After I Rescued a Beautiful Woman From a Stalker, She Started Spoiling Me and Turning Me Into a No-Good Freeloader


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The days of being pampered by a younger beauty begin.

Himoda Youichi, who worked as a manga artist assistant, got fired by his hysterical manga artist boss once again. Fed up after being fired multiple times, he snapped and erased his smartphone contacts to cut off communication.

However, this led to him losing contact with acquaintances, with no parents to rely on and no home to return to. While struggling to figure out how to move forward, he helped a woman in need.

This marked the beginning of a sweet luring encounter that led the old man to a life of being a freeloader.

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malzra rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: c18
Pretty standard otaku wish fulfillment stuff if that's your cuppa. The story and characters get cringeworthy in places, but it is not incompetently written as a whole. Good characters can save a flimsy premise, but I didn't care much for the characters. The protagonist is dense for, I assume, comic relief purposes that never hit with me and the girls we've met so far aren't particularly likeable. Also, the untagged age gap is problematic (we've met two of the girls by chapter 18 and both are 10-15+ years younger than... more>> the mid 30s protagonist). <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
June 17, 2024
Status: c51
While she does take care of him, he hasn't actually become a full freeloader at this point and is trying to find work and get back on his feet.

That said, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. The main heroine does solve most of his problems and is conveniently rich enough that neither of them would have to work a day in their lives of they didn't want to.

For reasons it's also a harem and he's unconsciously collecting women falling in love with him left and right, even though he doesn't... more>> do anything special for most of them (aside from being good at his job), and the main heroine isn't opposed to a harem either for some reason.

If you can look past that, it can be an entertaining way to pass some time. <<less
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