After Marrying a Vegetative Princess, I Went Crazy With Joy!


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My name is Su Li.

I traveled through time, and because of an accident, Princess Changle became a vegetative state, and I became the candidate for the celebration and sacrifice.

Everyone is sorry for my miserable experience, but I almost went crazy with joy!

Because I am bound to a system, as long as I have physical contact with noble people, I can get so many points, buy various commodities, and even call myself the ancestor, and return to modern times!


My name is Li Lizhi, usually they will call me Princess Changle.

I fell into a coma, because of an accident. In fact, I was mu*dered into a vegetative state by my jealous sister Princess Gao Yang.

Originally I was planning to end my life, but inexplicably gained a husband.

He loved me so much, cared everything about me, and gave me the confidence to persevere, but… the shame is, why do you have to hold me every second no matter what a situation it is?

Well, I admit it, this feeling is really delicious!

Darling… I miss your hold so much even if I am just in your hold at this moment! f*ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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kelicant rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c12
A peak into historical Chinese mentality. The MC is married to a princess for superstitious reasons to try and wake her from a coma, and he will be buried with her if she dies. It has the regular propaganda where it explains that all medicine has its roots in Chinese pseudoscience medicine. And the values of people around are archaic, where couples are married but still not allowed to be close to each other due to tradition / rules.

The story immediately sets itself up to end up trapped in a... more>> corner. The world is just regular ancient China, but the MC has a magical system that can give him dragon balls and powers. Whenever he actually gets those things, there can't be any stakes or plot anymore. This will inevitably end up as a "ooh and aww at how great the MC is" story. And in this case, the entire setup is the MC dealing with his new wife being in a coma, when she wakes up eventually the core of the story will be lost. <<less
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idfnfni1 rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: c101
I have read up to chapter 101, admittedly I skim read atleast the last 20 chapters or so of the 101 I read.
Basicly the whole novel is about the MC being cudly with the wife and getting OP. He doesn't have to work for anything nor has he ever faced a setback since the story started.

At chapter 101 he was already unkillable, his stats were that high that no weapon or poison could do him harm.
He becomes famous for his poetry at some point because he stole all the famous works trough history.
I am always amazed how random common chinese people know all their ancestors famous poetry or atleast read them once in their life.

So if you enjoy an MC that is heavenly favored and has to do nothing to grow stronger and become invincible then this is for you.

Just a small other thing but the first 50 or so chapters was fun and full of fluff as he took care of the princess, but after she woke up it quickly went downhill. The fluff is stil there but the wishfulfilment started to take it up a few notches from there. Wouldnt recommend it to those who dislike OP godlike arrogant MC who faces no setbacks.
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azuron rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c50
No, just no. The execution of this novel can be considered one of the top tier CN novels till chapter 46-ish and then dives off a cliff. The writing is atrocious - in the sense that paragraph after paragraph are pure filler content or repititive content. Around chapter 40+ you see the author narrating something for 3 paragraphs. Then those 3 paragraphs are again repeated but differently. Then someone else speaks out the content of those 3 paragraphs.

Take chapter 50 for instance. The sentence "His individual strength is unparalleled, but... more>> he could still be defeated by an army"- These 14 words are stretched into 9 paragraphs. Those nine paragraphs offer zero information other than this specific sentence. In fact, these exact sentence is repeated exactly 6 times. I found myself skipping para after para and now, at chapter 50 I am gonna skip this whole novel.

Just plain awful. Translation quality started out pretty decent and after chapter 35 its straight mtl. Even chatgpt translations are better than this, with misplaced adjectives, wrong pronous, repeated phrases and so on.

I dont usually rate any novel below 4 stars, but I just feel betrayed by both author and translator. <<less
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bvdaf rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: c47
I agree with most of the negative reviews here, so I won’t repeat what’s written in them.

Which is why I will focus on the style of writing in this novel. It’s words, so many empty words, put into sentences that describe the same thing over and over again.

Seriously, you won’t be able to find a single chapter, without a sentence about how bad MC’s life is because he is married to a ill princess.

Most of the descriptions are unnecessary and repetitive. They are there just to make chapters longer. If... more>> we removed the descriptions that appeared more than once, this story would have less than 15 chapters. (There is 47 translated chapters as of writing this review)

Bro wtf. I found myself after around 30 or so, chapters skimming through 16 lines of text, just to see 1 line of dialouge.

Not cool <<less
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This is a really good novel! So far, the male lead or the MC really likes to take care of the FL Changle. He is so sweet and it's refreshing to see a series where the male lead would "diligently take care of her." This is a slow-burn romance as Changle is in a coma. But so far really good! Highly recommend.
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hastingsj rated it
September 5, 2023
Status: c97
You can get around the poor writing by skipping paragraphs [excessive repetition of simple concepts]. If the story had a proper editor you could chop it down by 2/3rds and have a much better product.

The concept and plot is cute. The side characters are endeering. But the MC is a Gary Stu of the highest order. He has full isekai syndrome, and keeps calling everyone country bumpkins in his head because he came from the 21st century (and because hes *not at all* bitter at being treated like a peasant... more>> farmer... which he is). The way he gives up at the first opertunity to actually learn anything under his own power is a bit annoying. He would rather farm golden fingers than attempt to use the skills he has to solve problems. Why study? He just doesnt have the brain for it. Instead farm a photographic memory and level up intelligence to super human... so he can use it for... nothing much. Dude literaly has to be superhuman to do the basics any other protagonist would have covered. Dude metaphorically needs a machine gun to kill flys when he started with a fly swatter <<less
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EmberBlood rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: c129
For this review I've got one sentence that truly speaks my mind.

[High potential but sh*t outcome]

The start was very unique and interesting. Princess Changle's sickness and The MC's daily care for her and the way it was delivered was really nice and wholesome. Even though there were some weak points but it was overall nice to read until Princess Changle finally woke up from her coma. The story became dogsh*t from then on.

The MC is already the strongest by 100 ch. He just boast himself all the time. And Princess... more>> Changle became a ret*rded dog who only obey and lick the MC's toe (I have no problem with her obeying the MC and loving him wholeheartedly but that execution is so ret*rded in the book. It feels like she has no personality at all which wasn't the case when she was in coma and had her inner thoughts)

Overall.. You can read the first 50+ chapters until the princess wakes up. It's a good read to that point. <<less
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HelloHound rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: c99
It was better when the wife was still unconscious because then she felt like a character rather than a decoration for the gary stu MC.

I guess my main fuss nowadays is that the protagonist keeps on buffing his stats and grabbing golden fingers and blah blah blah and then doesn't do anything with it. He endlessly talks about how he's an invincible warrior able to fight off hundreds when he spends all his time lazing about in his wife's courtyard. He legitimately had two major opportunities to actually use his... more>> "warrior body" when his older brother offered to teach him the art of war and when his emperor father in law offered to make him a general, but no.

Instead he stays back home and plagiarized countless famous works so random women in the capital can feel worse about their upcoming nuptials not going to be with him. And his wife, the very reason he is still alive and managed to get to this point is just... there. Any pampering between the two feels more like a pet owner and a beloved dog as he views the era he's been transported to and the people he's surrounded by, as inherently inferior to him. The story wastes no effort nor words to back up his claim.

Just a bit disappointed I suppose <<less
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Mortrexo rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: c133
Five stars without a doubt if you like historical Chinese novels. There is not much intrigue in the first chapters since the MC is very overpowered. However, what sells this novel the most is not political intrigue, but the Husband-Wife relationship. It's so sweet that I have a toothache.
Also, the novel doesn't dragon out the Wife's recovery. It happens relatively soon, before 100 chapters. (Not saying the exact number to keep you intrigued.)

In short, it is worthy of giving it a try. Read the first ten chapters and decide for yourself.
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hammer rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: c45
I like this novel, but I have an issue with the main character. He's just a tad too overpowered, good-looking, smart, and way too greedy. I mean, he keeps upgrading his stats and collecting more powers; it's like he's on a one-way ticket to becoming a god. Honestly, I lose interest when he gains the super memorization power that allows him to access advanced technology and literature in the future.
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kuri94 rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: c394
Reasonably enjoyable in the early stages where the story is focussed on the development of the 'relationship' between the vegetative princess and the main character it transmogrifies into a militaristic power fantasist's wet dream. This change in focus is rather extreme with very little of the early 'sweet pet' style appearing later on, but ironically this appears to be the author's strength: the female lead is at least rather cute if not particularly distinctive, and the research into caring for those with a long term lack of consciousness has clearly... more>> been done. On the other hand while the later stages have all the common failings of nationalist military Chinese web novels---viz. Fascistic/imperialistic attitudes, casual support of genocide etc---the novel has none of the strengths that make some of these novels nonetheless quite interesting (detailed study of power politics in historical context, technical analyses of military situations and so on). It is now standard for the pattern 'dominance begins with marrying a wife' to emerge but this one strikes me as particularly bad---and I have self-confessedly low standards (I still keep up with 'Keyboard Immortal' and 'Immortal Fate Of Longevity: Starting From Taking Care of Fellow Daoist Wife' for instance). <<less
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campfiretails rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: c90
(Edit, this was written before she woke up. Like two different stories probably the worst call I have ever made and the most embarrassing review. It's like the writer didn't know what to do after she was healed, but knew he couldn't drag on to long. So fell back on ever tough man romance cliche. 2 out of 5)

To me atleast, this is a 5 star, and that is because it does what I want it to do.

What do I want? I wanted a sweet romance where... more>> I can throw reason to the wind, and this novel does this extremely well.

However, if you are wanting a good action and intrigue novel, this novel is probably not for you. The Worldbuilding and Power System are very base level and poorly juxtaposed, and I consider these two elements the most important when dealing action and intrigue novels.

This said, a good romance has different requirements in my unsophisticated opinion. Namely; characters and plot. Which in this they do well, amplified by how they are combined. What makes this a 5 star surprisingly, is how well the author covers their tracks and mends plot holes. (Spoilers ahead)

For example, just how weird the plot is to begin with, is covered up and eased by female lead inner dialog. Her inner thoughts alone turns this from a criminal case to an actual romance. Another, is how the author switches between self sacrifice and self gain. Both charactersare given eachother support and sacrificing equally. Such as the Protagonist ability to lock items. It sounds s*upid, I know. The male lead has a gacha power (-1 to originality) that is powered by interacting with powerful/influential people including the female lead. Now here's the unexpected part, the Protagonisthas the ability to lock an item. The item he has locked, the ability to go home. Now he could just stay with her, keep he in a vegetative state, and rack up enough point to go home. Instead he choices to give up on going home just so he can have another space so he might find her cure. He did this without knowing the inner dialog of the female lead mind you. So there was no logical reason to do this, unless he truly cared for her.


So to me, it these small moments and choices that the author makes, that really amplifys the story. Choices, that while seem nominal, would make this story completely different without it being stated or there. In many stories these small details are usually overshadowed or glossed over. Birthday gifts and first date locations are minor matters that could be mentioned or not on the whims of the authors. Only meant to show how close the two are. Here though, these small choices each feel differently. Each gift he gives her is one less for himself. The more he pampers her, the less time he has for personal gain and relaxation. It's the first time I'm giving something a 5 stars on the small moments alone. <<less
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hyahhaa rated it
December 17, 2023
Status: c48
Slice of life story with interesting premise, but ruined by how each chapter is mostly just a filler by the author. It's either full of info dump of Chinese ancient history, or MC's monologue about what to do with his points. Both are unreadable because of the barely edited MTL, so maybe this novel will be bearable with proper translation. Personally I don't really like history, but that's what this novel heavily invested on. Maybe because it's focused on the slice of life part, but as of chapter 48 there's... more>> nothing going on plot-wise (or at least nothing caught my attention)


  1. You must be able to endure reading MTL to enjoy this
  2. Preferably you understand and like history, specifically Chinese history, to fully enjoy this
  3. You can turn off some part of your brain to ignore easy-to-guess stereotypical Chinese webnovel plot development, so you can feel excited while reading this
  4. You're bored and just want something to read
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Starfighter rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: c64
The story is pretty good. The translation is also clear.

It is a nice sweet romance with the FML till now. The FML was in a coma but she could perceive the outside world and has an active mind which means we get to hear her thoughts about the situation.

The MC is a pretty normal person till now. Haven't gotten much time to see his character interact with a lot of people. He doesn't seem to have any overarching motivation as of yet so it is pretty aimless in the direction... more>> as of now. He has a system that I won't spoil but it is the initial motivation to "touch" the FML and may serve as future motivation to get close to heroines. He does seem to grow pretty quickly but we haven't seen him face any antagonists yet so no idea how strong he is exactly. All we have got is abstract reference without any real action.

World-building-wise, this is based on CN history and I am no expert on that but the novel gives you enough context to make sense of the characters. For people like me who don't know the history it is mostly just names with some template like "arrogant princess" or "brave general" that I could pick out from that. From what I could find after a quick wiki search it doesn't look like the actual history will have a lot of impact since the MC is already causing ripples but it isn't enough chapters to say anything convincingly.

Overall it is a good novel to read if you want to read a nice and sweet romance and what seems to be a bit of court politics based on the direction of the latest chapter.

I personally came here due to the Harem tag but we don't have any heroines other than the FML till now. He does have thoughts to exploit his system using a Harem but it is just a throwaway thought for now. Will see how it develops in the future. <<less
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RedYellowBlue rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c64
Great stuff. I like seeing the MC being devoted to the female lead.

So far not much drama, mostly just sweet moments between the two.

Regarding the female lead's comatose:


She will wake up around ch55. It is great seeing them finally interacting with each other.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zdubwilly rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c140
3/5. Difficult to rate. As many others Reviewers say, first 50 chapters are unique and pretty great. After Chapter 50 it really feels like a different 'genre' or tone shift. 1 - 50 is pretty heartwarming and cute, MC taking care of comatose wife, getting to hear her internal dialogue, and getting POV's of just about every Character and their reaction to MC and FL being together. No-one knows that she is conscious, and so he really does emotionally (and physically) save her, and becomes kind of like a 'light'... more>> to her.

Once she wakes up though, this turns into the most generic 'isekai' wish fulfillment novel. It seems like it's even going in a harem direction... I'm all about wish fulfillment, but this one knocks you over the head with it so strongly, it's not subtle and it's pretty cringey to read honestly. The 'poem' arc is so cringey to me. I just don't get the whole "poems are amazing!" thing in many of these ancient China or wuxia novels. I think they maybe don't translate well to English. And they REALLY overdo it in this one. It last way too long, and is 5x cringier than any other poem literate MC I've seen. MC will say "I see 3 thousand rivers but only take a sip" and all the females swoon, and the scholars praise him, people just go CRAZY over these simple lines. So silly. that'll continue for like 30 chapters. Now around chapter 130-140 we are getting into a 'War' arc finally, where MC with his OP stats is gonna go be a 1 man army for the kingdom. This is the kind of wish fulfillment I'm cool with, HOWEVER, I am 90% sure as a result of this he will get to marry that princess that he went to war to save. Wife's internal dialogue, the princess' father's internal dialogue, heavily hint that they both want MC to 'take care of her', because she's in love with him. Why is she? Because she read his poems. Just goofy. We got 50 chapters building up for this MC and FL couple, then you wanna throw in another female into it like it's a generic harem, and not give her much story-time so it really feels like it's turning into a generic harem building wuxia isekai type novel. Still could change, she might not end up with MC I don't know, but it's heavily implying to a reader that she will. The War arc just started, and don't know how it's gonna end or what is next. <<less
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Leftail rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c89

6/10 (lesser wuxia)


... more>> It started good, the idea was really interesting even if the MC was a bit underveloped and lacking a clear personality, he first 80 chapters are what you are after, but then it becames quite a slow tortured, the author only added padding, not knowing where to take the story in a interesting way without making the MC an self inserted god, good idea, bad execution.

Even for a wuxia it started tame, going most on the daily life of the MC and his new wife, wich is under a coma by the actions of someone, so far so good, but after reaching the point of her gaining back her health, the story start to go all over the place, the MC stops becoming an underdog, and becames goku, not joking, he literaly becames the strongest force by chapter 80, truly a gary stu, he is the prettiest, the smartest, the migthiest... you can see the rest, it became a boring story after she woke up.

I recomend it if you want to only read the begining and see what it could had been, instead of the boring and sad excuse of a story it became. Dont waste your time, search for a better one, only read this one if you dont have anything else. <<less
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Sakusei rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: c63
I'm honestly loving the story, the pacing is really nice in a way since the author did not bother to milk the vegetative state arc in order to show the MC's realistic features.

As of 63 chapters, it's a great story. The problem that most people have is word padding, but as someone who's read a lot of Chinese novels I'm fine with it. Note: Try reading Fey Evolution Merchant, it's a great example of a great story with lots of word-padding but people still support it anyways. Always remember, light... more>> novels are written in order for the author to earn money and such an entertaining story is a big plus for me at the very least. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ZehCrow rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: c40
Every novel can be ascertained as good or bad within 30 chapters. Yes you veterans of the light novel space, even that dumb wuxia that takes 150 chapters to really pick up pace. It's a feeling you get when your casually absorbing the words and fantasizing yourself in the setting, where either the writer shows his skill/potential or the story idea is strong enough to overcome that.

This is a good novel, and good novels deserve 5 stars.

The translation isn't great, the characters are a little weird, the system mechanics aren't... more>> exactly interesting.

But this novel has made me enjoy reading a toothache worthy romantic ancient china setting.

And if you've read as much as I have and have shifted your requirements for a novel to be simply;

"will this make my heart warm?"

This novel is a good option.

At least until it gets spontaneously dropped. <<less
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Toraihekisa rated it
August 11, 2023
Status: c40
Dear God I'm going to have a diabetes from the protagonists

ML while doing it for his benefit genuinely cares for the FL and I feel touched evertime I read about what he does for her

and FL's inner dialogue is super adorable yet very sad in context

definitely rate this 10/10 it has the well balanced blend of (as someone already said) a shounen system plot via ML and a shoujo romance plot via FL and it's a very wholesome read, every chapter my heart is just filled with wholesomeness
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