Falling in Love Online with an Ancient General


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[1v1 + Sweet Pet + Other World]

After her new phone fell victim to a poisoned hand, Feng Qingyi received a battered eighteen-hand phone for twenty dollars. Unexpectedly, the broken copper and rusted iron transformed before her eyes, housing not only a mysterious mall but also a handsome man who claimed to be a general.

In order to earn points to purchase goods, Feng Qingyi had no choice but to chat and video call with the handsome man, inadvertently chatting herself into his world.

The great general of Tianqi, Qin Yuechuan, accidentally picked up a small box from the spoils of war. The small box not only allowed for long-distance voice communication and video calls but could even transmit objects through space.

The woman who video called him and sent him gifts was not only breathtakingly beautiful and exceptionally talented but also highly considerate. Qin Yuechuan decided to find a way to lure her back home.

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2 Reviews

New koco2018
Jun 10, 2024
Status: c11
The plot was unique to me: MC chats with an ancient general using a cell phone, each communication earns points to exchange in an 'online shop', and they can also send packages to each other instantly.

The story/writing was amateurish and wattpad-like, but still a good start and it's not difficult to look past the plot-holes and logic flaws. This was like a stiff dream forced along its path. The dialogue between the characters... it was unnatural and superficial and broke the immersion. But like I said, it is an amateurish... more>> novel.

I stuck around to see the romance, and was disappointed with the author's writing. The characters have superficial and forced behavior, MC has a flippant 'oh? good luck with your battle!', and ML has his... I'll grab a clip and show what I mean by their interactions are written too stiff.


*Context* There really isn't any. ML and MC are still new to each other and to chatting on the phone. They are getting to know each other and trying out the features on the phone. Oh and the 'visible only to him', people other than MC and ML cannot see anything wrong with the phone, and people around ML have never seen a phone so they think he's possessed or something for talking to a block.

Qin Yuchuan stayed outside for a while and finally returned to the tent.

Judging from the current situation, this phone should have some special functions, such as being visible only to him. Maybe he could ask Feng Qingyi.

【:Miss Feng, are you busy now?】

【Qingyi: It's fine for now. Didn't you say you went to the war? Are you injured?】

It seemed like no one had asked him if he was hurt for a long time.

【:Thank you for your concern, I am fine. I want to ask you, is this cell phone from your world?】

【Qingyi: Yes, what's wrong? 】


Perhaps it is because this thing does not belong to this world, so other people cannot see it, which can be explained.

【Qingyi: Oh, do you have anything else to say? 】

【:Is the girl doing well recently?】

【Qingyi: I'm fine, don't call me a girl, just call me Qingyi.】


【Qingyi: I heard you were fighting, how is the battle going now?】

【:Within three days, we will be able to return to the court with a great victory. 】

【Qingyi: You guys are so awesome! 】

Qin Yuchuan noticed that Feng Qingyi sent "you guys" instead of "you". Is this a compliment to them? It's quite interesting.

【:Do you want to see the scenery here?】

【Qingyi: Is it okay? 】

【:Of course, I'll video call you. 】

Feng Qingyi felt that Qin Yuchuan's learning ability was too strong and he could even make video calls now.

Soon Feng Qingyi received a video call. Qin Yuchuan was wearing armor today and looked extremely heroic.

Feng Qingyi was a little stunned. At the same time, Qin Yuchuan was also staring at Feng Qingyi.

She was wearing a red suspender dress today, with her arms exposed and her delicate collarbone visible. Qin Yuchuan's ears turned red, as this outfit was a bit too revealing for him.

"Why don't you speak?" Feng Qingyi took the initiative to speak.

Qin Yuchuan quickly looked away and said, "I'll show you the scenery here."

Feng Qingyi stared at the phone screen curiously, but could only see Qin Yuchuan's face.

Are you looking at the scenery or at him?

"Please press the small circle on the screen and switch the camera, otherwise I can't see it."

After hearing this, Qin Yuchuan stared at his phone for a while before he found it.

Feng Qingyi could finally see the neatly arranged tents, soldiers training in the distance, and the flying yellow sand, which made the scene particularly desolate and lonely.

"I didn't expect it to be like this!" Feng Qingyi sighed.

"Have you seen it?" Qin Yuchuan asked.

Feng Qingyi shook her head. "I've only seen it on TV, but everything on TV is fake."

"TV, what is that?"

"It's just a tool that you can use to watch a play. I'll introduce it to you when I have the chance."

Qin Yuchuan took his cell phone and walked to a sand dune in the distance, from where he could see far away.

"That's the direction of Changxu Pass. We will attack it in three days."

Through the phone, Feng Qingyi saw a small city, but why did he tell her this?

"Why are you telling me this?"

Qin Yuchuan was silent. Even he himself didn't know why he told her all this.

"Nothing, I just sometimes feel that what I do is meaningless."

My father died on the battlefield and my mother was depressed all day long.

He was feared by the emperor, who was worried that he would rebel, but at the same time wanted to use him to consolidate his rule. How ridiculous.

Feng Qingyi keenly noticed his depressed mood at the moment.

"How can it be meaningless? You fought for your country. You are a hero of your country."

"Because you are here, they can live and work in peace and contentment. They will remember everything you do."

"I don't know what it's like in your country, but here, being a soldier is the most respected profession."

"... "

Qin Yuchuan smiled slightly as he listened to Feng Qingyi's comfort.

How naive! A girl who was born in the light and grew up in the sunshine should have never seen the malice in this world.

The human heart is the most unpredictable thing. They may sincerely appreciate his efforts today, but discard him like a worn-out shoe tomorrow.

"Qingyi, have you ever seen the sunset in the desert?"

Feng Qingyi shook her head, "No."

"Then I'll go with you."

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New greenHills
May 31, 2024
Status: c248
Full of obnoxious filler and obnoxious side characters that the MC has far too much tolerance for. The pacing is fine at the start, but after

... more>>

the MC/ML are able to teleport back and forth through their worlds every 3 days,

it starts getting worse. After they upgrade that ability again, the pacing becomes really, really, really bad. The story just drags and drags and drags. You'd expect that that ability would at least allow them to develop their romantic relationship more, but it just seems increasingly bland.

The writer can't decide between writing a fun slice-of-life, a dogblood drama novel, and a dynastic war novel. As a result, this novel aspires to be all of them and ends up mastering none. It's about war but it isn't a serious war novel; it's light-hearted humour but isn't funny; it's sweet fluff but it's unromantic and everyone is immature; it's slice-of-life but the friends are all cardboard toolmen; and there's recurring dogblooded drama seekers but nothing is done about them.

Major upheavals occur in the General's world, but Qingyi basically sits on the side and just chit-chats with him in-between. Yes, they have their own lives, but the contrast of the very serious war and the idle fluff is so... jarring and poorly done. You have a serious military issue, and then it's handholding and going for food with the besties and the bf~, and then it's random characters introduced to stir up drama.

The fluff also just isn't very good, and even the friendly side characters are often pretty bland tool-men that are only there to advance the slice-of-life plot by telling the FL about competitions to participate in, etc. While the beginning of the story is kind of cute and fun, the author is really bad at managing a larger cast of characters, and the romance is also dull. The writing gets less engaging over the course of the story as a whole. It really feels like the author had an idea, wrote it for the first 100 chapters, and afterwards just kept dragging things on because they got lost.

If you want to enjoy the story more, just drop it after they reach level 2 in the ability and imagine the ending yourself. I was going to give this about a 3.5-4 at the start, because it was funny and charming, but all the charm withers away. Promising start but really poor delivery. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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