Copper Coins


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It was the twenty-third year of Tianxi*. Rumours traversed the streets that the all-knowing Imperial Advisor suffered a great calamity and could not help but enter seclusion to focus on cultivation. However, the commoners secretly clapped their hands and rejoiced. In the winter of the same year, a young monk appeared in the Hui Zhou Fu’s Ningyang District.

The monk’s monastic title was Xuan Min, his memories all missing, yet was versed in the arts of Feng Shui Kan Yu**. On the very first day arriving in Ningyang, he did not hesitate to take care of a dangerous manor, picking up Xue Xian, who was hidden there, along the way.

Since then, Xue Xian – who had been all-powerful in the first half of his life – gained a new life pursuit: to get this baldy*** who had only a good outer appearance to take his last breath and “smile from his grave”.

Xue Xian: If you are unhappy, then I will be happy. If you die, I’ll laugh my ass off.

Xuan Min: …

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Tong Qian Kan Shi
Đồng tiền kham thế
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Reyleisha rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5/5- A good mystery, but the rushed and nonsensical romance at the end prevented this book from being rated higher for me. (I didn’t post my rant in this review as I don’t want my personal opinion on this to affect other readers too much because it is still a great read. It’s on my personal BL review list if you’re interested though.)

The novel is well written and well paced and the characters are kinda likeable and interesting but very 2D for being lead characters. When I read... more>> this it felt like I was reading shadows of Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan, but really weak, poorly constructed 1D versions of them. They aren’t memorable at all, but the side characters were cool and very likeable.

For the first time in my history of reading BL, I felt that this book was not suited to be a BL. The chemistry and relationship was not slowburn, it was pretty much non-existent and rather nonsensical in relation to the ending of the book.

For them to suddenly end up together felt really forced and unnatural. When you talk about slowburn romance you think Golden Stage, HOB, Tattoo, MDZS and even quite frankly Little Mushroom (this is one of my all-time favorite slow burns) There’s substance, subtlety, chemistry, underlying hints of awareness in one another for one another- but the pairing and romance grows with each page and you can see how the couple is forming. It’s also always intertwined with the plot and not treated as a separate plot.


With this novel I was left scratching my head as to how they went from dragon paper man and monk with mysophobia to together for eternity in 90 chapters, when they hadn’t even so much as had a natural, chemistry fuelled kiss let alone chemistry fuelled interaction not affected by dragon spit.


My opinion is probably rare, but this story was strong on its own as a mystery novel with good friendship between the leads. The friendships between all the characters were beautiful and the mission to uncover the truth flowed wonderfully.


Throughout the course of the book, it’s never EVER depicted, let alone NATURALLY occurring that the main leads are genuinely starting to fall in love. The author then suddenly threw a random jerk off session induced by dragon spit before they even kissed- just how on earth would a monk be the one to initiate such a thing in the first place? Also they had never met each other before, how can this strong “I want to be with you for eternity” type of love suddenly bear an existence after all they did was uncover some bones and a few mysteries. The guy has amnesia for crying out loud and he’s a MONK!!!! He has the s*xual awakening of a 5ML teaspoon!


And it’s not like you’ll be missing anything if you skip the last 10 or so chapters because the book follows a plot of uncover the mystery and then sudden romance.

(Don’t even include that s*upid jerk off session coz that was ludicrous and so cringey that it doesn’t even count)


Perhaps if the novel was longer and the dynamics between the characters were explored more and worked on delicately, it would have worked out.

It’s a good read overall, but expect a major disappointment in the relationship if you’re like me and like substantial well developed romance in a slow-burn. <<less
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sanlang3003 rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c10
Translation: Omg people, please check out Copper Coins! 10/10 - the translation quality is super top notch (the best translation quality I've seen so far since starting on this Chinese danmei journey just a year ago...).

Update: my above translation rating is for @Suibian Subs team. I saw another person @qiantongkanshi also picked up the novel & I've read a few of their chapters starting from the beginning. IMO, it's a pretty good quality translation -however I do feel it lacks the elegance in wording & still feel @Suibian Subs is... more>> quite a few notches better. Still great work though! Will probably read from both translators because I'm a greedy b*tch.

Story: MC is super spunky and hilarious and ML is your quiet, mysterious dude (for now). It's only chapter 10, but the story quickly jumped into action and has elements of your typical xianxia novels and the supernatural, which I love. I am really enioying the story so far and honestly, the whole set up and plot is actually entertaining enough that I wouldn't even mind if there was no romance.

The only bummer is chapter updates are sporadic so... there's not much to do but wait. Copper Coins is also an audio drama which, I believe, are fan-subbed by the same group who translates the novel, so be sure to check that out. Really brings the characters to life! Very happy to have come across this novel! <<less
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Devrai rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: extra
I don't get the hype. It's not bad but not really super good to.

Slow burn is one thing but this was more of a no burn and than having a hand job under the influence of heavy aphrodisiac and then there were feelings?

So to read this cause of the love story is a no go.

Adventure wise it's an ok read but the coincides were too much. Fate doesn't explain everything.

The translation is really good but the story is nothing I will return to read.
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Celissiye rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.4

So the MC is a f*cking dragon, literally, and a badass one. I mean there are tons of stories where the MC is a mythical beast, or a cat, or a hamster, or something, but then for no real good reason they're still pretty weak (animal form is just for cuteness or something) and once they transform into a human you like never see them as an animal again. Not here. This MC is a heavenly dragon and he has the power to show for it, which means that most scenes where the MC does anything after about the first 1/3 of the novel is, by default, extremely cool.

When it comes to characterization, plot, setting, and even pacing, this novel does well again. The main focus in the plot is the supernatural, and revenge, as the MC recovers his power. Side characters were engaging and entertaining, a hodgepodge that the MC/ML picked up along the way, including a ghost, a blind dude, and a random craftsman. Although I will say the side characters really faded out into nothing at the final climax of the story, which would have been better if they were more involved somehow.

I also rather liked the MC's flippant personality and the ML's calm/introspective nature as well. The dynamic between the two was good, extremely enjoyable to watch MC bicker with ML as they both try to beat each other in shows of power.

However, the one thing I found to be lacking was the pacing of the romance.

At a certain point in the story, maybe about halfway through, it seemed like the MC was starting to develop feelings for the ML. Yada yada the usual slow burn... but then, the author OUT OF NOWHERE added a nasty gimmick that just felt out of place. (This is kind of a spoiler but not for any major plot points) --but uh yeah apparently dragon's spit is an aphrodisiac.

I think the author intended it to be comedy? And to be fair, when it was first introduced it was pretty funny, but then the author made it 10x more potent and serious of a matter than it needed to be, and its inclusion in the story at the time felt really pointless. It seemed like something that should be in an extra chapter after the story ended, not in the middle of mystery and intrigue. Not only were the MC and ML too h**ny to even think straight, but the MC just ended up getting rubbed off by the ML. The MC and ML already were getting along well and starting to develop feelings, so it didn't feel necessary at all to have this random-ass aphrodisiac gimmick put into the story so that the MC could then feel awkward about the ML for like 5 chapters afterwards. To make it worse, the author never detailed s*xual scenes, so this whole scene was just a vaguely alluded blurry m*sturbation, where some of the readers who commented below the chapter didn't even catch onto what happened--so it can't even be counted as a good smut scene.

Not to mention, this whole dragon spit aphrodisiac thing is permanent, which I found jarring. Like you don't NEED an aphrodisiac to have good s*x, but the MC and ML, because of that setup, now have to get hopped up every time they do anything, even kiss? YO... calm down author. This story is about monks, dragons, and ghosts with BL as the side focus and was doing that very well, not a kinky smut story. Like these two are goin' around collecting zombified dragon body parts after a horrific incident and you just gotta do a 180 and ruin the tension like that??

So yeah, the dragon spit gimmick felt out of place and ruined the pacing of the slow burn relationship. It kind of made their relationship seem more... shallow than it had before? Instead of that, there could have been a meaningful conversation between the MC and ML or like a roundabout confession scene or something.

Still, I did like the overall dynamic between them and the gimmick didn't take up too much of the story. It just was unsatisfying considering this IS a BL, and because the rest of the story was so good. I did really love this story overall, but if anything, it is 70% because the MC is a badass dragon.

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zamakira rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I feel like Copper Coins is one of the most underrated CN BL novel ever.

This novel is so captivating that I can't stop reading. The translator does an excellent job in describing the setting and plot extremely well. I love the element of mystery to it; how certain people, incidents and events are being connected in the end. The chemistry and interaction between Xue Xian and Xuan Min are also fun to read. All in all, Copper Coins is one beautiful novel plus the element of mystery and supernatural just... more>> perfectly written for readers who are fans of these genres. <<less
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GhostFlute rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Not gonna lie, a good portion of my enjoyment of this novel came from knowing that the translator is a complete novice to danmei and CN novels in general. I would read a serious scary scene and then lose my marbles at "wizard" "wizardry" "catastrophe/calamity" instead of heavenly tribulation and "magician" instead of cultivator.

And let's not forget gems like the translator losing her mind at the author using recurring similes (which is part of the modern CN novel starter pack), the author using common prejudices of the time (like the... more>> homeless people scene), and the author not using the word pen*s (JJ-senpai would have crabbed the whole chapter out of the novel).

Just f*cking chef's kiss comedy in this novel basically.

The story is fine too. <<less
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anarcheopteryx rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: Completed
A complete, well-translated, solid danmei.

We've got:

- stoic amnesiac monk who is suspiciously good at magic
- arrogant mercurial disabled dragon who goes tsundere
- a mystery! Who is the monk and where are the dragon's bones
- lotsa magic and supernatural stuff, ghosts and arrays and so on
- a charming secondary cast with their own little mysteries
- s*x pollen / accidental aphrodisiac
- going into heat (kinda) (well the dragon gets really hot. Like temperature-wise)
- magic spiritual/empathic bond
- flying wheelchair!
- a very vague handjob and then some actual s*x at the end

There are enough hints to figure out what's going on so the ending isn't a huge shocker, especially if you're familiar with the genre, but enough red herrings to keep it interesting. It's more about how the characters themselves will react to the truth that keeps the tension high. This is definitely the kind of pairing I favour, where the characters sort of meet by chance and come to like each other and get to know each other while growing as people/dragons. Not a huge time investment and well worth the read.
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dee_ism rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: --
It's boring. Overated too much.

Slow burn romance? Nah. It's a no burn then suddenly the 'love' is there for eternity.

The mistery? It's okay but not special and engaging.

I usually love this author stories, but not this one.
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Redle rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed

This novel was very fulfilling and nice, the dynamic between the the MC and ML was cute and I had a lot fun with their 'discussions'. Both are strong, smart and can come off as cold or distant to others, that's also another reason why they get along so well, I liked their chemistry. Xue Xian mischievousness and dramatic moments were hilarious. Though I must say it's a slow burn romance, the romantic elements come until the second half the novel.

The other characters also were well developed, I grew to... more>> care about them too through out the story without overshadowing the main characters.

The plot has mysteries, secrets, evil masterminds and different minor situations than end up making sense at the end. The plot is not mind-blowing or never-seen-before (you might be able to guess what's going even before finishing if you pay attention to the clues) but it's very well done, logical and I didn't feel it was rushed at all. At the start it might feel a bit slow but soon it picks up.

This novel has one of the best paced and conclusive endings I've read lately, everything comes full circle (and starts again), not only for the main characters but for everyone else as well. One of my favorite endings for sure, the author takes her time to do it thoroughly.

I enjoyed it a lot and might read it again later. I recommend it if you want a 'feel good' novel, not too complicated, not too simple, with interesting and strong characters and a slow burn romance but with a lot of funny and sweet moments from the beginning. <<less
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BanniNotBunny rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I had huge expections from 4.7 rating and so many good reviews.

But the result is : overrated; I mean it's just fine, I won't even put it in good category.

First of all, I wanna say one thing :

For me, it is not a romance novel at all.

Like not at all (don't even say slow burn)

I think the author just told us they are in love in last chapters for the sake of it being a bl novel.

Now my points that why I gave 3 rating :

    • The only thing I like in this novel is the MC and the bookworm guy. The MC is really good. Such a drama queen. But the MC's quirky personality goes down the hill since their aphrodisiac induced handjob.
    • Plot is kind of good. But I didn't like it much in 2nd half.
    • The mystery wasn't worth it, not mysterious enough for me to be amazed. I almost expected all of it.
    • The great priest, ML and spider thing were very confusing at the end. All jumbled up.
    • There is no romance. No development in that direction and still at the end they were in "love". It would have been better even if the 'romance' wasn't there at all. They could have just stayed good friends.
Conclusion :

Not recommended. It's kind of good but it's not worth it. There are other novels with rather good mystery & chemistry.
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LeniSnow rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: --
It's okay but I'm dropping it just because the MC keeps calling the ML "baldy". The ML can do better. If only this wasn't danmei or if it's ML focus it's going to be a masterpiece. Don't compare this to mdzs, wei wuxian is shameless not rude and ignorant like this MC. A lot of comments only like this cause they relate it with mdzs but wangxian don't bicker but tease. I am fine with shameless protagonist but not rude ones. The type who can't say anything good to other... more>> people and who's opinion isn't valuable. I can't enjoy the interaction between the MC and ml, people who enjoy might be sadistic subconsciously. <<less
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Niuyna rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Absolutely five stars. No need to read the reviews to decide whether you should read or not, JUST READ IT. Both MC and ML are characters with polar opposite personalities, reminds me of another couple (one in black robes, the other in white *hint *wink), but their devotion to each other is at level 3000. I really loved reading this novel. I would say that the story was heavy with mysteries but funny and heart warming, and never boring or dragged out. It's most def a slow burn but it... more>> burns so good. Papapa scenes fade to black but descriptive enough that you get what's going on, and it's awesome. 10 out of 10 would reread. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
stressyjesse rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This was just.... AMAZING

I truly loved this novel so much, its not too long, it doesn't fluff around with unnecessary arcs and the development of the relationship is natural and BEAUTIFUL. MC and ML just fit together like two puzzle pieces and don't worry, a HE is guarenteef. Short and sweet, and a beautiful, very good ending. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

It is fully translated by tongqiankanshi on their site, even though it only says up to 70-something on NovelUpdates. Fantastic translation!

... more>>

Favourite detail about this story is that dragons spit makes you h**ny ahahaha, and when our CP kiss...... it makes them so h**ny like they're about to burst oh my godddd

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Juvia_ rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: Completed
When I started I hadnt expected that I would end up giving this 5 stars but I have!

The first arc is completely ridden with ableist language used relentlessly to belittle a probably neurodivergent side character for no reason (this is the author's views, more than the characters', weirdly enough). This really made me angry at the time. Please be careful, potential readers.

I persevered because the story had so much potential and I'm glad I did.

Vibrant cast of beloved characters. The romance and moments of intimacy were so good my heart... more>> went boom boom. Good stuff. The emotional parts made me cry. The humour and gags made me laugh.

The way the characters' back stories started as a mystery and wove themselves into the plot was nicely done and everything tied together pretty seamlessly by the end.

Both translators have done a stellar job - top quality translations. Thanks so much to them.

By the end of the story I'd all but forgotten the rough start. I can't not give this five stars now <<less
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August 24, 2020
Status: c15
This novel is so intriguing, I'm so incredibly astounded by both the translation and writing qualities, and puzzled at how this hasn't blown up on novelupdates yet.

Though the mysterious vibe and supernatural notes at the beginning are making certain other popular novels come to mind, I'll try not to compare, as I would be doing this a disservice. The novel picks up speed right off the bat, but the flow of events is steady, the goal is logical. I couldn't have asked for more! The way the settings are laid... more>> out so far makes for great opportunities in future reveals and this feeling of anticipation at the development and fleshing out of characters.

It's to the point where I'm crying out in pain at seeing the scrollbar advance in the google documents. <<less
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SuikodenIV rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I keep coming back to this review to edit it, so I think I need to just make a little list instead of trying to tie all my thoughts together:

  • this story does not have good pacing: everything advances too fast as every single step MC takes is directly related to the main plot, including sub-plots that could've (should've) been used to develop a relationship/some actual connection between MC and ML
  • POV switches, flashbacks, and narrative interruptions to explain something mid scene were too much as they would often occur when the story was getting exciting and the sudden pause of a scene was frustrating
  • I liked the ML, but it really felt like his personality was changed in between chapters (and with very little time passing in the story as well) just to get a happy ending
  • everything comes so easily to the MC to the point that even I was a little put off by it and I generally love MCs/love interests being OP
  • I mostly felt bored while reading this story as the 'mystery' wasn't much of a mystery at all, but I was interested enough in the conclusion to keep reading
This isn't a bad story and there is a possibility that I was just not in the right mindset to read this and have fun with it.
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kcNeko rated it
May 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Hey you! Did you see that high rating? Yep, it ain't lying. Probably one of the most me likey CN novels there is. This one have a vibe of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation but a lot less of everything. Like the author stated, this is going to be sad but not too tragic and have a happy ending. I also do think this story is too short for it's great plot, I feel sad that I already finished reading this.

I am really in love with the characters, they were so... more>> vivid. Of course my favorites were ML and MC, especially MC. He's such a super dramatic dragon yet even though he's prideful, he's still sympathetic towards humans. ML, a powerful bald guy who only knows how to frown, was the greatest mystery of this book. Together, they sure are too OP. The side characters were the saddest part here, I don't want to elaborate since I'll spoil it but I assure you it'll be bittersweet.

Honestly, I don't wanna read this because the ML is BALD! I have nothing against bald people, it's just I can't visualize it. But ever since MC started calling ML "bald donkey", I was like, forget it! I love this! And of course since the story is great, together with nice humor, great mystery, some actions, great author and very nice translatios, I'll give this a 5! I totally recommend this!

BTW the author is really great, I also recommend her/his other novels! <<less
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Hippopotamus rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: --
The author's style of writing is too heavy for my taste, because I'm a kind of too simple-minded person 😭 It's kind of hard work for me, honestly... Despite of my effort and persistence to finish this story till the last chapter, regretfully I still couldn't say that this is a very enjoyable reading. Both main characters' design and their interactions made me sigh deeply. I kept wondering why, some people enjoy to take such a long detour...


But in the end, I also like this kind of supernatural story. The... more>> translator also did a very good job. Thus, I decided that giving this story a 5 stars is still worth it 👍🏻 <<less
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YanZhan rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I've been waiting for so long for this novel to be completely translated, I thought I will have to wait for years before I can read it. Thx god, there is this super fast translator JQ (tongqiankanshi), with her amazing work.

Read this novel!! It's a really good one. You won't regret it!!!

If you love LWJ & WWX, you will surely love XM&XX here 😆
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LiangCiAi rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: Completed
A very good danmei novel.

The ML lost his memory at first, they went through a lot together then all will be revealed. Love the interaction between the MC and ML, the other character as well.
Love the ending as well, very satisfying HE
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