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Growing up with eccentric materialist parents, who left him in the care of his grandfather for a job overseas, Zhang Heng had learned to adapt and be unfettered by the oddities and challenges in life. But he would soon learn the baffling truth about the world he thought he knew, when one day at midnight, time froze and he found himself in a world so quiet and still it was deafening. That night, he discovered that he had 24 hours more than everybody else and thus, marked the beginning of his adventures. The mysteries surrounding his newfound ability only deepened when a strange old man claimed to have given Zhang Heng that ‘gift of time’ and recruited the young man to participate in a cryptic ‘life-changing’ game on his behalf. Little did Zhang Heng know that accepting those terms meant embroiling himself in many versions of reality and exposing himself to the hidden secrets of the world—a decision he could never undo.

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I Have 48 Hours a Day
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New fattywu rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: --
The premise was interesting and the survival island arc was fine but once you reach the 2nd arc you realize this author is so unbelievably bad at storytelling. He never developed any of the characters because they would all disappear after each little mission and the main character feels so f*cking dry. I actually despise how cliche everything is. The "plot twists" are unexciting and weak, the storylines play out like generic movies. The novel references and is inspired by so many historical events, gods, and shows that it feels... more>> so unoriginal. It's honestly a shame because at first I was drawn in by the power system and the overarching story but it's unbearable reading any more of this garbage. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c320
"What would you do, if you had all the time in world?"

An incredibly introspective and poignant theme, especially in the time of coronavirus.
This is a well-written and well-translated modern day novel, blending the magical realism of "Groundhog Day" with heavy topics of isolation, loneliness, survival and man's quest for meaning. Unquestionably 5 stars.

Protagonist Zhang Heng, a quiet introspective college student, comes across a mysterious watch that grants him a form of time dilation where he gets more hours in a day. He is dragged into a greater conspiracy... more>> of otherworldly competitions, thrust into various realistic scenarios in human history, while trying to figure out the meaning and consequences of his powers.

MC is a stoic, yet open minded and adaptable youth. His daily routines of self-improvement and varied interests makes him a believable modern-day Renaissance Man, the perfect character to receive time dilation powers and experience the sheer variety of competitive situations (unlike the MC from "Everyone Else is a Returnee"). Every competition plays out like episodes of Man vs Wild to Urban Survivor, where the MC must find a way to accomplish mission objectives while getting himself situated.

The various characters the MC meets during his "episodic" missions are incredible as well. The author's writing style and talent REALLY comes through here as he spends time setting up the hyper-detailed environments for the reader. There's little background info on the side characters, since their reactions and perspectives to their current circumstances are so believable, you're able to mentally craft who and what their motivations are. Great example of show-don't-tell.

Heavy spoilers..

Ed, an optimistic veteran soldier of various conflicts teaches the MC survival skills and the oft-forgotten mental aspects of it too.

Simone, a young Finnish girl, drafted as an ace-sniper in WWII, hardened by conflict, and slowly coming to care for the MC as they survive through the horrors of war.



Time is an often-used theme in many novels, with the more recent garden variety being reincarnations, time-stops, time-travel, etc.

In this novel, time takes on a whole new meaning as the MC is inadvertently forced to prolong his sense of time, both physically and mentally. His mission times are severely extended, and as a result, he's forced to interact with the world in ways never commonly explored, enjoying both the benefits and suffering the consequences for it as well. Unlike several other novels with similar setups, it's just as fascinating seeing the MC coping with returning to the real world, as his fantastical adventures during the competitions.
For once, you actually see an MC that mentally ages due to time dilation!!


Severe isolation from a deserted island, seeking companionship to recover mentally.
PTSD from extended time in conflict.


There are no nonsensical power-ups, no amazing talents. Just typical skills a person would have, given enough time. Something portrayed in classics like "Groundhog Day", or more recently in "Edge of Tomorrow".

EDIT: Dropping to 4 stars, Chapter 100-250
Author went off on a wild tangent with a marathon Age of Sail arc and received widespread criticism from readers.
He completely changed the style of writing, including ridiculous fillers of people sitting around doing pointless dialogue and exposition, awarded excessive pointless POV time to various characters, and essentially rewrote the novel into one big Pirates-of-the-Caribbean story without any real impact on the greater plot. And finally topped it off with an epic counter-rant against critics around Chapter 250+. Incredibly disappointing.

Chapter 250+
While author redeemed himself with a much better written arc on the

Moon Landing

with some pretty impressive research, it's unlikely to offset slogging through the painful Pirates arc. Overall 4 stars for dedicated readers. <<less
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readingisgood rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: --
I really enjoyed the premise, and the earlier arcs were good. However, the pirate arc is a complete ripoff of the TV series Black Sails. Literally a copy and paste of the show. It would be okay if it was parody or use it as a reference, but to write and copy EVERY plot of the show is not cool. I just want it end and move on, but the author seems eager to squeeze out everything from the show, from season 1 to the finale. I would rather watch... more>> the show again, that would be more interesting. <<less
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March 10, 2021
Status: c715
I really enjoyed this. It's not often you read a Chinese novel that hasn't taken aspects of other Chinese novels and you don't find yourself reading a slightly altered arc from somewhere else.

I read up to the current translation, 715 chapters.

I almost dropped this when... more>>

he went to the lego world because of how goofy it was, but I stuck in there and I'm glad I did. I almost dropped it again right when he went to the sherlock holmes world, because I find anything Sherlock Holmes/murder mystery to be cringeworthy but I found myself unexpectedly interested in the arc and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. The lego world arc is important because of the item he gets from there as it plays an important role in the rest of the story.


The fact that the protagonist is constantly swapping between different scenarios, it keeps the story fresh and there is a deeper mystery behind the protagonist as pieces are slowly being revealed to us and him, we are discovering that secret and it's titillating- I generally hate being left in the dark, but in this novel being in the dark makes the strange events more interesting.

I would definitely recommend you give this a read, my recommendations are A Valiant Life, Warlock of the Magus World and Way of the Devil, so if you liked those, our tastes are similar so you'll enjoy this. I'm bummed that I caught up to the translation but I enjoyed my reading up to now. This is a 7.5/10, but since we only get 5 stars, I'll slap it a generous 4/5.

I need to address some of these reviews for being entirely bogus- shame there's no comment function so I can address the reviews directly.

@Pavilion - You can't in good conscience write a review after reading 6 chapters and with an opinion based on other people's reviews- read it yourself and make your own mind up from that instead, you're saying the novel is bad without having read it.

@Weaboo - You know that 'Black Sails' is based on actual history right? Saying the author plagiarised something from history is really idiotic because there's a TV show with the same name. I watched some of Black Sails and aside from it being pirates and there being women in it, there's nothing else in common.

@ResidentialPsycho - "MC is okay but doesn't have much depth or appealing characteristics" - This is part of the story, omg, you would bloody know that if you read more than 40 chapters, as you said, this is SLOW PACED, we don't learn about why the MC is this way until much later on, around chapter 500-600. This is actually explained in the story and is related to the mystery of the MC and his background.

"The setting appears to be modern-day, but there isn't any imagery to make it appealing. There is minimal action" - There isn't any action in the first 40 bloody chapters, it picks up pace as it gets going, I guess fighting an alien invasion and manhunting in the wild west don't count as action apparently. As for being set in modern day- it's set in all eras, the MC travels between historical periods, from th wild west, to the 16th century New World, to Edo period Japan and even 18th century London where he sleuths down Jack the Ripper. The author is very well researched and paints the picture of the location very clearly; I'm English and there were bits of information that I didn't even know- this type of author is amazing and patient in setting up their world.

-If you've read less than 200-300 chapters of this, you don't have a right to review this frankly. This isn't your typical novel, it's a hidden gem and it needs to be unwrapped slowly as the author presents it- as for people hating the pirate arc, it was one of my favourite arcs, definitely top 3, because he had to live in that world, even though all the characters weren't 'real' people- he had to live with them for ten years, so they were real enough. I think some people have a really flawed definition of real. I knew a kid in school when I was 7, I've never seen or heard from him since, he might as well not be 'real' right? He doesn't exist in my version of the world- but that encounter with him still had value and affected my life as the encounters with the MC and those 'fake' people he meets in the games does to him. <<less
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Poireau rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c162
Bellow is for before chap 82 :

The concept is quite interesting but it's poorly done.

The tittle is missleading as the MC is in fact part of a game for which time is going slower at each mission before coming back to reality: this is the main "thing" happening to the novel: the MC do mission in realistic worlds ... more>>

Surviving on an island, winning an underground race, surviving a part of wwI between Finland and Russia,...

, and comes back to "reality" for the main plot to continue... very slowly.

MC has a cheat/tool that

add 24 hours each day as the tittle says

, but this cheat is not well used by the MC as the MC is not fast learner: the way that the MC gains new competences is by trainning (no "skill book" here), and it takes forever, so the pace, in between missions, is super slow. Because of that and the fact that the MC is kind of quiet and too normal, some chapters are boring.

And when the main story continue, the explanations about the main plot are quite confusing especially each time the old man in tang suit appears.

That's the issue: the author doesn't spend time to explain to the reader how things works: for example, you have to wait until the end of the third mission to know what is the use of game points...

You can feel that the author doesn't want to use too much game elements in his novel, but because of that, he's doing a poor job to construct a reliable fundation for the principles of the MC improvements, and coupled with a lack of explanations and too much human interaction description, the novel pace is super slow ans the story can be boring and the twist predictible.

Hopefully things will be more clear later on... but if I were you, , i'll wait until 300 chapters are translated to start reading it :)

EDIT at chap 162:

The new arc/world starting arround chap 90-100 felt quite promissing, but after 60 chapters of the same world; it is a slice of life without any more fantasy elements. The MC relies on the abilities he obtained before to live the life of

a boring pirate, with nothing threaling at all happening. For example it took him as much as a normal sailor to learn how to sail in three months and lots of chapters... And, there wasn't a single element of fantasy in these chapters, not a single mystery, I mean, even Pirates of the Caribbean has 100 times more fantasy elements than in the 100 to 160 chapters I read.


To sumary, the game and fantasy labels of this novel are a trap. They are presents, but 95% of the content is just a slice of life novel of a very normal MC that will need as much time as you to learn simple stuff... <<less
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1234gary rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: c96
As of c96, so far its very good. A bit early to evaluate the series as a whole but from the first few arcs:

  1. Calm and collected MC. Interesting time-based cheat being that the extra 24 hours apply to the cryptic life changing game in the novel description.
  2. Abject lack of racism to the point where its uncomfortable. It's weird saying this, but seeing Japanese people portrayed in a positive light in a Chinese novel feels really strange.
  3. The MC gets close to a couple of characters but nothing really happens as they seem to be temporary fictional entities. In real life, its too early and barely anything has happened so far.
So far so good. It seem a bit slow and directionless at times, but this is just the start of the story.
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NauthizAnsuz rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: --
This is a fantastic read compared to most of the tr*sh you'll find on this site. The main character simulates a life in various worlds and time periods throughout the novel. These simulations can be somewhat based on reality, such as during the Russian invasion of Finland in WW2, or completely fictional such as the Lego Land world. Of course, there is an overarching main plot as well, but most of the enjoyment came from these smaller story arcs within the novel. When the arc is good, it's really f*cking... more>> good. There are some powerful emotional moments here that you just normally don't find from web novels. Even at their worst these simulations will simply be mediocre. I highly recommend giving this novel a try. <<less
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aShinyVaporeon rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c1072
Alright, so although I'm providing an actual review below, this review is mostly a table of contents for myself to record the themes of each 'game'. Also, since many are (heavily) based on real media out there, I'll give what I think is what the author was imitating.

Uh, of course, the ToC will contain spoilers for what each arc is about as well as what chapters they span. It's mostly for re-readers and my own reference.

Table of Contents (SPOILERS!) :

... more>>

This only lists game arcs, and not the arcs taking place in the book's modern 'reality'.

    1. Chapters 7-21: Desert Island Survival. Most likely based off of the 2000 film Cast Away, or the similar desert island survival genre.
    2. Chapters 31-52: Tokyo Drift. Most likely based off of the 2006 film of the same name or maybe the anime Initial D: Final Stage. I'm not too sure as I didn't really look too far into this one.
    3. Chapters 59-81: The Mannerheim Line Welcomes You. Have not found what it's based on, but it's about the Mannerheim Line, a defensive fortification line between Finland and the USSR during the Winter War.
    4. Chapters 98-254: Black Sails (Pirate arc). Most likely based off of the 2014 TV series of the same name. Long story centered around the Pirate Republic of Nassau. MC's pirate ship is probably named after the one in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
    5. Chapters 278-321: Apollo Training Camp. Seems to be based off of 1995 film Apollo 13.
    6. Chapters 342-371: Master Builder. Seems to be based off of the 2014 film The Lego Movie.
    7. Chapters 380-443: Whistleblower. A sci-fi hacking + crime arc set in Monaco. Most likely based off of the video game Watch Dogs or one of the other games in that franchise.
    8. Chapters 483-524: Deductive Reasoning. Rather (obviously) based off of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. MC takes the place of Watson.
    9. Chapters 545-584: Bakumatsu Kyoto. Not sure what media it's based off of, but it takes place Bakumatsu (late Edo) Kyoto, hence the name. It's that arc where MC is a samurai.
    10. Chapters 595-634: Chewing Tobacco and Lucky Horseshoe. Set in the Wild West, and there are like a million of those kind of movies, so I'm not going to look for what it was based off of. MC acts as a cowboy (of course).
    11. Chapters 638-701: Alien. Takes place in alternate reality of MC's hometown in his high school days. Based off of one of those alien invasion movies where the aliens can impersonate people. Not sure which one though.
    12. Chapters 719-732: Unnamed trial, basically a mini-game. Most likely based off of the H. P. Lovecraft novel The Shadow over Innsmouth.
    13. Chapters 736-896: Empire's Dusk/Dusk of the Empire. Takes place in the late Roman Empire (2nd century AD) in the reign of Commodus, commonly regarded as the end of the golden period of peace in Rome. MC is a gladiator who gets involved with assassins and politics.
    14. Chapters 926-1070: Bodyguard. Takes place in a futuristic space city named New Shanghai 0297. Dystopian elements that MC, of course, gets involved with. MC is a bodyguard for a livestreamer at the start and has to collect shellac records.

Review (minor spoilers) :


For what it's worth, I think this a pretty good novel to read in your free time, although it has its flaws. The novel's premise is that the MC, a university student, one day gets 48 hours a day - after his normal 24 hours, time stops and the MC enters a silent, stationary world. He can still move and interact with objects during this time stop.

Shortly afterwards, the MC joins a 'game', where people enter into scenarios that are effectively separate worlds and complete quests to earn game points or supernatural items. Each game is only supposed to be rather short, but MC's time cheat warps time inside, so he stays in each scenario for far longer than he's supposed to, giving him long periods of time to develop skills. Some games last longer than others, such as Black Sails (aka the pirate arc), which lasts 10 years after applying MC's time cheat, and 150 chapters in the novel.

Each game scenario has a different setting; so far mostly historical with hints of supernatural, or sci-fi/modern. Game scenarios are heavily based on external media (which may bother some readers). The sci-fi is kind of bad, but nowadays it's hard for me to find good sci-fi, anyway.

The supernatural elements are heavily related to mythology. The game's players also have this sort of society based a bit on the player interaction systems in MMORPGs mixed with your typical "scattered secret supernatural society".

MC as a character is calm, collected, and rational, especially as the story goes on and he effectively ages far faster mentally compared to his peers. Girls will appear and have implied romantic relations with MC, but he doesn't really appear interested in long-term romance (not to mention many are within the game, so he can't have a long relationship), so the novel is pretty much free of lovey-dovey stuff.

He also must have high IQ, because he learns skills very fast. Probably one of the biggest gripes I have with this novel is the ridiculous number of languages he knows, learning language is seriously hard and yet he knows 8 of them at a fluent level ><.

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ichyaky rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: Completed

overall I think it's a good novel but there were a lot of things left unanswered by the end.

i enjoyed each of the individual arcs and even though people say the pirate arc was the worst, it was probably my favourite. If you can't stand a certain arc you can skip past it or skim and you won't really miss much.

... more>> there is a lot of mystery and that's mostly what gave me the drive to actually finish the novel, though I think the author executed some parts of it poorly.

the ending was neat :) <<less
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detoxangels12 rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c588
honestly, this is pretty decent compared to tr*sh CN novels out there. You don't have to turn off your brain nor have to ignore plotholes so you can keep reading. I've read the other reviews and I disagree for most of them. The pacing? For me, it's average, neither too fast nor too slow. This isn't one of those fast paced OP MC and faceslapping everyone. The translation? It's also decent, idk where y'all reading from but unless your English sucks, it's understandable, even though English is my 2nd language.... more>> It even have some unique vocabulary here and there so props to the translators. This is a straight forward novel with multiple worlds as a game setting, every game takes a lot of chapters because this is the novel is what it is about. I guess that's why the reviews think it's very slow paced because it take too long for each arc and the real plot is in the real world and faceslap other players? Then you don't understand the novel at all. Also each arcs are interesting, especially the Pirate Arc, that's where the MC matured and changed. Because that arc gave MC the power boost and experience, even in other arcs, it would mention the pirate arc now and then cause that's the arc that shaped and developed the MC. Each Arcs are different and I like all of them except the LEGO one, I mostly skipped that because of comedy theme, nonetheless this is a good read. <<less
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Daresan rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: c350
Well this isnt your average novel. It is very well written and the pirate arc was so awesome (I kept feeling deja vu throughout the arc though. I cant remember but I feel like I have read or watched something like that before) It keeps getting better and better.

You might be put off due to misinformation on author's part like Finland and switzerland sharing border and etc etc but the story as a whole is great. I have nothing but praise for the author.
If you are searching... more>> for quick power trip then this isnt for you. If you read this thoroughly you will understand this novel has good story even though author might have balantly copied some arc from some story.

Rating this novel below 4 is insanity I mean yea there all flaws but which novel doesnt? What I liked is very good utilization of mc's power and plot is intricate no brainless stuff has happened yet. World has been built according to the premise author has presented from the begginning. I cant fathom why anyone will rate this below 4 unless they are still salty about ending of their previous novel. Or they simply like agt and mga <<less
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Maya65 rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c446
This is my first review of my 3 years of silent reading, I broke this record because of.... Aurgh!

I could have given this novel a higher rating if it weren't for the GIRLS!!! seriously, I came here for the promised No Romance genre or theme, Adventure, Action, and Man's Romance (not the f*cking harem). I admit the novel has those and I enjoyed reading it, but the Author and the Girls!! I Hate Them! (on this novel and I'm a girl).

Like EVERY arc or change of scene, there's a girl... more>> who will always have a "subtle" liking or romantic interest to the main guy, who has never express anything of liking them back at all. it gives me headaches like the Author is forcing the Girls to show up and be a foil and prove he is mentally stable, astute, prudent and cant be seduce cause he's not a beast who thinks with his d*ck (like b*tch WTF) Is That a Man or a Eunuch?


The girls I only like in this novel are Shen XiXi, Carina, and Leah, cause they don't get involved with the Main Guy.


But now with my most recent chapter, I can't bear it (I QUIT) the freaking MILF has come and the MC has no reaction whatsoever and instead want to drag her to the supernatural world when the Gaming staff specifically said Don't tell Non-players about it.

But the Story is actually cool and awesome to read, I only skipped 3-5 chapters when the MC and the Girls interact. You're choice if you want to read it and be irritated like me.

If you want no romance with a Male Protagonist novels, I recommend Chronicles of Primordial Wars, Lord of Mysteries and Superstar of Tommorow. <<less
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Hazel00 rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c1000
I forgot how many chappy i, read but probably around 1k - 1.1k

Since this novel has a slow pace in the beginning, I can't comment that much. After arc 2 the pace of the story seems much better. I know that many people complaint it to the author (when the MC is a pirate). But the author with his big giant stonehead still decided the how the story would progress ?.

For me everything is good. I like and enjoying the story.

It has a little bit something for everyone
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The Mighty Snow
The Mighty Snow rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c358
"... when the hormone-filled youths saw him walking down the steps, they automatically stepped aside to make way for him. They had no inkling of why they would unconsciously step backward when they saw the man who looked no different from a university student.

In the eyes of these intoxicated youths, born and raised in peacetime and dancing the night away in a nightclub, Zhang Heng was like a dinosaur that trespassed the chicken coop. "

Hello, Snow here again.

This time, I write to you about a very unique novel. "48... more>> hours a day", is a story about a university student who has the ability to spend an additional 24 hours each day. It's an exciting premise, and exactly what made me pick it up. However, no part of this premise is what it seems at first.

While Zhang Heng is techincally a university student living on modern-day earth, the novel spends little time on his school-life in favor of a much more exciting setting: a supernatural game where participants are sent to do missions in both real and fantastical places. The true nature of this game is unknown, and the mystery provides an overarching narrative between the many rounds that our main character plays.

This is where the novel spends most of it's time, and also where it truly shines. This "game" setting feels more like world-hopping between parallel universes, rather than some VR experience. There are no skill points or magic, and injuries and death function as they do in the real world. There are other players, but Zhang Heng plays most of his rounds by himself, in worlds where he is the only player present. The strongest arcs of this novel are the ones where Zhang Heng is sent somewhere back in history, and needs to learn the skills necessary to thrive in the setting. This means learning new languages, and skills like sword fighting and shooting.

Now, this is where the "48 hours a day" concept ascends from being a neat gimmic, to one of the best abilities I've ever seen in a novel. Usually, a player enters a round of the game with a team of friends, and within a time limit of several dozen days, must either survive, or complete a certain task. Entering the game with a team is crucial, because a wide assortment of skills and languages is needed to survive. You wouldn't want to be stuck in the spanish inquisition, and not know a lick of spanish, right?

Zhang Heng isn't omnipotent, and he has negligible skills when he starts playing the game. However, he has a cheat that no other player has, and it's not what you'd expect. Each round of the game has a different time flow rate, whereby a game that lasts 20 days, might only take 2 hours in the real world. This means that if Zhang Heng's ability activates within those 2 hours on earth, his time in the game is extended by 24 hours at a rate of 1:240, meaning an extra 240 days in the game's setting. While other players are made to survive and complete missions for a couple weeks at a time, Zhang Heng might spend a lifetime in a single round, growing a mighty beard and conquering the world. Each round is like a self-contained story, during which the main character earns new skills and game items, and inches closer to uncovering the true meaning behind the game.

I won't spoil any of the settings to you, because I don't want to ruin the fresh feeling of surprise and excitement you feel each time Zhang Heng wakes up in the middle of a new world. These journeys aren't just levels in a game, but opportunities for Zhang Heng to grow as a person, and to experience more of the world that seems so small when you're stuck reading at home all day.

Zhang Heng is a great main character. He might seem a little cold and stoic at times, but I really like his determined and hard-working attitude. His only chip on the board is himself, and he knows it. In the beginning of a round, he observes, passing each hand, but when his cards are good enough, he goes all-in for the kill without a hint of hesitation. His chemistry with other characters is a little lacking, but this isn't the focus of the story anyway, so it's fine.

Overall, I find the overarching story and setting to be interesting, and each round of the game is a real highlight. The main character is compelling, and his less-excitable personality allows other characters to shine alongside him. The almost-self-contained story arcs throughout will stick with me for a long time, and their often historical context makes me want to dust up our old history books.

There's plenty world-building, action and adventure throughout, and none of the settings overstay their welcome. You should definitely give it a try if you're interested in a story that encompasses multipe worlds and timelines!


I've been rearranging the books in my father's study recently, and I found this one while I was dusting the top shelf. You can't imagine how excited I was when I found it! I wonder if this is what it feels like to find treasure during an adventure?

Well, my mom still hasn't come around on the idea of me going into the woods alone. She told me that she'd consider it after my birthday, but that's still a long ways from now... maybe I should find some way to convince her? Until then, I'll keep reading, and sending you these letters when I find something good. Remember to write me back too!


your best friend Snow <<less
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Macho rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: c473
I'm enjoying this novel a lot! The author has an intriguing frame of mind with an unconventional thought progression when it comes to exposition for sure. He likes to elaborate on the most random things at times, which, admittedly, sometimes bring you out of the narrative flow, but truly bring out the uniqueness of the author. For example guns, medical procedures, mythology, and history - each is a concept the author is very clearly familiar with at some level, hence he can elevate the basics concepts by a great margin,... more>> even if it something comes at a cost of tension and not really necessary at most points by any means.

I have a few gripes with the aforementioned style of writing; exposition, on top of his plot progression, as it is convoluted and streamlined at times, yet it works in most situations as the characters have their own unique qualities and stand out, mostly. At times, I'm annoyed with how the problems keep appearing in the main character's life, even if (and thank god for) the main character owning the smarts and tact of opting to not pursue every lead and trouble in the horizons, they still seem to haunt him and the side characters he had acquainted with.

The main character is pretty fun to read for sure, especially in this style of writing, where there isn't much faceslapping and the comedy has a mature flair in it. There has been some character development with the main character for sure, as he moved on from his prior commoner mindset of ignorance towards the supernatural, with his horizons broadening towards the greater world and all it entails; gods, myths, and the extraordinary. I look forward to his development, really.

The foundation of the supernatural in the story is as of now still quite strange, as I haven't had a chance to grasp it yet, but there is a lot of progress for some real badass stuff in the future, like Buddhas and Holy Trinity, all sort of mythological religious figures, I can expect we'll be seeing by the end of the story, as even now, we've had encounters with characters from the Norse Sagas and the Biblical History, like Plague; the Horseman of Apocalypse.

Overall, it's quite different from the mass-produced cultivation novels, with the author being leagues above his peers in regard to the effort he is putting toward character- and worldbuilding, which I hope continues in the future. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: c635
I enjoyed the start and liked the first couple arcs (Desert Isle and Tokyo Drift), was ambivalent about the war arc, and found the pirate arc that went on forever ... more>>

(150-200 chapters of pure filler) to be so bad I started skipping ten chapters at a time trying to find the end. I can see why a lot of people drop it at that arc because it's gets really annoying after a while and has nothing to do with the story we're actually supposed to be reading. reading felt like it took 10 years to get through and it was all just an excuse for the MC to suddenly become a badass fighter/have a change in personality/erode his emotions. that endless arc dropped the story by a star right there. it had to have been hell to translate and not be able to just skip as you please... unless the translator likes tediously long pirate stories that are a cut and paste of Black Sails.


after that horrible experience, the arcs go back to being normal length and the story flows much better. some of the arcs are deadly serious and some are just kinda fun. the author did a lot more research for each arc than most writers bother with, and sometimes there are huge info dumps that are mostly historically accurate. I enjoy history but sometimes it's info-overload; for once it seems like the author goes too far with the research there's too much to process after a while.

the MC is the calm and mature sort who is mentally in his 30s-40s, so I can see why some people would call him bland. he was never a hot headed youth who suffers from superhero syndrome even before the game and overall he's more neutral than anything else, even chaotic neutral when the circumstances call for it. as for romance so far the MC does or gets done by several women inside the game but there's no "real" love interest.

the weirdest thing for me is that all the fantasy and supernatural stuff happens in reality, while the game arcs have been mostly pure history (or based off historical dramas) or sci-fi. maybe there is supernatural or fantasy stuff later on?

edit as of 635:


I have to admit that the author pulling Cthulhu into a reality already over-crowded with old and new gods is really disappointing. kinda lost my interest after that was introduced as well so I'll drop this for now. up until this point the story overall was a 3.5 but this dropped it to a 3

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Bachingchung rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: --
This started as great, but the author started to milk the games. Maybe if I could binge this novel to the end then I might stand reading an arc with throwaway characters on it.

So the MC is given an extra 24 hrs each day by a higher being, so he could represent him on these games. The more rounds you last, then the better rewards for you and that higher being.

It started as each game rounds only last with 6-15 chapters and it was still acceptable. However the latest arc,... more>> as I mentioned had been on going for almost 60% of the available translation. <<less
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Lucien. rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c129

The title "48 Hours a day" is actually about Zhang Heng's 'cheat' tool which is his watch. His watch was gifted to him by an old man in a tang suit. There is no explanation about his watch other than probably being an item. Yes, there are items here to but they are hard to get by.

This novel has a slow development.

You discover things along the way as he grows.

This is not your typical Main Character who quickly becomes stronger. On other infinity novels, you learn things just by getting a [Skill Book]. In here, you learn Zhang Heng has to train hard to obtain skills just to continue playing the game.

It is when he is at the game where things get interesting. Each game he plays corresponds to what has happened in the past of the real world. Zhang Heng is forced to adapt to his environment at each game whether he likes it or not.

The direction of the story still remains unclear and the translation quality is good. I enjoyed each chapter and this was a refreshing read for me. I am still waiting for more chapters daily and I highly recommend this.
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Meloonseed rated it
March 23, 2020
Status: c60
One of webnovel's genuinely good Chinese translated novels. 4.9 stars there, which honestly is a pretty good rating on Webnovels. All sorts of people like this novel, is what it means.

Protagonist receives a watch that gives him 24 more hours a day. However, this isn't an urban fantasy novel so much as a transmigrator or system/game novel.

It's set in 90% a game/system world and 10% real world, making it infinity genre.

... more>> It's really good. Keeps you on a rope, it's extremely exciting to read. Protagonist is a pretty likeable person, too.

It's a shame that there's only 60 chapters though. Something must've happened to the translator, there's been no updates for 2 weeks. EDIT: It was a trial read. No wonder. Anyways, it's out now, and man, the current arc- Mannerheim Line, was good. I'd say this is one of the best, if not the best of the infinity genre novels that have been translated to English. <<less
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fathead rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c713
I'll be frank, I skipped a large part of the story, especially when the MC jumps into each of the 'games' or missions.

This novel was off to a good start, world building and working within the rules which the novel set for itself. The MC has 48 hours, which only kicks in at 12 midnight. He still needs to eat, sleep during such times. He just trains harder than everyone else, since he has more time.

The author follows a set of games - you jump in one game, finish that... more>> stage, then move on. I especially liked the scene where after completing one game, the MC heads out to camping with his university friends, and there was a moment where there was potential for character development. This included an outing where we are introduced to Shen Xixi, the pseudo female lead - and the possibility for a bit of romance.

Instead, the author hurriedly skips pass character development, resolving the tension point in the said Camping arc, and hurriedly moves the MC along to go to another 'game'.

I kept reading around chapter 700, hoping for there to be development between the characters in the real world. It's hard to feel connected to the game 'NPC' players, since you know they're going to vanish right after the end of the game.

Lo and behold, the novel started introducing Proxy Wars, where each game participant would not compete with other players (i.e. Players in the real world, and not the game world).

But then the author suddenly introduces characters which pissed me off to no ends.

Dumbledore, the Jedi Order etc. What the heck? It feels like lazy writing, with the author was piggyback ridding off established characters from other novels. And its not like Terror Infinity, where the author has already set up the premises for the novel to piggyback off other well-established franchises. The introduction of Dumbledore, the Jedi Order did not move the plot forward. It could have been an alien robot, and the effect would have been the same. There was no world immersion, and had the opposite effect and made me stop reading the novel.

The author tried to introduce gods as well (Apollo giving powers of time to MC, Roman goddess Justitia trying to obtain Shen Xixi as her proxy etc.), but the attempt feels half-arsed and the effect falls flat.

The Author also doesn't resolve the questions of how the MC got his powers, nor why are there game-like elements even after reading 700 chapters into the novel. There is a mysterious old man, and that's about it.

Good start, poorly developed. I wouldn't to go so far as to say I felt sad spending time reading this novel, but it definitely left me with a bad aftertaste. <<less
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Ironman96 rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: c528
I would give this a 3.5-4/5. The enjoyment of this novel basically depends on if you enjoy the current arc (the basic premise is the MC has joined a game where he is sent to a different time or place in history and has certain missions to solve. He also gains skills and items that he can bring back. Certain arcs are supernatural and others are just regular life in certain time periods.)

Certain arcs I enjoyed and had a blast reading them ... more>>

(the first survival arc, the aerospace arc, the sherlock holmes arc, etc.)


However, there is one arc that every single person criticizes and probably drops the novel for and it is the second arc, the pirate arc. It started off well but there is so much filler that I literally was skipping chapters until the end of the arc. There are other arcs that I dislike and its one of the major cons of this novel.

While some arcs are bad, I still like this novel for a couple of different reasons:

  1. MC is pretty cool and actually progresses over the novel. We see what happens to an MC after spending years in certain arcs and how it affects the people around him when he returns
  2. Plot is still a mystery at this point. We don't know "who" gave the MC his powers and why the MC is unique and its fun learning about the world and the gods in them.
Overall its a pretty good novel if you can tolerate the bad arcs and get past them. <<less
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