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After dying, Chen Heng finds that he has transmigrated to an alternate reality: everything is the same, except the world is now a Wuxia world heavily influenced by martial arts! Not only this, he discovers that he has a Fantasy Simulator, from which he obtains rewards that make him incredibly powerful in his new reality as well. Martial arts, immortal cultivation, and overpowered abilities–all of this begins from a single simulation!

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February 24, 2021
Status: c315
Read it up till chapter 315.
You are not reading the story of a hero, but that of a villain.
The MC is a opportunist through and through. He always makes the choice that gives him the biggest advantage.

Another terrifying point of him is, that he can lie with a straight face. Not only does he create a lie, he is living it to the end flawlessly.

A plus point for the plot is that the author slowly explores the different power systems. Magic vs Cultivation types.
At least it hasn't... more>> happened yet that MC goes somewhere new and picks up the top cultivation method on the side of the road.

The story is definitely inspired by Warlock of the Magus World. At this point in time he comes to a world that is similar to that of WMW. Only that he lands on the Dungeon and Dragons side. <<less
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MentallyFake rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: c351
Like the review from @forevermtl, the character is not much of a hero at heart. Into the worlds he simulate into, there are cases where he acts or "becomes" a hero to the general population. Though he always do what is best for himself and his own wellbeing in the main world.

During the first 100 chapters, slight plot holes are shown in some places, though later on the plot holes are patched up and properly explained.

There are a considerable amount of time skips, such as going through months, 10 years,... more>> or even a century at most so far. A story telling format that explains what has happened during those time skips and how everything turned out.

Summary - spoilers

World 1


The first world he visits is a classic eastern version of the Knights/Magic world, where there are knight and wizard systems in place. Rather than the classic forced to a certain system, the wizards are self learning "scientists" who rely on themselves rather than an entity or structure for their magic. Knights are trained through talent and hard work, in these worlds only talent decides how far you go. The main character frequently revisits this world with different bodies, knight, mortal, and wizard.


World 2


The second world he visits is a Chinese multiverse cultivation world, without the limitations of the heavens. No tribulation or other forces to prevent ascension or leveling up, other than the enviornment lacking spiritual qi and resources. The main character was able to score a good body in one of the runs but unable to really get far down the cultivation chain due to the limiting and dying world he was at.


World (s) 3 +


The third kind of world (s) was the world of gods. The power of faith and the ability to gather godheads through different condensing of laws. A world with gods who have been silent for quite a while, though the followers of all religions run in a feudal society. All of the worlds covered so far are quite big, with no real size given for comparison. In these worlds, the introduction of knights and wizards are also seen, though slightly weaker than the wizarding world. A hint that there was once wars between worlds or another worldly being came and spread the teachings.


The constant simulations can really affect a person, and at the start the main character took note of this and had to often stabalize himself in the main world. Though later as a threat became apparent, he could no longer afford to waste any time.


The author is currently still writing and at 351 chapters at the time of this review. No signs of being dropped as the author is getting a decent fanbase in China. <<less
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sjackson rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c59
I always don't know how to go about starting a review. Mostly because I am incredibly hard to please and it's most certainly a negative one. I should start by saying that I went into this one with surprisingly high hopes. On webnovel I got to read the first 40 chapters before it actually started translated regularly and the two week wait after those 40 chapters were read was exceptionally excruciating. So the question is then, "Why the sudden change of heart?".

I'll get to that, but first I should explain... more>> the premise so that everyone is on the same page as me. The main character has his 'home' world and he can 'jump into' other worlds. It's not really clear from this chapter number how exactly this happens but from what is stated the main character can pay a certain currency to choose what overall type of world he is 'born' into and various other 'electives' that can be chosen. This is a rudimentary explanation of the novels premise, it's obviously more complex than this but you get the idea. Now, onto the reason you're reading this review still.

The reason why my review is negative instead of positive is because of how lopsided the story is thus far. At this point in time the author has spent much more time world building, character building and plot telling the "fake worlds" the character is visiting and completely neglecting the main characters actual home world. To expound upon this even further, the main character is, in his home world, something like 16-18 years old. A College student with an over protective older sister. Yet in only these early 59 chapters, the main character has lived entire lives in other worlds bringing his mental age well into the 100 year mark if not higher. Even if we completely neglect the maturity that comes from such a large mental age, (which the author completely does by the way, the main character shows zero growth in maturity what so ever) the majority of the time the character has spent in these 'other worlds' has been spent killing, pillaging, and otherwise spilling blood. Granted, for story purposes, this is all fine and good and a certain amount of suspension of belief in required in a novel of this typical genre. All of that being said, the problem here is that the reader becomes attached to characters in the story that for all intents and purposes do not exist whatsoever.

This novel is a novel about other novels. And the characters in those 'other novels' do not exist in the original novel.

What this means is that, Author, if you happen to read this review, you are a cuck. <<less
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Mr.Bush rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c267
I came from the future to tell you guys that the author made the most freaking plot twists in the history of plot twists.

I mean wow *Slow clap*
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Liero Dirlewanger
Liero Dirlewanger rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: c38
I'm not sure if I like this, it's good in many places, since it has potential, creativity, benefit oriented MC and such.

Sadly, it's dragged down by the fact that the book turns into a bragfest in many parts. Oh, the MC is so cool and fantastic, standing there looking at the air. Many women came to him but he rejected them all, that's how cool he is. His glistening hair hung loose, as many noble ladies kept admiring him.... This sort of description goes on and on for 2-3 chapters... more>> at a time, and it not omly ruins the pacing but also the feel of the novel (the MC is so benefit oriented but the author acts like he's writing a generic xianxia) <<less
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phucanhcr02 rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c270
A pretty decent story among those tr*shes out there.

The stimulated worlds are interesting enough to explore.

The base world later changed as the author realized the MC was too OP for the original world so he had it destroyed in order for MC to travel to another base world.
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bheyer rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c334
Fantastic serial transmigration novel, heavily inspired by Warlock of the Magus World (WMW).

Short Summary, The MC has a system which allows him to transmigrate into different worlds and live out entire lifetimes. The greater an impact he has on these worlds, the more points he earns. These points in turn allow him to travel to new worlds, unlock better starting characters, and increase his own personal power.

The MC is well written, he is an incredible pragmatist with no fixed morals or beliefs. He will just do whatever benefits him the... more>> most. I wouldn't say he is a villain, as he generally makes morally righteous choices, but that's only because by RPing as the 'Good Guy' he is able to build factions easier, which enables him to have greater impact on the world and thus earn more points.

There is a dramatic change to the novel around chapters 256 - 260. The Author abruptly ends the Frame Story, nerfs the powers of the system and does a soft reboot of the entire novel. I can totally understand why the Author did this, as the Frame Story was pretty weak and not enjoyable to read. But the abrupt nature of the shift results in the novel feeling a bit disjointed, it takes about another 20 chapters for it to start flowing smoothly again.

My personal Opinion. I think the Author overcorrected. The main appeal of this novel was that it was essentially a anthology of condensed webnovel stories (Think 1001 Nights). His overcorrection shifts the balance, with more time spent in the 'Real World' and less time spent in the 'Simulated Worlds'. But I am still sticking with the novel in hopes that it improves.

Overall I highly Recommend. <<less
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hawlol rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: c250
This author is the king of blue balling.

There are big arcs and small arcs inside each big arc, which are supposed to be the simulations, but it's clear they are true worlds the MC transmigrates to, so the title is dumb.

In each arc the MC begins and ends a new life with new sets of power. For most part the world building and characters are good. There's a little too many time skips and tell don't show but that can't be helped with so many arcs.

The problem lies with the... more>> climax of said arcs. The Author will resolve everything in one paragraph in the most boring way.

"So after leveling up he started reclaiming the continent which was plagued by the demon, killing him after 3 months of fighting." this solved the entire arc where a demon was controlling all sorcerers in a continent.

There are several more likewise.

Imagine that you spent dozens of hours doing quests for and RPG, getting involved with the characters and story, and when it's time for the last battle everything comes to an end with a dark screen and a line "The heroes defeated the last boss with their powerful abilities and the world regained peace. The end." It's this novel.

Plot holes are also abound and the way the Author wrote the end of the first big arc is just dumb and illogical in every way, destroying all hope I had for this novel.

The premise is the template: MC transmigrates to a parallel earth with martial arts, but in this place he's younger and the world is in danger of being destroyed. He gets powers from each transmigration to get stronger and stop the world from being destroyed.


Then the Author finished this main arc telling everyone was already dead and were dreams that were reliving their deaths which was caused by a big hand in the sky.

Then why the hell was this world full of martial arts and demons while the original world had none? Then why spend so much time messing about with martial art college and tournaments? Why create so many plots in this world that won't matter in a few chapters?

It's obvious the author just got fed up with the initial template and decided to bury it all. The characters and progression up to this moment were all thrown out of the window and he starts a new world big arc.


The end of the first Big arc was disgusting, and I couldn't help but be a little annoyed no one mentioned in the reviews. So here's a warning! It's GOT last season levels of bad. <<less
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Purps rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: c153
this is probably the authors first novel and it shows

lots of inconsistencies, for instance they keep referencing all this stuff from the first "Simulation" that the author never told us about, alot of which he switches up whenever its convenient

"MC always ran away when a True Knight was around"

... more>> "MC once sparred with a True Knight before"

"MC once killed a True Knight, but that was with alot of people otherwise he wouldn't of been able to"

The MC doesn't seemed fazed at spending decades in these worlds at all, These "Simulations" are not games with graphics worse than reality, they are straight up worlds to the MC because he is too weak to notice there is a difference or they are just other worlds

im not that far in the novel, so I cant tell if the MC can tell the difference in later chapters

he also just seems to hops back into normal world with a perfect memory of what he was just doing right before he left and acts like nothing ever happened

long story short

TDLR - These "Simulations" basically mean nothing, they a just long filler that give the MC an excuse to have op skills <<less
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God_of_laziness rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: c391
It was interesting at start but has gone downhill from the moment he entered 'world of gods' as its just not too interesting to read for many reasons like all new world he visits are totally boring and also don't really add much to the story, you can just skip and you won't notice and difference. Another factor is writing has downgraded an level. It's kind of expected when reading on MTL but I think problem is with the source material itself as I have read my share of MTLs... more>> and also the fact you see the quality of the writing declining as the novel progresse <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: c362
I have mixed feelings about this

On the one hand, it has plenty of interesting ideas, stories, and characters that make you want to read more of it while on the other hand it is so poorly written and translated. Especially the later chapters where the writing is getting worse instead of better.

Basically, it is more like a draft than a finished product and just like most CN WN it will probably stay that way. If it was a Japanese WN then we might get an LN version with an editor... more>> and a team behind it to help the author polish it but too bad it is what it is. <<less
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72Demons rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c398
Honestly this author is amazing at world building and I like how the MC is not a virgin beta male ''hero'' who saves the day. There are multitudes of Worlds and options for the MC to start his simulations for example:

... more>>

World 0: his original world which became a marital world his old main world



World 1: World Of Sorcerors



World 2: Generic Cultivation world with no limit



World 2.5 : I forgot the name but he never visited it



World 3: Realm Of Gods his new main world



World 4: Cursed World


Honestly I will make a more detailed review after I complete the translated chapters. <<less
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AtnShadid rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: --
The story is interesting, but I don't get why the Author keeps alternating between fast pace and slow pace super randomly. Also can he stop with these cringy descriptions of MC ? Why does the MC need to complimented about how 'Tall' he is (I swear to god it's almost every single chapter, any time the novel transition from any other scene to the MC, it starts with his figure), and about his handsomeness. This extremely redundant and annoying description alone lowers the story 1-2 stars.

LASTLY, WHY DOES HE KEEP LOOKING AT THE SKY AFTER EVERY DAMN THING HE DOES?!?! He finished talking with someone? Starts staring at the sky. Scene transitions to MC? It start with talking about someone tall handsome young starting at the sky. Lol
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Valixiant rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: c230
This novel is pretty good. The second 'arc' is probably my favorite so far. The side characters are okay. They aren't terribly one-dimensional, but due to the nature of the novel they all end up seeming that way. However, despite how interesting this novel is, it has some issues.

First of all, for the first hundred or so chapters there isn't a single bit of urgency. Since its a simulation it doesn't matter if he dies or not. That ruins most of the tension this novel has, however despite this, power... more>> scaling is rather good so this issue isn't that prominent. However, due to the fact that the main character quite frankly has zero motivation for doing any of this it leads to a severe lack of urgency in anything he does. This gets kind of resolved after a hundred chapters, but even at chapter 230 the overarching threat still hasn't shown itself, only bits and pieces have been revealed.

Second, this novel repeats itself quite a bit. The main character will be born somewhere, get to the peak of that area, only to realize that the region he is in lacks materials, spirit qi, resources, power, etc. Things like that. It seems like this is the only way the author knows how to advance the power scaling.

Third, as it says in the blurb he goes to get stronger in different worlds and some of that transfers to the real world. However, he barely spends any time in the real world. Despite them developing a plot with demons and "abnormalities" there is barely any depth to this. Someone could write out the entire plot of what happened in the real world and no one would feel like the story was spoiled for them. Everything in the real world in this novel is extremely superficial.

Although, I do disagree with some of the other reviews here. The main character isn't a villain, this is very misleading. He is neutral. If he can save somebody he will, but he will use any means necessary to advance his goals. However he definitely leans more towards the 'good' side than 'evil'. Furthermore, this isn't really a spoiler and is hardly touched on in the novel, but the "simulations" he goes through are real worlds. I believe theres only a single sentence about this.

Overall, the premise is very interesting and is definitely worth reading. Despite the problems listed I would definitely recommend this novel. <<less
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jklm rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: c112
There are things that are interesting about this, but I just find the MC to be really distasteful. It's not that I am against a MC who is ambitious, manipulative, and only caring about benefits. Or even a MC who is basically a sociopath. But this MC is so unaffected by emotion that I find it hard to be invested in him. Like, he seems to care so little about anything that I don't care either.

The disconnect between his superb acting and his lack of actual emotion is kind of... more>> jarring. He spends entire lifetimes in simulations (including marriage and kids), and yet is able to seamlessly slip back into the role of a high school student. (Also, the fact that this is his second life seems kind of pointless. How did he die (?) in his first life? Does he have any unresolved regrets? Why does he not seem to have any trouble now existing in a cultivation world?)

Also, it's kind of annoying how there is so much more investment/character development/world building in the simulated/other worlds, yet when he goes back to his own world, everything just falls kind of flat. Honestly, his so called "real" world feels like more of a simulation than the simulated worlds (and he acts just as fake there too).

Perhaps I am being too picky about the MC. It's not like I read these stories for logic and realism. But at the end of the day, I just found his personality and actions to be uncomfortable and it made the story hard for me to enjoy. <<less
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Borer rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: c340
If you can overlook how sometimes author is repeating or paraphrasing the same sentences then this novel can really become a true gem!

This novel's universe is quite wide thanks to the system making this novel potential quite high. Well I admit that this is because how similar this is to WMW since I liked WMW..

Our protagonist got a system that allow him to transmigrate in various worlds. Once he die in the 'simulation', he will be send back to the real world.

He obtains various knowledges in those world and some... more>> can be reused in other worlds that allow him to make fast progress. Of course this isn't all, his main body in the real world is also getting stronger thanks to it.

There have many power systems in those worlds. Knights, Sorcerers (Aka Magus in WMW), Cultivators, Warlocks, Gods etc..

Along with various races humans, elves, kobolds, orcs etc..

In various kind of worlds such as modern world, fantasy world, cultivation world, apocalypse world..

At some points in the story, the system change a bit however the general idea still remains which is fortunate.

Of course the novel isn't perfect, like I said at the beginning author is regularly repeating or paraphrasing the same sentences. There have also many time skips (as expected since else a single arc will last hundreds of chapters...) that many may dislike, his personality seems changing when he went in the 'simulation' life or the irregular number of chapters in various arcs etc..

Concerning the MC, I think he is neither good or bad. But if I really need to choose, he is more of a villain who do good deeds for his own benefits?

Overall, personally I like it and I think this novel is underrated. Not top-tier novel but this is still above average. However I know also that this kind of plots may not pleases everyone. My rating will be 4.2/5 as of now. <<less
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Isaic rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: c474
Good story with poor translation.

This is a transmigration story, but it's of the MC transmigrating multiple times throughout many worlds. His personality could be considered bland to some, but I find him to excellent. Hardworking, pragmatic, consistent, smart. He actually thinks and plans properly since his benefits are tied to how much impact he has on the simulated world as a whole. So he must live full lives to the best of his ability and he does so while respecting the lives he inhabits (treats family and friends well and... more>> doesn't just go off on killing sprees). Someone here called him a villain, but I don't see that at all. He can be brutal at times, but almost always chooses the path that leads to incredible civilizations and the benefit of the majority.

The world-building is top notch and really I should say universe-building since there are many worlds, each with excellent systems, characters, and intrigue.

The first world has a BIG secret! Don't stop reading till you learn it.


Translation is where this story takes a hit. Though I did read mtl for the last 300 chapters. Not terrible, but certainly not good. Regardless, a good bit of the emotion is lost in the translation.

I recommend it.

Similar vibe to Warlock of the Magus World. <<less
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SassyCanoeWizard rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: c132
Be it for the lack of better novels or the fact that I read oriental literature for a while and it's not as easy to surprise me, this story was one of the most interesting specimens I met in the first half of 2021. The point is, the most reviews on the page aren't very fond of the novel so I decided to write mine as well.

What really makes this novel different from the flow of average stories that are being written and released in large quantities is its take... more>> on characters. It wasn't shallow enough to make me feel that the characters are placeholders, but on the other hands it didn't go too much in depth to make me feel bored. The premise of the story - world hopping implies that we'll follow the protagonist as he'll traverse different realms. The catch is - he'll die, as it seems in every single world. So characters we get to know as kids grow older, their personalities change and not always in a good way.

Protagonist's way of thought isn't exactly hero-like. He's a schemer, a manipulator to the core. But everyone who knew about his ploys will be rendered unable to tell the others - protagonist is quite meticulous at planning and hiding the truth. We would oftentimes see our protagonist weaving lies amid fellow conspirators. My opinion on it is that the interactions are written quite well.

First 132 chapters of the novel are worth reading. It's hard to say about the ones ahead as some of Chinese stories tend do drop in quality after n-hundredth chapter. What's important is the idea and aftertaste both of which are not trivial. This story as well as fire mage written by ak02, Path of the Dragon Mage: Exiled which can be found on royalroad - are undoubtedly best budding stories I came across in the first half of 2021 <<less
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Alex Woods
Alex Woods
February 17, 2022
Status: --
The author has no idea how to write a novel.

He writes the story like a short summary. Like the main character negotiated with the king, and so earned profits, he made friends with Sam.

Instead of filling stuff with details, the author just writes them as summaries.

The author should put some serious work on his writing, and then try to write a novel. Don't know why he entered the industry without any preparations.
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Pavilion rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: c130
I like this book, it's very much like 'Fishing the Myriad Heavens' or 'Carefree Path of Dreams' in a way, just very slightly lower quality. In its own way this story is very good and definitely has a place in the scene as a success instead of just a filler type book which people just use as bathroom reading.

The only shame is that the translation is nothing top tier. I mean its decently enough translated and very much so readable but the ch->eng conversion leaves much more feelings to be... more>> desired and this book could of definitely used a top tier translationers personal touch. Obviously as a leech my opinion here is slightly biased because I would of definitely enjoyed it more had the translation been faster etc.

All in all time spent reading this was definitely not wasted. Totally worth it if you're into this genre. <<less
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