After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain


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In 2121, a terrible pollution disease swept through the world.

“We call it distortion, but perhaps, the history records of later generations will call it an evolution.”

The world experienced involution.

Today, that person’s head split into two. Tomorrow, that flower would grow fangs. The day after that, that fish would climb ashore with its legs…

Lu Yan: And I am merely a mediocre doctor who treats the pollution disease.


Patient A: When I first grew 18 tent**les, I was having a great time eating [beep—] by the seaside. As soon as Dr. Lu came, he cut 17 of them for me. He’s really a brilliant doctor!2

Patient B: I am a poisonous mushroom. My spores are highly toxic and can be parasitic. I gave birth to hundreds of thousands of microspores, which made it worse for my already poor family. Dr. Lu helped me practice family planning when he came. This great kindness will forever be remembered!

Patient C: I have eight mouths. I was a picky eater and only ate meat, so I set up a slaughterhouse for this purpose. But then, Dr. Lu cured my picky eating. This woman of faith is willing to be a vegetarian for the rest of her life in exchange for Dr. Lu’s happiness and well-being in this life.

Lu Yan, the top of the food chain, the eternal god.

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Sau khi toàn cầu tiến hoá, ta đứng đầu chuỗi thức ăn
Toàn cầu tiến hoá
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New timefigment rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: --
I tend to really get into a novel at the start, but I also tend to get bored of it halfway. However, that's not the case with this one. Contrary to the description, the story actually has a dark undertone to it which is just the kind of story I like. The novel itself is enjoyable, engaging, and has a well-thought world building. The characters are also not boring and superficial. All in all, I enjoyed reading this novel a lot.

If you like this type of modern apocalyptic and evolution... more>> kind of story, I recommend "High Dimensional Invasion" by the same author. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: c124
Before you read, at least read this part of my review or else get bamboozled like I did because the summary is actually sarcastic and very different from what the story actually is:

Lu Yan, a former surgeon, was originally performing surgery on an infected soldier that was brought to their hospital. Unfortunately, the pollution disease that the soldier was infected with had already gotten into the water system and was infecting the whole city. During this time, Lu Yan managed to get his hands on a system and a strange... more>> King Roe Egg. With guidance from his system, the mysterious and taciturn Lu Yan navigates through this turbulent apocalyptic time with the goal of killing the man who made his life hell, his abusive father, who was also one of the first to be infected with pollution disease but managed to escape authorities and go into obscurity.


It's not a bad story and if you like apocalypse conspiracy stories or stories that are similar to unlimited flow, then this one is definitely one I would recommend. Because it's incomplete I can't say much about the plot, however the instances or arcs are interesting and the mystery behind Lu Yan and his father really makes you curious. I really like how Lu Yan is very decisive, he doesn't flinch at or delay things that he needs to do, nor does he waver when it comes to doing something that others would consider gruesome. Because of the setting/plot, I will warn that there is gore or at the very least if you're squeamish you might want to exercise caution. I don't think there's any horror (besides body-horror/mutation) but I am also incredibly hard to scare when it comes to literature so take what I say with a grain of salt.

To be honest I think this would be more like a 4.5 if it weren't for the fact that I'm a tad disgruntled from the summary. Rather than a doctor in the apocalyptic world going around performing surgeries on mutated humans, he's a combatant/fighter first and a surgeon second. It's mentioned that he still does surgeries and is a doctor, it's just that it's very secondary to his fighting and he only does that when he's not on missions or what not. It's still a good story with an interesting mystery that I'll keep reading, just not what I expected when I first started and I hadn't realized all the comments from the "patients" were sarcastic (I literally expected him to just be a doctor and going around helping mutant humans) and I had read this before the note in the summary was added. Because of this, please note that I did try my best to not be bias, but alas annoyance can't be helped when you were expecting something that seemed to be promised and having it not show up.

Overall, it's a good conspiracy-mutation horror story that has a very interesting overarching mystery. The protagonist is mysterious, but competent and it's nice that even in tough decisions he's doesn't drag it out or take 15 chapters wallowing in his remorse. ML at a glance seems very cheeky but fun, and honestly the system is a riot (when MC and ML first meet, the system asks if MC is interested in domesticating ML bwahahaha!). If you like unlimited flow stories or mystery, do give this a shot. <<less
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AraAra4321 rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
READ ME IF YOU DOUBT READING THIS STORY: First of all I am the type of reader that never finishes the story I picked up, and this story is one of the very few I managed to finish. So it's safe to say that this story is indeed good and engaging. If you asked me, should you read it? Hell yeah! Go and read it! But the summary written is misleading so let me give you my own version of summary:

In a world where "Pollutants" who feasts on humans run... more>> amok, a Doctor, Lu Yan, had woken up as an "Enlightened", a person who gained abilities through pollutions. Everybody thought he has a healing ability, when he has the ability known as "Omniscience". An ability that could talk! Like a system and make jokes. With the system-like ability and the strongest "Enlightened" by his side known as Tyrant or Tang Xun'an (who ends up like a doggy-dragon seeing his first love when in front of Lu Yan), Lu Yan was thrust into a journey that would uncover his mysterious parental background, how his “brother" was born, recover what was his, and claim the throne of God!

In response to DollMasterlc complaints, the romance in this story is indeed slow at the start. You'll have to keep on reading until chapter 30, I think, when the Lu Yan was sent to a training camp, where Tang Xun'an become the teacher. There you'll actually starts to see that Tang Xun'an has a crush on Lu Yan. This story center is both the plot and romance, I would dare to say that this story is somewhat like Mo Dao Zhu Shi in that sense.

Lastly regarding how some side characters felt shallow to some readers, that part wholly depends on yourself and how you view it. To me I'm pretty okay with how much the author fleshed out the characters. If the author fleshed out the characters to the bare bones it wouldn't be a story about Lu Yan anymore, but the side characters. Their part of the story would end up being a filler than not. I also think that the author would like us, the readers, to fill in some of the blanks about the side characters ourselves. Though the author did give closure to the surviving side characters in the extras. <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c3
This novel's summary is like that of the Little Mushroom. That was a super troll novel which I love very much.

This novel is the same, the content isn't anywhere as cute as the summary sounds. However it's still an interesting read, I'm always up for some good apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic stories. I'm on chapter 31 only and it's still world building but so far I'm enjoying the read. While the novel is dark, it is much lighter than Little Mushroom so it's not that depressive.

Can't say much of the story,... more>> I'm still in the beginning after all, but it's worthy a look. <<less
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periperi rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: c105
4 stars

I like the premise and the plot was fascinating with the pollution (and this whole evolution plot line). There's mystery as well with MC's motivation on ... more>>

killing his father who seems to be the main antagonist. And there's also some morality issues in the plot with them basically using poison to fight poison since once their index passes a certain number, they basically evolve into the monsters they are fighting. So are they even humans?


While the story goes through arcs, with some characters more sympathetic than others, the minus 1 star is a mismatch in expectation. I thought that

MC and ML will perhaps go through missions together or something but this is a MC-centric story and MC goes through the plot and missions alone with the system in his head. Heck, ML is like a minor side character as this point with as much screen time as a character in 1 arc. And here's the bummer, I really like ML T^T They have one of the nicer dynamics in a BL novel and yet they barely have much relationship development? That's a little sad. So just set your expectations straight, as of chapter 105, this book is mainly MC going through arcs and ML popping in for 5 min in between (except like 1 arc where ML had slightly more screen time for them to build a bit more rapport and major plot point but that was it). Also can I just add that MC has major big beauty vibe? He's attracting a LOT of suitors out of nowhere in the book from both the allies and enemies camp.


Also, this book is surprisingly funny. My favourite funny moment is:

early on when SQY said he wanted to do the gaokao and his plan (since he wasn't human) was to knock out some poor student and take his place in the exams. Like lol?


Will see if I can finish this story since all I want is

ML screen time T^T

. <<less
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Metalloid rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I searched for this novel on NU after I finished the Chinese version of it because I found it really good. But first thing first, as the translator said in the description and the review said, this novel is DIFFERENT from the summary. I was actually surprised when I read the actual plot.

I am not gonna talk about the plot or do any spoiling here. What I found attractive is the characters other than the ML and MC. They have their own stories and are not simply good or bad... more>> characters. Some of the pollutants (is this how the translator translates it? Basically I mean people with pollution disease) are really heart-warming or touching.

A little flaw (in MY opinion) is the author using too many casual online phrases. They do sound funny (at least in Chinese) but I feel a little weird for the indifferent-look MC and his system use these phrases. But this is a web novel anyway. I won't say it is a bad book because of this.

Generally this is a nice book with a great MC and good plot. The author also wrote many cute extras. If you want an apocalypse novel, this can be a nice choice. I'm not an apocalypse fan but I did enjoy my reading. <<less
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Morfzine rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: Completed
This is actually a good read. Sorry if I am wrong about some of the details because it's been a long time since a read it (I thought I already reviewed this when I finished the novel, guess not lol)

At the start, I was fascinated by the description of the grotesque horror that occurs. Our MC, a top surgeon, was commissioned by the military to do surgery on this guy with horrifying fish eggs all over his body. Other surgeons back out because they still cherished their life.... more>> So the only remaining person to do this is MC, because he doesn't have anything to lose, and some other guy who is in it for the high pay. The surgery is complete, but the soldier, unfortunately, has to be killed because the parasite has taken over his brain. Turns out, the other surgeon is infected too, because he got some wound on him when working on the soldier. Long story short, the military failed to successfully contain him, and all the water in MC's city is now infected. Now, commence the monster invasion dun dun!

You can already see the thrill right? it will be fine if the author keeps this pace, but nope, she just gotta chooses an inconvenient move. Rather than keeping the surgery theme going on strong, the author makes the MC work like a bounty hunter. Really, if you wanna say it with no spoiler, the main theme of this novel is actually MC going around the world to collect the 7 dragon balls. There's also the dimension thing that works like an 'unlimited streaming scenario', which is great actually I really feel the dread the first time we encounter it. But are also belittled? unloved? cast aside? by the author even though both show great potential if developed further.

Going into spoiler territory I'll give some example:


The truth of how that City/District that I forget the name of was fully infested by monsters, separated by The monster leader power is fantastic. It gives such a ghibli uncanny vibe to it, LOVES IT. But the battle execution in this arc are so underwhelming though. The monster leader of that city, Miss big snake (?) lady, your death is undeserving. I gotta be honest, it just feels like a king kong fight with how we gotta beat this HUGE baddie on top of a tower. Big snake lady is built upon how whimsical she is, and how she is rational/smart enough to do some negotiation. She DID build a butcher empire from scratch. So seeing her death are 'just like that' is a f-cking crime.



Then, how the city can still work like normal after the massacre like huh??? bruh there are literally tens of thousand of death there, and you are telling me a city can recover from THAT? with no citizen questioning it? like I get that china loves their ~privacy~ but I think it is outrageous how an incident as big as that can still be perfectly hidden under the rugs (No, there is no memory erasing power or devices. Even if there are, are you sure you can clean the blood, corpses, and unknown, possibly infectious liquid from every nook and cranny of a big CITY? (heck, or is it a province/district? I forgot). The point is, it is impossible to act like everything is normal and dandy when it has REACHED this point. A nation, island, or city gets locked down suddenly and you think other humans besides those in the organization/military/government won't have a way to sliver some suspicious information in/out?


After finishing the novel, I enjoy the ride. Though I can't help but lament how the author throws multiple of such great premises, even the supposedly main one that she writes as the novel description. I know that the MC HAD to collect all the dragon balls, but can't you fleshed out the story a bit and do more of the promised eldritch horror surgeries? : (. Yes, we do get some surgeries action in the middle last part of the novel I think? but bruh, that just several paragraph description in one chapter (and it's literally just a de-feathering of a handsome chicken) . Don't even get me started on how it was written that the MC likes his old job, so much that in fact he still requested to the organization to let him do surgeries (on normal human) in the nearby hospital whenever he is on a business trip. But still, no more surgery plot when it's his job AND supposed class? disappointing. (yes this is just me whining about why this better version plaque doctor, drop what it is actually good at/done right)

And may I talk about how jebaited I felt? Not mentioning the above, there are also more things I liked to highlight, very spoilery:

Romance (?)


The ML is great, loves his puppy dog (dragon) personality. Kinda similar to the ML from BAB, but here, our MC (the shou) is the one that actually looks like a piece of sh*t compared to the ML. He's a very good boy, done nothing wrong at all, nearly tears up at his diary in the extra chapters. It is funny how we thought (from the cover and his description from other character) that he has a typical 'cold to others, only sweet to his wife' personality. Nope, the truth is he just bears so much pain from his revolution, that others just treat him like an autistic child. The MC happens to have the ability to lessen his mutation rate, which is why he (could) only shows emotion in front of him. Before his surgery/evolution, he is actually just a chunnibyo teenager that want to save others and makes his dad proud.




the actual point that I want to highlight is the MPREG. Throughout the novel, we meet many breedable pregnant men. And here I thought our MC will be the same because of the very obvious statement the author leaves behind. In theory, MC should be the most pregnant-able on the planet, if he can't then nobody can't. But nope, his 'system' didn't want him to have a child so I guess it planted a permanent contraception in MC's body I guess... (even though MC should have complete control over it AND his body with just his identity). Me seeing the extra, no smut unfortunately : (, with the ML going "help, my boyfriend sulk at me because I f-cked him so hard that I breached his womb" and me going "omg, womb!", then I confused why is there further development when I suddenly remember the words 'system' utters at the beginning of the story. Man... the blue balled I experienced is... painful is an understatement as at that timeline I have binged read novel with the same 'blue ball' moments. Multiple disappointments stacked up at each other, but this novel still takes the cakes though, maybe tied with that 'women now imp**gnate men' novel.




The only thing I remember, is how that girl that holds the power to end this nightmare was so hyped up by the author right? Nobody know where she was hidden, no file about her other than the name of her power, all that bling. But she literally didn't do anything other than wake up and pass it on MC because the power was originally his. Also, the stuff with MC's dad, or his parents in general, are a bit underwhelming, in a similar fashion as the big snake lady me thinks. Very awesome plot twist reveal, it has a good handling by the author on the development too, but has an 'okay..' end. There are also MANY plot-important side characters, be it the power they hold or their close relationship with MC, that ends up with little to no screen time.


In conclusion, this is why you shouldn't strive to prove your main character's OP-ness, is with how he/she can solve the problem by himself, you end up with side characters just being dirt on the street. Adding it with various plot points being all over the place + not quite good pacing. A very solid story, with a pretty unique setting and great writing, can turn into another unmemorable mainstream web novel. (still a 5 stars though, it IS still very VERY good compared to other web novels on the market) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chalisarp rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novels on my lists.

The story is very well-plotted. Even though MC seems to be too OP because of the system, it is actually explained at the end of the story. All things that happened are reasonable.

And I like ML a lot, he respects every MC's decision. He doesn't treat MC like bird in the cage but let him grow as an individual instead. And he always asks for consent even when to get in MC's room. He's described by the system as a dragon... more>> dog, very loyal and sticky to MC, and although he wants to be close to MC, he decides to let it up to fate

because he thinks he'll die soon


MC is very cold and has almost no human feeling at the beginning but he will slowly change along the story.

The System is actually hilarious. He acts like an old dad when MC flirts with ML lol.

The story is fast-paced and the action scenes are not boring.

The only complaint is that I think this is too short. The author did a good job in world-building and mysteries so that's why I think the story could be more elaborated, it can be added with more adventures and romances and still not boring at all.

In conclusion, this is a good story that you won't be disappointed in reading. MTL is readable (I'm not a native English speaker so I'm not really annoyed with unpolished English// And sorry for my English if some parts of my review are unclear) <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7/5

The whole premise was interesting the author did not slack with the world building. Unlike other apocalyptic novels that employed the use of zombies this novel went the less common mutant evolutionary route. It was refreshing.

While reading this novel I came to realize again that I really like psychopathic/sociopathic MCs and I am not sure whether I should be worried. But then again, my like mainly stems from their rational thinking and lack of emotional outbursts, making them the no bullsh*t kinda people.

The ML was less cold than I... more>> expected, judging from the novel cover picture. He was a "dog dragon" as the MC's system so fittingly dubbed him. Loyal and always happy to see the MC.

Despite the dark theme of the novel that included a lot of death, slaughter and gore I found this novel unexpectedly humorous at times.

The dynamic between the MC's deadbeat dad and the octopus guy was pretty funny and unexpectedly casually wholesome at times that I could not take the dad who was supposed to be a villain with major conspiracy world domination urges seriously.

Then there is how the enlightened were treated in general. On one side you have the radical "they are not human" faction treating the enlightened like dirt and objects and then you have the official general treatment where the enlightened are treated like children/little ancestors. Having a whole team dedicated to fullfil their every need and be happy and cheer for them when they find love. It's f***ing ridiculous, but funny nonetheless.


It got a bit confusing as the story progressed. But I don't know whether it's because of the plot itself or because of MTL. I have reason to believe that mtl plays at least a part in my confusion as the mtl often translated a contextually negative statement wrong and made it a positive one.

The plot itself was also pretty convoluted with all the dreaming, hallucinating, time travel and conspiracies. It was no wonder that I often had to stop in between reading to do Sudoku to give my brain a break. But I suspect that I have ADHD so the novel might not be at fault after all (considering how I take a break while reading with basically every novel). <<less
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Reedii rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Ok so don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the whole premise of the story (especially it being different from the standard zombie apocolyptic theme). The author did an amazing job at setting the stage for the story. Based on the beginning alone I would've rated this 5 stars.

What got to me however was the progression of the story and characters in the middle to end of the story. At this point I feel that the characters became very stagnant and 2D-like. Other than the MC, we don't really see... more>> any character growth or development (whose growth isn't much to begin with in my opinion). Although I love the MC and ML being together, I have to admit that it felt forced. There was hardly any interactions between the two that would allow the romance between the two grow.

Ok I know that there was a whole arc about the MC time traveling to the past and helping the ML, which caused the ML to fall in love with him but other than that the romance between them felt forced.


Later on in the novel the story itself gets a little confusing and feels a bit lacking in some respects.

Take the MC's "little brother" for example. The author took the time to build this mysterious character up and tell us that the MC who is not afraid of anything is actually afraid of him. There was so many opportunites to create suspense and show us why the MC was afraid but that never happened. This "little brother" character only really aappeared two or three times, which was disppointing.



Later on in the novel the storyline gets really confusing with the whole time travel thing that happens and the introduction of the idea that there is actually a God in the world. There are so many things that are left unexplained that it makes it feels like the author just wanted to throw in a curve ball but didnt really know where it go with it down the line. Like the reason why the God was there, why was it a baby, etc.


I'm not sure if it's cuz I MTLed most of it but that was the impression I got from it.

Overall this is a novel I'd still recommend because the ideas behind it are just amazing. <<less
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cosmicimmortal rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This was one of the best modern apocalyptic survival novels I've read recently.

The characters are well defined have their loves, beliefs, their determination whether good or bad. The antagonists are multifaceted which makes you understand why they are doing what they have done and make you sympathetic to the pollutants.

the MC and ML are cute together seeing how the MC learns to love is a lovely journey. There are also other love interests and it's done in such a way that you don't feel annoyed or cringey at them.

the world... more>> building is amazing. The power system is clearly explained and stuck to. And the tensions and relationships between the different factions are well written. The MC gets powerful quite quickly but he doesn't feel overpowered which is something I thought would happen due to his talents.

overall this novel is brilliant and I highly recommend it <<less
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Mafaiii rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I read till 51 of translated version and then, of course my brain said: let’s kill some gray cells and and MTL rest of book... But I don’t regret lost of my brain cells.

As I said I mtl most of book so I might lost some points, but from what I could understand it was great story with explanation for everything, not like some stories where BOOM! and character is OP and no explanation as of why. Extras also further explain some things. MC is cold (as seen in tags)... more>> u can’t find any pink hearts 💕 in story but I could still see that MC and ML love each other.

Not sure if the review helps anyone but in short: it’s quite complete, explained story without any annoying loopholes (at least in my opinion). So if u are interested go ahead! And burn some 🧠! <<less
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River Spirit
River Spirit rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: --
Don't be deceived everyone! The description may be light hearted shounen-ai, but my dog eyes has swollen more than 10 times- (the author is suspected torturing poor onion)

This is an excellent novel, good pacing, terrible plot-twists, good writing, good translation (thank you dear translator) and and the foreshadowing are superb! Definitely more plot than romance, but the romance are so sweet~

Last thing, a tiny spoiler

... more>>


2. When Shen Qing Yang died, I was truly heartbroken. He sacrificed himself to save Lu Yan, a bad birth and bad ending too, what a double knives, too bad that the extra chapter didn't give him more rewards to our beloved supporting male lead TT~TT why you are so nasty to cute little SQY!! QAQ I will take 0.3 points away from you!!!


But all in all, well deserved 4.7 stars, I will look forwards to read the author other works!

For new readers, even though the description is a giant pit, please read twice~😘 <<less
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nitan rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: Completed
A pretty unique novel with interesting world-building + steady progress!! The system is like a neutral narrator who gives an omnipresence view (kinda like a 'cheat') to everything, but it doesn't feel forced or take away from the novel I actually quite like it and find it really.. different?

Usually the MC would have to be super smart to piece everything together for the audience to get the big picture, but here it's the system who tells the MC straight up what's been going on.. It's actually quite nice and a... more>> good change of pace! No annoying anxiety about the plot, but the way the MC handles things are still very interesting to read.

The romance is actually really really sweet and pure, ML is a big dog who wags his tail (dragon) -- there's no domineering president, but a very cute lead! Honestly it's very refreshing -- I was wary of it at first, but once it's established that the gong is a cute puppy boyfriend type -- I feel safe with the novel.

Most of what I find fascinating is the world they built in this novel... it's really well-done! The immersion is great -- it also has a large cast of characters. Suuper recommend to give a try even if you might prefer something more adventurous, I think it's still a good read, honestly it's.. some scenes are so absurd but in a good way, it's very creative. Funny in retrospect <<less
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October 19, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is good. The apocalyptic world like this is very unique.

MC is very calm and stable character. Its funny that for him surgery is like a past time.

ML is considered as the strongest warrior and he is indeed strong. He is not OP though cause there are strong pollutants that even him cannot defeat alone.

There are side characters that I like and im glad that they had a happy ending

... more>>

The world in the novel is a reset. In the first timeline humanity lost, MC, ML and all the side characters MCs and MLs friend died either sacrificing their life fighting or succumbing to the pollusion making them monsters. This is why the system is guiding the MC to a different path.

I just hope that the octupus guy had a better ending since he really love MC and helped protect MC couple of times.

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patch rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This is just so good. One flavorful novel. The world-building, writing, plot, and characters make the story believable. I, personally, love everything about it. I recommend this for readers who looking for apocalypse genres that not involving zombies and are full of plot.

Love it!!!
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fujayshi rated it
May 17, 2023
Status: --
Finished reading!

Honestly one of the best apocalyptic novels I've read so far. The plot is too good, the romance is just there but not too much. It's really unique cuz most of the time the apocalyptic novels I've read are so generic that it got boring to read. So read this cuz you won't regret it!!
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Xhaphanie rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c134
Very bland story. I thought this was yaoi? Forget yaoi there’s not even romance, can’t even be called shounen ai. That’s how dead it is. Oh well read at your risk.
ML is supposed to be op but tbh he’s like a child to me. Doesn’t even have the air of maturity to me. Would have regarded him as a side character going through puberty and character development.

After wasting my night to read this, now I have to search for another one. What a waste *sigh*. It’s completely apocalyptic tho... more>> so if you’re interested go ahead but the romance is like 5% of the plot. And there’s no real action <<less
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DollMasterIca rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: c26
At first the story is interesting and kinda unique! Remind me of Tokyo Ghoul anime then it gets boring. This is Yaoi right? No romance more focus in about the apocalyptic going at the world! I was really looking forward of a apocalyptic BL loved but got disapointed! I like a ML strong but here his just meh! I dont even know if his ML? I just assume because they focus on his discription more! Im sad now I need to find and search a new one to read.
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