An Unexpected Turn: Villain Becomes Dad


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An Unexpected Turn: Villain Becomes Dad

In a hilarious twist of fate, Yang Chen is reborn as the brainless villain in a romance novel, already at odds with the destined hero, Lin Yan. Knowing he can’t directly challenge him; Yang Chen makes a strategic move – saving Lin Yan’s mother from a chronic illness.

This act of kindness blossoms into love, and a year later, they welcome a child. Yang Chen, hoping for a peaceful family life with his wife and son, is met with a shocking system notification:

[Host’s son is born, plundering his elder brother, the male lead’s Providence Luck by 3000 points!] [The Great Villain System is officially activated!]

The system throws Yang Chen’s plans into chaos. He’s forced to become the antagonist he was originally destined to be, but with a hilarious twist – his target is now his own stepson!

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New Thanatos1998 rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: c13
It's the usual kind of reincarnated ass a villain story that fails to establish characters.

No character is really a character mearly a tool to advance the plot.

The only 'unique' thing that it has is that the love interest already had a child with someone else.
Which of course is to facilitate the story setup at the cost of making the already uninteresting heroine extremely unapealing. From what I could glimpse as of now he is very much so her actual son she had with another dude. Funnily enough the novel seems to hope the reader would forget about that fact, trying to both have it's cake and eat it.

That said, if you don't mind that it still is simply an extremely generic (and not well executed) story with barebones characters.
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New H-GO rated it
May 1, 2024
Status: c20
This kind of novel is hilarious, hypocritical and unimpressive.

What is the difference between the MC and the protagonist? Nothing, he just becomes more lucky and with a more absurd golden finger.

Nothing innately special like a talent, experience or mindset.

And 99% of this genre is like that, a pathetic replica of 1 template without any intention of improving it.
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Pandainbambooforest rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: --
I feel bad for Lin Yan, who is kept in the black about his secret little brother, but oh well, all it's for survival. While the MC Yang Chen is also good. Not like h**ny dog or Courting death prideful MC. Hoping to see further development.

And yeah, definitely a 5 star for this novel. Thank you Author and Translator.

Those who want to badmouth this novel. Please don't read it. It meant that it is not to your taste. Look for other one.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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