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Xing Ye couldn’t accept the sudden death of his younger brother, and as he searched for answers, he recalled the QR code he once saw on his brother’s phone. Having a photographic memory, he was able to quickly sketch out the QR code. Upon scanning it with his phone, he then finds himself transported to an all-white room, where, at the very middle, a giant cube was afloat.

Xing Ye then learned that his brother was a player in this Game of Challenging Fate, and to learn how his brother died, he signed himself up to it.

Later, he gets ahold of a sentient mirror, and the very existence of it hints at the truth of what this Game is really about.

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New ichigofanz rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Love this wn so much, even though I usually don't read gong MC, but this one is so good you won't regret reading this. Both MC & ML is OP & narcissistic, especially shou ML, he love his looks so much, he'll sigh in admiration each time he see himself in mirror LoL. MC doesn't looks like a narcissist, but slowly you'll realize that he love his own IQ, truly a match made in heaven LoL.
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Shadowdrop rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c166
Short review: The author is really good at thinking outside the box. The arcs are very engaging, the MC is very smart but not stereotypical OP, the side characters have personalities and are important, the romance starts quite late, but is extremely adorable and it happens after there is a base relationship of trust and care.

Long review: MC goes into a game world to find out the reason behind his brother's sudden death. There, he is allowed to choose between two camps: 'blessed by fate' and 'opposing fate'.... more>> The camp opposing the fate has a lucky value of 1%, but MC chooses it anyway (for reasons).

    • MC is super smart
    • The games are 'camp vs. Camp', 'players vs. Environment' and 'players vs. Players'. However, players are not obligated to win in a predetermined manner - for example a PvE world can be won through PvE, PvP or a mix of both.
    • The games are interesting and unexpected, but there is no forced logic. Some moments made me think "I should have realized that!". The information given to players is very little, players need to solve the clues to understand the task. However, following the clues and forgetting that initial little bit of information can be dangerous.
    • There is a dumb (but cute), energetic little mirror
  • Although MC is the 'mastermind', he works well with other people. It's not a one-man-show, nor a 'two lovebirds going against the heavens'.
  • The side characters are well-developed and have personalities right from the start, rather than developing them when it becomes relevant to the story
  • MC cannot 'defy heavens' - no matter how much he wants something to happen, there is only magic but no miracles.
(Btw, the romance only starts to show itself in third arc - but don't worry, the story is so good that it does not need romance to hook a reader. And when the romance finally starts to appear, it is sooo cute! It's beyond adorable.) <<less
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IndusEla rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is underrated. Believe me when I say this, this novel doesn't deserve a rating below 4.5; it's a pretty good read.

It's a survival novel in which people have to enter the game periodically to do missions. All the missions are intense, original, engaging, and super fun. The main character is a super smart and successful guy and he's the SEME. That's so rare!

The ML aka uke is someone who you wouldn't expect. At all. He's such a cutieeee, I love him.

All the side and supporting characters were well... more>> rounded, went through character development, and had a lot of presence. This novel actually had both the leads growing as people.

I don't understand why the actual good novels are dropped. If you don't read this, you'd be missing out on a lot. It's easy to MTL. <<less
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Geroker rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Edit: completed update.

Wow, wow, wow.

My god it was perfectly constructed from beginning to end.

What a perfect novel it made me laugh and cry and fist pump with victory and oooh at the best twists.

My ability to review it keeps deteriorating, I've reached the stage where I love it so much I can't talk normally. Hfhfjsbdnksbd.

I just want to say that I really, really love how it handles character growth! It's so good! ... more>>

In the beginning of the story MC is kind of superior to everyone, but because he supports people by the end a lot of people are standing much closer to him. Also, the ML who I said was more cute than competent, boy oh boy by the end of the story that was not the case he becomes very, very competent (but he was still also very, very cuuute)


I also love how every world gets harder and harder. I really felt and believed in the stakes.

The final conclusion was thematically soooooo satisfying.

Off to read the epilogue. Edit: also so good! I was not expecting how that worked out but was very, very pleased with the choice.

Edit: chapter 179 update.

The novel totally deserves the 5 stars I gave it initially but I wish I could somehow add a star!

I am so impressed by how well it has maintained tension and interest, the variety of the worlds, how the growth of all the characters is handled... Unless there's a bad ending this is going to have to go into my top 5 novels of all time, it is so consistently well done over such a large amount of content. I have not been bored once, the worlds and challenges are so interesting and the pacing is perfect, not too slow, not too fast.

I can't even compare it to other novels at this point, it stands so well on its own. Not going to erase the comparison below...

Ch 65 review:

This reminds me a lot of Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*sh Bin, which I mean entirely as a compliment. The plot and setting are original, not plagiarised, but the themes, tone, pacing, character types etc are similar. If you liked that, you are very likely to like this.

Like Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*sh Bin, you have a very smart savvy MC that immediately distrusts the overall system and goes directly to thinking outside of the box. And for good reason, since like DPUBFTB, human suffering appears to be the primary goal of the system (its a little more ambiguous here than there, at least 65 chapters in...). There's a strong overall theme of defending the innocent and destroying people who take advantage of others, and of trying to help restore to rights people who have been trampled on.

The romance is very slow! There has been nothing specifically romantic rather than friendly in the 65 chapters I've read thus far (although the couple is obvious within the first few chapters). A slowly growing to deep trust kind of relationship. The ML is more "cute" than competent but finds his own ways to be helpful.

The plots are excellent, really well thought out, deep, intriguing. Actually, another similarity to DPUBFTB there. This isn't technically a QT (but it's pretty close) and it dodges the bullet that genre tends to have, where the worlds all blur together into an unimportant mess, the focus solely on the couple, with the worlds just sort of background flavor. The book even explicitly calls out the other players for treating worlds as scenery. Taking the world seriously and caring about its outcome is, in a way, the MC's superpower (lol no his superpower is that he's smart, super paranoid, and crazy attentive to detail.


in one world he's born literally missing the arm he needs for invoking his special powers and his friend comments that if the system really wanted to cripple him they'd need to take away his brain




edit from later: omg the system literally attacks his brain in the next world lol. The character is very capable but the worlds just ruthlessly get harder, A+ for maintaining tension...


Oh, one more thing, this novel has some really great side characters which is nice.

Kudos to the translator for picking this up, hope it gets the amount of readers it deserves, its really solidly done. <<less
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crystalwings rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Author must have an IQ of 500, I can't even. The protagonists are hella smart and the plots are so nuanced.

I feel like a genuine potato when looking at the main protagonist lol.

10/10 recommend, very fun read!
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crustyturtle rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c68
the other reviews made me want to give this a try and I wasn't disappointed :)


plot: the MC, xing ye (gong) finds himself transported into another dimension/world trying to investigate his younger brother's death. In this world there are players and you have the option to choose what "camp/team" you're a part of.. [Fate/blessed by fate] or [anti-fate/opposing fate]. Mc's goal is to find out the truth behind this qr world/his brother's death and

fate players turning into props after the final level


    • similarly to other unlimited/infinite flow novels there are points, skills (and initial/innate? Skills), and special props.
    • the romance is a slow burn. They both help each other and want the best for each other ;) the uke is really adorable

      I like how he isn't just a pretty boy but sort of a narcissistic sharp pretty boy.


    • MC is smart and calculative he thinks things through and isn't reckless. He also cares about other people's futures but not to the point where he's a saint who tries to "save/help" everyone. and isn't completely OP.
    • side characters are developed and they stay with the MC along the journey
    • each world is interesting although his tasks seem trivial at first he always sees the big picture and completes the story.

      I'm currently on the 3rd? World puppet city.


    • Spoiler

      I don't know if this should be considered a negative but the mc's only weakness is his younger brother. Every time his brother is brought up he is literally emotionally distressed and he kind of like breaks down? Which makes sense but it's weird seeing him being calm one moment then all emotional the next. Not saying that he doesn't have feelings or anything.

    • Spoiler

      again idk if this counts as a negative but like the only reason why the MC got closer to the uke/bottom was because of his brother and he had to open up to raise affection points.

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September 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This is really a good story, I was a bit undecided on my rating, as there is no half points, but I really think it should be around 4.5.

The Story is really engaging and intresting, with every new game world becoming more complex and intricate. The storyline of the system world is also very interesting. Although there's not really much horror and the game itself is more about logic and fighting against human nature, it's still just as good. Some horror elements are still present, like cutting body... more>> parts, ghosts and demons but they aren't really the main point.


I like how in each world the MC fights against the system, emphasising how it's not the other players or the game bosses who are the enemies but always the system itself. It's really interesting to see all the pits the system digs for the players each time and how the MC manages to logic them out. Also, I always felt like the system is particularly cute, but maybe that's only me.


The MC is super smart and cool, with an almost perfect memory. He's mostly the mastermind and leader behind the game victories but he still isn't super OP and can't do everything on his own. I especially like how this story puts teamwork first. It's often reiterated that one can't win alone. Even the MC's super memory is not like the unrealistic one we are often shown in other stories.

The Side characters are all well thought out from the start, with their own personalities and desires which move them. With the MC's help, they grow alongside the story progress to be really strong in their own rights. Not only in skills but also in personality. They fight against their own self, their problems and insecurities to become better. Each one has their own role and skills and is important to the progress of the game worlds. The MC really relies on them as they on him.

The ML is super cute and is the uke, for once. He may appear a little useless at the beginning but by the end he can show his real skills and becomes super useful. He also grows in both abilities and personality, from an entirely instinctual person to someone who can also think things through and argument his choices (well... not really to the second one. Sometimes. He often still can't explain why he chose to do a specific thing. Still, at times it does happen...)

Their Relationship is a bit slow burn but I thinks the progression time is just right. They first build up mutual trust and respect before progressing naturally into something deeper and deeper. It may lack a spark of passion at times, maybe, but it's not really important (also understandable seeing the ML's condition.) It's still quite cute and deep. Both parties are pretty equal in the relationship, especially by the end, which is something I find quite rare to see. They complement each other quite well, with the ML's narcissism and the MC's more hidden love for his own IQ. It's cute how they still manage to fall for each other so compeltely. As the MC said: if one really completely loves oneself, when he loves someone else and sees them as their equal, they can only love them completely as well.

The MC's Brother I feel needs his own dedicated section. I feel like his and the MC's story together is really complex, both sad and warm. It gets explored more as the story goes on and we are shown more of his character. For what I understood there are some people who don't like him but I feel like he's really a fundamental point in the growth and life of the MC. He's got a pretty complex personality but in the end he really loves his big brother and always strives to surpass him, whom he sees as the top of perfection. I think it's cute.


He's really a foundamental part of the story progress. He was the one to mastermind his brother's entrance in the game world and the one to help him reach the ending by giving him many clues and pushing him on even when not present. I still find it really sad that their real world relationship was shown to not be really so good. As in, they loved each other very much but for various things they were not really so close. The MC didn't know his little brother's real personality either as he'd always shown a good, clean and well behaved personality before him, probably wanting to only show him his best.


His presence was felt from the first chapter to the last one, really an invisible second character. I think his relationship with the MC should have been explored a bit deeper, still.


I'm really glad he got his own second chance at redemption (and at beating his brother) at the very end. Just sad he won't be able to reunite with the MC.


The Epilogue was really good and surprising as well. It was funny and heartwarming and I liked how the author ended this.

Wow, I feel like I really wrote too much this time. Still, this is really a good read, probably only second to "I rely on poverty to sweep through survival games" for me right now. It still lacks... something to become number 1, but it's really good anyway. <<less
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Reltu rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this like months ago, but decided to write the review now, as I've started writing them more and this novel doesn't have enough attention. Meaning: I might have forgotten some good points and things regarding the novel, so it will be a bit short.

This novel was good, clever and well written. The last part I can say is true as I read the MTL and still could imagine the world and what was happening. The novel kept me wondering what will happen next, how will they solve this... more>> problem, will they win and so on and so forth. It truly was about survival games and the troubles they faced. Every survival game room was so different that it didn't make you feel bored.

The only thing I can remember clearly that brought me dissatisfaction was the lack of romance. I hoped we would be fed lots of dog food in the end, but I was given only one little pellet. I was kinda mad about that, so maybe it's good I didn't write reviews or rate novels at that time. I might have given the novel 3 stars 'cause of that. Now that I've calmed from those times, I can say this is a really good novel. But if you are searching for romance, I warn you, it is slow burn and feels like it has little of it. It is there, but if you want to feed your belly full of dog food, I'm sorry, but you have to search for another novel. But if you want to be fed with mysteries, puzzles and unique worlds, this is high quality food.

I actually think this is one of the novels that after reading it, I started paying more attention for the shounen ai and yaoi tags. Shounen ai tags always leave me half empty and searching for more dog food ;_; <<less
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nazgul8126 rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c45
Overall: 3.75/5 (rated 4/5 on review system), as of chapter 45.

Story: MC suspects foul play in his younger brother's sudden death. As OP characters are wont to do, MC uses his absurd skills (in this case, recalling a QR code that his younger brother had briefly flashed in front of him 3 years prior) and enters the "Game of Challenging Fate" world. With minimal information, MC is forced to choose between either becoming a) a lucky manipulator that carries out Fate's will or b) an anti-fate executor whose... more>> "unluck" is only offset by the independence to make his own decisions. MC naturally choses b.

MC enters as a different character in each scenario: medieval peasant, modern high schooler, etc. The system initially narrates the scenario according to MC's actions and makes prompts--some subtle and others less so--on how MC should next proceed. It is with cold logic that MC subverts Fate's plans. Both his contrary actions and irreverent commentary make for a funny read. Completing main missions, fulfilling side quests, killing other players, and winning scenarios net players points. Losing a scenario makes players forfeit half of their points. Reach 50k points, and players are considered high level enough to enter scenarios that may free them from Fate. Along the way, MC picks up ML and other players.

MC: Presumably the gong. I'm a sucker for characters that go against the mold, and MC's entire MO is to think past the sweet falsehoods that the game feeds him and defy Fate as per his prerogative. As an anti-fate player, he lacks the luck and other cheats that are handed out like candy to the fate players; instead, he makes full use of his character's gender, social status, etc as well as his personal intelligence.

ML: Presumably the shou. Wow, this is finally the second danmei I've read where MC is the gong and ML is the shou (and this ML is a classic cutesy/naïve bottom whereas 2ha's is very much... not). Suspicion of which non-human entity the ML is builds with each chapter and is finally confirmed in the translator's note at the end of a chapter. ML's actual human identity is later revealed.

Relationship development: MC initially suspects that ML is a trap set by Fate and treats ML rather indifferently. He, however, prioritizes ML over a lucrative scenario reward and the two of them become close companions as MC progresses through scenarios. MC notes frequently (a bit excessively imo) that ML is cutesy. It is revealed that ML had a huge impact on MC in the human world.

Commentary: An entertaining read that mixes survival with mystery and morality but doesn't have quite the depth compared to other similar novels. 'Kaleidoscope of Death' does horror better and makes you fear for the characters. 'Card Room' does mystery better and shows how its characters solve each nuanced scenario without falling into word vomit (granted, 'QR Code' doesn't tell rather than show either...I'm more just hating on 'Earth is Online'). "Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*shbin" is just completely in a different league: better unconventional MC and ML relationship, finding hope in misery, standing by your convictions in face of adversity, interesting scenarios, and on and on. Not a bad read but overall disappointing for a novel with 88% 5 stars. <<less
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TamedFox rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: Completed
What I like about this novel is that the side characters are essential. The squad sticks together even at the end and it's not all about the main pairing.

... more>>

I especially like the central air conditioner type character lmao. He's really cute haha


The setting is like a survival game but more on player vs. Player but don't forget that you still have to beat the game.

The protagonist is the top. The MC is really clever and the ML is really cute. They have their own quirks and they have their own way of being op but not too op that they have it really easy unless the story will have no point. Their personalities compliment each other really well.


They have a past with each other


Each puzzles in the game world are fun and engaging. There's no horror very much unlike what I expected. The plot is well developed. Mysteries about the game world were solved. May I mention again on how it's just not the pairing that goes through everything, the whole squad gets character development which is nice. It's a really good novel


The mc's younger brothe rat the end though :' (

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Lencestr rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c58
Okay so based on the summary I was prepared to read an indestructable MC that was going to shock the whole world BUT im pleasantly surprised by how logical MC's train of thoughts are.

MC is very strong but with a reason. He is motivated, charismatic and kind but not naive. He has suffered losses and learns quickly. He also has integrity and good morals.

ML is just absolutely adorable. He also has a natural ability that might make him seem to be OP but again, due to his background, makes sense... more>> in a way.

The two aren't dependent on one another and yet they stick around because of their affections which I Like. And it's not an instant "oh I really like him", their looks aren't the primary reason as to why they like each other.

And the worlds! They're fun!! And they're solved in a way where I'm like 5 steps behind but when it all ends I can see how one step leads to another. There's never a well

And the supporting characters are a definite plus. They're actual obstacles for the MC (but the way MC quickly resolve issues at times I feel sorry for the side characters lol.)

Definitely recc this fic!! <<less
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DewDropsOnMellons rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c56
An absolute gem in the infinite flow genre.

The pacing isn't too slow or too fast; it's just right.

The worlds are imaginative and some are unique. I specially liked that there was a steampunk themed world.

This story keeps the golden rule of detective/strategy stories in mind. The reader has the same information the MC has and can see the whole process and there isn't any key info that the protag just randomly knows or nonsensical mental gymnastics to make a hole filled garbage plan or conclusion seem smart or anything like... more>> that.

The author doesn't insult the readers' intelligence. The logical inferences are infact logical. The strategies and conclusions make sense and are plausible, the protag is even allowed to make mistakes occasionally.

The opponents aren't that dumb and they don't all have the same personality or wants. Different teams also have different dynamics.

I like how they factor in luck but add rules and things to it and it's actually used in strategies properly instead of the ridiculous way luck is added to various survival stories and where the MC uses the most broken logic and is reaching so much yet because of protag halo they're never wrong even with all the loopholes and inconsistencies.

The side characters aren't just decoration and have personalities, progression, their own issues and different kinds of chemistries with each other that is in line with their personality and experiences.

The MC is good-looking but it isn't a big factor in his relationships with people which I love. I hate seeing relationships that hinge on appearances and this novel doesn't do that. The MC's looks have nothing to do with his chemistry and relationships with his teammates.

In the case of the ML his (the ML's) looks do play a part as they're literally his weapon and they did soften the MC's heart during the ML's adolescence and make the MC kind of fond of him to some extent but in general it is obvious that the MC likes the ML as a person and is mostly fond of his character and personality.

They actually have a proper relationship and their own dynamics and it isn't that shallow "quivering peach blossom eyes" nonsense. That being said, their chemistry isn't all that unique or interesting to me. It's the usual "unreachable, distant, closed up person only has a soft spot for one person and they just so happen to have a past and fate" and all that but at least there is a proper relationship and it develops which I enjoyed. They both help each other and have things to add to the relationship.

I mostly read this story for the plot and it's so good that so many of other popular stories in this genre pale in comparison. It's definitely worth a read! <<less
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Ichigoeater rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: c49
I have a ways to go before I get as far as the other viewers (my reading proficiency makes me rely on proper translations, MTL is too much for my small brain, lol), but even with just the two arcs I finished, I can tell it's a gem.

MC may seem cold and analytical, but he helps build up the people who prove themselves trustworthy and doesn't treat people like disposable cannon fodder. I've already fallen for the first side character teammate he gains, and apparently, the others will be just... more>> as dynamic and interesting according to others' reviews, so I'm very excited for the chapters ahead.

The ML is really cute and silly in your typical rich second generation way. Their dynamic is really great so far. As they get closer, I'm sure it will only get better. <<less
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jtrichard rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Edit: for those whom concerned about his brother: ... more>>

His brother lose at the end not because he was killed (his brother is damn OP and no one can defeat him, except the MC in his record lmao), but because he's from Fate Obedient Camp. He tried though, even gave his brother way to sneak into the game (he knew his brother photographic memory) in case he lose. He lose because he not only killed obedient props but because he crossed the line. At the end he even gave his brother his initial skill (that's damn op) and his brother gave him a way to go out of the 'Graveyard' and to another world to try once again.


Very very very good. This was in my reading list (of story with special ability) together with The Trial Game of Life (another good one) and I Was Once a Legend (haven't finished yet).

The MC is the Seme/Gong. This story focused not only on the MC but also on the people around him. I can't stop reading this because everytime the MC amazed me with his quick and progressive thinking and his organized brain. If the enemies are ten steps ahead, then he's already a hundred steps ahead. That's how good he is. He's good leader and strategist, and more importantly he's not a solo player but he includes everyone around him because playing a game alone will not result in perfect win for him.

The women ARE SO GOOD. You won't find annoying women teammate here, Cao Qian, LinLing, even DuanQian (God bless I forget their name and pronunciation) are all so good. Every characters is distinct enough and different from each other. Anyway, it's really good, and my favorite is Yan Hebi (women magnets that got deceived by the system, lmao). There are around 7 people in MC squad, and all of them got enough progress in their characterization.

There are approximately 9 arcs, started with MC and Ml, ended with MC and Ml, but along the way, every part of the squad got enough screen time for you to enjoy their characterization. The pacing is so good because it doesn't break the flow along the way. The extra told the stories about them working together again, with reversible states, but it's still fun seeing them together again. I wish I got to read their interaction in the real world though.

Anyway, I do very recommend it, for the mystery and the games, the characters (especially Yan Hebi, I wanna f him for being adorbs). 5/5 read this one! <<less
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Sfviolin rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
After binging chapters like crazy, my impression of his novel is at the max level right now (or maybe I'm just too easy to please ¯_ (ツ) _/¯). Unlike similar novels that seem to drag on near the end, I think that this one seems to get progressively interesting with more chapters instead. While MC can be seen as somewhat OP, the fact the system continuously tries to pit him makes every world feel somewhat new. I especially like how the characters were written and the development of the characters.... more>> Props to the author for being able to write

how MC manages to "solve" each world in a way that seems in line with his character settings. It's not easy to write a supposedly intelligent character in a way that makes him actually come off as intelligent.


Also, can I just say how much I love the side characters? It felt to me that they weren't there just to exaggerate how good the main characters are, but they were distinct enough in personality and ability that their personal characteristics shone through. Without their contribution to the story, I do wonder how invested I would've been.

Just a warning though for those thinking of reading just for the romance - while there is indeed romance in this and the MC and ML end up together, nothing explicit seems to be mentioned in the novel. I'm a bit confused with the tags myself (why is this tagged as yaoi...?)

An added plus is that this is easy to MTL, for those who like to read ahead like me. <<less
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Gerboker rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Although I've lost access to my original account so can't edit my review, I've now read many other books in this genre (of world hopping puzzle solving) and while many of them were good, this one still stands above the crowd. If other novels with have 4/5 stars for puzzles, 3/5 for characters, 4/5 romance, etc, this one is 5/5 for every aspect.

The characters and the worlds are developed in a maximally satisfying way, so that months later I still find myself thinking back to some of the best moments.

I... more>> guess my only caveat would be that the book gets better and better as it goes on, which means that the first two arcs in particular are good, solid arcs but don't really shine, and hence don't adequately represent how excellent this story becomes. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c56
MTL till chapter 113, 85% readable.

An interesting story, hard to crack plot, twisted reality.

This novel is a gem, so far the romance was nonexistence, however in every arch the mystery thrill was going off the chart.

I shall read the full translation once they're available.
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Symphysodon rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: --
One of my favorite novels.

Cough, excuse me for my bad english.

Both the MC and the ML really compliment each other. I love how logical and doting the MC's, I can see he's a responsible mature man. Meanwhile, the ML is really kind and has positive outlook towards life, you can tell he has a good upbringing even though he's kind of narcisstic, LOL.

The side characters fleshed out well. They have their own personalities and capabilities. Even MC feel like he can't get to where he is without their help. It's... more>> so satisfying to see their interactions throughout the series.

The plot is well done and engaging, you can't help but want to root for MC and the gang. By far this is the most logical surival games novel I've read. <<less
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Sabrina spellmen
Sabrina spellmen rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c6
I love this Novel (what I read so far) so much, the MC is likeable and the plot hooks you immediately at the very start. As the chapters progress you learn the clues along side the of MC. Also it's survival game is my favorite thing.

The Translation of the new translator is very good and well done.
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