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One moment, Luo Jing was at the brink of death after accidentally touching a power outlet while showering. The next, he was in the body of a man named Garen, with memories of a past he was never a part of flowing into his head. As he slowly gets used to the body of Garen, he begins to explore a planet beyond his own logical comprehension. His journey will see him go from surviving in a planet locked in the 20th century, to wielding secret techniques so powerful that they level cities overnight. However, his journey doesn’t end with Garen. Instead this is but the first of many bodies that Luo Jing will come to wield in his mystical journey between worlds.

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48 Reviews

Nov 27, 2017
Status: Completed
MC will journey to many worlds and reach the topmost power level. I was hooked most of the time while reading and anticipating his growth. There are moment where you feel like he is too damn OP then he journeys to new world starting with nothing where rules of world is totally different and he has to use his previous worlds knowledge and experience to deal with situations. He accumulates knowledge of worlds then uses it in the subsequent world. This is without a doubt one of the best plot...... more>> except the..

The ending is super rushed and bad. It feels like author wanted to jump to new novel and just ended it right there. Half finished. Many questions are left unanswered like his special attribute talent. There is that one girl whose name I forgot who MC said would visit later but just forgets. This is what betrayal feels like.... hopefully he does't treat way of the devil similarly


Edit: I think its an ok novel. <<less
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Dec 04, 2017
Status: c9
I'm pretty unsatisfied with MC. MC keeps mentioning about not having enough money to buy certain jewelry with supernatural? Background to power up his attributes but he never thinks to use his modern world knowledge to earn money. I mean, even if he doesn't know how to build modern appliances he could come up with some games that his new world doesn't have (such as monopoly or poker cards (his world seems to only use paper with holes punched into them as cards as far as I got from the... more>> story)). Or at least the author should make the MC think about using his modern knowledge to make money but discard his idea because it takes too long to set up a business or not having enough money to set it up. He only keeps thinking of joining school competitions to earn money even when his attributes are low. There seems to be no useful aspect of MC coming from another world if all it does is to explain why he's more mature and a little smarter than his other classmates (actually that doesn't seem to be true as he's not even thinking of applying his modern knowledge to make his life better) and how he got his cheat powers. The author should have left the transmigration aspect out of the story and make the MC a native of the world he's in now and come up with another reason of how he got his power.

Another thing that irks me is the mc's stepsister. She beats up MC (but not seriously, because MC had his coat as padding to protect him) because he accidentally sees under her skirt. But it's only because she wears such a short skirt. If you don't want anyone to see your panties wear a longer skirt or pants!!! Sheesh, such an unreasonable sister. Actually that applies to a lot of other novels where MC accidentally sees girl naked or their panties and he gets beaten up by them when it was practically their fault for not being careful.

Whew, finished with my rant. Now I feel much better.

But even with these things that makes me upset with the story, I'll still continue reading it because I'm interested in MC traveling to different worlds. <<less
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Jan 30, 2018
Status: --
To be honest, the concept is good but the story is not planned out properly the main problems are:


the author changes the personality of characters at whim for example... more>>

there was a girl author portrayed as a poor and kind girl taking care of her family; a good friend to MC and friends and some chapters later whoosh.. She becomes a loose character girls who then badmouth about MC.


martial arts:

I don't even know where to begin with, OK so its 20th-century world, pretty similar to earth. MC joins a normal dojo and can you guess what they teach in that dojo, yep it's our same old, taught in every near dojo

BODY STRENGTHENING ART (that can protect you from bullets)

FIGHTING TECHNIQUES (that can break concrete walls, and roads, and telephone poles and pretty much any breakable thing)

and its just a small dojo, if such arts can be learned so easily then won't you expect everyone to know the existence of martial arts, but it is not true as rarely anybody knows about martial arts.

Leaving that aside; there is no proper distinction for power levels, and the loopholes are uncountable. MC just does random things which goes on for pages and bears no result in the end for eg


He went to a school trip with his friend on one condition that he would let him see his antique gem collection but after the trip there is just no mention of the collection again, I nearly threw my laptop out of the window


the premise of this novel is good but the writing is crap, I don't know if it is improved afterward-but till 50th chapter it was unbearable, its a good light read if you do not care for specifics. <<less
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Jan 11, 2018
Status: c87
This is a hidden gem, the MC is mature and not falling in the abyss of lust despite all the harem surround him. The story also really progressing well from slice of life into more on fighting wuxia in modern day.

The MC focus on a big picture instead of fulfilling his relatives' demands. This make all those early chapter about slice of life sounds just like a background for MC to shine more at later chapters.
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May 07, 2018
Status: --
I got bored. MC keeps complaining about his lack of artifacts to use to boost his stats, but he barely even tries to look for them. Even as his status increases, he still can't find the time or desire to ask around and 'borrow' artifacts. He always thinks he has to buy them for some reason and doesn't have the IQ to take advantage of a simple rental usage.

The use of stats in this is weak as the MC goes full strength/stamina at the start and ignores agility/int. Then he... more>> fights and always sucks at it since he's slow and can't think quickly enough. Yet he still continues to boost str/stam and ignores the other two stats for 'reasons'.

Then, when skills get introduced, he starts throwing points into that with the idea that it'll supplement his Super Strength and Stamina. His body is still slow af, but he can now move better— nope. Still sucks at fighting.

Fight scenes also suck for a martial artist story. Read Martial Arts Master instead if you want a good fight scene story. <<less
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Jun 25, 2018
Status: c400
The first fifty chapters are almost nothing like the rest of the novel, and is probably the worst part. Once you get past that the story stabilizes into a simple formula of adventure and intense fights. The author keeps it simple, theres no harem, and its very satisfying novel to read. Read it if you just want plain unpretentious entertainment about a MC who goes from weak to strong as a undefeated boss.

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Dec 03, 2017
Status: c13
No explanation as to why the protagonist is becoming a martial artist in a modern world with no supernatural elements. Like, an "it's cool, and feasible with my superpower" would have sufficed. There isn't even an explanation that breaks my suspension of disbelief. There's no explanation. It's mentioned later that he wants to. Why does he want to?

Other than that, it's pretty standard, like going into details about a beautiful female's breasts jiggling, or reducing martial arts into numbers and multiplying your damage by 1.5.
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Nov 28, 2018
Status: c54
From the very start this novel was full of inconsistencies and plot holes keep appearing because the author forgets to address topics he brought up. Many characters seem to act in a convenient way for the plot to progress and to be honest, this novel is just poorly written.

The story doesn't feel grounded at all which pretty much destroys the immersion. When a novel is written, authors tend to establish the laws and logic of the worlds they are creating. This includes; martial arts being a common thing, modern weapons... more>> still not being available, or even the existence of some super natural powers or energies like Qi or Mana.

However the author keeps saying that the world is one way but then contradictory stuff happens the next chapter. The MC is introduced as a loner without friends in one chapter, then several friends appear the next few chapters. He says the world he transmigrated is basically normal without xianxia or super natural elements, then next chapter the existence of Qi is mentioned. And as you read along there are many other things like that, and this is what I mean by this story not being grounded. Its just poorly written.

I was reading the other reviews and I was truly astonished by what people are saying. I guess they don't pay to much attention to what the author has written all along and never notice the humongous amount of inconsistencies, because they are a ton!

I read more than 50 chapters, which proves I gave this novel a decent chance. Unfortunately its just some tr*sh which had an interesting start but then fell back to the typical boring cliches from every other third rate novel out there. Full of inconsistencies, poorly designed side characters which posses inconsistent personalities...

This is definitely a do not even bother reading. <<less
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Feb 25, 2018
Status: c175
TLDR: This novel is a lot better than I expected it to be, there are however still things I'm not satisfied with. I see it as a masterpiece, a steampunk-ish world with martial arts and "x-files" type elements, this is however only until the point where he leaves town for the tournament between schools/gates, the world quickly loses it's charm and mysticism, reverting back to your run of the mill story.


The beginning of the novel creates a very steampunk-ish atmosphere, the world is described as being like earth before the... more>> first world war if I'm not mistaken, while giving it a gloomy feel, an atmosphere that makes you imagine an early nineteen-hundreds town in England with weather that's mostly cloudy, giving a kind of suffocating environment where the protagonist is the son of a factory worker couple, making them lower middle class, while his uncle is of higher social status making it possible, through his help, for them to attend a higher grade high school. I believe this school was described as being a school for nobles.

The problem is that this setting which I liked very much is soon thrown away, replaced by modern weaponry and technology, there is no TV or internet, old fashioned trains and horse carriages with cars described as old fashioned, but soon we see cars everywhere, some seemingly limited editions and although not specified, I believe them to be sports cars. Automatic rifles weren't common until the first world war, same with sniper rifles, they weren't commonly used in warfare until the first world war, while tanks weren't common until the second world war, same with shoulder-fired rocket launchers. All of these are mentioned either frequently or once so far, making it very inconsistent. Apparently there's even "fingerprint scan". Using fingerprints in itself isn't weird, but a scanner, really? If the technological advancement of the story was just before the second world war, my point is of course invalid, I don't care to go back and check and it's really just a minor point in my overall evaluation of this story, the more important parts are listed below.

It is described as a time where martial arts is becoming obsolete because of the advancement in technology, while I also expected it to be about how society is shifting from being noble based to a society of equality, simply because of the fact that they were mentioned and elevated to a position that's above commoners, this doesn't happen and that's fine since it's in a completely different time period on earth than the beginning of the nineteen-hundreds.

The thing that bothers me more is how a seemingly normal guy from modern society is acting, his curiosity for marital arts isn't weird, but throwing away all other aspects of life for that? One of the Genres is Harem and that's probably because of how many girls seem to like him, but he's totally asexual, and detached from any emotions of any kind. Other than his short worry about becoming something inhumane through taking the wrong path during his martial arts training, this could have evolved into something so much more, the struggle in himself and between the different forced, it is however completely forgotten.

We are still at the first person, Garen, and it's described as "this is but the first of many bodies that Luo Jing will come to wield", this could explain the attitude to the side characters, not getting them too much involved because it'll make it easier on the reader once the main character moves on, it seems unlikely though that's it's a thing where he dies again and moves to a different world to experience a new setting and powers, making him evolve, like I thought it would be.

The big secret and overall plot of this novel seemed at first to be where his powers come from, what's going on with the artifacts that gives him the power and the hidden elements in the world. This however has mostly been described by the MC as being a collection of his otherworldly knowledge and a lot of other things falling into place giving him the special powers, while the artifacts are just about how much misery that's happened around them, while trying to give us a feeling that it could be something supernatural, but still not fully disclosing it, something similar to x-files. Aside from this he's almost at the level of the hidden forces in the world.

This entire story started out as something with a very interesting setting and unlimited possibilities because of an interesting plot and interactions between both characters and factions in the world, but in the end it turned out to be just any other story about getting stronger and standing on top through nothing but an OP cheat, a wuxia in a modern setting instead of a steampunk-ish martial adventure with hidden wonders everywhere. I see it as a masterpiece until the point where he leaves town for the tournament between schools/gates, the world quickly loses it's charm and mysticism, reverting back to your run of the mill story. <<less
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Apr 02, 2018
Status: c23
The story is not consistent. In the first chapter it is mentioned that the MC and his sister are ordinary people without any talents. Though the MC's turned out to be true, the sister is talented in archery. Even the technology of the world is inconsistent. It is mentioned that there are cars and planes. But the MC travelled in carriage in 1 chapter. The names are also not to my liking. Go with western completely or chinese completely.

I was not able to go past chapter 30 with that many... more>> plot inconsistencies. <<less
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Sep 11, 2020
Status: c1375
This whole review is a spoiler.

The positives

The worlds and characters actually have depth and detail. The world-building is so intelligent and excellent that you really want to know what happens to each character and world. The action sequences are very exciting and surprising, that is until the author gets tired of the world which sometimes happens suddenly.

The sequence at the end of the totem world, where Garen actually interacts with some older characters and observes the ending of their lives is actually some of the most touching writing I've read... more>> in any language.

The negatives

It seems really obvious when the author is tired of a world. He basically flushes the whole world down the toilet. Garen ends up leaping from level 6 to 1 million in like three sentences. Every character that you were invested in are basically forgotten or written out in one line, if at all. The world itself rejects Garen so suddenly that you are usually left wondering what just happened.

At some point, it becomes kind of obvious that the protagonist is a bad guy. He cares about nobody, mu*ders millions to see if it perhaps helps him power up, and basically treats everyone like ants. It just so happens that there are almost no people in this book that actually care about others. There was only one decent fellow in the totem world and Garen targeted him to abuse and basically exploit as a resource. So yeah, the only good guy in the book has a crap life and dies ignominiously.

Garen forms absolutely no caring relationships. His concept of friendship is basically the respect that he has for the few characters that were so powerful that they could not kill each other. The author loves to go into detail about how hot every girl is but MC goes out of his way to show disgust at the idea of even talking to them or forming a friendship with anyone, literally every single time. S*x does not equal a relationship but some books try to use that. This book, the only s*x that Garen has is when he is r*ped once by someone that thought he had good genetics or when he basically r*pes a young prostitute for two days in a room full of bodies being tortured. He only seems to be fond of food.

The MC sometimes notes that he feels some tinge of responsibility for helping out each family that he is born in to but they usually end up being abandoned and suffer just for being related to his quest for power. I was really wondering if I should even be rooting for this kind of character.

The ending was almost deliberately ruined. It was like a snub to anyone that followed up this far. It was really clear that the author had absolutely no idea what to do next or even what the characters in the book were even trying to do anymore. He could have at least written one real chapter wrapping things up or could have just made one large page that just said 'I GIVE UP'. <<less
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Dec 19, 2019
Status: c11
The story has its downsides and upsides. Most of the negatives revolve around the typical MC stuff,

... more>>

he's supposed to be an adult in his past life but still blushes when seeing a teenagers' underwear, he's a bit self-centred in that he is ignorant towards anything other than himself


and inconsistencies,


The MC died by touching an electric outlet while in a shower. How s*upid do you have to be to be feeling along a wall outside of a shower where nothing other than an outlet could be. Not to mention how long you'd have to touch it so the water could go deep enough to create a connection. Unless you're chucking handfuls of water at the outlet the little residue left on your hands shouldn't be enough to make a connection and kill you.

He also plays up the whole Garen knew how to do x, y and z when he was still alive however when asked about simple stuff like do you want to go to our old place by his friends he has no idea of where on Earth that is.

Their family is said to be financially insecure to the point where they can't even buy new clothes and all expenses are cut to the bare minimum, despite their parents working overtime. This is compounded by Garen starving himself because he cannot afford some milk. Yet he can pay off a tip to a dude in a store to ask where a certain place is instead of simply asking someone else and save the money.

The world is supposed to be in the era of guns, cars and planes and yet they haven't ditched swordsmanship or archery in regular schools yet. I cannot understand in what sort of combat situation archery would be more useful than firearms. As an elective yes, but anything else, no.

The story refers to both siblings as being born from the same father and mother, yet later in the very same chapter they're said to be step-siblings. I'm assuming it is this way because the author made up his mind halfway through the chapter that having potential pe*verted relations to you step-sibling is better than just having a normal relationship. Keep in mind that every time Ying Er (his maybe-step-sibling) is mentioned, there is also a description of her clothes and thighs. By chapter 9 he literally blushes over a glimpse of her white panties while he's supposed to be a fully functioning adult mentally. Of course this is is followed by a trip-and-fall that ends with them in an awkward position.


The only positive I can point out is that the story does have a sort of unique premise in that

instead of attributes gained automatically through the practise of one particular skill, it can be manually added by the MC. This means he can max out something while not using it at all.


The problem with the story is that it feels like a whole lot of "oh, I want this to happen but only here to show off something once". Instead of creating a world with characters where the story flows logically, the author chose to make something that goes along one path when it's convenient and another for the rest. Despite the intriguing premise I cannot stand that sort of story, especially in the beginning where the drive for creating something worthwhile should be at it's peak.

TLDR I only recommend if you prefer to skim read and can glance over the minute details. <<less
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Lord Luc
Lord Luc
May 25, 2019
Status: c909
The author seems to decide things by rolling dice. People who are introduced to be geniuses are randomly sidelined for other miscellaneous characters.

Don't even think of using your brain while reading this.... Some of the plot holes give me an "Invisible Dragon" feeling and there are so many of these plot holes that there may as well not be a plot at all. Oh wait...

The only saving grace of this novel is the unique power systems of each world.
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May 01, 2019
Status: c520
The premise of the novel is quite interesting where MC gets summoned or reincarnated into different worlds and trains to become stronger.

I took away 1 star rating because of the translation/editing. You get past and present tense mixed up, awkward sounding sentences, and the naming sense is a hot mess. I have a feeling the translator jumbled up the Chinese raw with its English pinyin to make the names more Western sounding. You basically end up with a ret*rded sounding names that you thought was one thing but ends up... more>> being the opposite or completely different. Ivy is a guy's name, Daniela is a city name, Stone Clock of Fortune is actually not a stone or a clock but a bottle... I'm scared to even check the raws for their translation accuracy because I bet there will be quite a few mistakes.

I took away another star rating due to the story at times is rather boring, and there's too many side characters getting half a chapter screen time that will encounter our MC but be gone shortly after. And when you throw in the nonsensical names mixed with convuluted explanations, you basically come away from a chapter asking yourself "I wonder if any other readers understood that."

Give this novel a try because certain parts of it is entertaining. <<less
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Oct 01, 2018
Status: c95
i want to describe this as a rough gem, but the more I read it the more I find it to be just rough.

too many inconsistencies, a plot that just pushes the MC around without him ever able to take the initiative.

Hear this, the MC is reincarnated as a teenage student in a early 20th century-like world, being able to increase his stats (strength, agility, intelligence, and vitality) with a special imaterial resource called "potential" and he doesn't know exactly how to acquire more.

with just this information you already know... more>> what he should do: increase intelligence. It's not even up to debate, he doesn't even know if he ever will get more potential, with intelligence, he could improve his life in many ways and even make acquiring potential easier (since he'll be smarter, duh). Of course, since this novel is rough, that's not what happens at all.


He puts it in strength, for no real reason. Later, the author gives excuses like "martial arts are his dream" and "he fell into depression after reincarnating and martial arts made him feel safer", but it's all a bunch of bulls**t since there wasn't any real danger in his life before he got involved with martial arts, there was never a looming threat, and he could increase his other stats steadily like a normal person would and practice martial arts with his new young body like a normal person.


Read this novel expecting it to be lacking in many ways, just read way of the devil (same author) if you want a good cultivation story, this story was born to be a batman-esque "detective in the day, martial artist in the night" on a 19th/20th century world, but the author just wrote "cultivaton story, but sometimes guns appear".

I want to like this so much, since I liked way of the devil, but even before reaching his second reincarnation (at least the description says it will happen, idk), I have a strong fear that the MC will die before making all this life worth it for the readers (me), like getting married and having a child (as conclusion for the romance), or even becoming the strongest or whatever is his objective for the martial arts plot.

wasted potential, just read way of the devil <<less
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Feb 23, 2018
Status: c211
First of all, this is novel by Get Lost so it's obviously going to have interesting mixture of mystery, action and fantasy. If you like way of the devil you will love this one too. This has everything that you could wish for: good fight scenes, interesting world, good dose of mystery and fantasy, plus characters are not too shallow.
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Dec 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This book can be summed up in 3 sentences. Normal beginning, incredible journey, anticlimactic end.

... more>>

This book is a typical reincarnation story whit a cheat. But the biggest diference is that the more you read the story, the more background information you receive, that all fits together like puzzles. Though there are quite a few disappointing things like how the auther didn't write anything about what happens when he Garen goes away from a world. It is also so that the ending is quite a letdown. There are just too many questions left unanswered that makes this ending so unsatisfying.


Major spoiler alert:


first world:

He is reborn as a teenage student in the Victorian era of a parallel world, which is aptly named "secret techniques world". This is the time that he takes on the name of Garen and tries to understand his gift.

The story goes as follows. When he understands that the easiest way to get stronger is through potential points that he can from some antiques, try's he to make many and connections to find all of them. Whit this comes he to know of the martial arts world and becomes quickly fames in that circle. Through his new connections comes to find out the supernatural side of the martial arts world and the by then vague understanding of the ancient ender civilisation. After becoming as strong as possible in that world (king of the century) went he fighting whit a telekinetic user to become the strongest in that world. But he died from a neclear missile on himself when he was standing on top of an active volcano that is actually an artifact from the ancient civilisation. The end.

Second world:

The world that he gets reborn into is called the the totem world. In this he world he saw what would happen in the future and tries to do anything to survive his destiny. To do that he tries he to become a totem master whit his abysmal talent and tries to show that his secret techniques, that he acquired in his previous live, can still make him the strongest in this life. But he quickly comes to know that by killing beasts that he can earn potential points. Afterwards, it is just a process of him quickly growing up, getting stronger and doing various research whit his upgraded intellect. Then comes the turning point where wars are waged whit a mysterious organization who whishes to dominate the world. After years of fighting and becoming more influential did he come to the point of finally getting his first soul seed, getting a living secret technique and perfecting his nine-headed hydra totem. Then like always is there a final fight and he becomes seriously injured in that fight which made him go into secluded cultivation for 50 years. Because of the fight 50 years ago, made the world's consciousness it so that no supernatural entity may stay in his world. So he transmigrates back to the secret technique world. When he came back did he try to understand what had happened when he was away. This is also the time where he fully tried to research about the ancient ender civilisation. Whit this did he find the mother stream, a stream that connects all life in every universe. Since he still wishes to live, and not die of old age, did he dive down in the mother stream to reincarnate in another world.

Third world:

Garen reincarnates in a world like ours but whit whitches and vampires (no werewolves though). Here he reincarnated in a normal family and had gotten involved in the war between the good and bad vampires. He also came to know about, the enemy's of the ancient ender civilisation, the void army. After he was done getting a soul seed in this world did he go back to transmigrating. As you can see is there not much to talk about in this arc since Garen himself said that this could world could only be seen a transitional world.

Forth world:

Here he reincarnated in a mediocre boy in the mech civilisation world/universe. This could be said to be the most frustrating arc in this story. This came all about how difficult it is to get potential points and his extremely bad luck because of the world's fate. Now this arc goes about how he become one of the strongest through his living secret technique "the hellfrost peac*ck technique". First of all did he become a mech pilot but through fate, did he become crippled and could he only become an energy mechanist. Then at the end of the arc died he by self-inprisonment.


  1. Becoming a pilot an getting crippled.
  2. Becoming a energy mechanist and trying to get into a sect.
  3. Getting rejected from a sect because of bad luck because the examiner didn't like his nonchalance when tried to defend him from berbal attacks.
  4. Getting admitted to a low ranked sect and getting a bloodline.
  5. Fighting in some void realm and seeing the future of the world. Finding out that his little transgender brother and his friend are in the protagonists of the plot.
  6. Conspiring against Chinande and becoming sect master.
  7. Becoming the last beacon of the energy machinists when they are being all wiped out.
  8. Dying as the crystal king because he self-inprisoned in a indestructible crystal.

Ther are more arcs but it is better for people to read it themselves since the last arc takes every clue together. That arc is the light organisation, and the war between gods and mother stream users.

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Gorgeously Large Panda
Gorgeously L
Nov 26, 2019
Status: c18
I can only say one thing about this novel: in*est pedophilia. You heard that right. The MC is a middle-aged guy who fantasizes about his 15 years old sister (and the sister feels the same way too). It's a disgusting novel. Please skip this one.

The author also doesn't know how to name people. You get all sorts of names in this novel. The MC and his mother have European names but his sister has a Chinese name?

Anyway just ignore this crap. Whoever likes this novel is sick.
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Jan 08, 2019
Status: c28

- ret*rded author, unique average guy rising up reincarnation story. Prepare to be annoyed

The bad:

... more>> -He gets attacked by random mu*derers 2 out of 2 times he walks home through this sketchy alley he suddenly realizes he's walking through just as he gets attacked

-He makes up his mind to fight a guy with a gun instead of running because he "isn't afraid of death due to reincarnating" then later in the same fight (10 seconds of reading later) says he doesn't want to die yet so he fights really hard

-Basically every decision he makes is very flawed and is done for no particular reason and has no logical thinking behind it

-His sister is obsessed about him (they want to fk) despite his reincarnated body person being a total cowardly useless idiot (He's also a middle aged man who dreams about f*cking his underage sister in this new world)

-Can't stress how much effort the author makes to sexualize his sister (she's like 14??) in every scene she's in

-Dam this book is inconsistent

The good:

-Average guy powering up from slight disadvantageous setting

-If you don't care about all the s*upid sh*t that ruins this book, it's pretty enjoyable. But I just couldn't take it anymore <<less
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Jun 14, 2020
Status: Completed
To be honest, I would really like to give this novel 5 Stars, but there are some flaws that are holding me back from doing that.
    • First some pros:
            • Story, while not anything new is well fleshed out and its a joy to go on a mystical journey with the MC. The reviews who havent finished the book cant really evaluate the story as

              everything only starts merging at the end/latter half

            • The character of the MC is captured perfectly. How he`s lost in time. A lone cultivator without anybody who`d ever be able to follw his advancement
            • Incredible side characters. There are many small sidecharacters that pop up throughout his journey thtough countless world. I`d have loved to know more about their stories.
            • Power advancement system is solid and interesting
    • Now where are the problems?
        • Author sometimes messes up numbers (ex: a guy spends 2 million a week and then decides to steal the MCs 10mio treasure so that he doesnt need to worry about money the next year

          I dont remember the exact amounts, this is just an example of one of the smaller number mistakes

        • The awesome sidekicks are also a bit of a problem. Sometimes there are characters that are really interesting but the MC just forgets (or doesnt care) about them. While this is understandable from the MCs perspective, its still a bit sad for me as the reader.
        • The translation quality is really horrible. In the middle part of the book it even happens that characters are male and female in one sentence.
And now lets talk about the ending: (as other reviewers have complained about it)

    • The ending is not rushed.

      Actually there is no end.

      Its been nice travelling with Garen through all these wonderful Galaxies and while the last chapter may not satisfy everybody imo its a good point to stop telling the tale of the Dragon of Decay. Every story has to end somewhere. Of course I would love a second book to know more about the MCs next rebirths, but at one point its just enough.
All in all a wonderful story filled with many interesting characters while still abiding by the general rules of a "lone cultivator" novel. Would be a 5/5 for me if not for the messy translation.

I can highly recommend reading this novel.
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