Salted Fish Zombie


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Ning Su’s hair is soft, his skin is pale, his expression is slightly sluggish, his body is thin, and he is out of place in the crowd of passers-by.

He listened to the people around him discussing how to clear the level of this dungeon, and asked: “I survived the level, does it count as clearing the level?”

The people around looked at him like a fool: What a pity.

After entering the dungeon, Ning Su really started to live a life of his own.

If there is a gloomy skull on the castle, Ning Su will pick it up and make it into a night light to sleep beautifully.

The waterfall turned into blood, and he took the stew in a small milk pot, his eyes shining brightly.

Occasionally, he will also make small clothes for ghosts crawling on the ground.

Later, he really survived, the NPCs are sticky to him, the ghost master followed him and called him ‘mother’, and he still had the bloody heart of the flower god in his chest.


For Ning Su, there is food and drink in the infinite horror world, which is much more wonderful than his previous life.

He lived in the doomsday era and used to be a supernatural being, but his supernatural power is different. He is a special dark supernatural being who can absorb all dark things.

The person in charge of the base asked him to purify the zombies and sent him to the zombie group.

He turned into a little dark zombie.

Humans did not like him, all dark beings loved him.

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Cá mặn tiểu tang thi
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New noll rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: c88 part2
Very interesting so far, though the first chapter or so, I remember not liking it (them?) as much. It became much more interesting quite fast. The translation is mostly pretty good.

I recommend it :)
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Aachiin0914 rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I recommended it in CG before. I'm surprised to see it was now being translated. That's great.

This series... umm, it's just your typical infinite horror novel. It's just that our MC is a zombie.

A salted fish zombie who just want to complete the dungeon lying down.

... more>>

The dungeon in this novel is like the dungeon in the novel, "where the MC solved everything acting as an npc."

The dungeon world revolved around the ghost master. The dungeon was created from their experienced.

So the players need to either survive in the particular surviving time or just ide tofu the ghost master and solved their grievance...

Spoiler alert!



MC was the son of the number 1 (Mr. Loner) and number 2 (Ms. President) top players in the dungeon world. I forgot their names... but they're really cute.

In the original time line, those two were rivals because of some misunderstanding, until they resolved those misunderstanding and fell in love with each other. Then after decades in the dungeon, Ms. President became pregnant, and as Ms. President was about to have birth, the system gave a once in a life time free pass card to the real world. They wanted that opportunity, so they went to that dungeon, agve birth successfully in the dungeon and sent MC out to the real world.

However unlike what mc's parents were expecting, MC particularly has difficult life in the real world.

He was born different from ordinary people, with the blood of the hydra in his body (from his father), he could see things other people can see, he doesn't have friends, and only has ghost to accompany him, and because of that he was bullied to the point of death! Right death.

MC experienced being tossed everywhere when he went to different household after houde hold, adapting him everyturn to be abused.

And all this time, ML was with him. When MC was hungry, he ate the flower ML grew for him. When he needed company, MC has ML flower, when his life was in danger, those vines and flowers would save him from harm.

That's why MC worship ML like a god. He was there from the start.

I could even say that he raise MC. Hahaha, he rose MC as his child bride, that's why mc's father was so angry when he learned of their relationship... more so he was the one who entrusted MC to ml...

And also because of ml, MC has gain an ability to devour darkness.

MC was also a genius. Don't look at his dimwitted appearance, MC didn't go to school, and just went to take college entrance exam and became a biology student.

Anyway, MC became part of a research team, until apocalypse came and he was sacrificed.

MC doesn't really have much ambition. He was just bored, and decided to just gather all the zombies around the world and then absorbed all the virus until he explode.

Thankfully in the final moment ML saved him and directly took him to the dungeon world, and so the begining of the story.




ML isn't from the same world as MC.

ML is from. anotther world, a world who almost successfully destroy the system but still failed. He was one of the survivor of that world.

And also because of his powers he was used by the system for a long time.

Anyway, in present time, ML represent god. He has many identity, since ML is the flower itself, his "self" was divided into many different worlds all at once.

Those dungeons the players went to where all worlds, the system invaded.

Anyway, the system wanted to destroy them, but ML went to save them... so people begun to worship him.

ML has a deep background, I won't say more.

Oh right, ML doesn't have memories. He loved for long time, and to use him, the system keep deleting his memories...


The system


If I comare it to some other novel, then the system concept here is the same as the system in "with the god of learning at hand, the world is in my hand" (did I get the title. correct?)

The system wanted to plunder worlds for power. He envaded many worlds, until it came to ml's world and experienced devistating damage.

So it fled, thankfully ML survived and he followed the system in many worlds... it used ML to plunder, while ML lay dormant while doing his best to help those worlds.

Mc's world fell into zombie apocalypse because of the system, and the mc's existence made the system's plan shattered.

The moment the apocalypse came, it was the time the system wanted to eat the world, but unfortunately for it, MC existed and the apocalypse didn't last long.

So when MC came to the dungeon, it wanted to kill. MC every opportunity.


The plot is good, and I like the characters. Mc's worship to love is somewhat acceptable, and the plotholes can be ignored.

I like the ending too. It's like the ending in "being an extra in a survival game" (I wonder if the title is correct too). But we didn't get to see the pov of the "extra person". But just like the MC of that novel, this "extra" became one with the system and longer within the system for long time. And when the type was ripe, he attact like a virus, while everyone outside, the players attack every dungeon one by one.

It's cool! That climatic ending was so tense!

Over all it's enjoyable to read.

You have op MC who just want to be a saltedfish, but still need to do everything in the end, and a god ML who just wanted to pamper MC.

I like mc's parents the most. From being a rival to lovers... and I especially like how mc's dad reacted when he finally learned of MC and ml's relationship, his expression when he learned that it was him who put his baby cabbage in the mouth of the pig. It's hilarious.

Also, the story of every dungeon is sad and tragic... but MC is here, he'll just adapt every poor unfortunate souls, if he could. Hahaha.

I recommended it! It's a good read. <<less
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Brier rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: Completed
When I was starting this novel, I didn't feel an immediate connection to Ning Su as the protagonist. Rather, it was Zhu Shuangshuang that I looked towards and saw as a possible main character to her own infinite flow novel. She's still a lovely (and badass) girl of course, and one of my favorite side characters to the very end. And yet, even just 1/4 into the story, Ning Su had my heart; wholely and in pieces. By the end, I've downright bawled for him, laughed my ass off, mourned... more>> for the good life he never had when he was alive, smiled fondly —wistfully, rejoiced, and underwent a multitude of other varied emotions for this boy.

Before elaborating on that, I'd like to take the time to commend the author's exploration of humanity. Even before the chapter that led me to sobbing my eyes out at 1 AM, this story has brough me to tears multiple times. If anything is for certain, the character stories and relationships is some of this novel's foremost highlights, along with the uniqueness of the game worlds. This novel had a lot of dynamic characters. Love them, hate them, pity them —be unable to like them still; this story packs a lot of interesting and memorable people that make up the world, never revolving around the MC and existing as their own agentic self.

Ning Su


Ning Su was OP, there is no denying that, but I honestly found myself enjoying the ride. He doesn't share much when not asked, and why would he? After he's lived the life he did, the kindness it took to be that gentle is astounding. One particular scene that I'd like to underline is when after Ning Su and other newcomers get off the bus, he trades the invitation card he got for steamed buns. First time reading it, I didn't care much for the decision; I found it foolish and careless to just discard a possible treasure like that. But a hundred chapters in, I squeezed out a fresh batch of tears as I re-examine that scene and the wishes of a boy whose existence was defined by suffering. I adore Ning Su, and I'm so, so glad he has a bunch of people that he cares for and is cared by dearly by the time the novel ended. He certainly deserved it. I love his little moments of tender joy —his precious moments of happiness, his admittance of his hurt and yearning, his childishness and desire for a peaceful life, and his undeniable care for the ghosts that he took for his own, as his children in all but blood.



I've also come to appreciate and even love the main pairing! Ling Xiao is also someone who suffered a lot, but he has done so much good to the lives of other people as well. Salted Fish Zombie is a story with loads of lonely people, and yet the narrative also gave a lot of them a guiding light in the dark tunnel. The road of life was lonely and unkind for many of the characters, but there came light. As Gu Po best expressed, the abyss was not the abyss, but rather, the bottom of a well, and there exists a wider world beyond the darkness. After being sent to the real world by his parents, Ling Xiao was Ning Su's light. After he entered the game base, his life became even more illuminated by his friends, children, and parents. Amidst this, Ling Xiao did not stop being his light —his belief, but that one star in the sky fell and came to accompany him in human form.

"Before, you were more like a god who could only be watched, but now you are more like a person who can be hugged."

On a side note: If you loved "I Rely On Poverty to Clear Survival Games", I think you'd also love this story if you give it the chance to grow on you. Additionally, there is a certain (set of) relationship (s) that can be paralleled to one (s) in that story that I felt vastly robbed of in that particular novel, but am being FED fully in this one, and I adore every text of it.

Ning Changfeng's reaction to the revelation that Ning Su is his son is CHEF'S KISS. He's also written with kindness and care for Ning Su in his marrow, just as Shi Tianzu is (who is so, so cool and admirable). The way both him and Shi Tianzu dote on Ning Su has my heart melting. This is the relationship I wish Xiao Lan had with Xiao Chengyan. Shi Tianzu's subordinates caring for Ning Su also brings me so much joy.



Another thing that I vastly enjoyed was how women were portrayed in the story. They were in turns leaders of the resistance, inspirations, brutal, desperate, kind. Shi Tianzu and Xia Qing, Ling Xiao's mother in particular were super, duper COOL!

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Kassandra rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a nice novel with unlimited flow genre. I like how not all couple are homosexual, that there's also a heteros*xual couple.

I love the characters of the novel, they have their own stories to tell, especially Fang Qi. I didn't expect his story the most, my perception of him changed because of that.

But I'm happy now since they already got their own happy endings. (Don't mind me trying to brush off on how many times I cried because of the tragedy.)

At the first few arcs I got confused who... more>> the ML is until I got to the 3rd arc (Flower s*ave), I correctly guessed who the ML is. It's a wild ride for me.

The arcs kinda felt confusing at some parts though, maybe it's because I read it through mtl. The timeline confused me even more, it's messed up.

Overall, it's a good UF read. <<less
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February 26, 2023
Status: --
I will change my review after I finish reading and give a rating then.

It's nicely written and some of the instances are interesting, although quite to long for my liking. My only problem is that I can't like the main character. It's a personal problem, he just seems the type of person I avoid to communicate with because they're insensitive or too proud of themselves, quite selfish in a way he only helps who he wants even though and unapologetically and unecessary mean on people who haven't done him wrong,... more>> it'll be better if he was indifferent and he is far from indifferent. Maybe the author intends him to be sassy but his background which they didn't explore for quite a lot of chapters doesn't help his attitude when you read it from the start. What's the connection of being a zombie with not being a cooperative member of team? He doesn't tell them anything that he figured out, I get it that it isn't his responsibility but it also doesn't make this story more likable. He acts omnipotent and figure everything first then don't tell others. I can understand that the author did that as a way to show that the MC treats the ghost better but telling them the mechanics isn't necessary being good to them. I can tell you that there's a corpse underneath and still don't give a f about you. And of course, useful and powerful side characters like him like every other novel. I am reading because of the story and I just skip parts that I see him saying anything. He is also contradictory, sometimes he says to hug his thigh and then next he wants to hug someone else's thigh and then act completely the opposite of that. I don't know if he is bipolar or it's me who is turning into one. In any case he is giving me an imaginary illness contributing to my unhappiness. Other than the main character everyone else are good, even the side characters are better than him for me because atleast they have an objective. All I can say is that it's okay but MC makes me unhappy. It's a me problem. <<less
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Sighgray rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: --
I'm giving it a five since some weirdo probably just gave it a one star just because it's BL. ◔_◔
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Wintercreeper rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: c88
As a warning, this is a very explicit splatter novel that includes animal cruelty.
I don't recommend this to anyone who reacts negatively to detailed torture and gore of animals and humans.

I've now read 90 chapters and while it's an okay novel overall, it's a tad too much for me to continue.

MC is very OP and his characterisation inconsistent, more or less everything is inconsistent.
One thing absolutely can't be done, ten chapters later MC does exactly that thing even though no one forced him too, he could have just... more>> not done it without any consequences.
And this repeats several times, it's used to force problems and drama that just aren't organic and drag down the novel to all the other uninspired brainless uf.

The writer has serious skills, maybe they are lacking experience or wanted to stretch the wordcount, either way it's a damn shame.

The games are interesting and well crafted, but the characterisation, inconsistencies and brutally forced drama makes it hard to read for more than a couple of chapters. <<less
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tarururo rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: --
First of all, I want to thank the translator for translating. The translation is really well done, not to mention the frequent updates. Thank you so much translator!!

Second of all, so far the story is going really well! The MC, Ning Su, is OP but not to the point where it's just annoying and repetitive. He really just wants to eat and be a salted fish.

The summary could never be truer. The first arc was fun to read! Looking forward to the next arcs!
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Eulear rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a great unlimited-flow novel with unforgettable side characters contributing to the plot. Usually, in unlimited-flow novels, most side characters are useless and serve as weak cannon fodders to make the MC and ML stronger. MC is a genius who wants to live a salted life but ends up solving most of the instance's problems. Even though the ML doesn't pop up in the first 50 chapters, MC's relationship with side characters and adopting ghost children keeps you hooked to the story. MC's parents are also important in the... more>> plot and their dynamic in the story is heartwarming to read. It's rare to see great parents in unlimited-flow novels since most of the time the parents are nonexistent.



Ning Shu is kinda ditzy and is really strong and intelligent. He isn't weak, but is often too lazy to solve the instances asap since he wants to hug powerful thighs to pass instances. Ning Shu is an OP zombie who decided to explode himself and kill all the zombies in his og timeline. He can absorb dark energy since he has been eating ML's flowers since he was a child. MC values food since he was from the zombie apocalypse era so he couldn't enjoy eating food. He was also thrown around to different adopted families and was bullied because he could see ghosts and couldn't die. An evil professor does inhumane experiments on him to test his powers and throws him to the zombies even though MC is a genius, graduating college early as a biology student and is a great researcher. ML was his only source of salvation since he protected MC by providing his flowers to eat and using his vines to prevent MC from dying.




ML is Ling Xiao and is the flower god. His mother was the light god and sacrificed herself to save her son. He inherited the flower god's power and created the ghost masters. The system keeps trying to erase his memories since they don't want him to rebel. Honestly, his personality like a white paper, most side characters had more personality than him. I guess he is strong and dotes on MC. That's pretty much it.


I was more invested in MC's parent's relationship progress than the MC and ML relationship:


MC's mom is Shi Tianshu (rank 2 player) and father is Ning Changfeng (rank 1 player). They have an enemies-to-lovers relationship from a dumb misunderstanding. It was fun reading how Ning Shu tries to improve their relationship and resolve their misunderstandings. Shi Tianshu thought Ning Changfeng was the dungeon npc snake and wanted to create a contract with it. They are both lonely people and in her vulnerable state, she tells him her past when they were in the dungeon. He was in the form of a snake since he was in the middle of getting his hydra inheritance, but he transformed into a human. She was angry because she revealed her vulnerable past to a player and that's how they became enemies even though Ning Changfeng had a fat crush on her. He stayed in the cave because he didn't want to leave her alone even though he knew his transformation was unstable. Shi Tianshu had a scum father that had many illegitimate children so she needed to fend for herself since she was little while Ning Changfeng was an orphan with no family to rely on. They were the only people that could understand each other.


The plot summarized:


The system is the big bad villain and tries to kill MC because MC has the potential to destroy the system because he can absorb dark energy, the energy the system runs on. The system was the reason the zombie virus broke out because it wanted to recycle NPCs in the games. The system uses the ML as a battery source to keep the game instances running since ML is the flower god. It erases ML's memories so he won't rebel against the system. When MC explodes himself to kill all the zombies, the system was about the collapse and ML could've used that chance to destroy the system, but used that chance to send the MC 20 years back in the past. MC meets his parents and they both simp for him and give him their props and points. The parents truly love MC, but couldn't raise him since they can only send one person out into the real world from a reward in the competition. Don't worry it's a HE and they destroy the instances, destroying the system and everyone returns to the real world. It turns out MC dad is rich and his mother is rich too so MC can finally live a salted life. ML is earning money by keeping the players causing problems in the real world in check so they don't destroy the world.


MC and ML's relationship was kinda weird since ML did technically raise MC and watch him grow up. I didn't really see the chemistry since it felt like MC's love for ML was more like loving an idol. The ML didn't seem that interested in MC, but I guess the power of love will prevail. The side couples' chemistry made more sense than the MC and ML relationship. One good thing is they don't beat around the bush and get together fast after revealing their feelings so there is no angsty drama.

The MC's dad was furious when he heard about their relationship since he entrusted his child to ML. He thought ML would be an uncle, but he sent out his kid to get married so he is distraught. The mom is chill about it though and accepts it calmly. Lol even in the novel the mom is the alpha in the relationship while the dad is the omega.


It's an entertaining unlimited-flow novel to read. The author likes to describe MC's peach blossom eyes 24/7 though and it gets tedious since we know MC has beautiful peach blossom eyes with gazes that can move mountains. Some of the instances might drag on, but if you want to read some doting parents and raising ghost children, it's a great novel to read. <<less
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April 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Rating: 4/5

The plot was engaging and the instances were well written, but the time travel part bugged me. Like unless it was explained as he comes from a parallel time line, he couldn’t have existed since he changed the past and couldn’t have been born. It was a good story so I wish the author had used a different explanation or actually made a proper time loop.

The instances were unique and interesting, and the characters were adorable. I loved the cold boss mom and silly but strong dad dynamic, where... more>> the dad actually cries when he’s worried about his son and wife but acts like he didn’t. And the girl expert guisheng is simply lovely although he keeps losing his body parts. Manman wasn’t as memorable but she was a good matchmaker. ML stood out less compared to all the other intersections characters that were introduced, so I do wish his character was written better.

It does drag on a bit, but you can skip reading the instances if you want to go through the plot fast. Overall, it was a sweet read, but I felt the ending just didn’t seem right and was just trying to wrap up the plot. Like the whole story was built up leading to a grand scene, but it was simply written off with a few explanations without showing much. <<less
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Pcrome rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c55
"Useless", non existent, insignificant ML. I don't even care about his existence throughout the 50 chapters. That's how good the plot and the MC alone are.

The side characters are also more important for me than the worthless non-existent ML since they've truly been the only people by the MC's side for a longer time, I feel more attached to them and I appreciate their presence than the ML who only appeared after 50 chaps and basically doesn't protect the MC.

He's annoying for me (at least his arrogant attitude is). I... more>> believe this novel would have been perfect without an op and powerful ML. Just a normal ghost is even better than the ML. The two ghost kids adopted by the MC is even better than the ML. Even the strong "elder sister"/second rank player that doted on the MC is better than the ML (first rank).

No, the ML didn't do anything particularly bad to the MC. But that's exactly it, he's basically like an accessory that just showed interest on the MC but will not really proactively protect the MC unlike the second rank strongest player Shi Tianzu, who doted on the MC.

Yes, I specifically made a review to vent my frustration on the non existent ML, that's not really significant for the betterment of this novel.


This novel is a masterpiece. Im serious. Aside from the flaw, that is the ML (gong). The plot in each instance is mind blowing, heart- wrenching and unique. The name of the novel doesn't give this justice. Salted fish? MC is basically the main person doing the puzzle solving and mystery unlocking throughout each instance, with the first instance being him in his most lazy state since he just wants to hug a thigh, but that obviously didn't work in the following chapters. So, yeah, MC is not a salted fish that he claimed to be, he even exhausted himself to the point of collapse when protecting his friends on the second instance. He's kind and emotionless at the same time. Strong but "lowkey". I love the MC THE MOST and his two children just added to the cuteness of this novel.

I just ignore the ML and everything seems perfect <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
April 21, 2023
Status: Completed
MC is a zombie that could absorb dark energy. Got transmigrated into an infinite game. MC met people and discover his past.


Thought it was a no brainer, gary sue. But it got some weight in some plot. Some people don't like MC, some like him.

... more>> Quite nice side charas w depth. They have back stories n not pig teammates. Even the villains have nice back stories. Some of the top players are women and they held high positions. Love that, u don't see that often.

The chemistry between MC n ML is like between long married husband n wife. Don't expect much dog food in the beginning. But I still don't understand why ML fell I nlove for MC.

It's slice of life w MC's parents. They're sooo cute. MC's 'adopted' children are also cute.


The ending is rushed. ML's back story w the whole problem about system is sooo confusing. <<less
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sheirey rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: Completed
It really is a good read.

The journey to read it is everlasting. Interesteng and I can read it with relaxed mind. Enganging but didn't make me anxious to know the end. Every part have a shine of its own.

Imo, every character is alive. ML really cool but not that OP and machine-like. Its understandable why MC and ML fall in love with each other.

And every arch have its conlusion, also explanation that I can understand.

Its a greaat read to pass time !
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Ugly Squid
Ugly Squid rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: c59
Honestly, all the words this translator translates are amazing. They have great taste, good translations, and fast releases. Thank you translator fir you're hard work ♡

This novel is a great unlimited flow. Although it isn't the mist original out there, it has its own aspects, and my favorite part is how the MC has friends that actually care about it. Its so refreshing to see character in an unlimited flow novel not be jealous of the MC when he gets something good, and instead are happy for him and encourage... more>> him.

The ML doesn't show up until around ch.50 but when he did, I fell in love at first sight. He seems like the funny type, the kind of person we're you would wish to he friends with. Although MC and him just met, they get along great and I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses.

Overall, I really like this novel. Although the plot is a bit more mediocre compared to the other unlimited flow novels, the characters, their relationship or interactions with the MC, and the MC's personality make it all enjoyable.

Definitely recommend you give this novel a shot <<less
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Crayonchii rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: c51 part1
This is a super rare story that u can tell author is smart, MC is smart not just bcause his character written smart as characteristics but u can actually see him doing smart things. Lots of very intriguing puzzle some of them I can't figure it out until the end. This novel restore my faith in chinese author IQ. None of those dumb, silly, doesn't make sense things that always happen in Cnovel, I love CN but there's just way too many dumb things smtime n they just love face... more>> slapping to the point it doesn't make sense smtime. N none of those here. Only problem would b his time travel, if u go back in time n it trigger butterfly effects the future later on shouldn't b what it is, unless its a different world line. Hard-core survival game mode, easily my fav!! Probably not that many romantic moment but ML always there for him. I was busy guessing who the ML is until like arc 3 or 4?? Super hard to tell bcause he doesn't appear early (but his presence is there since beginning) n theres other guy tht seems misleading u. Have fun guessing who's the ML is ~ Also u c rare super side characters, they have depth written in them not just introduce n then forgotten. All of them seems very important n u c side female character thts op (super rare in yaoi) they have character growth n they hve their own personality. It's just sad mls friend in his world won't ever have happy end I was crying so bad when ML shows his world n memories😭 a lot of funny moment too tho especially mc's dad 🤣 crack me up all the time!

Thanks to translator too for picking this up, great translation quality by this translator! I was reading other novel n check his website n found this hidden gem! U all should give this a try. But c the tag first tho, don't read n give low rating bcause too gore for u when clearly there's gore tag~ what do u expect?fluffy sweet campus love when clearly tag mention horror n gore? Ppl is plain dumb smtime. I think writing a super scary n gore novel for tht genre should b deserving praise bcause thts what the gore n horror fans wants yet u complaining. It's like give low rating for romance novel for being too romantic. No cure for u~ <<less
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Heungbo rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: Completed
i love this story so much I wrote a really long review and novelupdates bugged when I posted it so it disappeared ㅠㅠ

not gonna write it again bc it's been a while and I forgot most of it but yeah, I wasn't prepared for all the feels!!! and so many great fleshed out gray characters, and moms!!! omg the moms were the true mvp in here

... more>>

from mc's parents to ml's mom who f*cking sacrificed herself so her son could be strong enough against the system - there's also guishen's mom or the player in "pretending to be a ghost" who would have given up if not for her daughter, which earned her mc's respect


fair warning tho, there's a lot of death, some bc of the system and some (the worst ones) bc of other players so I kept telling myself not to get attached to anyone, even npcs (ಥ﹏ಥ)


i really feel for the lesbian couple in the god of flower instance (forgot the name) who were so happy : ( (and bam! it's cannibalism time

also, my heart was about to stop when MC and ML learned that in the original timeline, fang qi willingly became a human pupa and zhu shuangshuang blamed herself for not checking up on him when she saw he didn't respond to her messages and I was like, wait, isn't that what's happening right now??


so glad they stopped him, but that was a close one QAQ



also, lmao at that level 6 instance (combined memory or smth) where like ~50 (of 100) survived and they were so happy bc it broke the previous record of 37 survivors in a level 6 instance... how deadly is a level 10 instance lmaoooo? and president shi and ning changfeng just went to one for a date like p l e a s e


but those side characters aren't all the same, they all have different aspirations and hope and I love it

like, some characters did bad things bc they truly didn't have other options so you can't really hate them for that and others were shitty but still


except xuewei, she's a bit*h an I don't care if her backstory is tragic, she deserves her ending lmao - tho I have to say, it is quite a sadistic one (which makes me weirdly proud of fang qi lol, especially after I saw what happened in the original timeline) and is strangely poetic in a way THO I HAVE TO SAY I was a bit frustrated with MC not dealing with her bc he wanted to let fang qi avenge his baby himself

my man, I know you know you can't help everyone and you want people to better themselves and get stronger on their own and blabla but I feel like xuewei is a bit more than just a random annoyance! really, getting rid of her is public service at this point

i only feel bad for her sister really, whose last words ("s*upid sister") weirdly touched me??


still can't believe those human pupae were conscious!!! how awful it must have been for lin i-forgot-his-first-name who must be strong as hell to be in this form for so long and not go completely crazy : ( (


basically I thought it would be a silly comedy but it was actually a study on human nature who made me bawl lmao

i love the development of the MC particularly, he really grows as a person and if I could, i'd give him all the candies and chicken drumsticks I could : ( (so glad he went from numb (and after learning his backstory, more than fair) to actually caring about others and more lively and urghh the feeeels

also, I love that MC (and ml) have op powers (and for legitimate reasons!) but they can't (or won't for MC at first, but I can't really fault him after all he went through) for also legitimate reasons - just made me hate the system more lol <<less
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October 4, 2023
Status: c66.2
Started it because it sounded cute.
And I love it so far!

It's kinda a "zombie raising supernatural kids" kinda story, which is hilarious because the zombie in question just wants to be a salted fish. xD

... more>>

Staring at the other players gloomily after saving them and saying something like "When will you guys be strong enough that I can hug your thighs?" XD


The only thing I don't like is

the first time you see the person I'm pretty sure is the ml, (Ning Changfeng) he's super annoying and I was like 'please don't be the ml...'
Edit to add: Phew, seems like he's not and how did I never consider that as their relationship, considering they have the same last name

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VietoAl rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c95
A great UF novel honestly, The story was nice, the instances were perfect for me, not too long or too short, and has enough world-building. Although the story was not as exhilarating as the more popular UF novel says the GHG or Nightmare Live, I believe the story did not lean toward that as the MC was portrayed to be not too ambitious as per the other UF novel. Still 5-star.

... more>>

And also the ML surname is Ling, and he appears quite in the middle of the story. So no the ML, not the 1st rank or other, even though the surname Ning kinda has that ML vibes but nah he is not, he is the MC dad.

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AerynJay rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: c1 part1
good plot, interesting dungeons and filled with impactful scenarios. Quite a lot of hard to accept ‘worlds”, especially when thinking things like those horror scenarios probably happen (minus the supernatural parts I guess, humans really are nasty creatures at times). I found even the time traveling was explained okay, with the possible future becoming an alternative line of sorts, the take on the system was pretty good too (would have loved to find out where it came from but the hints were there if you look for them- especially... more>> one of the last- only mentioned - dungeons). By the end of this book probably all characters need therapy- ghosts included- and my brain may need some soothing music too to stop thinking. <<less
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