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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely.

But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated?

The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children.

Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult.

“How could I not even become an adult!”

Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god.

This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!

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My Journal of Godhood
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Ryu1337 rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Hey, so Ive read this little book of 1000 chapters, and personally I like it a little more than LoTM and RI, so I have decided to write a little review as I have not seen this book anywhere else being mentioned.

So whats it really about? : An ordinary guy dies and transmigrates to a random world, and then dies again. Well on repeat for a long time. Anyways after some time he learns that the worlds or rather the universe is trying to kill him, like an... more>> immune system getting rid of a bacteria that doesn't belong there.

The MC is on a path of seeking more knowledge to strengthen himself so he can survive longer in the worlds he transmigrates to.

The knowledge is the scientific kind, for example he figures out what exactly the Immortal Qi is, and how to create it himself. How to cultivate faster and so on. How to manipulate Genes and much more.

The MC gets OP relatively quickly without argument, but this novel is not about fighting some bad guys, Its not about Killing. But about exploration of all kinds of things, what exactly are genes? What is magic? What is space and so on. And he is trying to figure out why the universe is trying to kill him, so he can resolve it and live in peace.

What kind of guy is the MC?: Well, He is a research fanatic that can stay in his lab for thousands of years. He does not seek power to kill his enemies, but to further his studies of universe and its mysteries.

If someone is blocking his research he has no issues with quickly removing that someone. He has no problem exterminating an entire race, or destroying planets.

But he not a ruthless guy by all means, he is actually extremely friendly and kind. Every world he goes to he tries to make it a better place with his knowledge and has no issues giving back to the community. And he has no issues in giving the access to his knowledge to anybody who wants to learn.

Also there are not really any enemies for the MC to defeat, only mysteries of the universe to be unveiled. Although there is plenty of fighting, don't expect any tension.

And MC is smart and calm, not a hot blooded youth.

The Plot: The story is divided to about 8 worlds, and they are

1. Modern era world, no super powers, 2 World with martial arts related to blood energy, 3. World with gene powers, 4. World with Pet Summoners, 5. Cultivation world, 6. Magic world, 7. Sci fi World, 8. World of Gods. But thats not all, The MC also explores other worlds, and there are mini volumes of these random worlds.


Naturally The MC is lucky to go to the right worlds at the right time, could be considered plot armor but so what?

The Plot naturally flows well, there was not really even a moment where I was bored. There was always something new, something entertaining, and also always the feeling of "So hows the MC gonna die this time?"

There werent any plot holes that I noticed personally, but as the knowledge that the author wrote about grew and went deeper, I started getting a bit lost. Though I did watch a few youtube videos about some of the concepts that the Author wrote about and they were pretty much correct. So it was pretty fun learning some stuff too.

Characters: The MC is calm and collected, he never gets angry, is pretty smart. And some chapters into the novel he also starts to consider himself an ordinary person instead of a genius. There is no Romance, not even a hint. There are two side characters that follow him later on, They are a bit bland in thought, as their only goal in life is to follow the MC, but honestly they are also very funny, distinct from each other. I did feel that many of the side characters have their own breath of life.

Ending: Well there was no massive resolution but most things were explained, but as the author said, the universe is infinite so the exploration of its mysteries is also infinite. And no the ending is not as simple and bland as the MC going to the last world, magically comprehending something and achieving nirvana. Not at all. At the end, If the reader considers the MC to be a god, then he is a god, and if the reader considers the MC to be an ordinary human that learned a few things then he is an ordinary human.

I loved the ending more than I care to admit. It was quite relaxing and slice of life-ish

About the goldfinger: You can consider is as a blank computer that he can program to do certain things but nothing that he cant do himself. He mostly uses it to store knowledge at the beginning and also to do some high precision level stuff. As for if there is a plot twist about his goldfinger?

There is no plot twist, no bad guy waiting for him at the end, no need to worry like me.


There is also a fair amount of philosophy involved, like what life really means, how small humans are. About miracles of universe, And so on. And how MC is slowly becoming better human being.

Cons?: Well not much of a con, but there is not as much PoV amongst the side characters. Id like to be a little bit more involved, and see a different perspective.

Otherwise I personally can't say one bad thing about the novel.

Anyways: I rate book quite harshly, I have read thousands of books by now, and 95% of them I consider tr*sh, even though some I enjoyed. But this book is simply excellent, on the levels of LoTM and RI.

The fact is that LoTM has an impecable sense of mystery on the Lovecraftian Style with the addition of many original and odd abilities, Reverend Insanity, could be seen as a raw perspective of a ordinary person trying to gain eternal life in a real dark cruel place while fighting against his fate of being ordinary.

Then My Journal of Godhood is about Exploring the Mysteries of the fundamental powers of the common fictional worlds, and trying to pull them from fiction back to reality.

That's it. Greatly enjoyed it. Wished it had more chapters. <<less
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simasisius rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: ?
Not going to lie, the premise sounded way more promising than it was. The main problem is how generic the MC is. Even after who knows how many deaths in a row in a pretty short period of time (he was sleeping when not in a body), he remained a goody two shoes citizen. He brought a certain generic, always mentioned book into a modern world that doesn't have it, ofc there's some nationalism sprinkled in as well. The mc's actions are fine, it's just such an uninteresting character to... more>> read about. Like, if you go through a hundred worlds, will you really be able to stay focused on serving your "great" nation? Only in chinese propaganda delusions. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

Summary: The unlucky MC is inexplicably bound to a space that lets him reincarnate indefinitely.


1) The MC is Op yet will always die -

... more>>

A comedic aspect to be sure, but the deaths are extremely random and out of place. This only gets worse the longer the author lets MC live. For example, the endings to the first two arcs are really weak. In the modern human world, MC just suddenly gets cancer and then has 9 months to live, during which he somehow doesn’t manage to find a solution despite his OP space that can collect all data and despite being the richest, most well known, and super genius of all time. And then it gets worse. In the first cultivation world arc MC decides to commit su*cide with a bomb because his IQ dropped to below 0. Yes, that is what happened. MC said he wouldn’t try and leapfrog fight but got really mad that the mean king was burning his books and so decided to commit su*cide instead of just teaching people and getting stronger himself. It was just as rushed and bad an ending as the first long life.


2) Lack of Compelling Characters -


The author has no clue what to create in the world and so initially mainly relies on showing the Mc’s immediate family. Later on the author branches out a little more but none of these side characters are even the slightest bit interesting, all cardboard cut outs. And even after that, the author somehow manages to not have these characters interact with each other. The MC is the main character and so there’s not much focus on the rest of the world but it’s an extremely drab and boring experience to read through. Things just happen in the background and are never followed up on. You can see this clearly by the event in the first modern world where MC is attacked as a small child by a mu*derous lunatic. There’s basically no further explanation to them just people online laughing at the incident?


3) Weak exposition and power systems (Hallmarks of failed Quick Transmigration arcs, but minor in the grand scheme. MC usually will use his space to do impossible things for the natives in each world)

4) Lack of Motivation and Conflicting Character Traits - Here’s a rather large issue for the MC. The author attempts to build up some sort of reasoning for the MC, but continually fails at finding one. The simplest should be surviving, but the MC triggers death flags like no other. Does he ever cautiously hide his power? Yes. Does he then overcompensate by finding incredibly more powerful enemies and then get himself killed. Of course! Welcome back to the cycle. Author writes that MC is decisive and knows when to strike, which is immediately countered by the MC being shocked while fighting someone or not sneak attacking when he should easily do so. This is a continual trend.

There’s a whole host of other issues, and a real lack of positives to push the novel up despite it. The basic premise of the novel has been done a number of times before and each mini-arc has a book written in the genre that’ll easily crush this novel. The one unique aspect - MC using science to cultivate etc is immediately thrown out of the window in favor of mystical runes given by life itself. Finally, the most annoying part of the whole novel is MC hypocritically saying “I’m a bad son, ” and then never doing anything about it and moping for all of three seconds. -900Nonatillion/10

P.S. I don’t know why the author has decided to have the MC hate kids? He’s annoyed by them but in just about every world he could easily just avoid them instead of wasting his time. It’s probably comedy or something. <<less
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AnimatorOfSouls rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c905
Dropped because it got boring.

MC is pretty smart and uses his abilities well to appear like a genius. He also stays cautious and doesn't randomly trust his companions with his existence. Very focused on gaining more knowledge and doesn't deviate.

Some parts of the story are really boring, mainly in arc 3, since it's essentially just endless fighting against people weaker than the MC.

Romance: none :)


  1. Modern world with no powers (built an AI)
  2. Medieval world where warriors have blood qi and fight beasts (runes)
  3. "Elves" that eat each other to copy their DNA-carried superpowers and evolve (gene modification)
  4. Modern world with summoned beasts from a connected dimension (space power/teleportation)
  5. Cultivation world (spiritual power)
  6. Industrial era "mages + royalty" (source energy)
  7. Interstellar era (intra-galaxy teleportation)
  8. Fantasy mages vs dragons with "gods" (becoming immortal for real)

Arc 1 Summary

  • He learns as much as possible
  • Learns programming to build a rudimentary AI in his wormhole space
  • Publishes famous books from other words
  • Gets cancer at 19 and dies

Arc 2 Summary

  • Born in a small village that sometimes gets beast invasions
  • Learns to cultivate blood qi from his father
  • Goes to a nearby city to learn from a warrior school
  • Integrates a rune into his body that beasts have naturally in order to become more powerful
  • Quits school and explores on his own
  • Figures out how runes work
  • Publishes two books on rune usage but this offends the nobility who use runes as their power
  • su*cide attacks the king to spread his knowledge to everyone

Arc 3 Summary

  • Figures out that the elves eat each other to evolve
  • Gains an assistant called Yashan after saving his daughter
  • Figures out how to modify DNA to evolve
  • Learns that he can spy on people by making a copy of their consciousness in his wormhole
  • Fights a bunch of powerful people to get DNA samples
  • The DNA is actually from beasts that used to live in the world
  • Makes a school so the next generation doesn't need to eat each other
  • Tries to evolve into a "god" but falls into beast instincts and dies

Arc 4 Summary

  • Yashan also transferred over
  • Changes his genes so he has the summoner talent
  • Goes to a competition with gene-tweaked summons
  • Trades the summons with a summoning organisation to gain knowledge of space
  • Hunts down a terrorist organisation and figures out how space works
  • Works with the summoning organisation to create Pokeballs so people without the summoner talent can summon
  • Dies of old age

Arc 5 Summary

  • Gives himself good spiritual roots for cultivation
  • Joins a sect
  • Learns about the relationship between his soul and body
  • Makes powerful spiritual weapons
  • Fights powerful people
  • Introduces spiritual technology to turn the world into a modern world
  • Several asteroids mysteriously threaten to hit the planet
  • He su*cides to deflect the biggest one

Arc 6 Summary

  • There are Origin Disasters that can be beasts, natural disasters, or areas with strange and deadly effects
  • Becomes a mage and joins a team
  • Discovers source energy
  • Forms a rebel organisation to take down royalty and form an alliance with the mage organisation
  • Makes a system that transforms how source energy works so there are no more disasters
  • Makes a spaceship to explore the local solar systems
  • The planet is destroyed by the doom system (the thing that kills MC)
  • Discovers how to avoid the doom system
  • Dies of old age

Arc 7 Summary

  • Humans vs octopus-like aliens
  • Shares technology with humans to beat the octopus aliens
  • Discovers mushroom aliens that can remotely view the nearby planet system
  • Figures out access to the planet system viewer
  • Explores the nearby solar systems looking for life
  • Finds various lifeforms and strengthens himself using their special abilities
  • After 5000 years goes back to the human civilisation and learns the new stuff
  • Dies of old age at 8000 years

Arc 8 Summary (up to ch905)

  • Reborn as a dragon
  • Fights mages
  • Fights followers of the gods
  • Seals gods into an isolated space and finds out how they are immortal
  • Ens*aves the gods by giving them a "system"
  • Makes different kinds of planets (i.e. fantasy world, tech world, shifter world... etc)
  • Makes fake transmigrators to travel around the worlds as an experiment on the doom system
  • I dropped it around here
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Kall_ rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: c500
you never know if you don't read it.

I'll fill it up as I go.


For me, MC is a genius even without the system. If you read the about 1st world where he lives a bit longer than 5, you'll understand what I mean.

In my opinion, MC is not OP.
He's a normal human.
He just look OP because he bought what he learn from the previous world. Almost OP but of course, he dies at the end of each world. It's really interesting how I'm feeling excited to think on each arc like 'how will he die this time?'

Like srsly he dies in many way


from natural disasters, being killed, experimenting with himself, failed and died, blow himself up, etc, etc.

Everything has its own reason.


the first 8 world (not the arc yet) mentioned are the summary of his life.



1st world

ancient I suppose?

not much to say, he reincarnated to a boy whose age seems to be less than 3y/o, suddenly, two lunatic robber came and kill the whole family. MC is very unlucky in the first life. died before he could sort out his thought about the new identity.


a family of three at home. his mother, little sister and him.

a robber came and want to rob and kill.

the mother hid both child in firewood pile. the little sister is sleeping.

in front of the robber, the mother commit su*cide hoping her child survive.

little sister woke up and saw her mother wasn't there, she started crying ofc.

the two lunatics discover it and saw the children. I thought he would sell them but No.

the lunatic seems to hate crying children and SLASH, MC died protecting her then the little sister also died.

don't know what kind of world is it for the mother make that kind of reaction

2nd world


MC is 2y/o, when he is 3y/o a plague broke out in a town where he lives. he was infected and died.


3rd world


MC thought it's probably not bad luck since it happen 2 times.

He was 1y/o from a fairly well-clothed and well-fed family.

Ofc he died when he was 5, a girl their family save that kill them ALL.


4th world : ancient


woke up as 1 and a half year old.

eldest son of a powerful family

then his father concubine gave birth to his younger brother and later was drowned by the concubine in the fish pond less than 2y/o


5th world modern world


MC is 2y/o and 2 years later was broke out and was killed by a grenade that fell from the sky.


6th fairy tail world


slaughter in his city, died at 3


7th magic world


2 and a half, slaughter by orcs


8th ancient world


wash by flood die at 3


He gone to many more world still couldn't live more or less than 5.

The first world he live more than 5y/o begin when he was born in modern civilized world, similar to earth.


father is home-designer and mother is a teacher.

when MC was 5, he was in the kindergarten when a lunatic broke in. Fortunately, MC survived the attack as he put children toys inside his shirt. when the lunatic stab him twice, it bounce back. throw the sand in the lunatic face. bla bla bla people came and arrest the lunatic.

I read mtl so it was kind of funny when I read it.

also when he was five become a junior high school student.

he want to know how to use/control the blank system that only store information about the world he reincarnated before and the order is a bit mess up.

so he learn all math (?) and science knowledge in high school.

he become a genius at the age of 7 in this world.

4 years later, completed undergraduate major such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and information technology.

he also help his parent earn money, copied few books (probably tales from other world n earth story) and write songs.

after earn enough money he focus on studying.

parent bought luxury villa from money MC earn.

then after graduate he learn code development and system software programming.

he realized that what he pursue is different from others and he will not be a qualified son so he ask his parent for a young bro or sis.


when MC is 12y/o the had successfully encoded the system and also had A CHUBY YOUNGER BROTHER. THE KIND THAT THINK HIS BIG BRO IS A MONSTER HE NEEDS TO DEFEAT.

13y/o he upgrade the system. he seems to search about light of the universe? how many light years or something like that.

15y/o he upgrade the system again. record information through what MC senses, auto-analyzed and compared, classified and stored.

when he think the curse that he'll never be more than 5 y o disappear and life seems to be perfect.

one day when he was 16 his silly younger brother discover his brother is not moving.

and later was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (there's no cure) and only have 9 months to live.

he learn medicine on that 9 months. he learned that 'life contains many miracles that cannot be accurately understood by science'

he found many mysteries while searching. ofc the answer was not found and what he lack is time after he was diagnosed with the illness.

before he died he said sorry to both parent.

and I cried at this.


2nd world : Martial artist with blood energy


About the system


It's like a blank computer with a bit messy files that was auto downloaded once in a while.

the system he had only store information on the world he reincarnated on but it seems to be out of order

later in the modern civilized world he learn code n so on


MC never said he is a genius, since he is a hardworking type... ofc except the time when he use the word 'I'm a genius' as an excuse when people asking how the hell he do that or this. ofc the people will be like 'i believe in your evil'.

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mochispinky rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: c120
Super disappointed with this book. The premise was so interesting I jumped into it with great expectations. But the MC is too OP once he overcomes his death flag. He overpowers everything and everyone and there id hardly any surplice. It just feel like a word vomit by the author on various subjects trying to educate us readers.

Very boring. Will not recommend until you have lots of free time and no other books to read.
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xvll rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm a big fan of world hopping novels. This is claimed to be one of the best Chinese novel in this category. I've heard good about this novel before it was being translated.

Its great to see it finally be translated to English. The translation quality is good and a novel is proving to use the trope really well.

To early to say anything but I'm hooked

Edit: 2024 updated. Novel was great, love how unique things story is but sadly, translation quality is straight up tr*sh after chapter 50.

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HondaFit rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c269
It's one of the most fun books I've read recently. I like the stoic science obsessed MC. The worlds have been interesting. I like that no one world overstay's it's welcome. I like how the skills learned in one world move with the MC to the next world.

There's not much filler. The chapter are pretty on topic. He's started to collect skilled people to move forward with him. So he's not just a loner anymore.

There's really nothing I don't like. It's even funny in parts but not in ways... more>> that are cringe or detract from the story. <<less
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jack360 rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Good Read but Zero Romance Plot. Doesn't even look at girls and comments I have grown past it.

MC gets a cheat during his first death by accident that allows him to reincarnate endlessly. He faces tribulations by the universe at various ages of his life which kills him if he cannot get past it (human tribulation, asteroid impact, planet colliding with another planet, gamma ray burst, etc).

MC gathers knowledge and builds up his own power system across the various reincarnations (go from tr*sh to able to destroy a planet in... more>> a few months level).

The ending doesn't feel like the ending and the reader is left expecting a more complete closure of the story. <<less
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Avqn rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: Completed
A very good novel that although is bullshitting you, makes you feel like all of this info and discovery is real and possible. It makes you love Su Hao's mind, Yashan's personality and humor, and Fengchen's compassion. Really good book with really good characters that are hard to not love.
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October 28, 2022
Status: c6
The links are broken- somewhat you’ll understand when I try reading it. Not really spoilers, just some of my thoughts.
... more>>

at c4 there’s a comment section where a bunch of random have what the author wants you to think which is huge negative for me if this continues. As for character, plot and world building, they seem nonexistent. The character are just tools for the author to do what the author wants. Maybe the MC could be different? It really doesn’t seem like it though. Plot hasn’t developed at all at this point, meaning it will be a slower paced novel, if that’s your style.

Overall, this seems to be typical Chinese over competent MC, where everything is just to make him look good. But I think this more fiction than fantasy. There’s no sci-if elements so far. The rest of the genres are somewhat accurate. <<less
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JKingSniper rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c93
Just finished with the 2nd real world he stayed in, the blood energy beast world.

It's been enjoyable so far, and only wished there was some after-story abut his impact of spreading knowledge in the world where the nobility kept it hidden
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rhianirory rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: Completed
not a typical world hopping story where the MC completes a story and moves on. This MC doesn't care about the original owner of whatever body he takes over, nor does he care about it's wishes. He makes sure its family is taken care of and then he goes off on his own, sometimes at ridiculously young ages. And the family is always ok with it, even if the body is only eight or nine years old.

... more>>

also, the MC is op from the start of the third world so don't expect him to remain weak for longer than a month or so after arriving. As the story moves on it goes from months to days so the MC is always at the top and more interested in continuing his research more than anything else.


since the MC is a research fanatic, there is a lot of pseudoscience and in this one and some iffy exploration of the philosophy of the mind. The problem is the author doesn't always pull it off and sometimes the rambling gets tedious. And the author has an odd fixation with modernizing every world and exploiting the natural resources, which is mostly done through the MCs minions.

an ok read that kind of fizzled out towards the end. <<less
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DewiL rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: c50
So disappointing. The premise is good, than become boring in the next chapter. I like how he tries to learn various sciences in his modern life.

... more>>

But when he entered the world of martial arts, the plots got weirder. He does become strong, but acts unreasonable to the weak. It got worse upon entering the school, he was even beat up The students didn't bother him at all. He behaved as if he was the cop of his generation. Had he forgotten who beat up his friends for no reason before?

The most annoying thing, when his female friend was bullied by a third year student, he should have beaten the bully. But instead he hit all the students in the class heartily, even the ones who didn't do anything wrong.


Instead of looking like a hero, he looks like an annoying and s*upid bully. I've read up to the translated chapter. But I'm too lazy to read the raw. <<less
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August 9, 2023
Status: c763
It's ok.

The concept is fine, world hopping with science based approach. The author, however, doesn't have a deep understanding of science, which results in him resorting to some bs like runes that are functional in every circumstance.

Worse, however, is that every word the MC visits gives him something useful, which makes no sense as the probability of that might be close to zero. Also the characters are pretty bland, with every side character worshipping the MC more and more and the novel progresses.

At some point it gets boring and annoying... more>> to follow the MC as he is a straight up hypocrite that preaches about knowledge but fails to truly seek any knowledge that is not related to himself.

Then there's his bs space ability that's omnipotent that never fails him. In case, the ability is nullified, nothing happens because the author can't seem to acknowledge that the MC is arrogant and should've died, but instead the MC realizes that he's not invincible and continues to act the same.

That trope gets annoying as we see it over and over again. While the most egregious is that every civilization seems to be brain dead. For example that summoner world's scientists that have had the power of space for thousands of years couldn't accomplish what the MC could in a few decades. Same with every other world where the civilization is so incompetent that they never explore their powers.

The read is ok at best, there are good moments but they get ruined by the inability of the author and his casual racism and nationalism. <<less
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