After Retirement, Living a Stud Life in Another World


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After drinking too much at my retirement celebration, I woke up to find myself inexplicably transformed into a beautiful young boy in another world. In this world where magic reigns supreme, there’s a catch – only women can use magic. The value of men lies in their ability to produce magically powerful offspring, recognized only through the demanding role of a ‘stud’ in a challenging setting. Somehow, when I engage in procreation, both the children and their mothers gain peculiar powers. Before I knew it, my surroundings were filled with women. Is this some kind of cheat?

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4 Reviews

Feb 01, 2024
Status: v1c8
This novel is interesting... I want to read on, but it may not be for everyone. A part of me rebels deeply against the world the author has laid out so far in only 8 chapters.

Men are absolutely sh*t on in this world. They are weaker than women and basically owe everything to women. The ONLY way they can succeed is by being lucky enough to be able to consistently get women pregnant with powerful daughters.

As is pointed out, due to the ability for one man to get several women... more>> pregnant even though the ratio is roughly the same the stock of the average man is way low. Additionally, add on the humiliation of a NATIONAL codex that rates you against every other man, good if you are on top, sucks if you are on the bottom cause everyone will know.

Due to magic being solely in the control of women men are defacto excluded from the ranks of intelligentsia. Due to magic regular engineering isn't really a thing. The MC is handling the world transition better than I would. I would be viscerally rebelling against it all.

Time will tell if this is actually harem, I don't think being studded out to anyone who can pay is really a harem.

Edit: Updated thoughts as of C34, spoilers of course


So it is harem, but if you were a mob guy reincarnated into this world f*ck this guy. He gets not one wife, but three. One one of whom basically lives to only want him. The MC is still just getting dragged along by women. Yet is still getting a better end of the deal than any average guy.

There has been less than a half-assed attempt at pointing out how shitty this world is for guys. So I kinda wanna explain it from my view as the reader if I imagined myself in this world as not the MC, but instead an average Joe reincarnation.

At the time of the onset of puberty EVERY guy (at least of nobility rank) is made to sleep with eight different women of varying magical attributes to see how good of an off spring they can put out. If you put out shitty offspring f*ck you no one will ever want to sleep with you again. Also, you get 1 night to attempt to imp**gnate each woman, eight nights in a row (at least from what I could tell). Sure hope you weren't born with any genetic abnormalities that might make this a challenge. Oh yeah, and this would effectively be state-enforced statutory r*pe in the real world, the women will be older than you, may or may not be virg*ns.

To be fair, this is a bit shitty for the women, being pushed into relationships with young guys. No idea how much say they get in it or volunteering. However, any hard feelings for them are removed by their open secret womanly book.

All the women secretly judge you in an open secret book where they rank your love making. You know the lovemaking you were so skilled at 13? Cause it's not enough to just rate how many daughters you give them (as though you have ANY control of that), and how strong those daughters are.

Oh yeah, by the way they can measure a daughter's magic AND attribute at birth, yet somehow it seems like men are basically non-magical? How the f*ck does that work genetically? Also, this event is called a baptism for women as well.

So to summarize, as a dude, the BEST you can hope for on your own merits is to be a civil employee (looked down upon, see water mage women). You will be judged your entire life starting at the age of 13 for your s*xual ability AND ability to produce SPECIFIC types of offspring. You can also end up being used as a LITERAL meat shield for the women in the event of war.

MC of course ends up with God sperm. Eight women, all daughters, all powerful magic levels. MC is then effectively strong armed into marrying into the Royal family, where he is flat out told failure to produce a female heir means his wife WILL have s*x with another man. Need I point out the man has proven GOD sperm, if there is no female heir it will have to be her fault.

Also, the royal family sneakily approves male centered harem and NO ONE BATS AN EYE. Despite there being NO precedence for 1 man marrying many women. There is precedence for one woman having many men as a status symbol. Cynically, allowing the male centered harem allows the royal family to calm noble sentiment that they are keeping all the good sperm for themselves while still controlling who gets super babies.

Oh yeah, and if your childhood female friend beats the sh*t out of you to the point where you are hospitalized, no one says anything negative to her.

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Kermit Pretender
Kermit Prete
Jun 05, 2024
Status: c90
This novel suffers from the same problem as Monster Girls Encyclopedia where they don't try to take themselves too seriously but you just need to think about the setting for 2 seconds to realize this is a horrible place to live.

In this world only women can wield magic, which is so OP that a little child is stronger than a trained man. Still, men are necessary for reproduction, so what happens? Eugenics. The top 10% of males with good magic roots become studs (high class prostitute) while the remaining 90%... more>> become peasants, filling jobs nobody wants like farming, mining or being drafted to bolster the numbers of the army. And unless a woman takes pity on you or you become gay, you will die a virg*n.

That's not even the worst part, around chapters 60-80 a war breaks out and MC's mom and sister massacre around 50, 000 soldiers in total without batting an eye (let's ignore the fact the MC isn't traumatized for life). Like, those women are literal nuclear bombs with legs, how come the Kingdom doesn't already dominate the rest of the world? They would just need to go to a nation's capital and in 5 minutes 3/4 of the city would be in ashes. Also, if magic can annihilate entire armies, why nations bother training soldiers at all?

The novel tries to mesh a romcom with action but the setting is too dark for that, making the MC look uncaring about their fellow men. I do not recommend it. <<less
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Apr 28, 2024
Status: v2c89
This is probably the best what if women were massively more powerful type novel I have ever read. The women are not perfect. The men use what tools they have from a very unfair position just like women have before the invention of powered tools. Women recognize and live with their larger burden for pregnancy.

The writing is good but not Shakespeare. The characters are well fleshed out if a little Japanese archetype heavy (yep there is another tsundere). The world is well thoughtout and the author is slowly but surely... more>> fleshing it out with a level of detail, consistency, and intricacy rarely seen in these types of novels.

Try it out. It is actually something every Hollywood studio has been trying to do but actually done well with genuine heart and care. <<less
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Apr 02, 2024
Status: v1c24
Interesting but unless there are some huge changes in the disposition of men I find it hard to believe they would let themselves be relegated to the sidelines as much.

As he said necessity is the mother of invention and a bunch of men pushed to the sidelines would be really bored and desperate... would make for a lot of male inventors just trying to do the same that women can with magic.

Men are more local and scientifically inclined by nature even when they were the bread winners and pillars of... more>> the family so imagine what they would do with all that extra time and want to keep parity with the women of this world.

Honestly the premise I could work with but everyone is up in his business and he is too damn passive given his modern sensibilities. Guy needs to grow a spine or at lest plot properly to get what he wants.


He just got the dark clan under him and he just lets them treat him like air... yeah no... the discussion may be sensible but that treatment would just make me do the opposite just to spite them.

What I hate the most is that he lets himself be physically ab*sed by his childhood friend... in our world that would count as domestic ab*se and he just takes that sh*t while everyone else just accepts it!?

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