After a One Night Stand With the Male Lead


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What should Rong Ling do after transmigrating into a miserable and malicious female supporting character?

Stay away from male and female leads and cherish her life.

On the day before the encounter between the male and female leads, she had a love-making night with the male lead, Si Wuque. And she was the one who made the first move!

Afterwards, Rong Ling was like a scumbag and declared:

“I can’t even remember what happened yesterday.”

“Let’s just treat it as an accident.”

“We’re both adults, let’s forget about it!”

Si Wuque trapped her in his arms. His eyes were flowing with a gentle smile, but the dark pupils contained a dangerous passion.

“If you forgot, then I’ll help you remember, my dear fiancée.”

Wait! The plot doesn’t seem to be developing properly!

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2 Reviews

Jul 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm curious about what will happened next so I read the raws. I mean, we all know already that they would end up together but I'm just curious of what would the OG FL be.

Good thing though she did not became an antagonist but rather she's kind of going with the OG story. And even shocking is a new development ... more>>

The second ML will be her partner and guess what? It will be the angst type of 'chasing wife to creamatorium' story. Unfortunately, there's no detailed nor a side story for them.


The FL was really kind of giving mix signals if not all but most part of the story. I mean, even I would when I'm not really sure what kind of ending would I have despite knowing the storyline.

Good thing, the ML really perseveres to get together with the FL despite her being quite a red flag being sweet and the next second cold all of a sudden.

In addition, FL may act that way maybe because she wasn't really secured with their relationship adding to the fact that there this 'mysterious' force that making the ML and OG FL to have this cliche sweet encounter that supposed to be shaping their 'feelings ' for each other. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 19, 2024
Status: Completed
Plot: 2/5. Too common and typical. No unique plot twist.

Romance: 2/5. There's a chemistry but it looks too abrupt or forced. The romance wasn't written very well so it doesn't look that natural.

Spicy stuffs: 3.5/5. Kinda spicy but cringe sometimes.

... more>> Character design: 2/5. Like I said, there's really no unique features at all. Very typical.

Overall: 2/5. I actually don't read such story usually but I just finished a very awesome story previously so I just want a short story to read and I happened to see this. Nevertheless, the author's effort is appreciated. <<less
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