All The Bigshots Love Me [Quick Transmigration]


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She is his cure, so sweet, spoiled, and full of teasing.

Big shot 1: [80’s Soldier] Her younger sister does not want to marry the soldier, so her family asked her, the older sister, to marry him instead. (Flirting complete√)

Big Shot 2: [Abstinent Film Emperor] Shocking! The abstinence-type film emperor subverts his character design and hides a beauty from the eighteenth line in his luxury house… uh, the young actress who is not even in the eighteenth line! (Flirting complete√)

Big Shot 3: [Domineering CEO’s Uncle] The domineering CEO fell in love with Cinderella, so he wants to break his engagement with his fiancée. His fiancée turned around and hooked up with his uncle – a higher-ranking domineering CEO! (Flirting complete√)

Big Shot 4: [Treasonous Chief Eunuch] What a shock! That horrible eunuch, who is in charge of the state affairs, dares to covet the young, beautiful empress dowager! (Flirting Complete√)

Big Shot 5: [Republican Era Marshal] “Did you know, Young Master Huo is in a coma, and Madam wants her adopted daughter to marry him, using this auspicious event to ward off his bad luck.” “Tch, they are still brothers and sisters in a sense.”

Young Master: This is ridiculous! I treat her like a younger sister!

Jiang Rui: Alright, older brother.

After some time.

Passer-by: Huh, why is the young master’s face swollen? (Flirting Complete√)

Big Shot 6: [Cool School Bully] A fierce, arrogant bad boy and a soft, well-mannered good girl become seatmates.

In the beginning: “Tch, delicate.”

Later: “Hey, who gave you permission to bully her?” (Flirting Complete√)

Big Shot 7: [Roguish Nouveau Riche] A wealthy, overbearing nouveau riche VS a cold Miss Perfect from a literary family.

In the beginning: You can do whatever you want when you are rich.

Later: My wife can do whatever she wants to me. (Flirting Complete√)

Big Shot 8: [Wheelchaired Big Boss] The gentleman who is elegant and refined on the surface, a sinister devil behind the façade, and…the little cook in his estate.

Underling A: Hey girlie, serve me a cup of tea.

Underling B: Girlie? You must be out of your mind! That’s the Madam! (Flirting Complete√)

Big Shot 9: [Foreign Barbarian King] The dynasty is on the verge of decline, so the Emperor is marrying the imperial princess to the ruthless barbarian king. (Flirting Complete√)

The ultimate Big Shot: [Deity of the Nine Abysses] Our deity is super! duper! cold! (Still Flirting)

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199sweetheart rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this story. It's full of fluff and there isn't much drama. Some arcs are better than others but they are still fun to read. It's quite interesting to see MC mindset changes throughout the world. At first she just sees this as her job but gradually she starts to feel something more. The ML from every arc is cute. He may not look like it but his actions and his cares towards MC is just too cute and super loving. The difference between ML cold appearance+behaviour compared to how he acts towards MC is just too sweet. The ML is just so sweet and adorable towards the MC.

There's really not that much drama in this story. In every arc, the MC meets the ML and they get together and fall in love. There's no rival or original storyline that they have to follow or subvert.

Some of my thoughts for every arc


hotshot 1: one of my fav arc. The ML is just too sweet. I like that the MC's sister doesn't take the typical route by becoming jealous of MC and tries to steal ML. ML is quite calm in this story but its quite cute when he teases the ML. I think this is the only arc where it is stated that they have a child together. At this stage MC really regards this as her job.

hotshot 2: I always enjoyed a showbiz arc. Director Wang Qikun is quite fun to read as a supporting characters. He's just too cute as a tsundere. Wish we could see more of him.

hotshot 3: I really enjoyed ML and MC interaction in this one. MC as this cute young (rich) girl and the ML as this cold domineering old (compared to MC) CEO uncle. The ML sees MC as a small cute kitten especially when she is angry.

hotshot 4: not my fav but it's still quite an enjoyable read. And the ending is quite good. In this arc, MC becomes quite reluctant to leaves the MC and after this arc, the MC decides not to becomes lover in the next life because she is getting tired emotionally (especially because only MC remembers all of this).

hotshot 5: MC at the beginning decides not to becomes lover and just be close to the ML in some other way. But in the end, she decides to enjoy every life with the ML because even though only she remembers ML's feeling is still genuine and whole-hearted. ML is quite cute and awkward in this arc and his cares towards MC is just so sweet. (In every arc ML cares toward MC in sweet)

hotshot 6: this one is a high school love story. It's quite simple and sweet. ML's mom in this one is quite amusing. Especially when she finds out that ML becomes deskmate then girlfriend/boyfriend with MC.

hotshot 7: ML is shameless in this one. It's quite entertaining seeing him trying to seduce MC (a cold beauty) by acting like a gentleman when he is far from it. But when they got together ML's is just too sweet. ML's parents are hilarious and their banter are quite amusing.

hotshot 8: ML have two identity in this one and he's quite evil (for revenge) but never towards MC.

hotshot 9: One of my fav. From the start ML treats MC very well. Because MC told him he smells, he quickly bathes, MC told him his beard hurt her, he quickly shaves, everything the MC asks, he does it and he wants the best for MC. He's a total wife-s*ave in this one. Especially love that ML's life philosophy comes from the wolf behavior because he's raises by them.

hotshot 10: the 'real world arc'. MC tries to went on their own separate way because she thought only she remembers every reincarnation. But surprise surprise ML remembers everything *pikachuface*. ML is very cute in his dragon form especially when he acts like a baby trying to get MC sympathy. The small 'enlightened' grass that MC raises is just too cute. ML modus operandi to get MC is acting cute so that MC can't bear to ignore him. There's also some backstory on why MC is the one that goes and gets ML soul shard.


To sum it up, a quite an enjoyable read. Some arc may be a bit boring than the others but it's still a good read.
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crprlnm rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Although the description is very short. It really says a lot about the story.

The ML did not blackened or anything. He’s just literally injured. The FL helped ML to gather his soul to heal him. At first its for the gratitude that FL did it but it became something more after every arc.

Even after the mission is done and they went back to “real world”. ML is still whipped for FL.

... more>> This is a satisfying read if you’re looking for something short and fluffy.

No drama or faceslapping. Just enjoy the life of a gentle FL and a sweet ML. <<less
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seasaltxx rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I really only have one comment for this QT. I'm so glad I read it. I'm so happy. I'm not going into depth anymore because other comments have already done that. It's because of them I took a chance on it despite the one sentence synopsis lmao.

so take a chance on it. You won't regret it. The only thing that I can add is that the author themself said that they don't like to pit women against each other so for me it's an added bonus that even though there's... more>> fighting, the women don't go crazy because of a dude. Tbh there's no women fighting over a man here <<less
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Nelle rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a good light read. You can binge read this for 2 days. It's enjoyable and there's a lighthearted scheming on how MC can be ML's lover and vice versa. There's not much to complain about this, but I have to admit that I feel disappointed everytime an arc ends because it feels like it ended so fast. I find it unique among world-hopping novels because this one begins with a farming girl arc. Give this one a try!

To be honest, I did not enjoy the last 2 arcs (barbarian... more>> ML arc and real world arc), but the problem probably lies on the mtl. I think most of the good things in those 2 arcs were lost in translation. So the 5-star rating I gave for this one does not include the last 2 arcs. <<less
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Eueu rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: c34
I dislike how the MC/author perfunctorily fulfills the wish of the bodies she's occupying. Instead, more focus is given to her own mission of saving the ML. Wc I get but I still dislike it.

Arc 1:

... more>>

This is a farming 80's story. In return for using the original owner's body, MC had to take care of her family but she just patted her bu*t after her marriage with the ML and lived a girlboss life. I'm sure her parents are living well, so is her brother bec the sister in law is also a girlboss entrepreneur. Everyone is living a good life except for the spoiled little sister who dared to pursue higher education in the city. In the end, she became pregnant out of wedlock and was cheated on by her long time crush. Where was the MC in all of these? Who knows, we just know that she's the only one who attended the wedding with the scumbag. Bravo to her. And she was indeed good to the little sister by tolerating her. But u don't become a good older sister by being nice to your younger siblings. You need to guide them, discipline them if need be. The original owner wanted her family safe and living well. That includes the little sister!!! I mean sure, an ordinary person couldn't really do anything to pry a loving couple apart but the MC is a mary sue who's lived thousands of years. She was even able to seduce the ML thru a f*cking picture (she put spiritual power in it). She downplays the power of what she did by saying it just made the ML feel comfortable seeing her picture. But the ML here is a very in demand bachelor living miles away. But she was able to make him come home and marry her. She definitely had the power to vet the scumbag husband of her little sister and prevent her from having the ending she did. The ending just pissed me off so much that it carried over to the next arc.


Arc 2:


This is an entertainment story of a pure girl wanting a big break in showbiz. The original owner had an ex who dumped her so he can climb over other ppl and help his career. The og owner wanted to end the career of the scumbag so the MC used her magic powers to make the ex spill abt his drug use (so convenient). Then the ML was making a point how ppl shouldn't rely on connections to climb up. However, MC's career is basically a result of using connections. She was a fricking extra who had a chance to play a little supporting role bec of connections. She signed to a nice company bec of connections. Ofc there is no s*x involved bec she's pure and innocent and very unique. Instead, she's using romance. Ofc the hypocrisy is not very obvious and I know there is a limitation in the length of QT arc. But I dont like it when cannon fodders get punished for doing the same/similar thing.


Disclaimer: I've read many counterattack stories so I'm a bit biased towards cannon fodders and against OP MCs. I've also read a loooot of transmigration stories and my personal rule is that if you take over someone's life and identity, you better respect their wishes. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Used MTL.

It's a pretty easy, fluffy QT novel. MC is likeable, ML is likeable too. No dub-con or non-con. MC's job is to guide ML's soul pieces from the lower realms to the upper realms. She can choose any role but since ML keeps falling in love with her, she becomes his lover. What I liked was that while MC is super good to ML, once she is back in her own world (aka the Heavenly world) she doesn't feel much for the first couple of worlds. It's only after... more>> world 3/4 that she starts feeling sad that ML won't remember her most probably. And she also becomes aware that she is investing too much emotions. As more worlds go by, she falls further in love with ML. I liked this kind of logical setting of a 1000+ year old MC not falling for an amnesiac currently-human ML at once but at the same time maintains great affection for each of her human lifespan.

If u r expecting face-slaps etc then there is not much. Since MC is OP fairy in human world, she can simply hypnotise the villains into going to a police station and confessing their crimes lol. She spends more time with building companionship with ML.

ML is possessive, a bit obsessive and easily falls in love with MC. But in the latter worlds he becomes a little twisted (not much, not a yandere or something) but it's nothing MC can't solve.

MC is stronger than ML in the human world coz she is fairy. And in some worlds ML realises this too but since MC's goal is to simply be around ML, she doesn't show off her power unless it is to protect or heal ML.

Recommended if u want a sweet and calming (&short) QT novel. <<less
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08phamann rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is MTL-able, although I don't know why you would do that. But I did, and I don't know why...

In regards to plot, it's quite bland and boring. No drama, no face slapping, so annoying antagonist for our MC or ML to kill. So if you're looking for that, don't bother reading this.

Most of the arcs are similar in that MC is like, quiet and competent, or cute and pretty, and ML just falls for her. For some inexplicable reason. Which is fine, but there is no work that... more>> MC has to do, no scheme or any sort of thinking on her part, to get ML to fall for her. He just does, and MC just goes along with it. <<less
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northerner rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: Completed
You may find it boring at times but it's definitely worth the shot. I absolutely like MC and ML tandem. ML has various personalities in different world and not just cold. Those personalities are also displayed by the complete ML. MC is smart and an excellent actress. LMAO. I find both of them charming.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
czeihne rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: c45
I really want to finish reading the story but it wasn't complete at mtl and other website, just keep on repeating back to the previous world

Can you tell me where else to read? I was only able to read the first few chapters of the Uncle story
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Shelse rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: --
I started reading because it looked like it would be a sweet, drama-free read, and it really is. The problem I didn't realize would be one of those stories where the MC jumps between worlds and considers it all an act, in this case a job. Nothing against stories or protagonists like that, but for people like me who are sentimental, it's not really something I enjoy reading.

Like I said, the story has worlds where MC and ML's relationship is incredibly sweet, ML is a sweetheart and MC is really... more>> chill and mature, watching the two bond was... bittersweet.

As I said, MC considers it only her job to be close to ML in each world, so I gradually got impatient and felt like I was wasting my time, because none of this was real. I don't know how to explain it, but the story was becoming superficial in my eyes.

MC as he passes through the worlds begins to develop feelings, but I have already lost most of my interest in reading. I still recommend this novel to anyone looking for a sweet, laid-back story with an incredibly cute ML. <<less
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June 15, 2023
Status: c44
First of all, I had now idea what the story is all about because the description is really short. So I read some reviews says it's good, I did not read it right away tho I just save it to read in the future and the future is now.

This review will be edited from time to time as I was still reading it at the moment and I want to make a review per arc.

First arc: 80's soldier (c1-c24)

... more>>

I was really confused, when I first read the chapter one cause I don't remember much of the reviews I read when I found it.

Anyways, I just want to applaud the author for the not changing the behavior of the original owner and rather retained it when the FL transmigrate on Du Baoqin's body. Also, by always calling her Jiang Rui than DBQ's name, cause it just shows that FL is the owner of the body now and not necessarily she is DBQ.

Also, this arc was quite realistic for me. I just love how the characters are not necessarily good and bad.

For example, FL's mom, the first part of the arc shows how she was set on marrying FL's younger sister with a quite well-off family. Looking at it at different kind of perspective, it can be wrong but also had a good reason behind it. I mean, as a mother who already experienced the hardship of life, she would, of course, want the best for their child. But there were two choices, let her study for college or marry a well off family, both for her is good but the latter is much more plausible for than the first. Which is why she ended up marrying the FL than the younger one making it a win-win situation.

It's all good when you think about it, but looking at other perspective like FL's sister in law's one, she thinks they were quite biased in the younger sister. Who wouldn't? Even the original owner of the body has a potential but she chose to let go of that because of her younger sister who was so-called 'much more intelligent' than her. Also, adding the fact that what if she married a bad family right? Good thing that didn't happen tho.

In addition, I would like to add how the author tells how every characters thinks. It wasn't just simply thoughts that doesn't have sense rather it shows how a person's background could affects the way they think. For example, the FL's sister in law thinks that it's better to marry someone near you than one that might be having good pay but can't even accompany you.

Adding to that, novel really shows how different kind of love perseveres, like the FL's sister in law's love with her brother it a kind of in-sickness-and-in-poor love, the one with the DBQ of relenting everything for her family and her unrequited love with the younger sister's crush, the younger sister's type of rushing-towards-you type of love. I'm having hard time explaining but in simple words love can be told in different ways.

I might want to add, Du Baoqin's character is quite pitiful, I mean, even in death she just wish on the FL to look after her family, in the end they only realize her importance when the FL married. Also, I'm quite shock how the younger sister's ending was, I mean I'm kind of expecting a bad end but just expecting it to be much more complicated, now I'm curious what happened to her even more.

Anyways, the story is like a shortened version of every 80's setting type of story I read, wherein the FL tried to changed their fate (well in this case it's different tho the FL want to help ML's soul) and ended up being either a business woman, a famous person, or a like in this story a part of fashion industry with matching ML that is either a future successful business man, a man with a bad background of a landlord, or a soldier.



Second arc: Abstinence Actor (c25-c41)


I just realized in this arc that unlike other QT novel, in this novel the FL doesn't have the same name as the original owner which gives more.. I guess uniqueness to it?

Anyways, this is such a cute arc. I really like how the author did not make a difference between the original body's behavior and the FL after occupying the body.

Also, I might as well add how we see more of the FL's real character in this arc. She's quite a writer and a cunning person in this arc. Maybe you're wondering why writer?

Well, when you read the story, the FL made the encounter between her and the ML as authentic as possible. As if that would natural occurance even if she's not occupying the original owner's body. I mean that's how I see it.

Lastly, I wonder is it really required for the ML to go first whenever their life end in every arc?🤔

I dunno I just feel so sad that the FL seems always have to wait for the ML to go first.



Third arc: Overlord Uncle (c42-c60)


It's not yet translated but I just want to make a little review about how the FL ask for like permission and the owner's wish before transmigrating in their body is so respectful. And tells us that FL did not just simply replace the real person but rather ask permission for it.

Anyways, I'm a little bit lazy to read in MTL of this story, so maybe I'll just wait for the translation first.

Edit: Done reading it.

At first, I really didn't quite like this arc, as I was (maybe) accustomed to the ML of the previous arcs. It's good actually but I didn't really feel the essence of this arc, maybe it got something to do with how the scum ex didn't have that satisfying face-slapping moments.

Anyways, cute arc, though I feel like it should be extended at some point as it seems incomplete.
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Universe22102 rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: c12
I really liked this. The relationship between the MC and ML is slow paced but very enjoyable. The only complaint I have is the MC sister. She annoys me so much, at first she was normal but with chapters I became more angry and annoyed with her. 4 stars because of the sister
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lerrein rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c61
Sweet fluffy ~kinda~ instant romance no-system QT. Kinda—because in first two arcs there were sparks flying almost instantly, but the third was actually a challenge for MC (though, she cleared the challenge quickly). I'm not the fan of the 'supernatural attraction to each other' trope, but other than the first arc, I don't think author has used it again (not for the next two words at least).

A good story to relax and pass the time, a bit angsty at times, but overall positive and HE! Both MC and ML are... more>> likable and interesting. A story flow feels a bit naive at times, but not off putting.

Recommended for a light fluffy read! <<less
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November 3, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is full of sweet and dog food. No plot twist or complicated problems. The author basically only write sweet way to fall in love. Our MC is quite a tsudere who spoil our ML (though ML is much stronger and has much higher position). All the side characters are cute. Even the one who is not great, you just can’t really hate them.
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Dreamy Moon Pie rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm so happy that I got to finished this super sweet story. Honestly, I did not expect it to be so good that I binged the MTL version to complete it.

I loved how the MC changed from repaying kindness > having feelings for the ml. I adored the pair, they were the greenest flag couple I have ever seen in quick transmigration troupe im so jealous of their relationship The story was full of fluff and sweet, every arc was worth it!

Though I was a bit disappointed that after... more>> 1-3 arcs, the ending was so abrupt. Like, it ended so fast and directly jumped to another arc without mentioning what happened after the proposal (the first few arcs were detailed and the author mentioned that the couple had children, lived happily etc so on) but later it suddenly stopped, so I was feeling very bad. <<less
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Freyalily rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Every character have their own personality, and the ML have very rich personality too, ... more>>

all the arc ML have different personalities, but they all have 1 same traits, that is extremely clingy.

The real ML is very naughty, petty, childish, shameless and still, very very clingy

And their son will also be naughty, then the duo will turn the heaven upside down, then slowly control by FL lol (although they still be, but silently behind FL back)


I dont agree when someone commend say the FL doesn't have any feeling, she actually does staring to like the ML since arc 1, she think the ML cute, then she started to feel tired whenever the wold end (i assume its emotionally), then denying her feelings, after that admitting her feelings, finally feeling peace. I know she said about treating this whole thing like a game, I don't think she treat it like so, its more like denying and trying to convince herself. She actually love the ML in her own way.

We sometimes get ML perspective, sometimes FL and sometimes 3rd person. And oh boy whenever its ML perspective....

he gots lots of s*xual stuff going on inside his head while still acting like normal on the outside lol


And im actually like the FL peony flower fairy friend lol

she obsessed with snake fairy just because of their 2 ding dong, she said its something about flower double pollination, but im glad she finally see and 'experienced' it in the end lol

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ntww12 rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: --
[PS. Read arc 4!!!]

If you're looking for a drama-free romance that involves quick transmigration, then this is for you. The story is interesting because in every world, the ML has a different personality. This can be fun as the FL then has to adapt to the situation in that world and make the ML inseparable from herself. Why is she doing so:

It's a 1v1 story. ML's soul is fragmented and she's going into the worlds to find the pieces of his soul. This is mentioned very early on, so it's not really a spoiler. The FL also mentions that she does not need to be the ML's lover. She's sticking close to him in order to heal him. She just finds being a lover the easiest path to take to be by his side since parents/friends cannot be with a person entirely from the start to the end of their lives like a lover can. But, like many reviewers mentioned, it can be a bit hard to get into the story worlds because of how detached the FL is. This is an example from the novel:


"In fact, she is not very keen on a career or anything. Anyway, when Lou Wenyuan's lifespan is over, she will leave this world.

It's like playing a game. You know that you are not a character in the game and you have to leave as soon as the game is over. So, why bother to fight it with true feelings?"


That's why it feels as if the FL does not develop feelings at all for the ML. But! When she's in the worlds, she does her "job" wholeheartedly. Do take note that in arc 5 iirc, she realizes that she has fallen for the ML!

She now slowly realizes that investing too much energy in these soul fragments is not a good thing for herself, and it will make her feel inexplicably tired and depressed when she leaves that world.

Acting as the lover of a lifetime, even though I know in my heart that it is just acting, but all the experiences are real, and all the companionship is real.

She thought she would not be affected, but overestimated herself.


FL then realizes that and she tries to distance herself from the ML but she fails. Then she tells herself that it's fine to enjoy it while it lasts but she'll keep her distance when she goes back to her world.

I also find that she actually has a personality of her own despite pretending to be someone else. When she takes over a character, she has to follow their personality. I did read it to the end and realize that her personality is always similar to the people she takes over: cold, ice queen exterior with a hint of warmth, and in private, mischievous and sharp-tongued. MAJOR CONS:

Unfortunately, after the bad boy student arc, all of them end abruptly. I HATE THAT. In the bad boy arc, Shu Manman's mum finding a new love was mentioned but was not expanded on. The arc ended very abruptly with no mention of their future. In the previous arcs, at least its mentioned that they died together happily, or the world went on bla bla.

After the bad boy arc, every other arc that ends would be sudden and I'll be left reeling. In fact, when FL goes back to her oriWorld and ML awakens from his coma, IT WAS ALSO ABRUPT. Like dude, can't you write that, "Finally in the last world she transmigrated to, she has collected enough shards of the ML's soul." Etc etc. NOPE, it suddenly went to the FL sitting in her new home watering her plants. UGH. ML's ori form falling for FL is a cute story but I wished the entire novel was better written.
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September 20, 2022
Status: c25
Cute, but overall couldn’t hold my attention. Might come back later!

The general vibes from the first arc were sweet, soft, and minimal drama.
I usually love myself a 1980’s world with a soldier husband but dang if Hotshot 1 didn’t make me fall asleep. It’s cute, but rote. I felt like I was reading a story of someone going through the actions instead of getting actively involved. Pale beautiful FL feeding spiritual energy to ML whose soul is broken into different shards in different worlds, you get the gist. Each... more>> world is supposed to be a part of his soul (and personality). The writing is straightforward and blunt. No angst or drama, which is nice, but also makes it hard to keep my attention.

MTL is not too bad! I would say a 3/5 readability.

Will be back when I’m in the mood for a light-hearted read haha. <<less
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