Rebirth of a Movie Star


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In his previous life Bai Lang was a small star. He rejected his boss and foolishly engaged in a relationship which he thought was true love.

He didn’t expect that he would get betrayed, die of a heart attack and trouble his boss to accompany him on his last journey.

After his rebirth, he decided to give up on true love. As for his boss… since he wants something then just let him have it.

So this little star after his rebirth collected his boss, and then it became a true love story with his boss.

In between there are good friends/love rivals/scum men in the mix. A sweet story with a happy ending.

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Sao Trời Lấp Lánh
Відродження кінозірки
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356 Reviews

New SirhcSidhe
May 26, 2024
Status: Completed
A beautiful novel. The discomfort brought by the initial nearly forced nature of the relationship is very quickly eliminated as the pair's interactions become genuine and caring. The introduction of a child into the relationship is completely natural, without ever becoming annoying. The kid is a soft little bun, bringing about both dramatic moments and comic relief.
The story has a solid plotline and a good pacing, with a healthy mix of drama, revenge and fluff.
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New Devrai
May 02, 2024
Status: Completed
One of the best novels you will ever read.

I love how MC is using his second chance to live his own life instead of planning revenge. (Which happened on the side without him doing anything)

MC is going new ways, although he knows what will make him famous, he enjoys another way. The love he finds in ML is a bit surprising but so warm.

... more>> ML is a bit gangster type and so not the "cool ceo" guy. I like how they grow together.

About the story, it has everything I was looking for. Just enough face slapping, love story, cuteness and daily life.

Highly recommend it! <<less
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White Sky Translations
White Sky Tr
Apr 03, 2019
Status: Completed
I am the translator for this story. But before I was the translator I was a reader that loved this novel.

I read some reviews that found the story dark... but I think its not half as dark as many other danmei I've read. What I think it is is a bit more realistic... maybe that interprets as dark lol. There is actually lots of parts that are super fluffy and cute. There are some minor angsty parts but all resolved quite quickly because MC is very level-headed.

I agree with chekanalia... more>> that don't expect instalove. The love between MC and ML grows slowly but it feels more realistic and more moving because of that. Both MC and ML have been in relationships and have liked other people before. They're adults after all. And also they dont spend passages talking about their undying love for each other, their love is expressed through their actions and their behaviour (but of course there are lovey dovey scenes). After all the story is only 60 something chapters and MC is busy working on his career too lol.


I think the one thing that might get people is ML has a child. This didn't even cross my mind as an issue since mom is nonexistant but I think some readers who really want a super fairytale story where ML has never looked at anyone but MC before will bother them. But throughout the story ML never looks at anyone but MC, but he definitely has a past which is mentioned. ML and MC's relationship starts off as patron/benefactor but its pretty clear MC is special to ML from the beginning. Once he has MC, he doesn't look at anyone else. And actually the kid is actually one of the sweetest parts of novel since he is super super attached to and loves the MC.


The MC's journey to the top of the movie industry is also very realistic... as in it happens in steps and stages. His reactions and actions all make sense. Even the love rival etc is fleshed out and motivations are realistic. There are no black and white characters (except maybe MC's mum and brother.... theyre pretty horrible). But you know in real life the best revenge is to let the people you hate know that youre living well and doing better than them. Some may think the MC doesnt face slap enough... I think he just has better things to do. Dont worry this is a story well bad people are punished (in a fitting and realistic manner) and good people win.

Generally this is a pretty easy going to read story. Its just the right length, short enough so that the drama proceeds quickly and just long enough to sink your teeth into and flesh out the characters.

All in all I actually think this is heaps less dark than say my other translated story Scum Shou and pretty much most other danmei (for example relationship is consensual and there is no mention of r*pe for one!!), but what it is is more realistic.

But its still danmei so its still plenty dramatic dont worry. And its strict 1x1 with a happy ending so rest assured and read haha. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B
Jul 04, 2019
Status: Completed
What can I say... IT WAS SO D@MN GOOD!

Not overly dramatic. ✔

Not crazily seeking revenge. ✔

Bad guys getting what they deserve. ✔

Protagonist learning from past life. ✔

Cute kid that stole the story. ✔

Interesting storyline. ✔

Protagonist is level headed. ✔

Good Translation. ✔

s*x scenes that make you hot and bothered... Wait... No graphic s*x scenes?! ?

Then you only get a 4 out of 5 ?
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Apr 25, 2019
Status: Completed
A really good read.

I really love the fact that instead of the whole 'revenge on those who wronged me' thing, MC more flows to 'the best revenge is by showing that you are doing well in life'.

... more>>

Of course, ML being who he is, gives those A-holes what they definitely deserve.

I also love how MC told ML that he rebirthed and all the things that had happened in his previous life. AND that ML believed in MC.


Qiu XiaoHai is also really, heckin' adorable. Don't know why some people don't like the fact that ML has a kid that isn't from him and MC. Like, come on people. Just because ML had a kid with someone else doesn't mean it's bad or anything. I mean, yeah, it's nice when m-preg happens but seeing a kid be happy with a family they deserve is even better. Also, it's not like it makes ML less loyal to MC.

Though, HOW that kid stayed oblivious with all the tofu stealing ML is doing to MC amazes me. (Especially with how ML does it right in front of him.) <<less
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Apr 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Hard-working MC? ヽ (・∀・) ノ Check. Has goals other than endless revenge or face-slapping? (๑˃ᴗ˂) ﻭ Check. Cute shenanigans with adopted son? ♡ (ɔˆз (ˆ⌣ˆc) Check. Harry Potter reference? ╰ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) つ──☆*:・゚ Heh.

This is a pretty well-written rebirth story. The MC was a stubborn, sincere, and gentle guy in his previous life. In his new life, instead of putting all his energy towards stomping others into the dirt, the MC instead aims to avoid the circumstances that led him to be in such bad straits in the... more>> first place. He stops being a doormat for his family, he cuts off contact with the people who betrayed him, and gives his sincere heart towards repaying the one person in his past life who actually treated him well.

Of course, the MC struggles with many of these decisions. In between the wonderful fluff and tension of the MC's encounters with the ML after his rebirth, we also get quiet moments where the MC is conflicted about his relationship with his family and his awareness that rebirth is not a magical pill to solve all of his problems.

Please note that this is NOT an instant-love story! (yay.) The MC is motivated by gratification in the beginning while the ML is motivated by physical attraction. MC and ML will go through a lot of awesome relationship development.


Like others have mentioned, both the MC and ML have had previous relationships, so it's not childishly unrealistic. And the ML isn't married, but does have a SUPER SUPER adorable kid who is literally just there to up the moe value x100.


The author did a great job balancing much of the fluff and angst (without being too heavy on any side) and really pulled me in emotionally as a reader. Unlike in many other instant-gratification novels, the MC's rebirth "golden finger" doesn't magically make him an econ genius or give him a bunch of skills that he never had.


The author's treatment of the MC's changed relationship with the ML actually takes into account the huge status difference between the two. In his previous life, the MC was someone who was pretty much a "white moonlight" for the ML, so the impression he left on the ML was very deep. But after rebirth, that was no longer the case, so the MC understood that their relationship might never have the same quality it did before.

It's rare to see a book that understands that good things still have drawbacks!!


P.S. There was a bit of extra melodrama/revenge that I wasn't a huge fan of... and the ML is a bit typically stalker-ish, overbearing CEO, but he doesn't cross the line many others do. I also wish the author went into more detail about the acting scenes than the revenge scenes.

P.P.S. Yes, there are actually loads of face-slapping and revenge anyway!

P.P.P.S. Though I read the raws, the current translator is awesome! Really smooth and vivid translations. <<less
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May 14, 2019
Status: Completed
[Edited Comment]

5stars to this story!!

Why? Because it's one of best BL light stories that I know and have read without being disappointed by later story.

  • The story, it is not overbearing and no complex malicious schemes, there's no much detail but it is still acceptable to read from the start to the end.
  • The main plot is clear, and the plot filler is well balanced and connected to the main plot.
  • The characters are growing up from chapter to chapter. Definitely an adult figure, by age description, physically and mentally.
  • I waited and started to read from ch. 30-something. But surprisingly, when I re-read from ch. One to the last main ch. There's a clear difference of their relationship. It's not a sudden from 'business only' to 'romantically in love', but it's portraited indirectly how they genuinely fell in love with each other.
No story is perfect. But this would not disappoint you, at least not me.
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Oct 08, 2020
Status: --
It was an enjoyable read, without misunderstanding or unnecessary drama. BUT. All actors/actress/models are considered as prostit**es like it's normal to trade s*x against favors... And there is absolutely no condemnation of this kind of thinking. And most of the time it's coercion which is way worst, because rich guy can threaten/influence actor/actress/model 's job. s*x under coercion is nothing else but r*pe. The protagonists even push a rival/enemy to be the s*x toy of an old guy as revenge, against his wishes. Even if the rival is not nice,... more>> it is horrendous to do that to someone else. And the way they get rid of the last antagonist take too much place in the story. Like.. Ok, he is old news, can we go back to our lovely couple now ? No need to drag it on...

And my first impression of the ML is very low. s*xual assault (not r*pe) low.... <<less
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Apr 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Truthfully, I never expected much from this novel considering that it tackles the dirty entertainment industry. Never did I know that it will impact me and made me realize things regarding life.

This review contains the things that I liked, disliked, and touched my heart without spoiling (much) anything.


    • Realistic plot. The MC has no heaven-defying golden finger that will throw logic to the wind. Most things that happened have comprehensive explanations behind.
    • Strong, kindhearted Main Character. Although the MC has been repeatedly taken advantage of before his rebirth, he woke up desiring no revenge. He won't act unless provoke that's what I like best about him. Nevertheless, he's smart and never allowed anyone to take advantage of him again.
    • The little kid's and the other kid's moments. There's this child that will get close to MC and although I don't like children, this kid is so meng. Most importantly, he's like Wei Ying and he has this friend who has the same personality as Lan Zhan.
    • Proper novel length. It is not too short to left its readers hanging but not too long to drag things out. The pacing of events is also great.
    • In line with being realistic, the face-slapping events were not exaggerated. What I also like the most is the people's IQ is alright (in some novels, people's IQ were deliberately lowered which is so annoying).

    • The ML, for some reason, is only 2D for me. I didn't notice much change from him aside from his feelings towards the MC that was occasionally told. Nonetheless, I appreciate his great understanding towards MC's career and choices.
    • MC's brother. He did basically nothing but court death! He did not even understand his brother's sacrifices nor shown his brotherly love towards his brother.
    • Too many "however"s and "after all"s in the translation. The story was properly conveyed but the repeated "however"s made my eye twitch. In fact, after a dozen times, I read this word as "but" to avoid extreme redundancy in my head. However, overall, the translator/s did a good job.
Touched My Heart:

    • Fans' slow acceptance to their idol's (MC) relationship. There were hates, but due to proper planning, they were gradually accepted by the society and that was so satisfying.
    • MC's forgiveness to his parents. His parents were cruel and biased but at the end, they realized their mistakes. They were like that but the MC never hated them (though he's not foolish enough to forget). The author did not completely made them villains and that's sweet.
    • New family and second chances. If I'm going to say more, I'll be spoiling things too much.
Overall, it is a GREAT read that not only revolve in the dark side of entertainment industry but it also features friends, family, and MC's deserving rise to fame. I... I... I love it.
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Jul 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Maybe entertainment circles aren't a genre I like to read, but since this was highly recced I decided to give it a go. The beginning managed to hold my interest but near the end I had to skim a lot of the text. The author has a habit of introducing a gazillion names for the throwaway characters only to showcase them once or twice in the whole story and never again. I wish the author brought back some of the side characters because it felt like everyone who wasn't the... more>> ML/MC/villain were just one-time use cannon fodder.

The rebirth concept was a hit or miss. I had the feeling that the author wanted to delve deeper but it fell flat. I did appreciate the MC's monologue about inadvertantly harming the ML in his second life due to the butterfly effect, but the rest was just nonesense.

Other thoughts;

    • The romance was promising but it could have used some work. I like how they were very sweet to each other after falling in love. But there's no spark, no pining, no yearning. Everything was sudden and anticlimatic.
    • MC was determined and didn't take sh*t from anybody. Under his beautiful face was a cunning man set on taking revenge on people who wronged him his previous life. But he's also considerate to not cause collateral harm to innocent folks. I can respect that.
    • I like the ML but the author described him as looking like a triad member and so the image of some sleazy greasy beer belly guy never left my head hahaha. Worry not ML is actually quite attractive.
    • The ML has a son. Children characters are hit or miss for me. Doesn't help that the author like to do an awful lot of ~~~uwu~~~ when writing his dialogues lol
    • The social media in this universe was pretty one-dimensional, it's like the reporters and the fans are incapable of critical thinking... though I think that's maybe intentional and an accurate reflection of real life social media lol. That being said, a lot of the reactions feel unrealistic and forced.
    • The three year time skip was utter bull.

tldr, the plot leaves a lot to be desired. The romance was meh at most tho I did like their characters individually. The villains were dumb as hell. The rest of the cast were forgettable. <<less
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Apr 02, 2019
Status: c16
Overbearing ML while I like how mature and practical the MC

I feel like the relationship between the MC and ML is like friends with benefits (at first). It's true that the ML cares for the MC by helping/spoiling him but it greatly pisses me how overbearing and pe*verted the ML is.. (Prefer slow romance that is built with respect). I also want to know how the story will develop, if he's going to cut ties with his family etc but it isn't enough to keep me reading this novel. So... more>> dropped.

ML has a child and I don't have problem with it.

For some it's probably a good story. But for me, it is only the first 2 chapters that are good. Just read novel and decide if it's worth ur time. <<less
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Sep 23, 2020
Status: --
This story is nice, but also very much lacking.

I will say what I liked first:

  • The couple: I tend to like relationships without too much drama and misunderstandings and this is how MC and ML are.

    I also liked that the MC told ML about the first life.

  • The kid: I really can't think of a single other child in novels that was as cute as this one. He wasn't one of those dumb high IQ children who act cute one moment and then act like adults the other, or those eyebrow raising children that for some reason know what a romantic relationship is and for some other reason are convinced they need to help (read: interfere) their parent to catch a life partner. This one was an honestly silly kid that said some funny things from time to time.
Now what I didn't like:

  • The couple: yes, I didn't care much for their relationship past a point. It's sweet. But that's it. My favorite part of a romantic relationship is usually the development but at most this couple had a slightly lukewarm stage and slightly sweeter stage. That's really it. I could understand why MC developed feelings pretty early in the story, but I couldn't understand why ML was so devoted since the beginning when the most they did before the kid appeared was the horizontal tango. The ML acted mostly the same from beginning to end so I really couldn't tell whether there had been a transition of feelings from lust to love.
  • The characterization: it's kind of bad for all of the characters. They feel very shallow. The side characters are kind of a non-existence. Even the main villain is kind of a non-existence, not much of a threat, not present most of the story, could have been written off entirely and nothing would have changed. Su Quan had more of a presence and I suppose he served some sort of purpose but at the end I almost felt sorry for the guy, just enough to feel kind of hollow with the conclusion of his story and only satisfied with the face slapping for about two seconds. The lackluster everything of the side characters kind of affects the main characters too, because these two people practically didn't have a social life before meeting each other. You meet ML's friends for one scene and one ends up to be

    the ML's almost ex-lover, a villain, Su 'digging his own grave' Quan

    , the other two kind of disappear into obscurity. I don't think there's any talk of ML visting friends ever again, like he doesn't have any, like there's no side character with enough personality to fill that role. The MC is kind of the same. He has some friends in this life (who are there only for convenience rather than for any type of actual friendship development) but the only people he mentions knowing from his past life besides ML are his parents and the main villain... How am I supposed to understand this? That he lacked charisma so completely that there was no one willing to befriend him, is that it? How was he a star again? Maybe that the villain in jelousy didn't let anyone approach MC, but I doubt it, because there doesn't seem to be that much depth and forethought put into this.
  • The worldbuilding/setting: I don't know if "Superstar Aspirations" has spoiled me, but wow was there nothing happening in this showbiz world. I don't know if it was the lack of details that didn't do it for me, but it felt like the MC hadn't even started his career before it came to a stop followed by timeskip. There wasn't much anticipation for anything, not his acting, not his single movie and single drama before timeskip whose plots were never explained, not his fanbase or anything. The only thing happening were the scandals involving ML and MC that felt about as threatening as a fly. It felt like a coincidence that this was a showbiz world, but nothing would have changed even if it wasn't, because showbiz wasn't the focus of this story. At all.
That's pretty much it. Despite everything I enjoyed most of this. I skipped some parts. And I'm not reading any of it again.
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Sep 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Didn't read this in the beginning because of a review at the end which made the MC seem like a wallflower and the ML as an almost rapist which does sometimes happen in these kind of novels.

Saw it recced by someone I trust so I decided to give it a try.

That review was completely wrong.

... more>> Not everybody reacts to betrayal with extreme MUST HAVE REVENGE emotions. Sometimes you just go a little numb. The MC is like that.

The summary is a little vague but MC had a bad heart but overworked for his family and his lover.

He was betrayed completely by the lover after 3 years and in his weak state had a heart attack and died.

When he wakes up again, he's a little numb and in shock and goes to the ML who propositioned him in the past.

He agrees to be a 'kept man' to pay his family's debts and the story starts from there.

The ML NEVER forces the MC. The MC is not a naive child and is never fooled by the ML.

They both have trust issues and were betrayed by past lovers.

They find solace in each other and learn to trust again. They TALK to each other and have no secrets by the end.

The good thing is that the ML is very shameless and upfront about his feelings. So, the MC who was lied to and has the horrible memory of actually dying, slowly learns to trust and love again. The ML also trusts MC who has a quiet sense of honour that nothing can break. They have a very good and positive relationship where the ML never tries to control the MC, and the MC never wants to completely rely on ML and instead stand by him as equals.


The story has only 61 chapters and the authors doesn't drag things at all.

There are other challenges and painful hurdles but no cheap drama or cheating, overall it's a feel good story with MC finding good friends, a good family and learning to love and trust again. <<less
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Feb 24, 2020
Status: c2
The ML sexually assaulted, threatened, and financially retaliated against the MC, helping to make his already difficult life miserable for years and years on end. So what if he came to his funeral, after doing nothing (or worse) over and over when the MC was at his lowest? I can't support this relationship that seems so clearly a last-resort clutching at straws by a broken man trying to find anyone in his life who will even pretend to care about him. Nothing about this is romantic to me, just deeply... more>> sad. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 01, 2019
Status: c25
I really enjoy the MC here, in where there are no overwhelming reactions and instead calmly deals with his issues without running away. He has the benefit of the past to deal with his problems, so what we've seen so far has been smooth sailing. Though as the butterfly effects occur, he has less knowledge, so I'm looking forward to how he deals.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Why it's a good choice to pick up


  • Three notions: road to success, revenge, finding true love. Sounds cliche right? This novel uses those, but shapes a different type of story, more logical and down to earth. Unlike many OP MCs in other stories, our MC at first is heavily burdened by his emotions, he is lost, which covers the first darker part of the story. He decides to pay the debt of gratitude to only person who mourned him and at first accepts a "deal" with ML. And it's pretty organically woven into the story of their emotional growth from deal to lovers. MC in this new life at first is entangled emotionally, but slowly steps on the road to new life, realizing that he is wanted, he is loved, he can have new life and be happy.
  • Main storyline revolves around human drama more and although it's within the circle there's limited text about MC's works in filming, but more around big and small events. Yet the fast pace of the story allows you not get bored. I'm pretty impressed that within mere 60 chapters there's so many events actually and all the aspects of success/revenge/find love are completed.

  • MC. Bai Lang is more of an elegant and clean type, soft and kind-hearted. But not an annoying white lotus for sure, since he also bears a sense fo strength about him. It's just a really warm character actually. It's sad to see him played in past life, but it's more described like he's just a person who couldn't see things at first, but mostly couldn't do anything later, he made few wrong choices that strongly backfired at him. He's not OP, due to systematic repetition of similar roles he couldn't grow as an actor in previous life, he played whatever to accumulate fortune and help his family. But now he can try to play what he wants and grow.
  • ML. A rouge. You'd think at first. But he's the epitome of a player who'd be really loyal when he finds the right person. His character exists organically in this story. He's more of a ruffian and free-spirited than most 'regal' type due to his origins, so events and his actions sound more suiting in the story. They're basically opposites of each other, but really compitable together with MC.
  • Secondary characters: Qiu XiaoHai - ML's son, yes, I think it was a good part that ML had life before MC, it's more natural and real. I pretty much don't understand why ppl make a fuss if someone had a dating experience before, like what's the big deal? So QXH takes a big part of the story and emotionally connects to both of them. And he's such a cute little bun. Kang Jian - an acting class "classmate" that caused MC's scandal in the past life and kept trying to entangle himself in this life too, living in his fantasies that MC actually liked him as well, but in general he's just an ambitious person with small vision. Su Quan - I lol'd at one review that praised him, as people who finished this novel won't feel good about him. His actions against Bai Lang alone make you understand what type of person he is. And many other secondary characters that come along. Good thing most of them are not dropped and forgotten, ppl who have some storylines all have their own closure.
I found it a great story with a great relationship. Emotionally I was... more>> really satisfied. Although some events didn't go too deep, it still was fullfilling. So I join the circle of people who praise this novel for being good. <<less
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Apr 04, 2019
Status: Completed
this was good.

it was a little more realistic; no nieve 30-year-old virg*ns here. the kid was a bit of a surprise but he was adorable so it's all good. a little family drama on the MC side but it's handled well (I don't think I could have been that nice if my family was horrible as his). no surprise fiances or psycho exgf showing up. the MC and ML were cute together though there wasn't much smut. there is revenge in it and to be honest I prefer the "leave... more>> me alone and I'll leave you alone, mess with me and I won't sit still" mentality of the MC. the ML was the one who did most of the active stuff; he was pretty angry

once the MC told him about his rebirth and what happened the first time around

overall a great and fairly short story. I wanted more RZ and QXH... <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 02, 2019
Status: c2
This is a temporary 5* rating and review because I just don't understand why people would give a 1* rating when there's only 1 or 2 chapters out.

The start is pretty good, seems like a typical rebirth BL story but we'll see how it goes. MC sounds level headed and wasn't panicking or rushing to change his destiny as soon as he went back in time. Hopefully this continues on. Will update the review later on!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 13, 2020
Status: Completed
To be honest I went in with no expectations and came out floored. Wow. A wonderful, quite realistic story, that caught me off guard with not only how wonderfully written it was but how cute our family of three was. MC and ML are quite level headed, and ML's son is pure meng.

The dialogue and character interactions were fantastic and organic, nothing felt too forced and I truly appreciate that ML is pretty grey in morals and has a history of "raising" celebrities that make his actions towards MC make... more>> sense. MC's rebirth status was done quite well, his focus on living a better life rather than revenge is refreshing. The pair has zero misunderstandings and I appreciate that MC and ML aren't "love at first sight" but "you're interesting" + "this time I'll sleep with you as thank you". My only lament is that I wish ML's past transgressions were a little more discussed. <<less
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May 23, 2019
Status: c42
The writing is so gooooood. Like wow. It's the type of writing I've ached for between light, fast wear reads, yet couldn't find among the works being translated. This is the result of amazing writing and amazing translation quality. Like just kill me now I can't take this much brilliance.

The content is just as good with a lot of depth in both the plot and characters. It was a comparatively more mature taste to it in terms of story themes and, again, characters. It's great that the characters in particular... more>> always, always have agency. They are unbelievably well-rounded with their own motives, backgrounds, and personalities. One other thing I really noticed and liked was how beautifully the author grasps the essence of rebirth as a concept. It really shows in how things such as the butterfly effect is handled. But like

Above all

I just can't

The writing is just too good compared to everything I've been reading lately (TT∆TT).

I love this work too much.

Sorry for the useless review. I just can't pull myself from how delicious the writing is orz.

(Also, with the similarities between the two in terms of concepts in love, the plot, and main characters, it feels like a crime not to recommend Reincarnation of a Superstar for this story and vice versa.) <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 20, 2019
Status: c16
In short, it is good.

The main character has a calm, kind, and logical personality. He is not all forgiving nor is he a pushover. He is a realist who understands his limitations and tries to make most of this second chance at life.

The ML is loyal and it is this that shakes MC after his rebirth. ML also acts unreservedly spoilt in front of him.

... more>> I am enjoying the little family dynamic they have at the moment.

The author has a nice way of writing and the translation is really top notch.

I feel that some people will not like this novel if they are looking for something more fast paced or dramatic. This novel is like the calm after a storm, the characters make it that way. It's a nice change of pace. <<less
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Apr 12, 2019
Status: --
Really good! Unlike the normal revenge driven story. I like the character of MC!! Really got hooked!
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