The Prime Minister’s Wife Is The Richest Woman


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Ji Yunxi transmigrated into a book and accidentally became the richest person. In order to save her family, she decided to choose a thigh as her husband.

The vision she has for choosing a husband is very different from that of others. She likes a man with a deep mind and ruthless in his scheming. It doesn’t matter what he looks like.

She found that the Wu family has an unpopular Young Master that suits her taste well.

Although he looks ordinary, Ji Yunxi likes it very much.

She naturally has to find a way to get the thigh she likes into her hands. He is just an unpopular Young Master now so of course it is not difficult for her to get him.

All the noble ladies in every family think that Ji Yunxi must be blind.

Many years later, all the noble ladies in every family regretted it very much.

Prime Minister Wu’s temperament in ruling and opposition is simply the most handsome one in the world!

Ji Yunxi herself also regretted it very much: “I don’t want it anymore now. Whoever wants this thigh, just come and drag it away.”

Prime Minister Wu slowly wiped his hands with the handkerchief: “That’s not what you said when you smashed me with money at that time.”

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New 416temp rated it
July 2, 2024
Status: c26
I read and loved the Villain couple story from this author so I decided to read this next. Unfortunately this one just isn't that good. It needs a lot of editing.

I'm in Chapter 26 and nothing has happened yet. The FL has done nothing except found a fiance to prevent being in the draft for entering the palace as a concubine, and bet on her new fiance to get first rank in the imperial exams. Everytime she makes a small move there is a million comments from her brothers or... more>> those around her about it. It's just not pacing well. <<less
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whitespade rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
MTL is easy, recommended for anyone without much patience.

The greatest thing about this novel is the distinct and memorable characters. MC and ML love money but only MC able to make money while ML spend them. If you know Kaguya sama love is war you will know that the FL and ML have this kind of dynamic - both of them are too proud to admit their attraction and trying to topple the other person first.

All other characters are colourful too. Some of the most memorable are ML's subordinate that... more>> is a powerful killer with also a terrible OCD that he will even sweep dirty streets while on his mission, MC's sixth brother that is a poisoner that love cooking to the detriment of everyone and the prince they all fight for to put on the throne who talk so much everyone try not to be in the same room as him.

I think this is very manga-like with such zany characters, I believe anyone can enjoy this comedy thoroughly. <<less
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Simplythao rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: c1 part1
I've read a lot of novels over the years but this is the first time I'm willing to leave a review. It doesn't deserve some of the bad reviews it's getting and I don't want potential readers to put off reading this gem because of them. This novel is a breath of fresh air. Both MC and ML are calm and rational characters and no unnecessary or s*upid decisions are ever made.

The MC may seem OP because of her wealth but everything was earned through her two lifetime's worth of... more>> experience and effort. The MC does everything in her power to try to protect her family, even marrying someone she doesn't love and knows that he won't love her either. I love how even though she is cautious and sceptical about love, she is willing to be open-minded to every step along the way, unlike a lot of MCs.

Some reviewers complained about how stingy and unfair the MC is towards the ML after he agreed to marry her but I don't think that's true at all. She never forced him to marry her. Their marriage was base on the fact that the ML was poor while she has the means to help him. That doesn't mean he can touch her money. The same goes for her; she can't use his "power" as she pleases. After the marriage, every transaction was fair; the MC would make a request and the ML will name his price. That's why I don't understand what some people mean by the MC being stingy and unfair. From the beginning, everything has always been a business transaction between two willing parties.

I have the lowest patience for slowburns, and although this is one, the way the way the relationship developed just flows so well and is very realistic. The author did an amazing job fleshing out every single character in this novel. It's hard not to love everyone (besides the villains). Even the plot is amazing. So pleeeeeeeeeeeease, give this gem a chance!!! <<less
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Shortk rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c47
Hmmm this romance is a slowburn but right now, there aren't even embers especially coming from the MC. Apparently there is romance? Honestly the MC feels aromantic. Truly. Honestly the ML isn't that bad, but she doesn't care about him.

First, she says she's generous, but literally to who? Her ex fiance? Because after she said that, we never see her being generous to anyone but herself. The ML has to be sneaky to "cunning" to get any of her money even tho she is blatantly using him to protect her... more>> manga comedy set of brother characters from doom. And she wanted to use him on the condition she will fund him. However, he constantly has to be the one to beg her for the money and even then there are SO many lines of her saying, "usually I wouldn't mind giving people money, but I don't want to give it to him"....

Like wtf. That's literally every time he tries to get money from her. Even if he's being sneaky to get it which makes her "annoyed" but bit*h you won't even give it to him if he asked straight up of course he has to be more shameless to get money from you. You're not even fulfilling your end of the contract babe. The f*ck. Like the ML even notes that saying you say you're generous but you haven't been to me.

While she just asks him to use his people although it may alert people of his hand WHENEVER SHE WANTS. Ok she "rewards" him but why can she just demand he does something and he has to aka using him while he can't get money straight up when he asks her?? Aka this was in their contract the fcuk. She isn't upholding it.

He is risking his life by being attached to her high-profile family. He doesn't need to save them. She is using him. She made him go on her side. But she still doesn't give him money or any attention unless it fulfills her interest? Nah. Nah y'all simpin for a capitalist. It ain't cute.

Y'all might just think it's cute bc it's a girl but if this was a guy MC doing that 10/10 that's called a two-faced tool. Imo not for me dropped. <<less
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spicyeggroll rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: c37
4.5 Stars Thus Far

Alright, this is Good (TM). I feel like the reviews are either "really like it" or "really don't like it, " but I'd say to read a chapter if you're on the fence - the tone is pretty set in stone from the get-go. It's around 1/3 of the story translated, so on the topic of "there's no romance, " it's still pretty early. Slow burns ftw!!

Talking points:

  • Great translations! Although the chapters are split in parts, the translator has frequent updates. Very very minor errors, like subject-verb agreement and other random grammar things that don't matter for the flow of the story. It's super readable - thank you translator!
  • Literally a HOOT. You know it's a good story when it makes you laugh out loud.
    • It's been a while since I've read such refreshing side characters that pop off the page. Kudos to the author!
      • FL's brothers: monk-like first bro who's the zen stone of the fam, zany teddy bear sixth bro who likes cooking (but also poison!), and popular seventh bro who everyone likes. Still waiting on second and fifth bro to appear though!
      • ML's servants: an OCD sweeper who not only sweeps dirt but sweeps heads off (I love him omg), housekeeper who's always reminding the ML of how poor he is, eccentric poison lady chef, and the lazy laundry dude who has yet to make many appearances.
    • The banter: all the banter <3
  • Main couple is cunning and stingy.
    • The ML is a sharp actor who looks all weak but has lots of schemes in his mind. Refreshing that he's noted as "plain" - we stan a white lotus-acting ML who's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    • The FL is a transmigrator who used to be a venture capitalist. Loves to make investments (lol, her ex-fiance was just a failed "stock") and good at making money. She convinces the ML to get in a marriage to protect her fam bc she knows he's very smart and scheming.
    • It's so rare to see such a balanced couple in a Cnovel. Usually I feel like there are pushes and pulls, and one has more power than the other. But their synergy is absolutely *chef's kiss* and they scheme so well together.
      • At face value you think the FL holds the power bc she's luring the ML with promises of money, but the ML can leave her ship anytime. He hemorrhages money but only bc he's keeping up his connections and backing, so he has a pretty good foundation. There's a reason why he initially rejected the FL so much and she had to chase after him in the beginning, lol. I'm not sure how this dynamic will continue in the future but while it looks like the FL holds the upper hand (and I think she slightly does), I think the ML brings a lot to the table too.
  • Addressing the topic of unlikable FL:
    • I liked her, even if her characterization is purposefully unlikable in the story. She's proactive, stingy, and direct - and she makes sure everyone knows that. She doesn't give a f*ck about what other people think about her and honestly, fits the bar for an ex-investor. Risky expenditures reap risky rewards, and she plays by those rules. Although we're early in the romance game, I can predict the ML falling first and her just girlbossing her way to success.
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PaigeTheParrot rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: c89
This is hidden gem. It has been a long time that I read such a refreshing change in this genre. One thing I believe is wrong is that the FL didn't accidentally become a rich person, she worked hard. Everything in this novel is praiseworthy- there are no brainless people in this novel, just everyone has different factions they support.

... more>>

I especially like the contrast between the uber rich FL and dirt poor ML. Both the leads are the paragons of calculative and manipulative. I like how all FL's brothers have their individual characteristics. Everyone has a definite ambition and are fighting for it, and no character just pops out of nowhere to put a claim on FL/ML brainlessly


Pity the raws aren't completed yet! <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtl-ed this. Usually I have no patience for historical BG as the plot is always the same: harem fights and face-slaps aka nothing fresh. But this gives me a different feeling. It's engaging, interesting and enjoyable.

The greatest selling point of this story is the ML – he is poor, he looks plain, he's smart, he's a drama king (the white lotus kind and it's hilarious).

FL is the materialistic CEO kind and as the story goes, you'll see more to her character than just her cold exterior. She might not... more>> be a super likeable person but in this story, it's part of the charm.

The various supporting characters are also quirky figures. They're not just part of the background. They're created and written well - with the right amount of screen time and it makes all of them feel alive.

Personal sharing: I find that the vibe of this story is similar to 长风渡 (Changfengdu) by 墨书白 (Mo shu bai) which is another great historical BG work. If you like this story, you'll probably like Changfengdu as well. Do give both a try! 😏 <<less
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CaliforniaMaki rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
It's GOOODD!! REALLY A GOOD READ! It's a slow romance but that didn't really bother me because I loved reading the conspiracies and schemes unfolding.

The CN is really hilarious and the plot is like a piece of onion that has so many layers and enjoyed peeling them one by one. Unfolding the secrets of the MCs had my eyes wide!

There's character growth in the MCs.. But for the side characters not much. The author had a riot making these side characters with unique skills (OCD servant that has to sweep... more>> if there's dirt, the brother that cooks weird looking but nutritious cuisine, the steward worried of his master's debt) 🤣 Love them Ji family.

Almost didn't read this because of another reviewer of Shortk and honefuusen which were way off. First off both MCs are selfish and they went into this arranged marriage fully trying to use each other. It was explicitly said. The deal was that FL has the money and ML has the power and people. I don't get why the user's ticked about the FL not giving the money. She does give it but FL's a sad*st/ tsundere, so she likes the ML to beg for it. Besides, he enjoys fooling her, too. Also early in their relationship, logically speaking they can't really trust each other. SMH.. Man those reviews almost fooled me.

Tldr; The adventures of the wealthy FL and her little white face trying to save their family from the doom of cannon fodder

Also felt sad for this messed up side couple:


The emperor and the empress! Godd*mn! This convoluted love story between them. The usual love turned hate. Man I really pity those women in the harem! Tsk! And I so want to read a rebirth story of the empress but then our MCs may not meet 🤔

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Roxasfleur rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Absolutely golden!

I love everything in this novel. From ML who is dirt-poor, MC who is dirt-rich, Ji family brothers, the prince, xuezhu, and you can't forget the empress.

All characters are fleshed out well, from how MC become so ambitious, how ML become so cunning, and how the empress can make me speechless lol. Seriously wait until the end to see just why I keep praising the empress.

The romance is a real slowburn. They started off as business partner (and let me tell you another reason why I love ML, he... more>> can win an oscar lol), and slowly but very surely fell (just the ML imo, but MC did have feelings, just that I don't know how deep that feeling is). Their first kiss is nearing chapter 70s. Even so, I love how it seems so realistic.

The MC choose ML because he is unfathomable and cunning (to balance the Ji brothers uprightness), the ML choose MC because he is really to poor and the money is too tempting lol.

All in all, a very very good read and not too long. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 18, 2022
Status: c39
To the low star reviewer's, I have some things to refute.

The things that are commonly said is that FL is scum. I think y'all are taking it a bit too far. FL isn't scum, she is just extremely calculative. She still holds her hand of the bargain because it's how business works. If both do not get something in return, it will not work. Also, y'all say she isn't giving him money, but you do realise any concoction that FL's sixth brother makes has a sh*t ton of expensive tonics... more>> right?? Of course she ain't gonna give him cash, the tonics are expensive it's gonna be calculated in. Whatever he takes from the Ji Family, FL will def calculate it into the expenses. If ML wants something, of course he has to have something that FL wants vice versa. Also, ML is extremely crafty half the time, and sometimes FL will succumb. Imo the balance between eachother is fair.

To ShortK who says that if it was a man it would be called a two faced person who views people as tools, I disagree. I think if it were the other way, it would still be fun and comedic and interesting to read. Both FL and ML are extremely calculative and scheming, so if roles were switched, it wouldn't really change much. Also, FL doesn't view people as tools, she weighs benefits, there's a difference. She will definitely care for her aides and servants as she isn't a heartless person and won't give them rest. If she viewed people as tools, she would have used her brothers without a care in the world. Her main priority is so that her family doesn't go into ruin. She doesn't need to mention her care to show it.

And to end it off, to the peeps who say ML is too good for FL, are y'all right in your head?? Are we reading the same book?? How is he any good or better than FL??? Dude has comrades that he can rely on, yes, but if he needs to discard, he will, cause he values his life. He is as calculative as FL, the only difference is he likes to act and pretend to be weak while the FL is ruthless and direct. If not, how the f*ck would they click??

(I will not deny the aromantic allegations, but that's also why I'm curious as to how the author will make them fall in love with eachother)

So yes, my statement has been said. I personally like the book, the couple radiates equal power dynamic, really look forward to seeing when they fall in love. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ricachuu rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
It's been quite some time since I actually read this so I might not be able to give a thorough review, per se. I only remembered that I enjoyed this very, very much especially since the FL seems to be the more powerful one in their relationship. I love her dynamics with the ML where they are both mutually helping/using each other. They both are pretty mature for their age compared to others, however, at the same time, they are quite childish and petty, which I think is just adorable.... more>> They communicate well while at the same time allowing each other to keep their secrets. They are very smart and cunning and know how to act and respond to situations well.

Of course, from the beginning to the middle part of the story, we see them being transactional married couples. You need money to do your stuff, you need to do something for me and be loyal to me. It was sort of like that. I do remember ML being a pitiful dogman since he literally is broke trying to raise his own organization. FL is really stingy and quite wicked as a businessman which led to ML being at a loss sometimes. Just when you'd think that they'd stay that way, well, they are still human after all. Getting along day and night and not having any other person in each other's hearts, they naturally grew fond of each other. FL is really beautiful, smart, and very protective of her own people and things so ML was tempted. ML might not be a peerless handsome man (FINALLY!!!) but his black lotus personality that sometimes softens towards FL made FL start to like him.

There were quite some really good supporting characters in this novel, especially FL's brothers and ML's servants. They were written so uniquely and they made the story have a lighter and more comedic tone. There were schemes and conspiracies of course but you'll actually enjoy reading the ML and FL play 3D chess.

Overbearing FL x pitiful black lotus ML? Yes! <<less
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XxxMelanie rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Completely loved this one. This is one of the first novels with a female MC, that didn't use the;

- "make the ML head over heels till the point he can't think clearly"

- "become salted fish and let the ML take over everything"

... more>> - "make the ML hate/ or make him not really care about their child because he only cares about his wife"

- "make ML lose all his principles just for the FL"


It honestly made me so ecstatic because there is almost always at least one of these tropes in chinese webnovels.

They both have a distinct personality. Both are shameless and petty (ML more though). Both are pretty cold people because of their pasts and are calculative/rational people who won't lose themselves just because of love. I always hate it when the essence of the female MC seems to change the moment she gets a powerful lover. But here that isn't the case. They do start relying on each other, but not to the point you can't see the original personality. Even when they love each other, they still have their own intrests and passions. FL still works and still has her family in mind. Not only ML. I appreciate it so much. A badass FL who stays badass and doesn't mecome a lovestruck idiot/useless person.

The ML even feels like he's always at the bottom of the list of importance. The last couple of chapters even made me appreciate this novel 100 times more. Because after awhile, even I doubted a little how much she really loved him. (I knew for sure she did love him, but how much I wasn't sure.) But there at the end you could see how much it was. Just that she didn't want to change as a person because of it. It was such a sweet and satisfying ending. It completed the story perfectly.

For the ones who want to know what I mean by the ending;


So ML got really frustrated because he feels like FL never sacrifices anything for him and only her family and business seems to be important for her. When he had to go to another city for work by emperor's order, he wanted her to come with him. But she declined because she was opening a new business. He was mad because he knew she didn't need to be present as she has capable subordinates. But she's just really passionate about the beginning of starting a new business and likes to see and handle it herself. He was really mad. They fought but later she decided to go with him. Because she realized that all these years, the one who actually silently supported her by leaving warm drinks and water to take a shower after coming late at night home, was him. Even after their fight, she entered the room and there was a cup of warm tea. It can't be the servants, as they don't come close to their room at this kind of hour. After making plans, she did go with him.

This isn't the end though. On their way to that city, they all of a sudden woke up in the modern world without knowledge of their time together. But due some circumstances, they meet and they both have an intense attraction. Wich is weird, as they both were never really interested in somebody before. In the end they hook up. That night FL remembered everything but ML didn't yet. But she didn't say anything. She wanted to see how long he could endure being in this kind of relationship that just contained ho*kups (or more accurate; a toy for her as she is super rich and he's an actor. It's like "she's raising a flower"). Kind of a payback for rejecting her in the beginning multiple times. He caved and said he wanted a serious relationship or nothing. Her answer came afterwhile by giving him the book she transmigrated in. He remembered everything too after reading it. He also finally found out why she always sleeps in a corner of the bed like that. (He looked into her past as she didn't really hide her padt. She just couldn't seem to talk about it like how he didn't mind her finding about his past through other people. Just saying it themselves was hard and they understood that about eachother). He finally understood how she became that way. He celebrated her original birthday. FL was in shock because she was like "it's not my birthday" and he was like "I know. Your birthday from the world in the book isn't today". Then she remembered that it is her original birthday. She forgot because nobody ever celebrated this birthday for her. It was such a touching moment. He proposed that night so they got married again in the modern world. And as her vow she had something like "I never had a wish before. But then there came people I love in my live, so I had only one wish; for my family to be happy and safe (she's talking about her second family in the book), after awhile two people were added to that wish. (ML and their daughter). Later I had 2 more wishes. And you are in all my three wishes". They spend some time in the modern world and enjoyed it but they were hoping to get back as their daughter and her family are still there and they started to miss them. They got back after the day she normally had to die.

It was just such a perfect way to end it. It made it clear what is important for them and the different people they cared about (not only each other but still other people. Even if they love eachother dearly, it doesn't blind the love for others)


I could understand people not liking ml, but honestly I loved him so much. It was such a breath of fresh air from the typical "handsomest guy ever imaginable with a high status (even if illegitimate or unfavored child) who will lose rationality/principals when it comes to fl, gentle to the FL only but be super overprotective to the point the FL can't take any risk". He was a little above average in looks, calculative, sheming, shameless... just his acting in front of fl's brothers made me laugh so many times. It was really different, and I loved every minute of it. Even if his moral integrity was questionable (to put it lightly), it was understandable he got that way after what he experienced. Because of the fl, he now experienced something that made it impossible for him to do some outrageous things he normally would think of doing in the past. So he will not cross that line thanks to it. Wich I appreciate a lot. The character development of them both (fl&ml) may seem like nothing, but actually they are really profound, even if subtle. Not static characters, but also not changing like becoming a different. Small subtle changes that don't impact the essence of the person. <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
February 19, 2022
Status: c9 part2
This isn't the novel if you are looking for sweet romance. Mainly because the FL is a scum through and through. I hate that this FL is a character in a romance novel. She's kind of aromantic but her character keeps jumping around as if to accommodate building a romantic relationship with ML. And the most unacceptable is that she is tying ML down on the basis of mutual interest, but she isn't holding up her end of the agreement. It's very hard for the ML to get money even... more>> though that's what she promised. And she even took ML's money. It's too unpleasant to read. Honestly, ML is too good for her. At a later point I'm mostly reading because I simply want to reach the end. It's a good novel but for me the romance is a bad romance. Both FL and ML are good characters, if separate, but they're incompatible. <<less
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xxchroniclerxx rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: c112
A workaholic female President x A pretentious, black-bellied and ambitious man!!

This is my impression of our main couple after reading this novel. I love love love loveee the relationship here, especially with its progression as none of the characters ever break out of their personality trait and turn into someone else after getting together.

(Light spoilers)

... more>>

I think I would describe the FL and ml's relationship as being purely contractual from the beginning which slowly evolves into something more. It's purely give and take as the FL provides the ML what he needs the most at that time in exchange for him to scheme and protect her family. It's hilarious how the FL acts like a cold president who cares more about benefits and the ML is a little charmer who can bend and twist to get himself some benefits from her.

The FL having lived an entire life in the business world in her previous life has basically seen it all and it's really hard for her to open up her heart to someone else other than her family. Even though the ML is not a romantic or overly emotional, I still felt bad for him whenever he would let her know that he was aware that he wasn't anywhere near to her topmost priority and that she would even take advantage of his feelings (not to cheat him but force him to protect her family). Its hurtful to see that the person he cared about would rather use him than open up to him. (Obviously there's development after this point and this was a hurdle that they had to cross)


The FL and Ml's obsession with money is pure comedy. The FL who is a workaholic business woman who keeps making money and is probably richer than the emperor and the ML who is dirt poor from his debt and forever broke. Our man has been poor for so long that once he has some money, he would deposit it in his stash and stare at it. Even their kid wasn't spared from this obsession with money that runs in both the ML and fl.

hoho, I've read lotta stories with kids and by far this kid here is the most annoying one ever. She's so annoying that I realise that's she's purely realistic and reminds me why I stay away from hyper active kids. Obviously, this is just my opinion and some may even enjoy her character but definitely not me.

Even the Ml's housekeeper is someone who can smell money from miles away, everytime the poor ML got some money, he appears like a heckin grim reaper and asks for money to pay back their debt. The fl's brothers are... really colourful people, really made me wonder how they were raised by the same set of parents. I really wished I could read about their inner thoughts because that seems like it would be a comic fest of its own.

(Heavy spoilers ahead)


I think this is the first novel I read where the og MC (fifth prince) died so fast and smoothly. Most og characters are like c*ckroaches that come back from the dead with another identity or something like that or our MCs get backlashes while trying to hurt them (backlash concept is something I really like) but here the prince just died without any drama, even the og FL was so resolute to betray him. That was kind of unexpected but the lesser drama we got from og people, the more we could focus on the lives of our MCs (which also revolves around getting revenge and both our FL and ML have the same enemy)

I absolutely worship the Empress/Empress dowager for getting her revenge, like that was absolutely savage of her. I won't spoil it since it's so freaking satisfying so read till the end to find out~


Anywaysss, tl;Dr - Good progression of story, relationships and characters, interesting side characters, good blend of comedy and serious moments, satisfying end (side stories are still updating and the main story is finished)

An enjoyable read! Recommend. <<less
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YouToon rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: Completed
A tale of two extremely calculating people developing a partnership and eventually more doesnt sound like it should be hilarious. It was. So many random caricatures of archetypes from wuxia anime were mashed together into the world our leads dominate.

The romance is not particularly sweet or heart warming. It is a battle of wits from their first day meeting to the last scene on the page. I have no doubt that for both our leads, the truest and most loving partner they could find was each other. I also have... more>> no doubt that they will spend their entire lives attempting to one up and hold the power in their relationship. Neither character would fair well in a warm sweet romance. They'd be bored in a year. In that sense it was a comedy that speaks to a realistic dynamic in many relationships.

The characterization, world building and character growth are all handled well. The fact every character (even our leads) is a caricature means it all feels very thing. Recommend if you are in the mood for a zany comedy with moments of real human tragedy and two ice cold intellectuals who will change the world to survive. <<less
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Miyacherry rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Both FL and ML are black bellied in their own way, also have their own family/handmans with their own uniqueness.

This one is a slow burn romance, so slow that even the romance sparks here and there from half of novel, it only started blooming on ch. Seventies or eighties, but when it delivered, it exhilarating.

The epilogue done well too, after the comedy, the action, the anguish and after the goals was reach, they give the relaxing aftertaste with their family live.

A recommended novel.
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TULI rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Ha ha.. So funny novel. Every character is so funnily described. Ji yunxi family members are like the family of FL and ML in "The time spent in pretense". Difference is one like to pretend to be alive and other is pretend to grab money.

... more>>

FL 1st brother is thoroughly fixed up by his siblings that he has to drink tea and copy scriptures 🤣. 2nd brother is quite normal. 6th brother has a bloody reputation. But he is really a enthusiastic Teddy who is just good in medicine.

7th brother is a jianghu man. Relatively normal. Now he understands why the eldest is like a Buddhist. Felt pity.. He has the softest heart and often bullied in the family 🤭

Everyone thinks " Everyone is drunk, only I am normal"😂😂. Really love the family!!!

FL has cold personality which is match made with ML who likes to pretend weak. ML is a poor wolf in harmless gentle sheep clothing.

The empress is also a interesting character. She had suffered from pig trotter man and white lotus woman. Her revenge is really mind blowing
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June 22, 2023
Status: Completed
4.5 stars.
● Interesting plotline with lots of twists and turns
○ A lot of subverted cliches that give a bit of freshness to the same old transmigrated MC trope
● Some villains are 2-dimensional, some are actually people you can relate to, and feel sorry for
○ Decent translation up to 40 and readable MTL
● -0.5 for the MC in the final part of the novel. I feel like the ML's character develops throughout the story while the MC is stagnant and this hurts the credibility of the ending.


To be fair, Wu Weian is a young adult while Ji Yunxi's lived two lifetimes and many old people have a set personality that's hard to change; but in the final chapters Yunxi's cold, business-oriented attitude broke my heart. The author tried to make both leads seem rational/ dispassionate/ scheming and approving of the other's like-minded attitude but Wu Weian gave in to Ji Yunxi waaaay more than she did for him.... to the point where, if this wasn't a novel, I was expecting their relationship to fall apart, especially after their daughter came along and the partiality became more obvious. If I treated my son with love, patience, kindness, tolerance and my husband with a perfunctory attitude and only occasional tidbits of affection, like dangling a toy before a cat, I don't think our marriage would have been sunshine and rainbows.


overall: for the first 90 chapters the main plot carries the novel and it's a very enjoyable read.
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daisukenowaifu rated it
August 16, 2022
Status: c34.6
Really a 2.5.

I had such high expectations for this, because it was right up my alley.

The premise is wonderful. The setting is nice. The characters have interesting backgrounds. The story progresses well.

Except, it can't be considered a romance novel. I expected an independent and ambitious FMC who knows what she wants and gets it, having a romance with a cunning, intelligent and ambitious ML. I came for a beautiful power couple, with slow burn romance and more strategic teamwork but... the FMC is very selfish and never holds her end... more>> of the bargain. Part of me wants the ML to forcefully drop her, and further smash her with his network. The ML is too good for her. Also, the way the ML gets treated by his own servants is annoying. Hmm... the ML is too good for any of them, honestly~ Author-jiejie is torturing him unnecessarily.

Otherwise, I like it. The brothers are cute. The other side characters are nice and funny. The plot is very engaging. A nice read as long as you don't put the romance + the deal between the FMC and the ML in your eyes. <<less
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Rida rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved it. The FL could stand her ground against the ML and all the side characters were adorable. The plot was intriguing and wasn't drawn out. It definitely deserves a 5/5.
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idledaydreamerreader rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I don’t know why this novel has low ratings but I truly enjoyed this novel until I have to create account and write a review for it.

This novel is so refreshing with both very interesting leads. We know from the description that both leads are not simple and they are so much more than they seem.

FL is a transmigrator. She’s mature and successful and when she crossed over, she continues to be so. She did not regress or stop growing. Instead she continues to be calculative and did not stop... more>> being so. She’s very sensible and did not for once fall for ML tricks and sweet talks. I love this FL! She’s not a wallflower, hiding her intellect, have sudden talents such as poetry, calligraphy, dance, chess, etc. I mean let’s be real... not many successful people have that multitude of talents, multitasking with developing and nurturing such talents, while they make money. FL is just one powerhouse in making money. Her attractiveness is secondary to how well she can make money.

As much as FL is described as attractive, which was not exploited in the novel or even repeated, ML’s features on the other hand, is repeatedly described as bland. As normal as water. Even though it will be later be shown that one of his hidden talents is making skin masks, don’t hope that he’s actually wearing one all this time and he’s actually handsome. Nope. He will later wear a handsome mask to entice FL and more comedy ensues when it’s shown that his past wearing this mask is for him to make money.

Theres many novels writing about ML being black bellied. Honestly, I haven’t really come across a good black bellied ML and as funny as this ML. This ML is very vain, anti hero, pretentious, scheming, vengeful, lazy, a rouge or even a wolf in sheep clothing.
Both leads are not so innocent, one as a modern woman whom had seen it all, and the other is one who had also seen it all 😂. No clinging leads that wallow not seeing each other. FL is to busy making money and ML if he’s up to it, goes to do what he’s supposed to do. It’s only until the last chapters that ML clings on FL, while FL told him to just endure it.

The side characters of the story is also very hilarious. FL brothers are all very endearing, ML later realizes that they all require protection. ML’s subordinates are all powerful but all of them seem like their superior, ML, they love money. Nobody love money as much as the money grubbing ML. The housekeeper has a penchant to snooping, even to eavesdrop to how much ML has on hand. Once he knew how much his boss have, he will immediately ask for the money so they can pay off ML’s innumerable debts.

The novel has ended but there’s more chapters and I hope they continue with side stories of the brothers and the subordinates. <<less
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