I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival Games


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Xiao Lan was a pauper who couldn’t do anything that required money.

On the road after work, he was engulfed by darkness and opened his eyes to a frightening and dangerous survival game.

The app that can’t be deleted; the people it locked on to were unable to escape except through death.

Ordinary players: Save me, I don’t want to die!!!

Xiao Lan: Sorry, the phone is too broken and it froze. Can you wait a little longer?

A hand reached out from inside an old-fashioned television; the people caught would enter its world.

Ordinary players: Ahhhhhhh! What to do?!

Xiao Lan: According to my many years of experience repairing old household appliances, it seems that this model can be opened like this…

Finally, the bosses gathered around Xiao Lan one day, prepared to deal with this (game) bug.

But they saw him roll up his sleeves and stride forward on long legs, and he beat up the bosses until they doubted their ghostly births.

Xiao Lan: Do you think an overtime worker’s night travels are for nothing?

Luo: Sir is always this cute.

Passer-by (shivering): Isn’t your definition of cute a little strange…

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ylial rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: Completed
This story has slow romance, but when the mc-ML got together it's really good, a bit heart-warming and I can't help smiling. Also, some scenes are really hilarious!! XD And most of all, I like the chapters near the end!! I get to know the reason in some of my unanswered questions. I also feel bad (sad) to those who died in MC's father generation ? I wish that the extras were continuation of the story instead of a different stories with the same chara involved. The story is kinda unique, esp the skill in which poverty makes u stronger ? And also the rest of the players skill XD Though the game in this infinite flow is not as ingenious as earth is online nor card room (and some instances here made me a little bored), the game and story is still good and won't make me u disappointed!!!

I like the MC hardworking and not too OP. But I dislike his indecisiveness about his feelings.

MC didn't have time to fall in love before due to poverty so his sexuality is unknown. I find it a little annoying how he kept ignoring his feelings and always escaped from the ML. It's not like he was straight from the start, rather it was "unknown" due to his busyness


The ML has characteristics of 2nd ML, protecting MC from the sidelines (though in this novel, he protects MC directly).
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ludagad rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c120
I'm giving it a 5 star, because I'm biased, as usual. I found the novel very enjoyable so far. Though I admit to speed-reading some of the arcs where they're in the horror games. Most of the arcs do manage to grab my attention back, and the different people they interact with add to the entertainment.

The MC is very admirable and lovable. I like his straight-forward personality and his various life skills. He's not really omnipotent - he had to rely on Luo or game items to get out of... more>> trouble. But he's resourceful and has a good sense for danger, so he's a sensible protagonist, which is especially important in horror.

Luo, the ML, is a butler type. His backstory isn't known yet, but there are hints here and there. He's also not omnipotent and has his debuffs, but he's still helpful to the best of his abilities. He has a cat form, which is a major plus in my (and the MC's) eyes.

The relationship between MC and ML is slow, but very gentle and smoothly progressing. It's the thing I enjoy the most in this novel, to be honest. It seems Luo is patiently waiting for Xiao Lan to depend on him, he's not pushy or aggressive at all. <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: c25.1
This is so much like I wasn't born lucky and I love it. The ML is a black shadow that is gaining energy so he can turn human. Right now he's a black cat with excellent abilities and amnesia. The MC is 3 million+ in debt and doesn't really care any more-he's just given up. It makes me laugh so much!
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aWangrn rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c1
First chapter looks great! The plot looks hilarious, looking forwards to the adventures of our tall, broke, handsome Shou!
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August 31, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is really good.

The premise is funny and well developed and although there are some things about the game mechanics I didn't find too satisfying compared to others, in general it's well written and not too monotonous. I particularly liked the last part of the story and enjoyed all the new developments there.

The focus throughout is mostly on the MC and ML but some side characters are well fleshed out and given interesting depths.

The MC and ML are quite good as well, their personality is good and their interactions... more>> cute. This is one of the very few stories I've read where, even if there are some differences in strength in the end, they both can be considered as equals in the story. The MC is even the melee fighter between the two. Morever, although there's not much 'real romance' in their relationship, their bond can be strongly felt throughout the whole story.

The only thing that left me a bit unsatisfied, perhaps, is that I felt the ending was a bit... inconclusive. In the sense I'd hoped the extras would be about the story itself and show us a bit of what happened after the ending. Instead, apart from the last one, they were about completely different things. Still, they were cute and I liked the last one enough, so...

All in all, I really feel like I can give a 5 to this story and reccomend it to everyone who enjoys this genre. <<less
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Brier rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Has both entertaining/ engaging protagonist and side characters. It also has a pretty solid plot as well.

Binged read it immediately and I gotta say, another great addition to the genre of multi-world survival.

When the hint of the "past plays a big role" tag was introduced, I honestly didn't think it would be something I would vibe that well with, but it was nicely executed.

... more>>

Yes. YES to the complicated emotion XL has for his father. I really like the fact that though he understood his reasons, he also knows that XC can be a good person but not a good father/ husband.



Side characters are A++++

The Wang Brothers!!!

And many, many more.

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Lime Pie
Lime Pie rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: --
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Soleus rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow! What can I say. This is actually a fun kind of survival themed story. What I mean by fun is that the MC is poor who cannot be more poorer than a poor boss in the survival game. He has no home, no car, no deposit. Such a poor ghost (not literally). The skill that he'd obtained is suitable for his condition. The comedy is great, I love it. This is much more of a relaxing type of survival game novel when compared to others such as ' kaleidoscope... more>> of death' which is kind of more serious one. It doesn't mean that there is no death in this novel. There is but it is some thing that already happened. You will know when you read it. The flow is great, not boring at all. The story revolves around MC and ml, not too much conflicts. I'm really satisfied with main chapters expect for the extras. The author is so strict. Come on! Since it is written on how they can meet in other world where there is no survival game give them a real happy ending will ya! <<less
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XXCielle1 rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: c88
So far so good.

I really like this novel, at first I was a bit sceptical about reading it, but I actually came to like it. It's good and I can't wait for new chapters.

The MC (XL) is smart and the ML (L) is really helpful. And the side characters are really loveable.

... more>>

The MC never been in love before (I'm pretty sure) because of poverty so he's always busy working (he has lots of odd jobs that allowed him to learned weird skills) and studying. That's why he's a bit ignorant (?) of his feelings.

While the ML is probably not human, he lost his 'body' parts and have to find it in some instances. Everytime he got his parts back he will be more powerful or even recieve some of his memories back.


The MC and ML work pretty well together, and I particularly like this one side chara (WT) he's really funny and cute.

The story is great and there's a lot of funny misunderstanding, the horror and mystery is good too. Kudos to the Author-sama.

P.S : Sorry for any typos and grammar error, English is not my first language. <<less
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Rida rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: Completed
The arcs were very interesting and unique. The characters were also quite funny.

However, I felt that the ending was very rushed and a bit illogical. The MC's power was also a bit confusing to understand- especially when he used it on the final villain (although that may be because I MTLed it).

Overall a nice read to pass the time.
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Nyaa.23 rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: v2
Pros :

MC isn't afraid of ghost but afraid of losing money. Kinda reminds me of my mom lol. MC got spawned inside a toilet cubicle and inside a supermarket, It was lowkey boring, the MC feels out of place.

The story so far is okay, some suspense, not much actions.

Cons :

The side characters are 2D or obnoxiously unbearable.
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maria_mtl rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is very engaging. Main characters and side characters have their own story, its making you feel close to them. IMO, each character has solid background which make their personality believable.

It has almost the same main plot as other reality game novel but this one is a little bit different.

... more>>

The game kinda has less gameplay. Even a rookie player, they only have to play once a week. As for a senior player, they only required to play the game once every half year.

So the MC timeline is kinda fast. In a few ch, 2 years ady past. This because MC rarely voluntary entered a copy.


Try read one. Loved the story! <<less
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rhianirory rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: Completed
a good addition to the infinite flow/survival game genre. The MC, especially at the start, is funny and the story engaging, plus the MC has a normal IQ, which is a relief. It dragged a little in the middle and I got pretty impatient with the MC blushing over every little thing and running away over and over again, but we all know I don't have much patience with blushing maiden MCs so that's not a surprise. MC gets OP pretty quickly thanks to his skill but there are still... more>> times when he has no choice but to run away so it's not too unbelievably strong,

though he does skip through the levels extremely fast; going from newbie to middle-tier in just a few games and then from middle to advanced in something like three games. Also, he has the very OP ML who is also a total workaround to his poverty requirement. Even though the ML is technically the MCs prop at the start he makes tons of money irl and it never affects the MCs poverty skill.


nice read and a good ending. <<less
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plainbreadstick rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c147
Great story, I enjoy the dynamic between the MC and ML along with the instances.

I find the humour enjoyable but that might be because mine is shit. The instances are well done in my opinion and well written. I find that the horror aspect isn't heavy and that it's more comedic so if you're looking for dark, terror and suffering you won't really find that. The fact that the MC and ML are both very strong is comforting as I enjoy seeing them bulldoze through the instances (the fact that... more>> the MC doesn't really need to rely on the ML during the instances is very fresh).

The MC is a lighthearted, quick to adapt, strong, skillful protagonist. He's also not an idiot but also not a doormat. He'll try to help people but he won't go out of his way for them which is something I like. The ML is kind of a passive yandere. I would still consider him a nice guy though so he isn't the overly bloody yandere type. He's sweet but got that butler vibe on him. As for the romance —


Absolute slowburn. The romance begins to show up at ch134. While it sometimes shows up (MC heart rate speeds up, ML obviously interested in him, etc..) that chapter is when they both mutually starts to acknowledge each other as a love interest (someone to maybe pursue although not outright a, "yeah I want this person to be my boyfriend") instead it being a one-sided thing (with the ML loving the MC). It's satisfying enough for me though as they're slowly building up their relationship. However, their first technical meeting is when the MC's 15yo and the ML has take a (platonic but weird, in a you find a strange animal on the road and to I want to raise it type) interest in him. Makes me lowkey uncomfortable but yeah. They never really meet again after that so it isn't bad but just weird imo.


Recommended for those who like unlimited flow with a comedic undertone and not a heavy horror setting. Also with a slowburn ambiguous romance. <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: Completed
My Impression (which is just fangirling so feel free to skip)

A great first novel with lovely world building, little plot holes, and superb characters and character development. It's the perfect blend of a shounen/BL novel, and incorporates a wonderful amount of humor to dash the severity of the situation at times. Can really detoxify your stress in an instance. Do keep in mind this is a feel good novel so expect don't expect our characters to walk a thorn filled, anguished, immersed in reality road but they will... more>> have their fair share of struggles. Anyways, back to the objective rating of this novel (I'm going to add no spoilers, so pardon me if my review is vague)....


Ok you have our MC (Xie Lan) and ML (Luo) who are both strong in their own right. Xie Lan has a straight man persona that can get you cracking up, and his way of dealing with high stress situations show how capable and level-headed he is. His poverty is also quite hilarious, and I love how what was considered a flaw in his reality became his strength in the Advent World (in multiple, sometimes questionable ways). He also doesn't run away from anything, nor does his personality even change when he gets together with Luo (like going to mega shy blushie lover or smth), which only boosts his character points to a 100/10. On the other hand, our dear Luo on the other hand is not an omnipotent ML (though being strong) you often see in escape game novels and is ironically human in many aspects relating to strengths and weaknesses. I can't really give away much about him because he has a pretty mysterious persona in the summary, but just know he is one of the healthiest ML's I have ever seen, and you are guaranteed to love him.

In terms of the relationship between them, what I love the most about them is that the relationship barely follows any of the cliches. The author injects an originality in her characters that allows you to stop predicting their actions--which is the ultimate refresher in my opinion. Their relationship is one of trust, and there is no useless dog blood to show how strong that relationship is. It is endless respect between both of them when faced with each of other's actions, and both are capable of standing their own ground. There's no dynamic such as "One strong, one weak, and strong constantly saves weak". If that isn't a sign to pick up this novel, I'm not sure what is.

Another bonus point to the character section: the author develops the side characters wonderfully, each with their own growth and personalities (instead of mindless MC followers) without taking away focus from the main plotline--which is quite commendable, considering I get very annoyed when authors try to develop side characters because they often do it so wrong and take away from the original story. So what I'm trying to say is, you'll get a dash of side characters (that can actually get you attached to them) but not to the point where you will be impatiently scrolling, trying to get where the ML and MC where having their scene.

Haha also the amount of times I got close to tearing up and then one of the characters ruined the mood with their endearing straight men personas really did something to my heart.


This is going to be very short, because again I want you all going into the novel with surprises, not spoilers. But anyway our author develops the plot well, with little plot holes and a story that gets you engaged and questioning what happens next second. I do this the author had the potential to further the plot and make is richer, but neverthless she did well for her first novel. The author is also very talented in setting the scene but leaving just enough for your imagination as well while not not transcending common sense (at least not obviously with her novel--rather I think common sense is one of the main strong points about this novel. I also like the fact she didn't make the monsters omnipotent, emotionless beings, and rather an existence that has its own character and flaws as well. Additionally, (and surprisingly), the ending wasn't anticlimactic and rather build up the suspense to the point where my eyes were glued to the screen. Not a spoiler at all but


If yall do get to the ending, please play Lacrimosa at the final scene and Clouds (Huma-Huma) to the scenes prior to that. I had those playing (hey, I like listening to classic, creepy music while reading escape game novels--don't judge) and man did it do something.


Conclusion (TLDR)

Read it. <<less
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September 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This turned out to be a well thought out backstory of an MC, one of my favourites. I definitely recommended.

I MTL'd this and still enjoyed it.
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Realvnv rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: c108
Damn, too many positive reviews, my drama-loving soul can't accept this lmao.

Anyway, into the review:

I dunno mate, it's alright ig. Instances weren't mind-blowing or utterly boring, alright, side characters were the usual 2D gang which is alright, main characters alright, if pacing in instances is x0.50 then other times its x5 speed... Alright.

... more>> MC can be considered smart if you ignore the times where he acts like he found sth big when you could arrive at the same conclusion with your toes.

ML is always beside MC, but his exposure time is even less than sum cannon fodder in the instances lmao. Seriously, he has only one line: "Take a look at this, sir." He also occasionally acts chuuni in the dark, makes a lot of money, blabla. Add some roasting to his painting skills and we're pretty much done.

Other than these.... Jokes aren't fun for me anymore, dunno ya intellectuals. Well, it's been 100+ chaps, that's only to be expected.

In conclusion, consider giving a shot, don't have any hope for an engaging romance since both of them are blockheads, ignore legendary pig teammates that exist in be it beginner or advanced games... Guess that's it.

P.s: On a side note, I'm kinda bored with the "mysterious parents" routine I've been seeing in a couple of horror-themed novels, but there's nothing to be done. <<less
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Dianille rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c143
I love this story MC and ML. They fit my ideal horror character requirement which was brave and not jumpy. Well, he kinda has a bad luck in one area but good luck in other. I don't think he's too OP, but the ML certainly is OP. He doesn't show it much though, I think the ML was somewhat like an admin or GM on video games.
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Althame rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c78
Shameless MC and Butler-like ML (Sebastian is that you? Not really but me like anyhow), some scenes are definitely funny, and it doesn't leave me with a painful impatient urge to know the answers (thank you author). Something is always happening and the pacing feels good.

Just don't read this at night, if you're a scaredy-human like me.
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MofuMofu rated it
October 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahhh I luv this novel so much 😭💖 the MC character is so likeable. ML is a loyal dog character, but not pushy about his feeling to MC but trapped him slowly. So it's kinda slow romance, but it's still sweet!!

I luv how the story going on and the each character building is very good too. But just a little. A little complain. Why the extra chapter after ending is not about the story after that? 😭 I am a bit disappointed for the extra though they are cute.... more>> I feel heartache for Qi Ning, he is my favorite side character 😭 ca-can I counted the extra for Qi Ning as a happy ending? 😩 I just want Qi Ning get his Happy Ending too 😭 Whyyy author 😭

But bsd this one, and my personal feeling of love for Qi Ning, all in all, this story is Soo good. I hope u enjoy read this one if u deciding to read 💖 <<less
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