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I like you, so I want to enter your world.

“Why lie to yourself? You obviously like it a lot.”

Gentle and black-bellied male protagonist X obedient and coquettish female protagonist

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Date Group Release
05/24/24 Foxaholic 18 c34
05/16/24 Foxaholic 18 c33
05/16/24 Foxaholic 18 c32
05/05/24 Foxaholic 18 c31
04/27/24 Foxaholic 18 c30
04/20/24 Foxaholic 18 c29
04/14/24 Foxaholic 18 c28
04/06/24 Foxaholic 18 c27
03/29/24 Foxaholic 18 c26
03/02/24 Foxaholic 18 c25
02/24/24 Foxaholic 18 c24
02/16/24 Foxaholic 18 c23
02/10/24 Foxaholic 18 c22
02/03/24 Foxaholic 18 c21
01/28/24 Foxaholic 18 c20
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