All The Bigshots Love Me [Quick Transmigration]


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She is his cure.

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199sweetheart rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this story. It's full of fluff and there isn't much drama. Some arcs are better than others but they are still fun to read. It's quite interesting to see MC mindset changes throughout the world. At first she just sees this as her job but gradually she starts to feel something more. The ML from every arc is cute. He may not look like it but his actions and his cares towards MC is just too cute and super loving. The difference between ML cold appearance+behaviour compared to how he acts towards MC is just too sweet. The ML is just so sweet and adorable towards the MC.

There's really not that much drama in this story. In every arc, the MC meets the ML and they get together and fall in love. There's no rival or original storyline that they have to follow or subvert.

Some of my thoughts for every arc


hotshot 1: one of my fav arc. The ML is just too sweet. I like that the MC's sister doesn't take the typical route by becoming jealous of MC and tries to steal ML. ML is quite calm in this story but its quite cute when he teases the ML. I think this is the only arc where it is stated that they have a child together. At this stage MC really regards this as her job.

hotshot 2: I always enjoyed a showbiz arc. Director Wang Qikun is quite fun to read as a supporting characters. He's just too cute as a tsundere. Wish we could see more of him.

hotshot 3: I really enjoyed ML and MC interaction in this one. MC as this cute young (rich) girl and the ML as this cold domineering old (compared to MC) CEO uncle. The ML sees MC as a small cute kitten especially when she is angry.

hotshot 4: not my fav but it's still quite an enjoyable read. And the ending is quite good. In this arc, MC becomes quite reluctant to leaves the MC and after this arc, the MC decides not to becomes lover in the next life because she is getting tired emotionally (especially because only MC remembers all of this).

hotshot 5: MC at the beginning decides not to becomes lover and just be close to the ML in some other way. But in the end, she decides to enjoy every life with the ML because even though only she remembers ML's feeling is still genuine and whole-hearted. ML is quite cute and awkward in this arc and his cares towards MC is just so sweet. (In every arc ML cares toward MC in sweet)

hotshot 6: this one is a high school love story. It's quite simple and sweet. ML's mom in this one is quite amusing. Especially when she finds out that ML becomes deskmate then girlfriend/boyfriend with MC.

hotshot 7: ML is shameless in this one. It's quite entertaining seeing him trying to seduce MC (a cold beauty) by acting like a gentleman when he is far from it. But when they got together ML's is just too sweet. ML's parents are hilarious and their banter are quite amusing.

hotshot 8: ML have two identity in this one and he's quite evil (for revenge) but never towards MC.

hotshot 9: One of my fav. From the start ML treats MC very well. Because MC told him he smells, he quickly bathes, MC told him his beard hurt her, he quickly shaves, everything the MC asks, he does it and he wants the best for MC. He's a total wife-s*ave in this one. Especially love that ML's life philosophy comes from the wolf behavior because he's raises by them.

hotshot 10: the 'real world arc'. MC tries to went on their own separate way because she thought only she remembers every reincarnation. But surprise surprise ML remembers everything *pikachuface*. ML is very cute in his dragon form especially when he acts like a baby trying to get MC sympathy. The small 'enlightened' grass that MC raises is just too cute. ML modus operandi to get MC is acting cute so that MC can't bear to ignore him. There's also some backstory on why MC is the one that goes and gets ML soul shard.


To sum it up, a quite an enjoyable read. Some arc may be a bit boring than the others but it's still a good read.
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crprlnm rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Although the description is very short. It really says a lot about the story.

The ML did not blackened or anything. He’s just literally injured. The FL helped ML to gather his soul to heal him. At first its for the gratitude that FL did it but it became something more after every arc.

Even after the mission is done and they went back to “real world”. ML is still whipped for FL.

... more>> This is a satisfying read if you’re looking for something short and fluffy.

No drama or faceslapping. Just enjoy the life of a gentle FL and a sweet ML. <<less
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08phamann rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is MTL-able, although I don't know why you would do that. But I did, and I don't know why...

In regards to plot, it's quite bland and boring. No drama, no face slapping, so annoying antagonist for our MC or ML to kill. So if you're looking for that, don't bother reading this.

Most of the arcs are similar in that MC is like, quiet and competent, or cute and pretty, and ML just falls for her. For some inexplicable reason. Which is fine, but there is no work that... more>> MC has to do, no scheme or any sort of thinking on her part, to get ML to fall for her. He just does, and MC just goes along with it. <<less
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czeihne rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: c45
I really want to finish reading the story but it wasn't complete at mtl and other website, just keep on repeating back to the previous world

Can you tell me where else to read? I was only able to read the first few chapters of the Uncle story
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