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The rebel army leader swung his sword to my neck on the city tower, as I faced a dead end. Then, with a huge grin, he said to Tantai Jin, “Between your wife and Miss Ye, only one can live. Who are you going to pick?”

The system cautiously looked at Ye Bingshang, who was crying, and said, “Master, he’ll pick you.”

“Let Bingshang go,” Tantai Jin ordered without hesitation.

“Uh oh,” said the system.

“Uh oh,” I said.

“Tantai Jin must know that your family is large and owns a lot of property,” the system remarked, reassuringly. “As a result, he must think that the secret guards will save you.”

Tantai Jin thought similarly. So, on that day, in front of 300 thousand men, I smiled at him and jumped off the city tower, beneath his shattered gaze.

I didn’t even leave a complete body behind for him.

So, this is the ‘BE’ ending that I have chosen for Tantai Jin.

As the new emperor, Tantai Jin’s hair turned white overnight in the first year of Jinghe. Then he turned into an insane devil that slaughtered the city, even beheading Ye Bingshang.

And after Nirvana, I, who had already seen through these few years of hopeless love, returned to the immortal cultivation realm. Being a little fairy makes me happy too.

Many years later, I’m claimed to be the white moonlight of a fallen divinity throughout the immortal cultivation realm.

Tantai Jin had never sobbed in his entire life. No one had ever witnessed his frail state, even if his eye was gouged out and his meridian veins were cut.

That was the day that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. With blood and tears streaming down his cheeks like beads, he pleaded for mercy.

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Hei yue guang wen na be ju ben
Till the end of the moon (drama)
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Lolo Amiba
New Lolo Amiba rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is soooo underrated!! I dunno why it only has 3.7 rating !!

In search of gold I found a gem!!If you are a fan of romantic novel but you also want tragic and comedy in it.... this one is for you.... tbh I cried my eyes out one moment and laugh uncontrollably in another moment till my cheeks start hurting......
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7starkiller99 rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Warning: Novel is not true enemies to lovers, more of a Saving the Tragic Evil ML. At no point does the MC treat the ML bluntly as an enemy. She waffles too fast. Novel is not bad ending, and has absolutely no pretense that it will end bad. Novel only has tragic backstory, with happy ending for Mc/ML couple. The Romance is Moronic, Nonexistent, and all sorts of Offensive (and also starts near the end). You should have 0 Sympathy for either of the main characters if you at any... more>> time use your brain to question their actions!

Above All The Novel is NOT Recommended for any sane person to read!!! You probably will enjoy it though if you're on an evil protagonist roll (MC is mainly faking acting good).

Massive Disclaimer: The ML is an Evil disgusting weirdo rapist who enjoys torturing the MC the whole way. The MC is a hypocritical weirdo sand sculpture Mary Sue s*x figure.

TLDR Spoilers:

So, the MC is this perfect beautiful magical girl sent back in time after being pampered in her sect to kill the demon king. She proceeds to not do that, be okay with the demon king acting incredibly devilish and killing all sorts of people and having them r*ped etc, and then be all super sympathetic for poor demon baby guy (because she's a total psychopath herself). Anyway things get complicated with MC oh so comedically trying to hypocritically and not really stop ML as he murders tons of innocent women and men and do all sorts of atrocities for power. (Author loves to play up that ML isn't bad it's just his nature haha so it's fine to murder people and do evil stuff especially since he has tragic backstory.) MC fakes her death teehee and then ML kills tons of people. ML before r*ped MC and had tons of fun torturing but boohoo he feels sad after he has MC killed. Anyway later MC comes back and says I love you but I don't love you and they both romantically die together then get happy endings. Forget all the suffering of the other people involved because we do not care about non-protagonists. This is disgusting


The novel is incredibly disgusting.



First off, both the MC and ML are psychopaths. The ML is at least an open evil monster but the MC acts like a hypocrite the whole novel. All she had to do was restrain the ML but no she tends to enjoy being useless damsel in distress or messing around. It's incomprehensible what she does and even more so given her goal. Side characters have very little anything to them other than Mc's mom and her cultivator brother whose past lives appear early on. Anyway countless atrocities later, MC is still unwilling to talk to anyone in the past about the dangers of everything and is super useless. Luckily ML provides MC with easy motivations and stuff to do so she just dies. The biggest issue of the novel is how the MC is a initiativeless character driven by others who not only acts out of character immediately after saying she shouldn't but also is shielded by the author from any sort of consequence ever. Tr*sh. Beyond this, at no point is any action done by the MC to warn anyone about the ML, nor does the MC explain any of the Ml's actions. As for ML he can't communicate or be honest to save his life. Both MC and ML are very much spoiled in terms of their identities and in the way they act even though the ML was a demon baby who killed his mom after being born lol; during which nobody acted to save her. There is a sheer cliff of s*upidity you encounter here that cannot be climbed no matter what.


Good Stuff:


The author is good at creating locations for people to travel to. Both Main Characters are true scum who seem like they would easily love each other so they truly have good compatibility. Novel has an actual ending.


Do not trust anyone who thinks the main characters here are justified in any way, shape, or form. The Male Lead is in no way a yandere, being more of a generic evil guy.

People who like these kinds of novel are genuinely disturbing.

Novel is an interesting window into the writing of a crazy demented author. Somewhat similar to wish fulfillment except hopefully the author hasn't murdered tons of people after their own tragic backstory.

Sincerely not recommended: -40Hextillion/10.

Sidenote: Novel brought to you by the we love evil company!

A classic Chinese novel where evil people get happy endings for being evil [TM].

Remember that in these edgy Chinese novel worlds all you have to do is be a mass murderer terrorizing and killing people and then some Mary Sue most beautiful woman will be airdropped in and soon be forced to fall in love and have vivid s*x with you! Turns out breaking the world gives you a super sexy reward! Sure she will complain sometimes but your tragic backstory will do wonders on her and she'll be drooling over your body! Oh and she'll develop all sorts of creepy s*x kinks too to boot! She's super submissive to your craaazy requests except now and then she'll try and harass you or tell you to stop being evil out of nowhere during your happy murder spree. Better yet she'll be extremely underage compared to you! Join the insanity! Oh and there are 0 (Zero!) consequences for anything except another sexy tragic backstory! Just get reborn and poof all good. (PS if you want something to read like this read: I Became the Villain's Pendant. Not quite as drastic but the female MC is your perfect blend of submissive and accepting!)

Bonus (If you actually managed to get this far) : novel is somewhat weak on emotions since it's all based on you liking the Mary Sue MC and Super Evil ML and wanting her to "change" him into a handsome love crazed blob. <<less
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November 15, 2021
Status: c79

Have you ever read quick transmigrations with somewhat tragic BEs for the a$$hole/villainous ML? Eg. "Show Off Once in Every World", "Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down!", "Ex-GF Blackens Every Day".

This story is like one of those mini story arcs, cept the ML is woobified & gets a happy ending. Oh, & apparently, readers sympathize more for the abusive megalomaniac narcissist than the FL.

That's not to say the FL doesn't have her own flaws. But it's paradoxical to see many reviewers/readers chastising her for being both too sympathetic (not unaliving... more>> or completely restraining him) while also saying she should have been nicer to him.

On that note of sympathy & "hypocrisy"...


- she does not kill him initially when he's weak because if she doesn't disable part of his power first, he'll just revive into a stronger version of himself. This is said Multiple Times.

- her goal is to kill him as he is the future Demon Lord — this title meaning less of the cutesy storybook archetype or the woobified fanfic Bad Boy, but a genocidal, cruel, sadistic murderer. The author covered how cold/inhumane he was pretty extensively with how he enjoys torturing & killing those who offend him & how he fails to understand human compassion/morality from a young age

- she sees his tragic past & sad childhood, & actively tries not to sympathize with him, as this will mess up her ability to carry out her mission & kill him for everyone's good


So it's not that she doesn't understand her mission or that she doesn't see his pain. There're some conflicts here that are pretty well covered (repeatedly) by the author, in-text.

I'm also baffled by how much readers sympathize with him, while failing to sympathize with her. She (both ex-Xiwu & Susu) undoubtedly abused her power & privileges over him from the beginning of their marriage, making his bitterness understandable. Readers see that. But somehow they fail to also understand her hatred & desire to not submit to him/not be with him romantically... ?

Like??? This man kills (present tense) people indiscriminately. He also takes every chance available to humiliate & entrap her — obviously she's not going to be fond of him?

Even completely ignoring their history before Susu became Ye Xiwu (eg, his abusive childhood & her war torn future), they both do terrible things. Actually, she's trying to keep him alive (so she can kill him after disabling his Revive Button), so it just reads like he's constantly abusing her after she rescues or heals him. Eg. The attempted wasp murder, the dream murder attempt, the drowning in mud/swamp attempt, the jumping off the boat attempt, the thing with putting her in a cage. Etc.

At some pt, I was only reading so I could get to the part from the summary where he'd regret treating her so poorly. Unfortunately, that pay off was... not enough. :/ <<less
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Smilingly rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
This is another gem!

I quite like angst but I need it to be reasonable. This was it! Even though I mtld most of it, the story didn't lose it's luster. It also doesn't get dragged too long.

It has quite a lot of misunderstandings, but most of it comes to this

... more>>

She really is a part of the dao immortal and that's how she grew up. Like how religious people are (no offense). Since she went back, she starts to see the truth. The ML Tantai Jin also known as the demon king at their time that wrecked havoc was bullied and all the mean stuff. His literally has a classic villainess transmigrated female lead background story. Abandoned, betrayed, weak, but can control monsters with his blood. He only saw power as the only way and FL was trying to keep her family alive who are in the future.


So this is really a love between black and white, evil and good. They are almost star crossed lovers.


Also, no she did not let him kill wantonly without excuse. She literally is the one who prevents him from doing this most of the time although sometimes she can't because she has a mission. This is also the reason why they have a love hate relationship.


I love that the supporting characters get what they deserve. These characters really made me unlike the ML and them.

The ML and FL experience multiple love stories, which really gave me some happiness.

Major spoiler


Turns out Ye Bingshang, from the start had stolen FL's stuff. Ye XiWu or Li Susu is actually the last phoenix and her father failed to protect her. He found treasures to give to her and her mother many years back but those treasures were taken by Ye Bingshang, which is why Tantai Jin had liked her with no proper reason.


Favorite moments as an angst loving person hehehe I also love sweet moments. I don't know if you'll call this sweet though...


Ye Xiwu gives one of her eye to Tantai Jin but he never finds out until the scene where she jumps of the tower (this is the one in the synopsis)


What I like about the FL the most is that she has changed her views but her DAO has become firmer. I think in this way she learnt the right way of it instead of being prejudiced.

The ML is clearly a lunatic but the pain he received was awesome!

All in all this was a pretty good read. Not five stars because at one point ML married someone else (though FL didn't like hime that much then...I think) he also chose to protect random girl most of the time and this happens quite a lot and wrongs the MC. I really do not like third parties and ml's accepting or protecting someone else, especially mc's enemy and people that hurt her using the ml. Unreasonable indeed.

Should try it out, it is a satisfying ending. <<less
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Midori rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: Completed
oh oh oh! it's this story!! I mtl-ed it all the way to the end! i, uh, I won't reveal too much, but I did complete the story! a lot of ups and downs of emotions urgh urgh...
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MMWO rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: Completed
As a big fan of enemies to lovers novels, I very very much enjoyed reading this. If you like tragedy but with a happy ending, you can give this a try.


This takes place in a world with demons, gods, mortals, and immortals. The female lead goes back to 500 years ago to try and stop the young demon god (Tantai Jin) from dominating the world.


*This novel is from the same author of Devil's Warmth (also a tearjerker novel but set in the modern times)
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fujisaku rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
  1. This should be tagged "wife chasing crematorium". I don't think this is yandere, because ML was not sweet enough.
  2. Not sure why people are complaining about the ML being a psychopath, because that's the point of the story.
Now, the reason why there is so much sympathy for the ML is exactly because he was a psycho. This is not an insult. He was really ill. There are a lot of debates about whether or not a psychopath should be held accountable for their action. Even when ML tried to do right,... more>> he was simply too clumsy. Even though he tried hard, from the FL's pov, he kept letting her down due to his special condition.


Later on, she discovered, she was the one who failed him.


You don't call a wolf evil for eating a sheep to survive. However, it's not entirely impossible to tame a wolf. The thing is normal people just don't keep a wolf as a pet.

The abuse of ML can make readers sympathize with him. However, the more I dig into it, the more I understand, that it's not just there as an excuse for the bad things the ML did. ML was not a psycho because he was abused. He was abused because he was psycho. He didn't give the "correct" response when he was hurt, so the bad guys around him take it as a license to mistreat him. The people in that universe realized ML was not a normal human, therefore they felt there was no need to treat him as such. This included the FL. ML didn't have a fair starting point and was never given a chance to be anything other than a demon.


When 2nd ML turned into a demon due to some drugs, everyone tried to save him. However, when ML started to turn into a demon because he tried to save FL and others. Everyone immediately tried to kill him even though he hadn't hurt anyone in that verse.


If there's a criticism, it is because it wasn't entirely clear how these two fell in love, because ML was a psycho. He was not supposed to fall in love, but he did. Perhaps because she was always there to save his sorry ass. It's not entirely clear how FL developed her feeling for ML either.


I'd even say that FL only fell for him at the end of the book!!!


ML's love was so deep and unconditional, albeit clumsy. By the end of the BE, FL regretted she didn't love him enough.

The final ending actually mirrored the ending of the first half, but the position was switched.



The one who taught ML about love was not FL, but his shizun in the latter half of the novel.

FL didn't have enough patience to guide him. She believed he was a lost cause. Whenever she had her hope up, he dashed it thanks to his low EQ.

Shizun knew he had a learning disability and guided him accordingly.

Imo, ML's understanding of love remained at the kindergarten level. He simply mimicked what shizun let him experience during his time as a disciple. The way he expressed it might be quite crazy, but his love was pure and childlike. After all, he only knew what he was taught and he was taught only the noblest kind of love. It gave you the feeling of receiving a gift from a special needs child.


The writing is a bit convoluted and the author didn't describe the characters' feelings well, so it's a bit hard to follow and sympathize with the characters. There were also several characters that appeared in the early state and were then forgotten. Their existence was unnecessary. However, the story itself is not bad. Perhaps, it's best to have someone interpret it rather than to read the whole text. There are many people being moved to tears by a video explanation of this novel but hate the novel itself. This can be perfect for the drama version. Oftentimes, the text is so rich that the drama cannot capture the beauty of the novel, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this novel. It requires a lot of cleanup from unnecessary fillers and the drama team to fill up the holes with their interpretation. Listening to the radio drama can also be an alternative. It is available with subtitles. <<less
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mercipourleslivres rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
3.5 stars? I liked the OTP interactions (as painful as they were. Like prepare to get your heart broken/ be disappointed multiple times throughout.) But the xianxia stuff got old and confusing.

I'm super excited for the upcoming drama adaptation with Bai Lu and Luo Yunxi though! LYX is perfect to play Tantai Jin.
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Lykalee rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Saw the first tled chapter and being a regret kink simp that I am, I sacrificed one whole day to read this instead of studying.

Oh boy, this couple omg. They've gone through a lot. The love and hate feelings are too strong on this novel. I can't help but feel bad for both of them.

... more>>

But most especially, Taitai jin. This boy has been unloved and abandoned all his life I just want to hug him.

And here's the thing, I know where the FL is coming from but just give him a break idk but they did hurt each other so oh well. They have a lot of misunderstandings that I just want to lock them in a room. COMMUNICATION IS KEY friends.

Atleast it's HE and they will start again. This time with a family. Omg A Mi is so cute!!

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ChNyinG rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Just my personal opinion but I really liked this novel! So just on a small sidenote.. this novel isnt for those who expect a sweet lovestory or anything and the ML is really quite abusvie towards the FL so if this isnt your thing I dont recommend it. This novel gave me a lot of heartache and pain so I do recommend it for those who like to read those love hate relationships!

... more>>

So the ML didnt really know how to feel shame (in the first 100 or so chapters) and he didnt feel many emotion in general so that was pretty interesting to read.. and the FL didnt really "love" the ML (which is understandable since he was... uh not very nice towards her) while she was in YeXiwu´s body and neither did she know that he loved her.. so thats another thing to note. All in all the romance progresses rather slow imo. And the author must really be the MLs mother to give him such a happy ending.. yes the novel has a happy ending so rest assured!!


So if you consider reading this (which I highly recommend if youre into tragedy stuff and scum MLs) have fun reading! <<less
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tinkerbel99xmn rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: Completed
So I decided to complete reading this novel out of respect, as someone had recommended it for me. I was looking for a male yandere and the male lead here is the epitome of all. Very like!! But no matter how much I want to read a male yandere novel, I still check the plot and character growths and that's what I didn't like here.

I agree with the above statement that the female lead is a hypocrite. For a former cultivator, she sure does have her emotions lead her thoughts... more>> and decisions. BIG NO NO. Most of the time, settings don't make sense, poor logical thinking for the author. I'm an editor so these things irks me the most. If it's the 15 year old me reading this, maybe I would rate it five stars. <<less
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hiimharu rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I have to say, this is one of the most angsty novels I've read, lands in top 5.

If you're a fan of tragedies, buckle up because there's so much torture in this one. :) Both the female and male leads hurt.


There's two ends, the author marked BE and HE on the chapter titles, but really the HE is the real ending.

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Peeps83 rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c38 part2
Okay, I'm seeing that people here have read past the latest chapter and I'm completely baffled and want to know how I could read it as well. As much as I like this novel I also understand that the MC is basically someone who has her morals and limits. Since she isn't someone who will be forgiving everything. This whole thing is weird. Like the ML is clearly not the justice type of guy and is more like I will do anything to survive. You can feel bad for him... more>> because of his past and such.

But holy cow was his birth quite frightening to imagine and just off putting. You can say he would be like a shark, killing his own siblings in the womb


However, it also doesn't justify what he has done (in the end reminding me again that good and bad is just a perspective thing)

Im very hypocritical in saying this but oh well it's just a weird feeling. I physically frowned reading that the MC didn't help the ML in the beginning. Besides the upsetting feeling I want to say I understood to an extent cause with his evil bone or something he'll literally embody evil and won't be 'good'. I guess I was thinking along the lines that since he hasn't f*cked up the world yet being kind to him then won't hurt? God aren't I hypocritical.


I don't recommend this to the faint of heart...

It's a good read overall. Kinda weird how no one questioned the whole different personality thing but that's fine. Lol I spent my whole night reading it. <<less
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stella.novels rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
When I read the reviews I thought I wasn't going to like this movel but I was wrong. In some moments I cried and felt a terrible pain in my heart but the sweet moments made me smile and cry of joy. I usually hate relationship with abuse and sometimes I hoped they don't end together but I like how this novel ended. Recommended 100%.

The character's weren't 2D. Well, sometimes I thought that the female lead wasn't acting in according to her character but it was still okay. The plot... more>> was also good. Loved it. <<less
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Eeria rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I am a bit mixed about this novel. Loved the FL and disliked the ML very much. He never deserved her. Even though he sacrificed himself at the end and somewhat redeemed the sins he committed in the arc in the immortal world. But what about the sins he committed in the 1st arc in the mortal world? The torture and the suffering he inflicted her? The few acts of goodness are far from being enough to redeem him. Yes he ended up killing his white moonlight and he suffered... more>> a lot. Still not good enough.

Though I strongly dislike the ML for all the abuse, I still liked the plot. The romance part is twisted.

Now the FL is far from being perfect but that made her only more likable to me.

And the ending was quite satisfying however. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
This definitely deserves a higher rating. The plot and character development in this novel are simply amazing. This novel is definitely an emotional rollercoaster--it can make you cry buckets of tears at one point, throw curses at another, and on some very few points give you some well-deserved breaks. The emotions in this work are portrayed so realistically that it captures the twisted and imperfect part of human characters. If you can survive all the angst and heartbreaks, you'll be rewarded with some sweet chapters at the end of the... more>> novel. It's simply one of the best reads I found in 2021. <<less
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nathacalista rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c13 part2
Finally I tried to read this book after seeing the synopsis which is interesting. It's easy to fall in love with the female lead, and pity the pathetic male lead. As the story goes on, their relationship becomes much better, it's just that many secrets are still being kept, and this makes me very curious! Can't wait to read more.
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skyek rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: Completed
A solid novel that gets to your heart strings. If you're looking for an angsty read, this is it! The only gripe I had with it was that it's kind of long, drags slightly, but I'm also quite an impatient reader so that's also a factor.
But all in all, I enjoyed it, I felt for the characters both the ML and FL, ... more>>

especially our ML, he sacrificed a lot and did a lot for his love, FL


I think the author did a good job with the characters and their development, it's one of her best works. Give it a try! It's worth the read! <<less
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