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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely.

But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated?

The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children.

Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult.

“How could I not even become an adult!”

Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god.

This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!

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My Journal of Godhood
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3 Reviews

New xvll
Nov 24, 2022
Status: c31
I'm a big fan of world hopping novels. This is claimed to be one of the best Chinese novel in this category. I've heard good about this novel before it was being translated.

Its great to see it finally be translated to English. The translation quality is good and a novel is proving to use the trope really well.

To early to say anything but I'm hooked
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Oct 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Hey, so Ive read this little book of 1000 chapters, and personally I like it a little more than LoTM and RI, so I have decided to write a little review as I have not seen this book anywhere else being mentioned.

So whats it really about? : An ordinary guy dies and transmigrates to a random world, and then dies again. Well on repeat for a long time. Anyways after some time he learns that the worlds or rather the universe is trying to kill him, like an... more>> immune system getting rid of a bacteria that doesn't belong there.

The MC is on a path of seeking more knowledge to strengthen himself so he can survive longer in the worlds he transmigrates to.

The knowledge is the scientific kind, for example he figures out what exactly the Immortal Qi is, and how to create it himself. How to cultivate faster and so on. How to manipulate Genes and much more.

The MC gets OP relatively quickly without argument, but this novel is not about fighting some bad guys, Its not about Killing. But about exploration of all kinds of things, what exactly are genes? What is magic? What is space and so on. And he is trying to figure out why the universe is trying to kill him, so he can resolve it and live in peace.

What kind of guy is the MC?: Well, He is a research fanatic that can stay in his lab for thousands of years. He does not seek power to kill his enemies, but to further his studies of universe and its mysteries.

If someone is blocking his research he has no issues with quickly removing that someone. He has no problem exterminating an entire race, or destroying planets.

But he not a ruthless guy by all means, he is actually extremely friendly and kind. Every world he goes to he tries to make it a better place with his knowledge and has no issues giving back to the community. And he has no issues in giving the access to his knowledge to anybody who wants to learn.

Also there are not really any enemies for the MC to defeat, only mysteries of the universe to be unveiled. Although there is plenty of fighting, don't expect any tension.

And MC is smart and calm, not a hot blooded youth.

The Plot: The story is divided to about 8 worlds, and they are

1. Modern era world, no super powers, 2 World with martial arts related to blood energy, 3. World with gene powers, 4. World with Pet Summoners, 5. Cultivation world, 6. Magic world, 7. Sci fi World, 8. World of Gods. But thats not all, The MC also explores other worlds, and there are mini volumes of these random worlds.


Naturally The MC is lucky to go to the right worlds at the right time, could be considered plot armor but so what?

The Plot naturally flows well, there was not really even a moment where I was bored. There was always something new, something entertaining, and also always the feeling of "So hows the MC gonna die this time?"

There werent any plot holes that I noticed personally, but as the knowledge that the author wrote about grew and went deeper, I started getting a bit lost. Though I did watch a few youtube videos about some of the concepts that the Author wrote about and they were pretty much correct. So it was pretty fun learning some stuff too.

Characters: The MC is calm and collected, he never gets angry, is pretty smart. And some chapters into the novel he also starts to consider himself an ordinary person instead of a genius. There is no Romance, not even a hint. There are two side characters that follow him later on, They are a bit bland in thought, as their only goal in life is to follow the MC, but honestly they are also very funny, distinct from each other. I did feel that many of the side characters have their own breath of life.

Ending: Well there was no massive resolution but most things were explained, but as the author said, the universe is infinite so the exploration of its mysteries is also infinite. And no the ending is not as simple and bland as the MC going to the last world, magically comprehending something and achieving nirvana. Not at all. At the end, If the reader considers the MC to be a god, then he is a god, and if the reader considers the MC to be an ordinary human that learned a few things then he is an ordinary human.

I loved the ending more than I care to admit. It was quite relaxing and slice of life-ish

About the goldfinger: You can consider is as a blank computer that he can program to do certain things but nothing that he cant do himself. He mostly uses it to store knowledge at the beginning and also to do some high precision level stuff. As for if there is a plot twist about his goldfinger?

There is no plot twist, no bad guy waiting for him at the end, no need to worry like me.


There is also a fair amount of philosophy involved, like what life really means, how small humans are. About miracles of universe, And so on. And how MC is slowly becoming better human being.

Cons?: Well not much of a con, but there is not as much PoV amongst the side characters. Id like to be a little bit more involved, and see a different perspective.

Otherwise I personally can't say one bad thing about the novel.

Anyways: I rate book quite harshly, I have read thousands of books by now, and 95% of them I consider tr*sh, even though some I enjoyed. But this book is simply excellent, on the levels of LoTM and RI.

The fact is that LoTM has an impecable sense of mystery on the Lovecraftian Style with the addition of many original and odd abilities, Reverend Insanity, could be seen as a raw perspective of a ordinary person trying to gain eternal life in a real dark cruel place while fighting against his fate of being ordinary.

Then My Journal of Godhood is about Exploring the Mysteries of the fundamental powers of the common fictional worlds, and trying to pull them from fiction back to reality.

That's it. Greatly enjoyed it. Wished it had more chapters. <<less
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Oct 28, 2022
Status: c6
The links are broken- somewhat you’ll understand when I try reading it. Not really spoilers, just some of my thoughts.
... more>>

at c4 there’s a comment section where a bunch of random have what the author wants you to think which is huge negative for me if this continues. As for character, plot and world building, they seem nonexistent. The character are just tools for the author to do what the author wants. Maybe the MC could be different? It really doesn’t seem like it though. Plot hasn’t developed at all at this point, meaning it will be a slower paced novel, if that’s your style.

Overall, this seems to be typical Chinese over competent MC, where everything is just to make him look good. But I think this more fiction than fantasy. There’s no sci-if elements so far. The rest of the genres are somewhat accurate. <<less
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