After Participating in Intern Parents Variety Show with Movie Empress Mother


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An An was an abandoned baby who grew up in an orphanage. When she was four years old, she was invited to a variety show called “Intern Parents” as a guest.

The live broadcast room was full of people every day. It turned out that the actress has zero life skill, had been seeing a psychiatrist, her marriage with her husband was not happy, and she was not a winner in life at all…

Everyone was worried that this messy family will cause harm to the heart of the poor and young girl again.

However, An An didn’t know because she was so busy. In her new home, she learned to cook with her mother, taught her father to coax her, and every day she woke up wondering which little princess dress to wear and playing with dolls or stuffed bears… She has never experienced this kind of life before and she was very happy!

At the end of the 20-day recording time, An An’s eyes were red and she was reluctant to leave. Just when everyone thought that the big star’s career was over, the actress submitted the formalities to the orphanage and officially adopted the child.

The little dumpling was stunned.

Later, her parents learned that their biological daughter was still alive… Everything that happened back then was a deliberate conspiracy.

An An, who was suddenly picked up with excitement: even more stunned.


Losing her daughter four years ago was the biggest pain in Mo Sui’s heart. Even in her dreams, she never expected that her daughter would come back to her side.

This time, no matter what, she and her husband would protect An An well.

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kawaii12345 rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
4 stars but it's much closer to 3.5.

Lets start with the good stuff. AN AN is adorably cute. She is just a perfect little MC and where the author sticks to her and her interactions with her parents the novel just shines. Two thumbs up to all the parts with her being cute.

The problem is the author didn't have enough ideas for An An to do a full novel and had to resort to ever more and low quality filler. No spoiler very early on you get transmigrated into a... more>> novel plotlines that aren't done well or particularly interestingly. They are mainly there to be filler, provide some tension and provide an excuse for characters making bad decisions and exceptionally good decisions. After that you get generic showbiz plots, that are mostly uninteresting. The showbiz framework is there to let the author shove in generic and mostly unmemorable characters. The biggest problem is there is far too much of this and it dilutes the main story.

The other big problem is that the novel ends around chapter 40, but like brontosaur it takes another 40+ chapters to realize it had died. Once you have the climax and resolution there just isn't much left to keep you in the story. This is especially true since An An's cute is much more muted in the second half.

Bottom Line: This is a good work as is, but could have been great if an Axe was taken to it. <<less
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WordEater rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: c66
Hands down one of the sweetest parenting stories I had ever read in NU.
    • Mo Sui and Gu Yingchen did not trauma dump their burden on the child. While her presence did assist in mending their wounds and estrangement, they did not use the child as a tool (unlike some mothers out there and a douchebag Huo Family).
    • Gu Yingchen is not a scum partner or dad, actually their fight started off from an insignificant quarrel but it just worsened due to the event that occured after the 1 year lapse which was none of their fault. It was not a misunderstanding trope. Really!
    • Even though she has kind of mental stress and physiological shadow with kids, Mo Sui still did her best to provide for An An albeit awkwardly.
    • So many children with personality, their immature and innocence was painted upon their different circumstances. Feeling so distressed for them ah.
    • When the time came and the two became a little reconciled, they did not set aside An An unlike other novels. This is actually focusing the priority to their daughter.
    • Grandma Gu and Grandpa Gu is very, very accepting to An An. I mean, who can reject her charming charismaaa??? Even though An An was 'not their biological' granddaughter, they still treated her well and entertained her.
    • The relationship between Mo Sui and Gu Yingchen is so adorable! They respect each other, give autonomy, and tease each other with boundaries.
    • Okay, I was a bit reluctant to put this here but the gravity of the actions of the some antagonist are thankfully stayed minor and at a rather quick to resolve issues. The author gave background and while you'll still stay with your dislike towards her, you will find that it was possible to hate the side of Huo Family more because??? Bruh, you and Qiqi can do better without them. They're just utter tr*sh for using you and your daughter for business and fame. Your insecurity, unstableness and love for the other party is hurting not only you but your life with Qiqi.
    • Thankfully, the author is still human. They did not make the mother of Mo Sui unchanging.
    • A novel with a silly bestfriend. Like? She was the most down-to-earth character here. She was immature, bubbly, and a tsundere. Hey, hey, she has double standards lmao. I have this too!

    • The only thing I do not like with Gu Yingchen was him saying to his daughter that she's being a third wheel (light bulb). Boy do I hate this on novels. Like, yes she was if you're talking about deepening your relationship with Mo Sui but you just had to say that to her, eh? It was written without any thought, like it was just supposed to be a joke because kids does stand as an obstacle for most people. He's saying that to an 'orphaned' child who grown up in an orphanage. EVEN FOR PEOPLE WHO DID NOT COME FROM ORPHANAGE, MY GOSH YOU CAN'T JUST TELL THEM TO SCRAM. "You're already a big girl." Bruh, what the fudge??? That's basically making your kid shy away from staying with you or asking you for help. But eh- that's my only complaint because Gu Yingchen was too perfect for his daughter and wife ah.
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May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Fluffy story with realistic main characters.


except the wonky stuff between the 2 parents of our cute little bun. Why have so much drama and no communication jeez


If you wanted some fluffy, heart warming story READ THIS!!!!


An An deserve the world and to be happy with her parents

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Joy45h rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: --
A cute and short novel. It's a simple plotline, thankfully the chapters are not dragged on and on.

What I like about this novel is that kids actually act like kids - cute and playful. An an (the MC) is timid and loves to tail her mother. Unlike my previous misconception of the father being a bossy CEO, which he is not. He's quite playful and loves kissing An'an and Mama.

... more>>

poor guy ! Both mama and baby keep ignoring him though, they love each other more than anyone.

Once mama had to go on a shoot and Anan wanted to follow her. But the director was a scary guy and Anan didn't want be near him. Then she contemplated that if she stayed with dad she would have to face her scary grandpa. As she had to face a scary old guy anyway, she choose to accompany Mama, as she liked her more than the dad 🤣🤣


Another pros is that unlike other novels with child protagonist, Anan doesn't have a suggested future love interest nor are any kids villainzed, the novel is just about papa, mama and their little baby.

I loved the org!FL character development too.

at first she was introduced as a usual white lotus - using her daughter to please her in-laws and her scum!fiancé.

But later she started contemplating -

why did she let the scumbag trample on her dignity ?

When did she start putting anything above her daughter's happiness ?

Why did she act so brain-dead in the past ?

Eventually when the scumbag proposed to her, she rejected him and left the house with her daughter, owing to never use her daughter for earning money and become a perfect model figure for her. She even admitted her mistakes to MC Mama

" They were no longer the weak FL protagonist but the protagonist of their own life "

Her daughter qiqi befriended Anan. This child is so sensible for her age, seeing her mother struggling to earn money, she decided to abstain from dancing (of course ! She did rejoin the classes in the end) . When anyone teased her for being fatherless she proudly proclaimed ' I might not have a father but I have the best mother '

They both support and love each other so much

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annhsu0222 rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Highly recommend, very fluffy, sweet and surprisingly not super full of plot holes as far as these types of novels go and I don't think it's too ridiculous



    • relationship is too sweet I love it
    • antagonists that are too over the top or illogical though its not like some of the antagonists' actions can be forgiven, at least the women antagonists aren't brain dead and super vicious or like one single villain is put through the wringer by the author and used to do as many bad things as possible to move the plot along
    • the guy isn't treated like the worst person in the family but he does have his obstacles lol
    • this novel is very similar to like stories about little kid and a cold faced dad who slowly warms up to the kid but just replace the dad with a mom
    • they actually kinda mention mental health but not in a negative way! Shocker I know and they even wrote about a psychologist which is literally almost never done in CN novels and he doesn't just come up once! And has advices the mom listens to!
    • the kid is only one of the reasons that the mom was able to begin making some progress! And not like now that she has a child everything is fixed! The mom and dad's relationship still needs work!
    • the dad is damn he was in love with the girl and had immature moments for sure (still kinda weird how he tried to use the kid to get close to the mom but he never took it too far and actually began to treat the kid well just because of how much he like the child) but he learned and he was always in love with her and just TT making me feel too single for sure
    • love the best friend and the dad's side of the family lol
    • honestly the antagonists I love how the mom who was trying to use her child gradually began to give up and she actually cares for her child and has a heart! Not a brain but that's kinda asking too much, no more every girl character other than MC is vicious and jealous of her beauty and want to seduce her husband!
    • the netizens watching the show actually have some brain!!! Wow amazing no more one word for the villainess they change minds and one word from the protagonists they once again switch sides they actually form their opinions! And understand kids shouldn't be exposed to some of the adults scheming! Wow


    • as much as I liked the novel there were some ??? Parts lol
    • what is up with the original novel story dreams??? (The first antagonist was the novel's heroine and the mc's mom was a cannon fodder) like bro that was so random??? I know then that the character would have no motivation or inkling of the need to change their actions in order to have a bad ending though so I just forgave it, it's not a big deal
    • the dad uses the kid to try to get on the mom's good side
    • the psychologists literally talked to the character once BUT they did say she was treated for a year and hasn't had a super large gap I guess but still
    • they didn't work out their problems before actually moving to adopt the kid it was apparent that their relationship still needed work but at the same time the kid helped unintentionally but I still wish they were still more responsible about it
    • honestly, this whole orphanage sending kids to show kinda was not a great setting cuz the kid is just used and what if the people in the show didn't like them? What if the kid wasn't kind or cute or a perfect kid? Then what idk man it just felt like the show was exploiting the kid and after the show they were just gonna put them back in the orphange
    • ngl, this might be me nitpicking since I'm not around kids often, the kid feels kinda unrealistic cuz she literally throws no tantrums, like she basically never gets angry or anything but its kinda logical considering her background and how she doesn't feel secure but yea
    • okay this is definitely nitpicking but the dad said to the kid you'll be the only kid they'll ever have which okay like that's totally doable but then the author wrote it might be impossible if the MC was adopted???? Like bro why would you write that that like I kinda wish they just kept the MC as being adopted cuz that seems more meaningful in a way but I read the summary knowing what I was going into so yea

*note: I keep writing MC but it's the kid technically there is no MC cuz it's third-person pov


overall high recommend you give this a try and it's not that long so it's a pretty quick read, the mtl probably wouldn't be too hard? I'm not sure since I read the raw
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ntww12 rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This show has a similar premise to Contrast Team in a Dad & Baby Show. Basically about a child brought to a livestreaming show with a celebrity/entertainer.

Our child protag is a 4 year old girl named An An who is an orphan (or so they think, initially). She is then sent to participate in a livestream show where new parents take care of kids. Which is where she meets the FL and ML. Or her parents.

First of all, I question why the orphanage would send a child to do this... more>> as I don't think the exposure is good.

Anyway, so An An goes to this show where she meets Mo Sui and Gu Yicheng, her parents. She has dreams where things go badly for them in the "original novel", and An An tries to change things. She doesn't do big things to change stuff, just small ones like telling her mum not to drink, and telling the dad to pursue the mum instead of letting her ghost him, etc. So it's kinda cute.

I really liked the part where her presence healed the FL from her pain of losing her child. And both of them wanted to adopt her. It would've been great if the story remained that way but it then went on to some drama whereby she's actually their biological daughter but something happened and she was sent to the orphanage, like in the summary.

In fact, when they were searching for their bio daughter when they had a hint that bio daughter wasn't dead, I was sad. I was imagining a parallel universe where An An wasn't their bio daughter, and they did not focus on her once they had a bio daughter. But I guess in a perfect novel world, she'll obviously end up being their bio daughter.

The story then has a few plotlines here and there that involved family struggles, kidnapping, cheating spouse. It's all very boring as the antagonist are dealt with very quickly and the focus is on how cute An An is.

One aspect that I really liked is Ruan Qingqing. She also had the dreams in which she's the female lead and she'll get a happy ending. But she soon realizes things aren't what they seem. She's brave enough to leave that Huo jerk to have a better life for her daughter and herself. I really applaud her for it, I do hope she'll have a good ending but it isn't really mentioned.

Jiang Yuge is another great character. It's really sad what happened to her but I like that there are strong women in this novel that fight for what's right for them.

All in all, a nice casual read to pass the time that involves a lot of childcare and some romance between the leads as they reconcile. The personalities of the FL and ML are also interesting. <<less
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