The Ten Heroines are Insane!


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Xu Ze transmigrated into a novel and became the final villain, capable of becoming an immortal level existence if he completed the plot ten times over.

To achieve immortality, Xu Ze devoted his life to playing the role of the villain who abandoned the heroine and was incomparably evil.

However, all the heroines suddenly regained their memories of their previous nine lives during their last lifetime.

The hatred and love they had for Xu Ze blackened them all.

“Xu Ze, I hate you for abandoning me! But I also love you. So I’m locking you up by my side so you can never leave!”

“Xu Ze, do you like me, or Big Sister? You certainly like me, right? After all, you told me that you would love me until death do us part.”

“Xu Ze, I know why you abandoned me. It’s because of this man, right? Then, I will kill him right now, so don’t leave me, okay?”

The protagonist: “Brother Xu save me! I’ll give you the system, I’ll give you all of my treasures, so please don’t send your woman to kill me.”

Xu Ze, who was tied up, shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

My brother, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to save you. Even I cannot protect myself.

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2 Reviews

Aug 05, 2023
Status: c10
Still early but so far the novel has an interesting concept. Hopefully the characters become more developed and aren't all just one faceted, crazy about the protagonist, cut outs of one another. One issue that I have noticed is that the writer is telling us rather than showing us. No development of showing us the complexity of the characters. We are just told that this is what they are which so far is just crazy and obsessed about MC.
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Oct 12, 2023
Status: c219
Solid 7/10. A pleasant read to pass the time with. I usually try to stay away from these types of novels, but I genuinely enjoyed reading this one.

Short summary: Xu Ze had gone through nine reincarnations, acting as the main villain of the story. Every time at the ending, he would be defeated by Ye Fan, along with the aid of the ten heroines, who are all Xu Ze's ex-lovers. Now at his tenth reincarnation, which is also his final round, he thought that he would need to repeat the... more>> same thing he had done the past nine lives; if the 10th life went well, then he would be able to achieve higher power. To Xu Ze's surprise, the objective of the 10th round would be completely different from the previous rounds because his task would be to re-conquer all of the 10 heroines who have all been abandoned by him and have full memories of their previous 9 lives as well.


In the first 30 chapters or so, I didn't like the author's writing style very much because he kept repeating information, especially whenever Qu Qinghan was present. She would just repeat the fact that she hated Xu Ze very much, but she loved him even more than the hatred she harbored for him. This is my personal nitpicking, but the author does improve as the chapters go on.

Something else I would like to criticize is how some of the girls

(Lu Qingqing, Nalan Yun, etc.)

are noticeably given less development compared to the rest of the cast. I'm well-aware of the harem genre tag and how romance management with the heroines is difficult when there are so many, but this problem did annoy me a bit while reading.

And the one-dimensionality of most of the heroines is pretty straightforward except for

Gu Ling's and Yao Ling's; everyone else is admittedly pretty bland.



Xu Ze is very likeable as a protagonist. After realizing the real object of the 10th life, he gave up the thought of becoming a villain entirely and tried to make amends with the heroines to the best of his abilities. Making things right and taking care of all the girls because of the guilt he had to bear when he abandoned them repeatedly If anyone dares to touch the heroines, he will deal with them himself. Something that surprised me is that later in the story,

Elder Qi Tian was heavily injured and would've died if Xu Ze hadn't healed him up; he even went so far as to seek Su Muxue's help to save the Elder's life.


The comedy is also done decently well, as it mainly focuses on how scummy Xu Ze is for having so many women by his side.

All of the heroines developed well as they interacted with each other more, especially Qu Qinghan, who I liked the least out of the 10 heroines and who turned into my favourite because

she was the first to give up the thought of monopolizing Xu Ze for herself. Becoming more of a first wife, helping Xu Ze manage the harem. A group of the girls got increasingly closer in the latest chapters when Qu Qinghan saved Lu Qingqing, Jing Xiaoxuan, and Lin Yu'er from the snow yeti.


The system doesn't have a big role in the story, so its appearance and involvement are very minimal, besides the fact that it only gives Xu Ze's vague objectives. I've never been fond of system texts bloating up the entire page with redundant stats and information. So this is another big plus for me. <<less
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