Thousand Miles of Bright Moonlight


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Yaoying transmigrated into a novel.

In the chaotic and troubled times, many nations were at war. Her father happened to be the most powerful of those vying for supremacy, her brother turning out to be the male lead that finally dominated the Central Plains.

As the male lead’s younger sister, Yaoying was ready to accept this benefit that came without her having to lift a finger.

But it turned out that the male lead hated her to the bone, going as far as to have her marry the sixty-year-old grassland tribe leader in place of the female lead.

Yaoying was forced to marry. Wolves in front, tigers in the back and wolves surrounding her, all coveting the lovely-as-a-flower Han Chinese princess.

At the moment of crisis, passing through with his troops was the novel’s young legendary lord who was destined to die young.

Shivering, Yaoying pointed at the sickly lord in order to escape from their clutches: This princess fell in love with you at first sight. If you won’t marry, I’ll seek you out with a dowry!

The lord’s subordinates turned pale with fright: Princess mustn’t speak so casually! Our king is a monk, a noble-blooded Buddha’s son!

Yaoying, with a face full of grievances: This princess doesn’t disdain that you’re a monk. In life, I am your person, in death, I am your ghost!

Monk: ….

From then on, the tale of the Buddha’s son and the Han Chinese princess began to circulate through the grasslands.

Monk whose reputation couldn’t be cleared even if he plunged into the Yellow River: ….

(Note: The title refers to an expression that for friends, family and lovers separated far away, moonlit nights would make them miss each other more.)

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New daeguvoys rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Such a masterpiece novel. I really love the plot and story line, and also every character are nail it. Even the side character's story is very interesting. Worth it one to read.
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mitchytranslations rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, translator here! I hope you give TMBM a try before dismissing it. The summary gives me mixed feelings because it simultaneously does a good and bad job at explaining this novel (mostly bad tho).

The summary makes the novel seem rather light-hearted when it is most definitely not. The novel has pretty well-fleshed out characters who are morally grey, villains who were 'bad' for a reason and good guys who weren't all 'good'. There was depth to them.

... more>>

I mean that mainly toward the Emperor and Haidu Aling.


The novel wasn't perfect by any means but it was realistic to a certain extent which I care about a lot; I don't believe there was too much plot armor or that our MC has a FL halo. What I hate most is when things happen to go perfectly right for the plot to advance.

Li Yaoying, our MC, is intelligent, resilient, and brave without being too OP. She's described as a heavenly and unsurpassed beauty but it isn't without a purpose; she isn't pretty just because all MCs have to be beautiful. It actually goes wrong for her since she was given to the tribe leader because of her beauty. The ML is strong, responsible, and kind. I don't really want to go too much into it because that would spoil things.

Romance happens pretty late in the novel since MC and ML only meet around chapter 50ish in the raws. Even though I read this for the romance, I wasn't anxious or annoyed that their relationship was developing slowly. I especially liked the early middle portion the best in general, but the ending left me fully satisfied and as a whole, it wasn't boring at all. The plot didn't feel like it was dragging and there wasn't any one part where I felt a lull.

I tend to judge novels by whether they made me emotional and if I get immersed in the story. This novel did both. I cried, I got frustrated, there were parts where I held my breath wondering what was going to happen next. The author is a fantastic writer who can weave intricate characters and created an insanely good plot. This was a roller coaster ride and I really hope you give it a whirl.

Some things that some people may not like:

- The author reminding us every ten chapters about Yaoying's beauty which I find repetitive but I try to keep in mind that her outstanding beauty is the reason for a lot of things going wrong in her life. Yaoying is also righteous (if that's the word?) to an unbelievable extent and kinda Mary Sue-ish in her perfection. She has a lot of outside factors that goes against her though.

- The politics, if you can call it that, can be a little draggy. Although it takes a little bit of brain cells to think about, I do think it's an important part of the novel because all of the fighting and conflict between countries has been talked about since literally the first chapter and it plays a vital part in the plot. You could just skip through it however; not understanding the politics won't hinder your understanding of the novel at all.

- ML being a monk. Let me assure you that this novel requires you to have zero understanding of Buddhism and ML being a monk was done quite well without being awkward or being degrading towards Buddhism. <<less
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TULI rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: c91
A little different and fresh story. Those who are bored reading typical novels, they can try it. The Fl


She is really a great character. She is nation's first beauty but sick by birth. The thing that attracted me most as her kindness. She isn't a silly typical one who will die for others. She is just rational and know her limit. She is pure minded calculative and scheming person. Well it's funny but that's how she is. The emperor said no one can truly understands him even his beloved wife but only she can. She has both beauty and love from commoners. But she really has no one in the court to stands for her as she eventually had to marry away.


I also can't hate the emperor. He is a great ruler but not father. Also his circumstances forces him to do this. Finding nothing he vented his guilt and frustration towards FLs family.

There is a misunderstanding in the novel as the ML is not her true elder brother. He has different mother. His mother sowed the seed of hatred and revenge in him in very young age. As such he grew up with this and became this type. Nevertheless he really has a great character. He knows his wife has another in her heart. But he never disowned her ever though it is her second marriage. So he can be said to have a kind and gentle heart.

Love the second Prince who is the true blood brother (actually he is also not. There's a twist). I think the main reason for his downfall is because he wants to be loved by his father and he couldn't accept the truth that he is just a chess piece.


The ML

The ML appeared a little bit later. He actually has double personality characteristics. I like the matter that he is really a true gentleman. He helped other just simply he can helps them and don't own anything. I never found a ML as kind as him. For protecting his country he had to learn martial arts which blacklish from time to time. Even so he never killed innocent. He dedicated his whole life for his country but just because he is a maids son, they forget all his contributions and whole country turn against him. It really chills my heart.


The story is basically based on the FL who is fighting her whole life to live safely and ML, a monk, who is fighting for his country's stability. They both have loneliness and many sorrows and became each other salvation. The FL has a golden finger- she knows many things which will happen in the future. As it is a royalty based one, the characters have status in the society and well described.
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ShenMiao98 rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't bother to rate novels here very often. But this time, . I had to, because this was that good. It's quite lengthy, but nowhere near as long as the usual webnovels. Somewhere between RotMEoML and Chu Wang Fei,...I think.

I loved all the characters here. They're all so well-developed, and the politics is all so intricate... the delicate balance between court politics, war and ascetism that the ML has to experience on a daily basis, was so well written. There are no stereotypical villains and cannon fodders, there are... more>> clear reasons and goals behind the actions of every character.

As for the main leads,... they were absolutely amazing,... each in their own rights. Tamara Gha has to be the most pitiful male lead out there without contest. <<less
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Tobboki rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: --
please, if you have time, consider read this story..

It so wonderful.. The development, the characters, plot all can drive you in deeply..

Sorry I can't write english well but it is one of the best story that i've read

I do love the ML, the pain that he goes through can make you cry, and the FL, she is lovely..

Overall this is masterpiece 👏🏻👍🏻
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dragon_Reader rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: Completed
A wonderful story where the FL is particularly strong despite being physically sick.

... more>>

FL is in a book where she and her blood brother are hated by the emperor (their father) and the Book!ML (their half brother). The whole situation is too tragic just coz of the bastard emperor who simply refuses to admit he was wrong.

Later, MC has to run away and uses ML to escape the clutches of a v cruel man


Romance is v slow and happens only after 100+ chapters. Even then there's some angst

ML's dying coz of some cultivation technique, turns out not really. All he needed to do was unknot some heart demon or whatever to completely become fine. Then MC collapses coz each time she changes the book fate (aka her brother's death, her death, ML's death), she will face consequences.


Politics is really good. MC knows a lot of stuff (a little exaggerated tbh but it's a novel so that's fine). Author completely ties up all lose ends and there's some extras too.

Book - 5/5

T/L - 5/5 <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nnshii rated it
January 27, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all, I agreed with what the translator said in their review. The summary does a good and bad job explaining the novel. The first impression, I thought the novel is a funny or easy novel. But I was wrong.

The plot is so heavy and feel real. It makes me cried, make me happy, make me feel tired, make me feel god when this gonna end please save these characters. The romance is a bit slow since the ML only appeared around chapter 40 or 50 like that.

I want... more>> to give 5 stars at first but I admit I did skip some of the chapters. The novel is great, it has a good plot, characters written well but I feel like it some parts doesn't do anything for me. That's my thought only. I'm going to check out the author's other novels. <<less
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April 5, 2021
Status: c32
It's extremely good. I really love how the plotting is very intricate. FL and her brother is just the best.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
namuwu rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: c27
I love the FL and her brother but honestly, this plot is too cruel and real.

... more>>

I hate the emperor so much lol he only loved the male lead and the FL and her brother grew up on their own and pretty much were left to die.
Also I understand that the male lead's mom killed herself in front of him and thats why he hates the Xie family kids but honestly... some critical thinking and objectiveness is heavily needed!!!!


I will try to keep on reading but honestly the plot is a bit too heavy and emotional... <3 hope it gets a bit more lighter <<less
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