A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King


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(A fierce and adorable female lead VS an obsessive and sinister male lead, sweet doting + metaphysics + slight fantasy)

Jiang Xiaoxiao, the great master of the Mystic Sect, was born with an incomplete soul. Every full moon night, she would also turn into a tiny three-inch tall person.

The Grand Master said that in the sixteenth year of her life, she would meet a nobleman. The purple gold dragon aura on the nobleman’s body could lift her curse.

Xie Xun, the King of Chu, had his dragon aura taken away at the age of three. Plagued by bad luck, he was exiled from the capital.

The first time he met his adorable wife, his adorable wife shrank with a swoosh in front of him into a tiny three-inch being, standing in his palm dozing off.

Later, the King of Chu sewed a small pouch on the sleeve of each garment. When going out, he would put his adorable wife in the pouch.

And he told others, “My little one is weak, pitiful, and helpless.”

The little ghost shivered in fear: Have you seen someone using a kitchen knife to hack ghosts at a mass grave? Yes, it’s your weak, pitiful and helpless Queen!

The ghosts wailed at the mass grave: Have you seen a living person who could scare the ghosts to tears? Yes, it’s still your weak, pitiful and helpless Queen!

The entire netherworld exploded: Have you seen a newly wedded bride escorted by two Ghost Emperors and two Ghost Kings? Yes, it’s still your weak, pitiful and helpless Queen!

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March 13, 2024
Status: Completed
At first, I was only hook with the premise of FL going small because of some circumstances. But as I read more, I became even more interested on knowing what will happen next.

As I go deeper with the story and being a little bit of a detective and matching things up with the mystery of the story that was being build up as it goes, I became amazed by how well written it was.

I don't know if it's intentional but it's a type of story that can be describe as... more>> "Breaking things for it to fall in its right place." I mean, it was sum up with this phrase itself.

In the beginning, I felt so bad and really unwilling for ML to be that unlucky (pertains to his dragon aura being stolen) because I felt that he deserves more than that. That the praise that was given to Murong Yuan was supposed to be his. But after finishing the story, I am simple flabbergasted and touch why ML become like that.

As for the FL, I just like how she's consistent all the way. With how she's naive but not s*upid, and kinda remains that way all throughout. I mean, it's simply quite new how FLs that was primarily like that in the beginning of the story would always become more mature and entirely different at the end. Idk, I just prefer the FL to be just cute, naive and always be pampered by the ML (though FL here would learn to become a little more sensible and strong)

Next, is the story itself. I can't explained how I'm simple amazed with how the plot was put into placed without being too much of a spoiler. I mean, the story can pretty much describe as expectedly unexpected. I mean, the clues and answers are in there but, IDK if it's just me, it would give a much more unexpected answer than the one you would already expected.



One example is their kingdom's founding father, Lang Jin. ML pretty much open about the fact that he felt some hatred when thinking of this founding father. Personally I thought that he might be LJ himself but after ML saying that hatred he felt. I felt suspicious especially it was revealed that LJ kinda have a 'bloody past', but yeah, I'm right with my first assumption. And it was even worst, after knowing why he did that. That's 10, 000 years. He really love FL so much.



Next is the past antagonist A.K.A Concubine Ji. When it was told how she end up, and how she died right after. Again, I'm amazed. It's broken pieces falling into place and in the right one at that.



Next is Aze, I don't really know how I can explain things without spoiling too much. But I guess, I will just say that he really loved his sister so much that he's willing to sacrifice his whole existence. Good thing the coincidences of things happened at the right timing.



Lastly, the destiny of both of them. At first when reading about that part, I'm kinda of scared to what things would give result upon. But after reading it, I just really love how things end up. When reading about their past, I almost didn't recognize FL's past yet as the story goes on. I think it's just perfect that way.


Next are my sentiments about the story. With how, I'm still not satisfied that it didn't have any extras.


First and foremost is the wolf pack leader. Idk but in the beginning it was kind of comical how when ML comes to his pack he would always try to find ways to eat ML. Where it goes to the point that it would become his life only goal and contentment at the end. Especially the contentment he had in his death bed when he kind of bite upon ML and his last thoughts were the happiness of achieving his goal.

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