hoped to live with Qin Zhenzhen for the rest of his life, but he could not do so.


Plus, why does the ML reflect and change? Because he was inflexible to begin with. He had his true love, and thought he was staunchly in love with her, and told the FL about her, effectively nuking their relationship. The FL was initially naïve and flexible enough to accept a sidelined boy with no future and treat him sincerely, but was he flexible or open enough to try and take their relationship seriously? No.


It's not a big deal either, " Li Rong laughed, her tears seemed like they could fall at any time, "Why didn't you say so sooner?"

Pei Wenxuan stared blankly at her. He wanted to deny it, but he felt that Li Rong wasn't wrong either. There was no such love between him and Li Rong because it was impossible for a person to truly love two people at the same time. He already had Qin Zhenzhen in his heart, so how could he make room for Li Rong?

Seeing that he still had not spoken, Li Rong lowered her head and softly said: "If you make it clear, then it won't be a problem. We will live as we have in the future, but I hope Pei daren remembers this in his heart."

"I'm not your wife, and you're not my husband. I don't care who is in your heart, and you don't need to care about who I am with. You and I will have our own lives, and we will each have our own happiness."


"She cuckholded him." By... all but formally separating from him after finding out about his emotional infidelity? Separating in probably the only way possible, considering their marriage was ordained by the Emperor and divorce wasn't an option? By telling him that they're done and that he can go off and pursue his one true dream girl? Ok. Yeah, great reading comp.


He used to resent Su Rongqing and felt that he had stolen his happiness from him. However, now that Su Rongqing wasn't the Su Rongqing of those days and Li Rong had also become 18 year old Li Rong, he looked back and realized that it wasn't actually anyone's fault that he had walked down this path in life. The person who was most responsible was none other than himself.


Alas, but even if the ML himself clearly reflects on his mistakes, I'm obviously biased by my gender! So let me rewrite this situation with a gender swap:


"He was born to power, but his entire childhood was spent as a tool—a favoured tool, but a tool nonetheless, beset on all sides by half-siblings and the plots of the nobility. Even his royal father, whom he thought loved him most, schemed against him when he was of age to marry. Still, when he married a wife, he thought they would be together forever and that he would love her. Alas—she could never truly return his sincerity, because she always thought her true love was her ex-fiancé and childhood friend. She was bright but impoverished and used his birthright to climb to power, but she was always too proud to take their marriage seriously and admit that she didn't truly love her ex. Her pride blinded her, and never could she try to love her husband wholeheartedly, for their marriage, itself, was something forced upon her by an Imperial Edict—something her ego could not bear. Instead, she took care of her ex for a lifetime, and thought about him constantly, seeking out his friendship regardless of their marriage. By the time she repented in their next lives and thought 'hey my legal husband's actually pretty good', his heart was already broken."


Hm. Easy to forgive, right? I'm sure relationships where one partner is permanently hung up over their ex and actively seeks their ex as "friends" while still having romantic intentions work out great. I mean, in reality, most of those relationships—oh. Oh wait.

I'll add a fuller review of the rest when I'm done reading. Also will tldr this better.

I like both the ML and the FL so far, btw. But there's really no reason for that reviewer to lift the ML to the heavens. <<less
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
November 14, 2020
Status: c54
I dunno. I'm conflicted about this. I understand the confidence of the female MC that she treats the insecure ML like this because she doesn't need to wait for him & should like who she likes esp as a princess.

Tbh the ML also digs his own hole by being insecure & overly considerate ... more>>

esp when he's like on his remarriage day, "it's ok if u end up with your old lover bc I know you love him & I want you to be happy in this life"

. But it really comes from a place where the MC really loves the MC.

In that sense, I feel like the ML is vastly more relatable. Bc I mean who hasn't been there? Essentially struggling against your socioeconomic insecurities and emotional insecurities against someone who has a higher position in life while also u dealing with little reassurance they like you as much as you like them? I feel very sympathetic for him and can barely care about the MC. I do admire her confidence and consideration of self but hm it's really too harsh reading romantically her

(idk if it goes through but) her considering a marriage with her old lover in front of the evidently upset ML

is just like such double standards.

This may be female empowering especially during this time period, but no romance reader for other Chinese novels too would have wanted to read the opposite:

a ML considering another marriage even if the MC was saying they were ok with it but here it's switched


Tbh I'm still considering if I should continue. I don't even think the ML did much wrong in his past life to deserve how she is so guarded against being openly soft & reassuring with him.. in fact he was more devoted & loyal to her in her past life than she was ever to him... even in this life... <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ragingmisandrist rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: --
I'm glad I read this despite the reviews.

I was expecting to find a selfish MC but instead discovered one with a back bone.

The FL is humorous, smart, and infinitely more nicer than me because I would have made the ML completely miserable if I was her.

... more>> The fact people blame her for everything can probably be summed up to misogyny since the ML even said the problems in their first life all began because of himself.

I'm only 20 chapters in but I'm looking forward to the ML being thoroughly ab*sed for his s*upidity and hope the MC ends up happy! <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darlingv rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
While historical novels are usually synonymous with conflict, melodrama and tragedy, it's almost too much bitterness to chew. Don't get me wrong. This novel is perfect in terms of logic, reasoning, character and plot development, but I can't help feeling frustrated with ML and MC's relationship. Although their flaws are very real and reasonable, I still can't justify MC ever deserving ML's love.

MC is a great protagonist and would've been a perfect one if this wasn't a romance novel. The mistakes she made in her first life (showing SRQ too... more>> much favor and her HUGE ego) cost them both their lives. While MC and ML were guilty of letting pride get in the way, ML certainly shows much improvement after rebirth compared to MC. The care and humility to which he condescends in the name of love would be justified if MC is capable of returning the same sentiment. With their unequal relationship, it seems as if ML would be better off alone or perhaps just friends with MC. I could go on and on about why MC doesn't deserve ML and how much I despise SRQ and the choices he made, but I won't.

Anyway, the bottom line is this: the novel probably deserves 3 stars for good dialogue and a great plot, but certain characters are so unlikeable I feel as if it was a complete waste of time. Perhaps the only plus for having spent all this time finishing the novel is the takeaway–how NOT to fall in love and how NOT to waste the precious opportunity of rebirth. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
anzu rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: --
I love this! Just when I thought all the misunderstanding from the first life have been answered there comes a twist!

All the characters are like AOT where nobody right or wrong. There are justified reasons on why the side characters (Li Chuan, Su Rongqing & Shangguan ya) do what they have to do but it was clearly Li Rong and Pei Wenxuan carried the most tragic consequences.

This novel will be completed on 17th this month and I can't wait to see how it will end.

11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blackrose21 rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: --
OMG Just Amazing. One of the best written Historical C-Novel that involves great romance and intricately woven politics. After reading so many, I've find this one more grounded and heartbreaking yet there are so many sweet scenes. There are many sad moments yet it's all worth it. The HE at the end is also what makes it worth it. The pacing of the novel is also just right... It's just a must read for those who crave the rebirth genre mix with redemption and less so about revenge. The characters... more>> are all 3 dimensional and wholesome. None of the villains are truly evil and none of them are truly good even the protagonist themselves. There are also many twists and turns that keeps you on your toes. I'm just so glad to find this novel, it really makes you question about regret, life, humanity, and love in general.

makes it not boring to read through.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zdubwilly rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c198
MC is tr*sh character, but a great story nonetheless.

It's a great story. The male lead (ML) CARRIES this story on his back. This may be a biased perspective from a guy, as I feel a female won't see the same issues I see with this story.

The ML is amazing. His internal dialogue and struggles are captivating and feel somewhat realistic. However, after reading this story I CANNOT stop daydreaming about an alternate timeline/novel where the ML does not choose the MC (FL), and instead finds a FL that respects and... more>> loves him.

The main character (FL) is not worthy of the male lead. Simple as that. The author themselves confirm this at the end, I guarantee you. That's why I say for females this is probably a great read, but for guys although you will enjoy it, you will be beating your head against the wall asking why there is no other love interest for the ML, that he can find solace in. He is an amazing guy, super thoughtful, but also realistically rash and emotional. He feels like the only REAL character in the whole story tbh. And to have him mindlessly in love with this MC who is soooo emotionally underdeveloped, is just heartbreaking. GRANTED her personality is realistic for the environment she grew up in. She doesn't make 'real' connections as she grew up in royalty where it's all kind of fake relationships that are also deadly, however this leads to her developing a sh*t personality in her first life, and 90% of her second life.

Spoiler for why she doesn't deserve him below:


Once reincarnated, the ML looks at his mistakes and choices, and re-evaluates them all. He doesn't become genius right away, but through struggling and self-reflection he realizes his own negative qualities and works to change them. This starts for our ML around like chapter 1, and it's a continuous growth while debating which path to take. This happens for our FL around the 2nd to last chapter, like chapter 165. ALL throughout the novel, the FL does not recognize her feelings shoving them down instead. She also makes ML jealous by connecting with her past 'lover' in first life, and doing s*upid ass stuff like calling a harem of men to entertain her for the night. Ya really... She is just a bit*h for 160 chapters, hurting the ML the whole time, and in the last few chapters she realizes all her mistakes and gives one apology, so now their a happy family of course. what bulllllllshiittttttt. That's why I think this novel is too gender oriented. The FL is upset that the ML thought he loved another girl in his first lifetime. HE NEVER laid hands on her, or made romantic advances, he was just like a friend. So FL decides to cuckold him by having a male eunuch (no pen*s so no sex) servant that she makes out with and has an 'emotional connection' towards.


Also to those saying they were rooting for the 2nd ML.... damn.... How can you be so... insane.... that guy has 0, nada, none, character development, and his character is SHITTY from the start to the end... Soooo shitty... in comparison to ML.

Why the 2nd ML is tr*sh:


The only reason to like this guy, is because he was described as wealthy (wealthy origins, like amazing family) and he is somewhat smart. He also 'understands' MC (FL) feelings pretty well, but he doesn't act to help her, instead he uses this knowledge to actually make her life much worse. In both lifetimes. So I don't personally see any positive qualities. He is a HONEYTRAP, he took advantage of female at her lowest emotional state, for his own political purposes. He may have liked her eventually, but not enough to not kill her haha, what a JOKE. so not that much. And he still has this perspective in second life, and you guys STILL want him to win??? f*cking insane.... I feel like some people just want to go against the grain for the sake of it.. or they wanna see FL die again.

Realistically think about what he did in the first lifetime (and even second). He is a POS. He acted as a honeypot and assassin for the princess, destroying the possibility of a relationship between FL and ML. After doing this, HE KILLS THE FEMALE LEAD (MC). He kills her, and blames it on the husband so that she kills him. This right there is enough for me to say f*ck him, no redemption necessary, he's done, goneso. But for some reason FL doesn't care that much now that she realizes it was him and not her husband. when it was her husband she was PISSED though..... so s*upid...

The reasoning for why she is close to the 2nd ML is because they both have the same emotional distrust of others, so neither fully fall in love, as their more concerned about politics... that's just not convincing.... It makes for a really shitty couple though that's for sure. Where they are constantly lying to each other and willing to kill the other person to advance their political goals... And some readers still ship the 2nd ml.... Anyone who ships the 2nd ML should delete their novel updates account, or at least stop leaving reviews.

I ship the 2nd ml, ONLY IF the ML could have another girl. Then the ML would actually be respected and loved, and those 2 psychopaths could love and eventually kill each other. That would've made this novel 10/10 for me.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fallinlight rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: Completed
It's been a while since I've read something so complicated, with flawed characters and plots that kept me on my toes and I absolutely loved it.

I adored the leads and their character developement, it's just so good and actually felt real.

The novel is very well-written too, except for a few parts that I have a few complaints to make, everything else is perfect.

This is definitely one of my favourite if not my favourite historical chinese novel ever and I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for well-written chinese novels... more>> that are not centered around romance. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OsamuDasaiOL rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c22
So far so good. The translation quality is superb.

For the plot & what to expected: heart-wrenching misunderstanding between two yandere who has been given a second chance.

I love this and I am dying to read more!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PasserbyA rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: c12
i had to pause reading for a whole second because I have to recommend the perfect song for this novel.

YOU GUYS. Listen to ANH ƠI Ở LẠI by Chi Pu while reading this novel. Especially for the first few chapters.

Other than that, this is a really good novel. My heart is affected so hard and the thing is I hate angst but I couldn't stop reading cause I was so bitter and I hated that I'm not reading what I wanted to happen so my hand keep pushing the next... more>> chapter button.

I hate it so much cause it hurts so bad and I wanted to die in a peaceful mountain cause I was already tired for our poor leads. -- Bruh I'm only at chapter 12, OP much?

But read it you guys. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lkjhasdf rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: Completed
Loved it so much. And was so happy that the FL as a woman who loves and wants power had a happy ending that suited her. From being the first-born and living in the palace, seeing her own mother’s life, and having lived a whole life before, she would know that only if she has power personally she can live freely. Don’t see what the supposed problem with her is.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shailaj rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Good read. It was really rewarding the emotional growth of both male leads. Both ML and MC have their own insecurities. Due to things that happened in their first life MC becomes very insecure about her own feelings so she pushes all her feelings away. ML is very insecure about himself. Both ML and MC grow with each other. They drag each other out of darkness. The world is much more darker. Right from the start you can see people confusing feelings and power making their emotions more and more... more>> twisted. Our MC rejects Al feelings cuz she doesn't want her feelings to be twisted so she makes up a cruel front. The ML is also guilty for disappointing MC in their first life and he also hides his feelings at the start but slowly lets go of his insecurities the more he comes in contact with MC. In the end they have healed all their scars and love each other in their own way endlessly. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lucy541 rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed

Really when I first started this book, I didn't have much expectations and it started off similar to other stories of this genre but as the story progressed, the author literally blew my head off!!!! It's toooooo goooooooooooooooddddd..!!!!

In the beginning I didn't like the Female Protagonist's behaviour and felt she was harsh and cruel to her husband and later I felk in love with the story.

I love how the human aspect and it's emotions with our true nature was so beautifully depicted. Emotions and human nature... more>> in face of clash of interests... this is the part that intrigued me the most! The author has done a great job presenting it ❤️ Even after finishing the story I still can't calm down myself, I'm filled with so much mixed emotions.. it's beyond my capabilities to explain ! Please give this story a try and read it till the end, then you'll also understand what I mean 😅 <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This reborn story is really refreshing for me.

1. There’s 3 people who are reborn.

2. All of them are already in their 50 when they die. Unlike most reborn story, the individual are in their early 20 or their late teen reborn back to when they’re young.

... more>> 3. All of the characters are extremely flawed and fleshed out. You can tell the author paid so much effort on this.

4. Everyone and everything have its own growth and change by the end of the story.

5. So many sweet couples and sweet moments. Our main leads are lovely people, they’re not great people but they’re trying their best to be better to each other. Also I love how awkward Li Rong is. (I’m quite similar to her in term of emotional intelligence).

6. Full of political issues. I love it so much. Plus the MTL is surprisingly easy to understand even though the story is full of political plot. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The_Crimson_Moon rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: c46
Heartbreaking but a wonderful novel. It was painful to read in a way sometimes because there were just so many regrets, so many horrible realities in their past lives which became inevitable in that life. I'm so glad that Li Rong and Pei Wenxuan had another chance. (•̥̥̥ヘ•̥̥̥) (˘̩̩̩̩̩̩ ⌒ ˘̩̩̩̩̩̩) I'd also like to thank the translator for all their hard work! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for proving us readers with such a clear, fluent and cohesive translation. You really did the original work... more>> justice. I hope you continue to translate the rest of the story but completely understand if you don't. Thank you again! 💕 <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cielmylove143 rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I just finished reading it in MTL and really this novel is amazing! Every characters have their reasons and judgements for doing things. One of my top list of c novels involving palace politics and schemes. This novel made me happy and emotional at the same time. It was really a roller coaster ride but I was really happy it was HE. I really recommend everyone to read this, it is definitely worth it!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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