Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game


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Xu Beijin is an extra in the game ‘Escape.’ His usual role is to lie on the floor to be the corpse, while observing how the Missiontakers scratch their heads to figure out a way to survive.

All the other extras work extremely hard as if trying to win the next Oscar’s in order to leave this cruel, despairing world; while Xu Beijin has a simple, monotonous, tedious life.

Until one day, he picked up a streaming system…

Xu Beijin’s life has been entirely upended.

While lying on the floor as a corpse, the audience goes “AAAAAAAH Host what’s that behind you uwuwu…”

While he’s reading the script out loud, the audience goes “Hehehe Beibei’s so cute acting all serious! I want to lick!”

While he’s working hard to figure out the truth about this world, the audience goes “Today our Bei is also the hardworking Bei!”

While he’s… he’s working hard dating Lin Qin, the audience goes “?!?! This isn’t the horror game stream I signed up for!”

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New SayMrrp rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: v6c94 part1
One of the best!

It's very high IQ, so most of the time I just wait for the final explanation of the arc.

The characters are realistic and interesting, even the side characters.

The novel is very psychological/philosophical, but there are exciting action moments.

The mysteries are very juicy, and I can't wait to find out the secret behind the game!
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boilpoil rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Hey, it's the translator here. This is one rare novel that I basically read through in one go. While the pace is excruciatingly sluggish in the beginning, it improves later on. The story and plot are a tad complicated, but the sluggishness actually helps you take in what's going on. The protagonist and his love interest are somewhat undeveloped, but a lot of side characters are really fleshed out. If you want to enjoy some slightly more hardcore sci-fi/drama novel with a horror twist, then I highly recommend a read.

Edit:... more>> For those asking about the seme protagonist tag - It is marked so on jjwxc, and is also hinted at by one single line in the extra that you'll miss if you blink.

Editedit: Do leave a comment on the relevant novel chapter if you believe I accidentally spoiled something in the middle of the chapter in the TL notes, or DM me on the translation team's discord. It would help me improve as a translator. If you would rather do it anonymously, there is also a red button at the end of the chapter with an exclamation mark to file a report/feedback on the relevant chapter. Thank you. <<less
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Seafall rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Hi. First of all, I just want to say that this novel is worth reading.

The story revolves around Xu Beijin, an extra who suddenly got the called live broadcasting system. He normally had a small role in the nightmare scenes of the escape game, limiting his knowledge about the scene. However, because of the system, he now had an option to spectate the entire scene, live broadcast it and give a helping hand on the mission takers. Note that the mission takers viewed the actors as NPC. This is because... more>> the actors restrained by the game master, had too much obediently played their role as NPC, which gave the wrong impression to the mission takers even though they are also human.

So why is this important?

This is because the nightmare scenes are all truly difficult to the point where the mission takers always die a few times before they reach the true ending. It should be noted that there is no death in the scenes because the scene will just restart if a death occurs among the actors and mission takers. Unfortunately, having several restarts increases the chance of collapsing the nightmare scene and its difficulty. Furthermore, if the mission takers cannot really reach an ending of the scene, then they and as well as the actors will be continually trapped inside it. This is called the eternal collapse. Because there is no death and only restart, both sides will play their roles in the nightmare scene until the actors have completely assimilated to their role, while the mission takers will give up in finding the ending. Simply put, both sides became will become mad to the point that they cannot or do not want to escape the scene anymore.

Note, there is no useless nightmare scene. Everything is connected and has a purpose. They are the foreshadows to the greater secret behind the game.

Anyways, this is a mystery. As questions will appear on the readers, it will be eventually answered as the story reaches the ending. Here are some of the questions:

  1. Why were they playing this game anyway?
  2. Who brought them there?
  3. What happened to their earth?
  4. Who really is Xu Beijin?
  5. Who is Lin Qin?
As for the relationship of the couple, XB is like an old experienced man (actor) and LQ is a blank sheet of paper when it comes to romance (mission taker). With the mentality of his good personality and the fact that he was trapped in the escape game for several decades, XB had not thought of getting involved on someone else until LQ came to his life. Oppositely, LQ has a simple and frank personality that he always pestered XB despite whose identity is known to be an 'NPC' by others. Their interactions are like the icing of a cake in that sad game. Anyways, I like them both and their happy ending.

Beibei and little apple (LQ) really needs to take a good rest from all that. They deserved it.


Nightmare scenes are based on their actual experience in the earth doomsday.

They were trapped for two hundred years in the game by a certain alien lifeform who destroyed their earth.

While they are trapped inside the game, other humans that are not trapped became s*aves to this alien. Only tens of thousands were left, and they were forced to limit their reproduction by a total of hundred babies a year.

XB's role is not just a bookstore owner but also a game master without the actual authority.

LQ is the one who actually escaped the game but was forced to return inside it with erased memories.

The floor does not matter, as long as they, both actors and mission takers, all sleep, the ultimate nightmare will be triggered.

The highest floor is unknown but there is a lone surviving mission taker found at the 65th floor near the end of the story.

They were helped by a foreign alien life form that was the enemy of the one who trapped them in the end.

Mankind was able to free itself from this alien colonozation. Humanity was restored.

XB's and LQ's bodies were actually destroyed while they were in the game. But the good thing is, the foreign alien helper created new bodies for them, which looked the same as in the game and even with the same stats.

After getting out, XB and LQ are living well. XB as a live broadcaster and LQ as an no.1 athlete in all the physical competition against other alien races. Lol


So you should try to read this story and make their struggles not to be in vain.

Just correct me if I'm wrong especially on the spoilers, since what I've read is the MTLed version of this. <<less
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Poison rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: v2c33
I'm a horror mystery, psychological lover. I can say I'm obsessed with it, one hardcore enthusiast. I watch, read and play everything related to this genre.

So, I have high hope for this novel. However, sigh. ;-; So here's my review for now

Plot : 4.5 stars (I love the concept, the settings, and the solid characters' building. This is refreshing after all those monotonous novels where MCs being op in every escape rooms.)

Writing : 4 stars (Kudos for the translator, he/she tries their best to bring light to this novel with subpar English)

Pacing : 1 stars (I may be cruel to give this kind of rating among all the good reviews, plus I'm still in 2nd arc. It's just the pacing of this novel has been rubbing me off badly. I do appreciate slowburn especially when there is greater reveal at the end.

However, slowburn can be painful if the story is obvious. Eg,

in Arc 1 where the identity of the doll is literally out in the open, but not any character is questioning it till the utilize card shows up. In Arc 2 where the chronological order of murder n escape is blatantly obvious, but someone still manage to get it wrong, I had to skip his dialogue entirely because it makes no sense.


Imean, the above is tolerable if the sentences are not repetitive. I should have mentioned in the writing section, but I thought I should give credit to the translator instead, since the writing pace of the author is the problem. A whole lot of para can actually be cut to intensify the story progress.

I've read alot of novels of this genre, and I know where is the unnecessary.

The repetitive dialogues with different wordings, repetitive conclusion which comes every few paragraphs, repetitive thinking of different characters.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired of the unnecessary thought process which won't stop repeating itself without moving forward after many paragraphs.)

Yes. The above are my reviews for now, and unfortunately I don't want to continue to read. Maybe, just maybe, someday, when I have all the time in the world, I will continue rereading it which might change my mind. Thank you.
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tricksyness rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: Completed
In my opinion, this novel's strengths are also its weaknesses.

On one hand, the world-building was very interesting. There are intriguing mysteries in each arc and overall plot that the players have to solve. On the other hand, this also means you'll keep seeing the characters discussing back and forth at length in each nightmare, trying to figure out the mysteries. It gets a little tedious to read, especially if you're binging the novel.

A unique thing about this novel is how the MC is not the one running around trying to... more>> solve the mysteries because of his assigned role in the game. The side characters/"players" are the ones actively solving the mysteries, so they get more character development compared to a lot of other novels.

However, since MC is not a player, he doesn't quite feel like a novel's main character for me. The players are the ones who are actually playing the game, so we read about a lot of their actions. Meanwhile, MC is an extra who mostly just spectates the nightmares, but he does try and help them a little more as time progresses. Sometimes it just feels like you're watching the game with him rather than him actually being part of this novel, though I understand it's part of the plot.

The romance was cute and very touching near the end, but I do wish there was more meaningful interaction before one of them was convinced that they were in love with the other. <<less
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Glidings rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: v3c43
Something about this story just sparks my obsession. The MC is perfect. He's lazy, full of existential crisis, and has a different perspective of the world. The romance is slow but the ML is an actual character not just a reflection of our wants for validation. I did look at the completed translation of this story after getting up to date, however the quality was much worse and took away from the story, so ill be sticking with the one linked here on novel updates until it's completed (as of... more>> writing this that will be in one month). <<less
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Storymonster rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
The world building is fantastic. The whole concept is great. Really fresh, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

The execution is some aspects falls sliiiightly short. But not enough to change from five stars.

Clearly concept and visuals are where this author shines. Pacing... not so much. The beginning is pretty slow, and there are several moments throughout of repetitive internal monologue that feels just a touch rehashy, and I feel like the tense moments were never quite fast enough to feel truly thrilling. It more rides at that eerie, slow pace mostly. But that’s... more>> nitpicking.

The horror is the disquieting kind. Like you feel uncomfy and skin crawly thinking about it. Not the jump scares or shocking, intense, heart palpitations kind. But it does this well.

Romance... exists and is rather blatant, but there’s absolutely no tension whatsoever. Which felt like a very deliberate choice... maybe to offset the gloomy plot? (Like subtle comedic relief I guess?) While I hate s*upid drama, a bit more push pull would’ve been nice. Of course, if you’re into big silly single-minded loyal dog types then this is your cup of tea.

As a pleasant surprise, the side characters all felt fleshed out. Enough that I kinda wish there were some extras for my favorites. And while not all their stories were blatantly tied up in your face (like the twins), the author was really clever about sliding in little mentions here and there that hinted at things.

Actually, a lot of information was handled that way too. It felt inadvertent as opposed to in your face info dumps. The MC’s close-lipped nature carried over to his inner thoughts so this felt like the author really trusted the reader to understand the subtleties and slow unraveling without feeling the need to spoon feed everything.

Yep. A bit stream of consciousness, sorry. But yeah. Entertaining, solid read. Definitely recommend and will reread. <<less
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jtrichard rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: Completed
The closer you are to the truth, the more you realized how horrible it is.

I can feel the dark atmosphere when I read until a certain scene ... more>>

before they enter Xu Bei's nightmare

. This novel is layered in mysteries that was slowly uncovered as the novel goes, but it's also feel slightly sluggish because it wasn't uncovered through the MC Xu Bei. It's the side character development that's brought this atmosphere to the table, while Xu Bei is the hand that's moving them behind the scenes.

When I read their journey through the last arc, I can feel the nerves, anticipation, and fear of something going wrong. Again and again until the last two chapter, I can't help but being on edge because what if they fail? Xu Bei's pessimistic attitude is actually quite in line with my attitude so I can feel the helplessness.

Warning: each chapter is like 8k to 15k words long and it's really tiring to read the last arcs because imagine you're eight chapter left but it's actually 80k words. That's almost the length of a novel.

But I have to say that this makes foreshadowing the author put before got used. The way she/he played with the plot and each scene made me think that they planned this carefully. There's hardly any holes, so I'm quite amazed.

The extra sort of like... Well extra. My feeling is a bit like... Okay, im done when I read the extra. I guess it's because I want to read about MC and ML interactions with their colleagues, but only tiny bits of them is around. It told their story afterward, but not particularly interest me like the main story does.

Well, totally recommended if you want dark/mystery/gaming/horror kinda novel. It's a great read.

Edit: hold on, why is this seme protagonists? I didn't see any scenes depicting that, neither any outward line describing that.

Edit 2: ohhh, I see. Thank you translator 👍 <<less
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Fuchou rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm going to be honest, I've read the translation and mtl and I can give 5/5 to the translator, but the author's writing? Is a 2/5 for me. It's like a broken record, sometimes it feels like a mental attack due to the over repetition. I've read so many slow burns spanning 700 or more chapters non-stop and I had to take breaks reading this one due to frustration. I wanted it to be concise. I guess this is where one says "hating iron for not becoming steel."

Nonetheless, I read... more>> it until the end despite the constant headache because the plot? Is 10/5. It's so damn good! There's small plot holes (not all novels can be perfect so it's understandable), but the basic premise is amazing. You can clearly see that the author already thought out the end before they wrote the beginning. The nightmares' mysteries requires a brain to work too, and the plot twists are mind blowing. I've been reading it for a week straight in my free time and have been losing sleep since.

I love the ML and MC, and even how fleshed out the side characters are. The introspections and POV changes really nailed it. In the end, I even felt that it was a bit lacking (I wanted more after-stories huhu).


I feel like it's only XBJ and LQ who got a True End, while the rest got the Normal End. I wanted more stories of the survivors since Mu Jiashi and Su Enya are the only ones who had a few lines dedicated to them.

I feel really sad thinking about them. All the people they loved were in an era they left behind-- 200 years ago. They're all exhausted. They didn't integrate well with the new society. Aside from XBJ and LQ who had no choice, the survivors were actually also offered bionic bodies (so they could live longer than the human lifespan) but very few people took it. I think they were just glad that they could finally die in the way they wanted to, which is sad because that's a really low standard, but understandable too.

I guess it's a mercy that they weren't deposited on an Earth with only rubbles and nothing else since the Fijeka (?) at least kept 10, 000 humans outside (as s*aves, but they at least have freedom to watch XBJ's stream lol).

Also loved that bit that Detective Dalao was almost taken away by Fijeka (?) as a cannon fodder for war, but he was too sick so they eventually left him alone (This wasn't explicitly stated but I made that conjecture when the descendant of the game maker told the survivors when they just got out about the young man in passing, and the fact that Detective Dalao disappeared for two weeks).

Also, since the time runs differently in the game than in real world with a 1 month:1 week ratio respectively (if I remember it correctly?), it at least felt like 860+ years for the suvivors inside the Tower instead of 200 years. I'd gone crazy too. The people who remained sane have outstanding mentality.

Still a 5/5 overall for me. Well, maybe 4.5 but rounded to 5. I still can't stop thinking about it. <<less
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nitan rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Amazing story line and build up, atmosphere is also excellent, one of the most creative and unique instances i've ever read+ good pacing near the end!! The only thing is -- reading the writing style is so tedious -- for no reason at all. It's not even complicated, but it's just so convoluted and goes round and round for about 5 paragraphs (average) about the same thing, just worded slightly different-- pointing out the obvious/emphasize it again, a tiny sprinkle of introspection but it's making exactly 0.5 point to progress... more>> the story abit + build up tension -- before we move on. And then rinse and repeat the entire progress of pointing out the obvious with 5 paragraphs, etc. etc. again. It felt like eating cardboard - you gain nothing from eating cardboard, but you will be full of paper when you're done with eating everything. Also there's literally 0 nutritional value???

(the overall build up/big picture progress is good actually, it's just the process/passages where they're progressing the story itself is so... excruciating. it's like pointing out the obvious but refusing the move on. or make any valuable contribution to add onto the story -- or even just. do something. mislead, express their reactions etc. it just. does nothing. and thats so painful because it could've been so good)

The overall novel if you look at plot, pace, build up, elements etc. are so well done so I highly recommend -- but the reading experience itself..... ah....... maybe it's just me, but I honestly felt like the idea itself is phenomenal, the way it's written definitely took some joy out of a 10/10 plot. Longer doesn't mean better, and good planning doesn't result in good writing technique. It's a good novel!!! One I'll think about later down the line - I just won't re-read it again because the experience of reading itself is the hardest pill to swallow about this novel. If you're bothered about things like this, here's your warning! Honestly you can just read the dialogue and it'll be fine. Mostly. Probably not, but god I don't want to relive the experience of reading this again even if I enjoyed what the story is about in the end. <<less
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Haigi rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
At first I thought this was gonna be a light hearted not-horror livestream puzzle mystery.. But after every arc, you see the universe slowly unfolding before you. Layers upon layers of mysteries behind the game starts to make itself know. Unlike other infinity-type stories, the arcs build upon each other, eventually leading to the ending scene.

Side characters have certain depth and I can feel the tangled emotions of the players as they play the game. Even if we're reading from MC's perspective, but I feel like one of the viewers... more>> in his stream instead. I love how the story shows itself. It doesn't tell, but lets you journey together.
While we slowly unravel the mystery of each arc puzzle, as another reviewer said:
'The closer you are to the truth, the more you realize how horrible it is.'

It's true. The more I read, the more afraid I became as I imagined what lies in the future. The plot twists are really something. You won't regret reading it! <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I say, this series is really unique in infinite flow category. There's also a bl novel that rainbowturtle once translates--called game, live stream. The MC there also acquire the love streaming as his ability, since he is also a live streamer, but "Being an extra actor in an escape game" is different from it. Because in this series, the MC can't participate in the copy itself. MC is a mob character, but at the same a mob that has "hidden boss" under his extra character name.

MC is a hidden boss,... more>> but at the same time, he didn't have a power himself. This is the reason why kept quite since the beginning.

I read this series straight, and can't almost stop until I read it at the end. It really cruel and the horror the players experienced in the tower were real.

The author really did a great job when it comes to writing every character's psychological and emotional dramas. I was almost drown in their tears and screams.

The apocalyptic settings in this novel too, is unique. Like, when in you're in a horror game, like the players, as a reader you'll think, it's all part of the script. But little did you know, it's all true.


Earth experienced a world wide madness. For a year, the people on earth strive to get on their feet and stand up, only to see the world on fire.

The end of the word they experience is divided into three stage.

  1. the world wide madness that lasted for a year.
  2. the sky fire--the descend of the aliens
  3. the emergence of the narrow building/tower.

If the alien invasion happen in other novel, then it will truly be hilarious.

People tends to laugh at the topic of aliens, but this series ain't funny at all.


I read it mtl, so I'm not really sure about the process, but...


Amidst the battle of AI: Virtual vs bionic bodies... the Virtual AI made a mistakes somehow, resulting to the madness of unknown primitive planet: Earth. Since the earth didn't know about the truth about the universe, they are not part of the Universe something, so the race that discovered them automatically owned them. So no one in the universe care if the earth perishes.

Unlike other novels with organizations that protect primitive planets, this novel, I think tends to be more realistic. After all, Earth is at fault that they didn't know a thing about the universe, and other races in the universe ain't responsible if anything happened to them.

After the one year madness in earth, the sky fire--the descend of the aliens came. Only a few days, astronomer discovered a UFO heading towards the earth.

Then when the skyfire descend happen, the event in of the maze came.

Before the alien came on earth to clean up the mess they did accidentally, they send message on earth a month before the alien begin their plan. But the people on earth didn't want to comply and so they made a plan to imprisoned the aliens. And that is the maze plan.

But in the end they didn't succeeded. And so humanity fell.

After that, the alien build the narrow building/ tower to test/imprison human.


Now I have additional fav author on my list! <<less
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qeesa rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I went into this game expecting an exciting funny comedy and got shook by its wonderful world building and plot twists. My god.

Some trigger warnings: gore, disturbing scenes of the instances (you can really compare it to texas chainsaw massacre and the like), graphic description of deaths. It's really dark honestly.

The romance is more slow-burn, this novel is really more focused on plot and why everything is the way it is. I don't want to spoil you because I think it will ruin the experience once you've uncovered the truth.

Anyway,... more>> 5/5 experience, I will absolutely recommend this for you guys who like action, crime-solving, mysteries, although if you are squimish and can't stand gore, this might not be for you. <<less
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Infinitymidnight rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I will preface this with I read up to v2c38 part 3 of the translated version then I switch to mtl because the story is so good I had to know the rest and I couldn’t wait another year for it to finish translating DX. I will agree with other review stating the mtl is readable. It’s pretty understandable especially if you’ve read the already translated portion.

I also read some spoilers and it did not make me not want to read it which normally spoilers do.

Onto the real review, its... more>> sort of like the infinite game stories but instead of going through a ton of “stories”, in this case nightmares, and not advancing the plot at all, each nightmare makes sense and builds on the last. Probably because it’s not traveling through multiple worlds but instead they’re still in one world. I’m a sucker for netizens reacting to the MC and so the live streaming plot point is *chef kiss*. Most of the characters arent 2d and the author is good at building them up for future events. Speaking of future events, the plot progression speed is very even through the entire novel. It’s not go through 30 nightmares and then the last 2 nightmares the plot is revealed and boom it’s done.

For the romance aspect. It’s extremely slow burn. If you like quick relationships, this is not for you but it makes sense. The relationship and development added to the story instead of being just a side story inside the story. The ML is super cute the longer you read and the MC is just being slowly cooked by ML.

The only thing I regret is reading the extras. It brings closure to the entire novel and I’m really f*ing sad the novel is over. 10/10 will read again once it’s completely translated <<less
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Nanya rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: Completed
One of my new favorite novels! At first I thought it'd be a typical "extra in a ____" but its actually really thought out with interesting lore behind the setting. I love the mystery aspect that the author laid out with us also exploring the various settings/their meanings. I also loved the philosophic/ introspective nature on humanity and their actions. Very satisfying and pleasing read.
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ShadowAscetic rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is a bit too dark and full of negativity (from characters' monologue), but it's a happy ending so I think it's okay? MC is more like a bridge between readers and the novel's characters, he was a pessimist before he accidentally got a bug (?) for live-streaming the nightmare games and it gave him hope for the future. ML is also super cute and straightforward guy, he's one of the reason why MC started to open his heart and believe that they can escape the game.

It's slow-paced and... more>> full of mysteries, so if you're easily got impatient then I don't recommend to read this one. But for me personally, I'm giving it 5 stars for the plot and world building, 4 stars for MC & ML characteristics, and 5 for the ending. <<less
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April 25, 2022
Status: v6c92 part1
I adore side characters. It's given if they have less screen time, there is less of a chance for the author to change our perspective of what little we're given. That is this story's direction. Things happen with little foreshadowing but it's a coherent story. Let me explain.

'Nightmare' is a common term in the infinite flow genre. But you can't relate this other other episodic infinite flows. The biggest difference is the MC's disposition; because of they key element, there is actually an over arching story.

My only concern would be... more>> that the author is adamant that "the reasons can't be ghosts", most of the Nightmares so far is different from urban legends or cases left cold. There are multiple solutions for an Ending. It is a concern because some situations are so morbid that it's difficult to believe that it's human. There are a lot of psyche elements, so it is a bit difficult to read. But as if to offset it; for those wary of the broadcasting system, it plays its part in changing the tone of a story as well as having its own direction. In other words its plays a role as a character, different than the difficult replications of those 'constellation' types. As for the romance, it's frank and sweet. They have a natural development and it makes me fond of their interactions.

This story is a unique one. But certainly one I would recommend. <<less
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luxe rated it
March 29, 2022
Status: --
This will be an ongoing review as I go through. Currently at the second Nightmare.

So, the initial Nightmare and instance leads us to a very interesting world. They're trapped inside, but they're unable to die. The reason I'm reviewing so early is because... I gotta say, the male lead is pretty annoying so far. During the first nightmare, you're absorbed in the nightmare and the story, but there's the ML demanding "fight me!" at every other interval and doing pretty much nothing but staring at the air when he's not... more>> required to do anything. He's also in the way of Beibei talking to the viewers because he's not allowed to talk in front of the players. Like, literally everything else has been more interesting so far than the ML.

I don't mind MLs that aren't rich, tall, handsome, abusive, yandere, etc. But, I find zero appeal to a character that doesn't really bring enrichment to the story other than a bug-like powerful existence. I even found myself hoping Wu Shen's actor or Mu Jiashi was the ML as I was reading, lmao. Like, literally anyone that shows a characteristic that's a spark more interesting than "Fight Me! I'll bribe you with drinks!" (The fact that Beibei has said no x5982305320 times is... annoying; hello, listen to the 'no' and stop being a jerk).

Otherwise, the story is very engaging. Other reviewers can probably tell you. Just that the love interest is literally 1/4th of the reason one would read a BL. LOL. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: Completed
The brain stuff was really not my type cauz I'm into things using my brain powders. But still a good unlimited flow novel. [Thumbs_up. Jpg]

The whole mystery when revealed in the end was quite exciting. Though, some of it was foreshadowed before, which was noticed earlier.

What I like the most was Beibei and Little Apple's interaction. [Laughs. Gif] Like every time! They just made the novel more sweet, in a sense.

... more>> Add the live broadcast, their comments are so cute.

Though, I have a question for my fellow readers who determined Beibei is the seme.

How did you know? I didn't even get a hint from the novel. [Miserable_cry. Jpg]

That's it.

Bye bye, Beibei and Little Apple. [Waves. Gif]

Live your remaining long life fully.

I'll be watching you from here. [Smile. Jpg]

Wishing you two, eternal happiness. <<less
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TomiNdumplings rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I came in reading for the BL, I came out reading for the plot and the story line.

The whole story is so interesting. While maybe a world of escaping horror game scenarios isn't too fresh anymore, the story the author put beneath that made this novel so intriguing. I think there were a few small plot holes and oversights by the author, but overall the concept, the slow build up, and the generally feeling of unease this story cultivates as you continue reading it really hook you.

This story isn't really... more>> one you read for romance, it's for the slow burn of the plot. The desire to find out the truth of the nightmares and the tower keeps you reading for hours and hours. The deeper you get into the plot the more you want to know what's going on, what really happened (both in the scenario of the nightmare, but also to the 'players' of the tower themselves).


I can't say the ending was the kind of satisfying ending that I wanted. It was kind of bittersweet in my opinion, but I can't help but think that the way it ended really tied back into the whole theme of the novel.


I can't recommend this novel enough if you are looking for a more plot heavy BL, there are cuter more light-hearted times in the story but it's not really what I would call a light read. <<less
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Peachyxist rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: v2c25
This is one of the most refreshing novel I’ve ever read. The whole concept is really fresh and new, along the way the MC is telling us about the world building that’s going on. About the tower, nightmares, missiontakers, players and actors. All in all it’s an interesting concept. I can’t wait to read more of the novel! So thank you translators for picking up this gem! :)
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