Falling In Love in an Escape Game


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With a congeniital defect from birth, Xia Nuo took part in an escape game to prolong his life.

In the first game world, his identity was a blind, rich young man. The system told him: “At the beginning of the game, remember to stay close to your ‘boyfriend,’ he’s going to save you three times. This is a benefit that I’m giving for a novice like you, okay?”

Xia Nuo: Okay, I will remember.

System: The new guy looks like he’s obedient. I feel at ease.

At the start of the game, Xia Nuo immediately grabbed the man who the system told him about.

System: …!!!

The man looked at the little lamb who had thrown himself at him, and smiled slowly.

When the game ended, Xia Nuo sighed and lamented: It was an easy game, there wasn’t even danger that came my way! My ‘boyfriend’ even took great care of me, I should thank him the next time we meet.

System: I relaxed a little too early!

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Yêu Đương Trong Trò Chơi Chạy Trốn
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holizshit rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: --
If MC was a sheep, then he must be a small, round and pure sheep with a cute Instagram filter on it. He's basically what I described, a person so pure who's never been tainted since he's been living lying on a bed all his life. Aaaandd, what's gonna happen if such person transmigrated into a survival game world setting? Correct, he heavily relied on the ML through the arcs. ML surely is a hard worker, he's helping MC breeze through the mysteries and get rewards. I think it's quite... more>> ridiculous how ML barely interacted with MC and then boom, ML fell in love and protect him like the yandere he is. That... doesn't really happen. Unless there's an explanation on the attraction he felt in the later chapters...? I'm not sure since I've only read up to arc 3, but it didn't sit quite well with me.

Also, I feel like the author isn't too good with smaller details. They added details to the story but then forgot about it in the middle (that even the readers also forgot about it), then somehow mentioned it again in the end of the arc just for the sake of 'oh I did write this detail but that's it'. Like, it will only pop up when it's convenient and then *poofs* disappears into thin air. Not only the minor details but also the major ones!


This was quite apparent in the 2nd arc where MC had a condition called narcolepsy where he tends to fall asleep randomly regardless of time and situation. The author used this detail to strengthen the spark between MC and ML, but then that's it. It was never mentioned again, not even hindering MC during the arc, and at the end the author just casually mentioned it. Also, what about the powers that MC supposedly have? That needs to be talked about, doesn't it?? At least you'd think there'd be an inner dialogue from MC, but no. It's gone gone.


So far though, I'm quite enjoying it. Translation's awesome (thanks translator-nim!), and I'm itching to know the secret behind the mysteries. I'll (hopefully) update (not sure though) when there are more chapters. <<less
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LeniSnow rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: --
I suggest you learn how to read tags instead of hating on this after reading and being disappointed with a weak naive MC. If you don't like naive weak protagonist and strong love interest then filter out your search tags and exclude that. My gosh, people.
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rhianirory rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Very innocent and naive MC, but not too s*upid (thankfully). He was only 18 when he "died" and spent most of that life in the hospital so he didn't have much contact with the outside world to begin with so at least his lack of common sense has a logical reason behind it. It helps that his character in the first scenario is blind so he can't even see his arranged "boyfriend" which led to some humor during the first copy. The ML is a pretty typical infinite flow ML.

i... more>> didn't like the MC's system at all.

MC quickly realizes something is off about his system. In return for him being pissed and distrustful, the system treats him coldly and doesn't explain what he needs for the next mission and just lets him go in with no information. First time I've seen such an a**hole system in one of these stories. Later the other players confirm his system was abnormal; none of them have their memories wipe every time they come out of a copy, he never received a basic players handbook, and he doesn't even know his systems ID number.


around the third instance things started getting very confusing on the site I was reading and I got frustrated enough that I skipped to the end (I was surprised by the reveal and I'll leave it at that). Now that it's being translated I will finally get to clear up the confusion.


in copy 3, in one chapter he summoned a devil and the next he was a cat, then he's talking to a mermaid duchess, then he suddenly got eaten?? Huh? There was no transition or flow from one scene or chapter to the next so I think the pages of a totally different story got mixed in for some reason. It jumped around and made zero sense. Even less than usual with mtl. Hopefully this translators copy doesn't suffer from the same problem.

I will revisit my rating once I read this translated version. My rating when I tried to read the raws was a 3 <<less
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Suisui rated it
August 11, 2021
Status: c56
Okay, I have to say I was very disappointed. The premise that was promised in the summary turned out to actually be untrue which wouldn’t be a big deal if the result turned out to be satisfactory, which in this novel clearly wasn't.

I'll first say good points before I turned to the bad ones because there are too many belonging to the latter category. So first, the writing style wasn't that bad. There was no r*pe and no misunderstandings that got in the way of mc's and ml's relationship. That... more>> would be all, now to the bad points.

Oh boy, so, the reason why there were no misunderstandings in the first place was because the relationship of MC and ML jumped straight from being strangers to ML constantly being 'he's like a rabbit, so cute, wanna bully him' and the MC being 'ah, is this a bit too fast?'- 3 seconds later - 'I like him too, I want to spend my lifetime with him*blush blush*'. Basically the typical cliche of an overbearing ML with yandere but not totally crazy yandere tendencies and naive, incapable MC always being described as cute, easy to bully and you get the point.

I mean, if you're going to use this kind of schema which is so overdone and present in 85% of the mediocre bl novels, at least add something different that will attract and keep reader's attention, but instead we got empty main characters. Like seriously, if I had to say anything about the MC and ml, besides one being naive and 'cute' in the eyes of everyone else and ML being overbearing and possessive, there's literally nothing else to say.

And I was already halfway through the novel when I wrote this review and according to other reviews, it's just gonna go downhill from here so better not read more of it.

And side characters? Ah, almost forgot them but it's not really my fault since the author basically said 'side characters? What are those?'. They basically serve no purpose besides going "oh they seem ambiguous, oh looks like they're together" when they see MC and ML and that would be it.

System? Meh

World-building? Another term the author basically never heard of. What are overseers? What is the purpose of the instances they go through? When and why did the main characters even start liking each other? Why am I even reading this? Neither does the author and neither do I have any idea about the answer to these questions.

I feel like the author just read a lot of quick transmigration and unlimited flow novels and said 'I want to write something like this too' and then just started writing the story without any preparation and thinking of the plot beforehand with the only idea 'oh yeah, there should be a system, some missions or whatever, the characters.... We're just gonna go with the typical possessive ML and naive cute MC, their families? Friends? Aspirations? Abilities? Nah, we' ll leave that blank so I can just take sth out of my *ss when I feel like it, oops forgot I wrote about this setting 10 chapters prior to this, guess I'll just mention it at the end of the arc' *cough cough* narcolepsy in arc 2 *cough*.

Yeah, how about no. Seriously, I definitely don't recommend this to anyone to read. The 3 stars I gave it are actually quite high, I give it 2.5/5 stars simply because of the translator and the fact that the author's writing style isn't actually that bad and would be much better if they didn't have a serious problem of forgetting the setting and plot points of the novel they wrote themself.

If you're looking for a good qt/unlimited flow novel, look for something else. If you want a fluffy story to take a break from other angsty novels, also look for something else.

But if you want to feel what it's like reading something mediocre with so many plot holes there's basically no plot without needing to use a single brain cell then this is the right place, go for it!

Basically, don't read this with high expectations, better yet, any expectations at all because you'll be disappointed. <<less
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Qwex rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c50
Got bored by the end of the second arc.

MC is a pure boy. His personality can be described by the single word: nice.

ML is your typical posessive a-hole. (I loved how in second arc he was jealous of MC for taking to other man. MC even had to explain that they are not familiar at all. They were not even dating yet).

... more>> There is also no development of their relationship. They just start interacting like a couple and that's it.

While MC is not s*upid he is also not smart. He realised that his system is not reliable. He has other players who are actively helping him. Does he ask them any questions? No! He just accepts what they have to offer and that's it. (To be honest, I think this is more about the authors skill. I guess it would be bad for the story pacing if MC knew important stuff from the begining).

In concludion: it's a nice story to kill some time, but it has nothing to hold your attention for a long time. <<less
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nitan rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: Completed
It's..... alright, but definitely not what I was expecting when I started reading. To be honest, I'd rate this a little lower just because it's not... hm....

There's nothing wrong with finding the MC weird, actually if it ends up being part of why you don't want to continue reading this novel, that's perfectly fine. The one reviewer who's so condescending about other people's opinion on the MC is a little rude... All the other comments are giving this lower ratings because of the plot, no one was even talking about... more>> the MC. But if someone does want to talk about the MC then that's fine? Some people want to know more about what the MC is like before going into the novel so they can prepare themselves, the tag can't capture so much. That comment.. was so weird.. anyways...

I think this novel is very.. flavourful... the flavour of chuuni is very strong... potent to the max. I've never read a novel where I'm just so amused by how middle-schooler syndrome alot of things are...I agree with what others are saying about the plot though, but they've already talked extensively so I won't go into it, please read their reviews instead

But also like, hilariously the MC is very white-lotus protagonist prototype. To the T. It's very amusing to see because if you've read alot of 'cannon fodder counterattack!' where the protagonist of the world is a white lotus adored by others.... it's like this dude: The MC is literally them to the max. There's even chuuni lines for him.. even in the first arc where he went 'I understand the truth.... with my heart!! (love for the ML, in a conversation with a fake 'boyfriend') -- I literally gagged outloud, but was also very very entertained by how just unaware it all seems (of him being the Ultimate White Lotus.) And he's genuinely a white lotus, not a green tea.

It's so... like down to the plots where he 'trusted' powerful people because his 'intuition tells him they're nice' -- it's very... hehe... it's very funny. But in a specific way so I understand if it's too cringe

The plot.. I don't have much to say about the plot. I think if you read the novel or other reviews, you'd understand pretty quickly (in the first 30 ch?) whether you'd like the novel or not. It's definitely not what I came here for, but it' also very... uh... if you can handle it then you can, but if you don't want to read then you don't have to read. I think that's the best recommendation I can give for this novel <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: c86
I would rate the first arc as a 3.5 or a 4.0, but it sharply drops to a 1.0 in arc 3. I only read a few chapters of arc 4, but I plan to hold off until the translator catches up. The story becomes a confusing mess and I'm hoping some proper translation from the original source can clear things up. @Rhianirony sums up the issues with arc 3 pretty well.

The first arcs were not without issues, but at least the lack of explanation had a purpose. The MC's... more>> system appears to be a scheming b* aiming for a quick upgrade by improper means. How erasing the MC's memory and dumping him into worlds without proper explanations would help it in any way isn't elaborated on, but that's part of the mystery right? Perhaps it's at the instigation of it's supervisor, Monitor J? The first clue

that the MC is not a normal player appears in the first arc with the revelation that his cong**ital illness is actually a side effect of his special ability. ML is revealed as monitor K by the end of the first arc. They fall in love way too fast, but there is probably something more we don't know behind this.


The problem is, I don't think the author knows either. It's okay to keep certain details from the protagonist and the readers. However, the author must have these background settings hammered out for their own use. The two major random reveals at the beginning of arc 4 make me suspect that this author is writing as they go. It's less of a surprise than it is completely overturning everything we thought we knew since the first arc, without any proper foreshadowing.

The first player from the first arc (fake boyfriend) is revealed to actually be monitor J. The MC is suddenly the incarnation of a mirror with no memory beyond the past month or so. He views J as a trustworthy brother. The MC choose the code letter Q during his flashbacks in the mirror maze arc, implying he might now be a monitor. This is either a flashback or the MC is being HEAVILY gaslighted by J. I think the latter is what the author is aiming for, but it doesn't make much sense with that players casual or even incompetent attitude in the first arc. I also suspect the voice he was hearing through the third arc might actually be J rather than K, but that would mean some serious timeline hijinks. I think J was in the mirror maze arc as well as one of the other player's summons. It's currently established that at least two monitors are being sent to investigate the high death toll of various worlds. It may be a setting that monitors must enter the worlds with their memories suppressed, or something done to specifically restrict and harm Q/K. If it's to all monitors, it could explain why J was so low key in first world. But does that mean MC was always a monitor and his memories in the hospital are either false or distant history? So is J just doing his duty or is he manipulating Q/K? WTF is happening with the timeline???

I am hoping the fourth arc is the returning memories and we aren't actually out of the mirror maze yet. It would be terrible story telling, but at least it would make sense.


As for the third arc, I was actually excited for the maze arc at first. The setup was pretty interesting and somewhat reminiscent of MOBA. It seemed like it gave up on survival elements for a large 50v50 player competition. And then, it didn't.

The entrance to the game was a fountain with a Guide/Commander in charge of explaining details. Some players have special roles and start with summons. They are also meant to help grant monsters to normal players. The MC gets his summon, the ML, and starts heading to the next checkpoint with the guide. Okay, good start right? This is where it starts to get weird.

The author attempts to bring the survival horror aspect back in by making each checkpoint (???) a different mini scenario the players need to clear alone with their summons, or so I surmised after the MC was transported into a high school mystery setting as a cat. Literally. I'm not really clear about how it works because we never get to see the guide again or another checkpoint. The setting just suddenly changes to some kind of multiplayer fantasy town. Sometime in that gap, something goes wrong with the MC's summon. He needs to make a proper contract with the ML to move on to the next stage or to further explore the maze. If I had to guess, the ML made the MC upset enough to give up on his summon or they were separated by the rules/by meddling of that one lady who drew the snake summon. What is certain is that MC needs to draw a summon at the fountain and he must earn currency to do it. He takes on the quest of the mermaid 'duchess' and accompanies 'her' to find her stolen necklace. It's revealed to have been stolen by a mermaid duke and hidden in the room he uses to stash his treasures and his hybrid tree person son. This is all revealed by the 'duchess' who turns out to be the ML in disguise. He fades away once the truth is revealed and the MC takes the necklace to the real duchess.

MC and ML reunite and talk about the secrets of the maze. Turns out it's impossible to clear??? ML is about to restore the MCs memories when a shadow appears and swallows the MC alive. END OF ARC


Tl;dr Third arc is a bad mix of confusion and disappointment.

Tl;dr2 Worst execution of amnesia cliche I've seen yet.

Tl;dr3 If the author doesn't let the MC explore the actual player world before the end of the story after introducing hints such as second generation players, I will probably drop the rating down to 1.0 for giving up on world building. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: Completed
3 stars is for the romance (?). The 'games' didn't make sense. ML is always the HIGHEST existence in any game world so he can make, change and break any rules. I didn't understand what was going on (& neither did the MC lol). The system is only there in the first chap. Goes away after the 1st world and there's no interaction with MC so even MC has no idea about the worlds he is going to enter. Points mean sh*t coz without system MC can't buy any props.

There's... more>> some mystery wrt MC & ML but meh. Ends abruptly too.

Overall, there are better supernatural/ horror game novels available. Go for this novel if u don't have anything else to read and u like a possessive/ obsessive ML who likes to cage MC (not too much, just enough to fulfil our yandere fantasies without actually being yandere lmaoo) and a so-naive MC that is *coff coff* *whispers* TSTL.

Since I did manage to completely MTL this, I am leaving the rating at 3.

T/ L - 5/5 <<less
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Kitty_Sky rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: c69
The romance aspect. As another comment says, MC gets confessed to by the ML and is confused on if he should accept these feelings or not. However, MC never once said "I do not like you" he only needed time and help to realize his feelings. The ML isn't r*pey or too possessive and he gives MC space to breath. He doesn't really get jealous save for a few instances that were completely understandable, and he didn't even make it anyones problem and straight up told MC he was jealous... more>> and why. Maybe I'm just biased because I like the book, but there really isn't much wrong with how the relationship came to being. It's basically how some real life relationships work too. (5/5)

The MC. He's the normal cutesy type that normally appear in these types of novels. However I do like how he isn't forced into doing things and is genuinely curios about it. As opposed to other Mc's in this genre who are forced to crossdress, forced into a relationship, etc. (4/5)

The side characters are there but they aren't fully fleshed out, they do have their own backstories and feelings but they're mostly there to help MC realize his feelings to Ml. (3.5/5)

The world building isn't too bad, and I like the different arcs, they have their own story and it's quite intriguing, my only complaint is that there isn't really and room for me to guess Ml's identity, there isn't any suspense. We get told his identity in the first arc. (4/5)

The translation quality is very good safe for some instances where the pronouns get mixed up however that's to be expected as one person cannot be expected to edit so many chapters and not have something slip through. (5/5)

My review on worldbuilding is subjected to be changed in the future overrall it's a great read if you're just looking to pass the time and read about a sweet relationship. Overall (4.5/5) <<less
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LunetteLit rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: --
Cute story.

But that’s all.

Not a really ‘survival’ story but geared more toward ‘romance’. For me it is a light passing story but I got bored...

-.-“ well personally the writing is still immature. Not bad, but it can be better. Maybe the author can deliver more in her future series.

Basically it’s a story with interesting premise but failed to deliver.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
melonsugar rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c29
I don't know what I should write here (Cuz you can see other's reviews and I pretty much agree) but I only just wanna share my opinion about this novel.

So...I stopped reading after ML said ... more>>

he is K or something

and I was like... excuse me? what? I don't get it. It's just too sudden and my brain can't digest the information.

At the first part of the novel, it's still enjoyable and I was about to give it between 4 and 5 stars in my heart. But it suddenly became more... random I guess? If you guys saw my previous reviews, I've said before that I don't like OP characters that don't have good details. MC is ok, he's just too simple. I don't hate him but I definitely don't like him either. <<less
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c64
Actually, it's not that bad. Though the horror element is completely lacking and the plot has too many add-ons to it, so that the entirety of each arc's story is not expressed properly, but overall, it's not bad. The MC is a really naive and gullible character, but at least to some extent, decisive, and it's true the ML does fall in love quite early on in the first arc and it's pretty much love at first sight in the subsequent arcs. I guess it leans more towards the 'romance'... more>> element as compared to tragedy/horror and MC is pretty much "lead on" to the necessary clues (since ML is the big boss) to crack down those "arcs". Now, onto the main plot line (the background story of ML), it doesn't really make sense to me. The only thing that I could get, due to the courtesy of the translator, was that the ML is the legendary "K", the top player and an Overseer, who has already transcended to a higher plane and is responsible for world creation. Apart from that MC is a pure noob and the system seems to be a trickster. Much hasn't been revealed yet regarding the in-laid background of these main characters and their connections to one another, at least not till the chapters I have read. Regarding the names and also to some extent, the plot, mtl is really confusing.


Like, MC's name most of the time is mentioned as Shannan as compared to his translated name "Xia Nuo". Not sure of the Ml's name used in the second arc, since it's currently being translated, but his name in arc 2 is Canland/Canlan. The other character's name is pretty mismatched too. So, it's a bit difficult to understand, I guess.


I hope NU really removes that horror tag. Though the arcs base is supposedly horror, the story is pretty much focused on MC and ML's interactions. Not to mention, the supposed "players" aren't really in danger and get along with the boss to some extent (due to player MC plug-in to mind-wash the villains) and also have a really low sense of existence. The only thing that really made me continuing reading this halfway through, wasting away my precious brain cells, was their interactions and to some extent, ML's background in each arc.


Reading "Thriller Trainee" had actually up-ed my expectations for horror quick-transmigration /infinite flow BL. Though a bit disappointed but at least enjoyed the first arc. Hopefully the later translations will make more sense. I'll comment on this after at least a quarter and a half of the work gets translated, so that there's more room for comparison. Maybe by then, the story would come together to some extent.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyaa.23 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c28
Pros :

Naive MC x OP ML. I'm not a fan of this trope but if you are then okay. The relationship between them is meh. They net and ML just falls for MC. In like 20 chapters.

Cons :

The story drags too long, there's too much fillers. The setting of the system, world and players is confusing. The world that they play is like an open world?? Other player than MC have some kind of connection to it. Then why would MC have it as his 1st instance??
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KichiX rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: c65
Yet another MC who relies entirely on the ML to save them. The instances don't make sense. I don't know how the "regular players" would survive or solve the mysteries if it wasn't for the MC (and his godly-assist, the ML). It's not even good fluff because the relationship stifles all opportunity the MC has for growth.
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