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“Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” The world changes when you click YES. In God’s dimension, you have to keep getting stronger, keep evolving to survive one horror movie after another. Do you kill everyone in your way to reach the end as a lone king? Or fight along with your comrades and survive through the support of friends? Everything was just for staying alive. Until you find the secret of God’s dimension. Who is the real enemy?

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Infinite Terror
Wu Xian Kong Bu
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keklel rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: v17

tl;dr Recommend you read up to and finish vol 9 Alien Resurrection and skip the rest.
Chinese Gantz (author admitted he was "inspired" by Gantz) rips off all the worst movies and anime in the past few decades, including all the worst tropes. Characterization is garbage with rampant sexism and characters ripped straight out of battle shonen. Story was 2nd rate to begin with (peaking at Vol 9 Alien: Resurrection), then went to sh*t after Vol 10 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (didn't finish it but heard the ending was just as sh*t as Gantz's). Writing is 3rd rate throughout - serviceable but none of the lines are quoteworthy.

Take a look at these gems:

>This message is not coded using 0 or 1's. The source code is not a computer program. It's created with characters and symbols. When a computer breaks through the limit of 0s and 1s, artificial intelligence will develop.
>the latest genetic studies show that this evolution only took 120 years. Not several million, not even several thousand, it's merely 120 years. Humans evolved from dryopithecus to the early man, australopithecus. Our evolution exploded only for 120 years, then it was sealed off due to various unkonwn reasons. It has nothing to do with biological evolution. Our evolution has come to a stop.
>The era was after World War 1 and before World War 2 started. There weren't any silencers in this era so they don't have to worry about people noticing the gunshot.
>this city has a diameter of six hundred kilometers. A normal big city is only two hundred kilometer square, but this city is several hundreds.
>Have you seen the map of the distribution of the bugs? Why do they surround three directions and leaving one open? Because they are giving us a hope of escaping.

So the context of that last quote is that they're in starships and the bugs have surrounded them IN SPACE. How the f*ck do you get surrounded in 3 directions when there are 3 other directions to escape to? You can tell very little thought went into the factual accuracy and realism department. The author apparently just loves blatantly making sh*t up that does not make any sense. You don't even have to check it to know that pretty much all the "facts" in this series are completely wrong and nonsensical. What would have been good is if the author simply left out all this bull that was inserted for absolutely no reason, because it makes it look s*upid and breaks the immersion. Lots of fantasy novels don't bother with any scientific explanations and they work just fine. It's when you try to add science but you don't actually know any science, that you end up making yourself look like an idiot.
The biggest problem with this novel is that it stopped being exciting about halfway into the story, which was where everyone got resurrected after getting wiped in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Before then, there was tension and excitement that came from knowing that anyone could die at any moment, and that death was REAL and happened to your real physical body. There was actual tension and feeling of danger in the Grudge, Resident Evil, and Final Destination because important characters were getting killed off left and right. I consider Alien: Resurrection to be the peak of the webnovel, from where it just went downhill. The beginning of that arc was so amazing and exciting start that it can't be compared to the rest of the webnovel - it was original, interesting, creative, exciting, tense - it was all of those and more. I don't want to spoil it so you can just go read it for yourself. Unfortunately the story went straight to sh*t thereafter. Immediately we got Resident Evil: Apocalypse which was an utterly illogical arc, with everyone getting wiped. As soon as everyone on Team China got killed I realized there was no way to salvage the story anymore. It was not like when Xuan sacrificed himself for the sake of the team in the Grudge, there was no way out of this hole that the author dug for himself. At the point there were 2 ways to go - either the author made their deaths permanent or he resurrected everyone. Unfortunately he chose the latter option, turning it into just the same as the Pain arc in Naruto. Everyone died and then got resurrected just like that. See, the problem with resurrection in a SURVIVAL STORY is that it removes the one and ONLY source of excitement and tension in the novel, which is the sense of impending doom. Not only does resurrection make all the characters sacrifices pointless because they can just be revived, it takes away all suspense and tension because once you know that characters can be resurrected you know that whenever an important character dies the author is just going to resurrect him again. This was the definitive point from which the novel went to shit. All the plot exposition, chapters upon chapters of rehashed movie footage and talking about some evolution bullsh*t or how Imhotep is actually a good guy that just wants to revive his wife. Yes that was boring too, but the fatal mistake was the mass resurrection. Once that was done, there was no longer any sense that death could come any time and therefore no longer any source of tension or excitement. The Mummy, Jurassic Park, Vampiric Mask (literally shamelessly ripped from Jojo's bizarre adventure), Starship Troopers and Lord of the Rings arcs was pretty much just standard battle shonen garbage, basically consisting of punching enemies until they died for points, it was either that or plot exposition. It's boring since you already know that nothing bad's going to happen to anyone. Once that is established in a survival horror there's no sense in reading anymore.
The characters are overcliched as f*ck. Zhao YingKong is literally Killua. She's edgy. She came from a clan of assassins. She can harden her nails too JUST LIKE KILLUA like holy sh*t dude you literally cannot make it more blatant than that. Oh and also she's super moe and has big b**bs too. First of all why the f*ck would assassins clans exist in real life. I'm not saying you can't rip anything off other works of fiction, but at least make it believable. YingKong is supposed to come from the real world, like 21st century Earth, not some parallel universe with assassin clans and shit. What the f*ck. And why are there so many f*cking assassins in this story? There are at least 3 assassins in the story from the various assassin clans somehow. The author has obviously watched too much anime. Secondly why the f*ck is her backstory so cringy. Her best friends got killed by her "brother", who is some stereotypical "I want to destroy beautiful things" cardboard cutout sadist. She's normally calm but loses her mind every time she sees him. So basically Sasuke/Itachi in a nutshell.
You can describe all the characters in a single sentence. Zheng is "moralf*g MC", Xuan is "devious smart guy", Lori is "MC's s*x relief toy", Zero is "that guy who's good with a sniper rifle", WangXia is "patriotic guy who's good with mines", ChengXiao is "pervy comic relief medic", Kampa is "hairy Russian mercenary dude". They are not developed beyond that and that is actually very sad because survival type novels hinge around having solid characterization to make up for the unoriginal (in this case entire setting ripped straight from Gantz) and frankly unbelievable setting. When literally every single line spoken by the characters is just plot exposition, it's not interesting or fun to read. The characters are about as fleshed out as the mercenaries in Predator. Even if characters don't talk you can still flesh them out by examining their expressions and subtle actions which reveal their state of mind, at the very least you could reveal their inner dialogue like in Reincarnator, but this is not done in this novel except for very few occasions like Xuan vs Neos, and there it's not done sensibly. The lack of a Psychology tag for this novel says a lot - it really does not explore characters' psychologies at all. Very lackluster compared to Reincarnator and Dungeon Defense which are both excellent in the characterization department. There's also the pervasive sexism where all the females in Starship Troopers are described as being cowardly medics which is completely contrary to what actually happened in Starship Troopers where women served on the front lines in combat roles just like the men did (the message that all are equal under military service is actually a central theme in ST, something TI's author seems to have missed). All the female characters are written like shit. At the beginning Lan is supposed to be some analytical type, later on she defaults to just fawning over the MC all the time; also they all have big breasts as we're constantly reminded by the author, maybe that's his fetish.
I think the author tried to make up for his lack of characterization skills by resorting to forcing in slice-of-life-y scenes like Xuan agreeing to go fishing with MC even though that was completely against Xuan's character (the author even said that Xuan would never waste his time doing something like fishing when he could be poring over weapons designs or producing weapons instead). Then the fishing scene that he forced in consisted only of Xuan beating everyone else at fishing and that was it. I was like WTF am I reading, is this some shitty Japanese light novel. Let's get this straight. This is a survival novel where each character only gets 10 days to prepare for the next movie. He could be spending his time cultivating Qi or practicing blood energy or studying weapons designs or building weapons or practicing combat drills or working out possible side missions or how to counter enemy tactics or what to do when enemies are immune to sci-fi weapons and so on. Instead they are fishing and just chilling out. A productive use of time. I can understand the others doing something like that but Xuan, well I'm sorry but characters need to be consistent and the author seems to just completely disregard that. Also, they keep doing this even after they get wiped. And the slice of life scenes don't even flesh the characters out either. We didn't get to know the characters better at all. They could have at least told us some stories or any lessons they learned or anything, but no, it's literally just comic relief moments like people competing to pull up bigger fish and ChengXiao getting slapped for staring at the girls' b**bs.
Characters often act in the MOST PSYCHOTIC WAY POSSIBLE even where it's not realistic. A college student, faced with danger, chose to blow his hostage's head off so that he can get killed by people who are chasing him, instead of, say, pushing her away and running around a corner to give himself a chance. Why the f*ck would he take a hostage if he was just going to kill her off without benefiting himself in any way. He never met them before and they did not know each other, so he literally had no reason to act like that at all other than to be edgy. In the Alien arc the guy who was told to be the bait chose to blow himself up along with everyone else over having a chance of survival. Not very realistic.
Let's talk about Xuan. Xuan is the only person who actually acted realistically at the start of the novel. He explored the limits of the lifeform creation system, he looked for recipes to build equipment out of cheaper materials instead of buying them directly from the system, he looked through all the possible options and determined their advantages and disadvantages. THESE ARE THINGS ANYBODY WITH COMMON SENSE WOULD DO AND YET NOBODY OTHER THAN HIM DOES IT. This is because the author wants to set him up as some kind of super mega ultra genius and had no way of doing so other than by resorting to making all the other characters act like complete ret*rds. As someone once mentioned you cannot write a character smarter than yourself and Xuan is the best example of that. Plenty of times Xuan makes s*upid plans like having the useless guy act as the bait, and then the useless guy blows himself up injuring several people. Another time Xuan gave the MC a dagger to take back to the real world with his tracking device on it in order to get data back to the real world, without telling the MC. If the MC didn't take out the dagger, didn't get caught in time, or destroyed the tracking device, or did any of a number of things his plan would have failed, and the MC only managed to get back because he was lucky. There was about a million other better ways of doing that, for example he could have asked Zheng to send an item somewhere whilst hiding the tracker inside the item, without arousing Zheng's suspicions. I mean let's be honest Zheng is not the smartest tool in the shed if he couldn't even recognize that was a tracker blatantly tacked on the knife. Plus with this method he could continuously relay information back to Earth by not arousing Zheng's suspicions whereas with his method, not mentioning the extremely high chance of failure, even if Zheng got back he wasn't going to take back anything given by Xuan ever again and everyone else would be cautious of him, so he just blew his chances of communicating with Earth ever again. Later on he starts making implausible deductions based on zero evidence, which turn out to be wrong, and yet everybody still thinks he is a genius. And also, God should definitely have wiped both Xuan and Zheng, there was no way it would have allowed such an obvious loophole to exist with its advanced technology. The author appears to treat his statements as canonical fact because nobody rebukes his random "70%" estimates which are based on literally nothing, and anyone who questions his estimates are answered with "you cannot possibly understand my plans with your mortal intelligence". It's obvious the author has no idea how to write an actually intelligent character. Xuan either says things that are COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to everyone or deduces things that absolutely cannot be concluded from the available evidence, and his reasoning process does not make any sense either so I strongly suspect the author simply wrote the story backwards to make the events suit Xuan's predictions. Most notably, the characters do not engage in critical evaluations like - why did we fail that last team fight, what could we have done better, etc. They do not form and test hypotheses that even 3 year old children would do, they just assume things are as they would expect and just act as what they think is true without bothering to do any tests. For example, everyone thought killing the brain bug in Starship Troopers was a bonus mission, but it wasn't. Then they concluded that there were no bonus missions on starship troopers based only on the fact that killing the brain bug wasn't a bonus mission. How can they be so certain based on such flimsy evidence?
Characters do not act realistically. For example in a lot of movies they did not even consider really simple ideas like in Lord of the Rings they could have asked Gandalf to just ask the eagles to fly them to Mordor. But nope. They didn't even consider these really simple ideas that could have saved them going through a lot of danger compared to going to Morder the long way. They could have told the guards in Resident Evil about the laser defense system so they didn't get cut in half, this wasn't forbidden by God, but instead of that Zheng just says "there's something wrong with this corridor" and gets dragged in with them. Also, when it was obvious that Zheng knew about the laser's scanning patterns but didn't tell the mercenaries about it, instead of getting angry One regards Zheng as his savior. WTF? He should at least have gotten suspicious about how Zheng knew about the laser. And how the f*ck did Zheng manage to get 10s of thousands of points under the noses of the other Devil team members, especially when he was only in the first unlocked stage? And why did God match Team China against Team Devil when China practically got wiped in Final Destination and required Jie's sacrifice just to get out the few remaining members out alive?
The way the points are rewarded is really inconsistent as well. Killing a bug using a gauss rifle gives points but using a tactical nuke doesn't? On one occasion Xuan stated that you get points for being clever, well in that case why didn't they get points for killing the pygmies by burning down the entire forest only for killing pygmies by shooting them with a gun, clearly burning down the forest was smarter. Why does it even matter whether you kill monsters by shooting them with a gun or by burning them anyway? It shouldn't make any difference.
I hate how the author just makes sh*t up, even in-universe. What the f*ck is a "creeper" (original text 爬行者) supposed to be in Resident Evil, there are only lickers how did he translate that into creeper, what the f*ck. When he mentioned "艾罗格斯金属" I Googled it and nothing came up. Who the f*ck knows what it's supposed to be. From the description it sounds like something he just made up - I couldn't find anything in the original LoTR that corresponds to the description. I can understand making monsters stronger than usual or changing a few plot events, but treating completely new minerals that he just made up as if it's something that was in the original story is just wtf.
4 stars for the solid first half of the story, it was fun while it lasted.
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Draeghe rated it
January 7, 2016
Status: --
I’m sure you’ve all seen movies of which the world the movie was in gave you the feeling of “I sure wish I could live in that type of world”.


This is a horror series relying on movies as a big part of the content. Specifically movies with horror or thriller elements. The type of movie world you don’t actually want to live in.

Basically it’s an enjoyable thriller series with all the horror elements you could possibly imagine. Or rather, all the elements that could’ve been in all those movies... more>> (and more).

There’s actually quite a bit of worldbuilding over the course of the novel, but instead of that slowing down the story, the action inside the story is usually fast paced and it only slows down inbetween movies. Which will actually give you the feeling of a breather, which you and the characters in the novel need. Trust me.

What happens when you’re dropped in a ‘horror’ movie world?

Well... you try anything and everything to try to survive it. Not all of the movies are typical ‘horror’ movies, but they do share elements which could be horrifying if you were in that movie.


The main trick is that once you survive the movies, you gain points which you can use to upgrade your body and mind. Think of stuff like vampire bloodline, Qi, magic, mental powers.

These are the type of movies that are being covered so far. (not adding sequels)


Resident Evil, Alien, The Grudge, The Mummy, Final Destination, Jurassic Park

And my main advise is. Read the parts per volume. It’s much better for your heart and more relaxing for the mind. (so you might want to wait for a volume to be finished before advancing)

Each volume will 'usually' cover a movie and the aftermath.

We’re currently (as of this review) upto Volume 12, so you’ve got some reading to do! <<less
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Uggrock rated it
May 31, 2016
Status: v7c4
I'm actually sorta torn on this story. One the one hand, it's leaps and bounds more original than most of the stories listed of novelupdates, on the other hand, if I compare it to a normal, properly edited story, it just barely rises to above tr*shcan level.

there are several areas where it really suffers:

the mish-mash of real poorly-understood-by-the-author science, fantasy pseudoscience, lots of factual misconceptions acquired from 'folk knowledge', and just general nonsense that the author mixes together to create his universe.

the story also starts out as if... more>> the people brought to the horror show belong to the 'real' universe that readers inhabit, which is good, but then the author completely deviates and just goes off the rails in his vision about how humans really evolve.

the characters have a plethora of powers, abilities, bloodlines, weapons, etc to choose from and yet, so far at least, the choices are fairly lackluster and dull, compared to the fun they could actually have with them if just a little bit more creativity was used.

sexism. it's not as bad some stories listed here, but it's certainly fairly obvious. it seems that pretty much every Chinese story of this genre listed on this site is just rife with it. it's getting kinda concerning with just how pervasive it seems to be.

survival of the fittest BS. I'm getting a little tired of seeing this excuse used to be unnecessarily cruel and/or ruthless to others. it's not so bad in this story, at least at first, but it's starting to crop up more and more it seems.

i could go on but...

anyway, I do enjoy the different powers and universes that are visited but that's honestly more of a pro for the original creators of those verses. still, this story is at least fairly entertaining at first. as it goes on, the author starts to run into several problems as to where he wants to take the story.

and of course, kudos to the translators. <<less
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PlateBoots rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: v19c1
After reading as many as 18 volumes which I consider to be huge achievement here per se I am now confident that this author is just another worthless chinese jindan boy that only swam up by picking up gantz concepts.

Everything in this novel starting at human relations, powers, plots is absolute garbage except for the main idea of people being put in horror movies. Even evolution notion became constant cringe at some point. I am literally out of words to describe hopelessness of this novel.

Also author is clearly supremacist racist... more>> chinese punk. Mister author if you ever happen to skim through the comments here, I advise you to take lesson on chinese history before you become swallowed again in your greatness again.

Even Japanese aren't so conceited in their works, f*ck sake. Garbage.

To conclude, this novel is so garbage I am actually dropping it, reading it is literally an agony and pain at this point. I managed to get through 18 volumes, but it is clearly unreadable now (especially chapter 12 of 18th volume, I would like to remark that any review that hasn't gotten past this point is heavily unreliable). I can't believe even someone like me who always strives to finish any book he started is coerced to drop it as is. This is an achievement itself I dare say as I read my whole life and I could count on the fingers of my two palms (and perhaps toes) how many times I dropped a story. Perhaps this assertion will give you any hint of insight dear potential reader of Terror Infinity (God forbid)


S U P R E M E <<less
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Fan2zz rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: v19c8
I have to say that I loved Terror Infinity in the beginning a great deal... but recently that love and anticipation for the next chapter vanished. Many other reviewers pretty much say why TI fell from its initial amazing beginning, for me it was everything after volume 14, but how I would best sum it up is this. I don't envy Team China anymore.

I always imagined myself entering God's Dimensions, going into movie worlds, getting enhancements, growing stronger and evolving right along with them, but that is no longer the... more>> case. The fun, excitement, and longing I had to imagine myself as a player like Zheng is gone. The spirit of actually getting super powers and gear from fictions is gone in recent volumes and I blame the author. He had a novel with more potential than any other I've ever seen, and he settled for... what it is today.

Its a shame. <<less
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Durandal17 rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: v14c18 part2
Currently reading multiple other stories, and a lot of them. Once I decided to check this out and try it, all others were put on hold. Binge read all chapters currently out and depressed that there isn't more to read. If you like most of the tags, then this book will be amazing as it takes them and puts you on the edge of your seat with each adventure.
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ZhaWarudo rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
I agree with korendir, this is a better version of Gantz but don’t think of it as a copy. I really like the western style of writing, it’s way more realistic than dumb and ruthless characters of xianxia and not at all like whimpy Japanese characters with faulty logics and over-exagerated morals. Still it has some plot holes like taking no lamps into dark places, value of gold/diamonds and not ideal pick of abilities but that’s minor stuff, I gave it 5/5 in order to support the rating but comparing... more>> to the other stuff earlier I gave 5 this really deserves it.

Edit: I was so hyped back then coz this started a new genre and was hence original, it was pretty damn good up to volume 10 and then drop by drop chapters ruined it for me, also seeing how the MC is s*upid didn't help either so I'll try to be fair and reduce it from 5 stars to 3 <<less
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craBebe rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: --
Easily one of my favorite series I've read in a while. If you've ever enjoyed the premise of Gantz you'll love this one. The initial premise of "going into horror movies" kinda threw me initially, making me think "can the author really not come up with his own material?" But as you get into it, it makes for a really interesting read especially if you're familiar with the movies some of their missions take place in.

Where this series really shines is in some of the intellectual battles that take place... more>> between the respective team leaders and their counterparts. This is probably one of my favorite aspects of this series, is how some of the characters use their knowledge of the movies to hypothesize ways to exploit the plot to their advantage. It's done really well and lets the reader think about some movies in ways they never would have thought about them before. This coupled with the absolutely fantastic upgrade/loot system makes for a really exciting read. Really looking forward to future updates. A0123 does a fantastic job with the translation. Definitely a highly recommended series, one of the most interesting I've read in a long time.

If you're getting sick of the same old xianxia, inner qi cultivation, sect story line this is a nice breath of fresh air. There's not very much in the way of good sci-fi, alternate stories out there being translated so this makes for a good one. <<less
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Lucasconfirm rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: v20c1
Shit, pure garbage and absolute tr*sh.

This is how I felt after reaching to Vol.20. Sheer disappointment everywhere.

To be honest, when I first read Terror Infinity, it isn't actually bad. Its idea isn't original or new (anyone said otherwise never read Gantz or watch Last Action Hero before), but I like the execution nonetheless.

... more>> Everything up until the RE2 was great. Despite a considerable amount of flaws, fenqing*-like racism and facisim, plot holes, horrendous scientific knowledge, questionable character deployment, not-so-bright decision and a somewhat...... bearable cast, it was an enjoyable read.

*A not-very-good slang. While Otaku has some decent people, the Fenqing are straight out nationalistic ret*rds.

Then, everything went down into the toilet. Deeper than the Pit of Doom.


Although I had my suspicion a long time ago, especially since those ancient "Saints" were thrown into the work. But everything after RE2 confirmed my worst fear.

Terror Infinity, from a somewhat enjoyable mature work went into 3rd-rate-shithole-that-could-only-be-written-by-a-fenqing.

Lord of the Rings, Starship Troopers, Transformers, Independence Day are "horror" movies? What kind of a ret*rd would write that, instead of writing a forced but still acceptable explanation? Who is dumb enough to destroy your own setting, huh?

Remember how the author said things like Gundam, NGE, Mummy, Lord of the Rings, Transformers...... are actually creations of those "Saints"? That all the movies and animation series we saw are nothing but fractured memory of the past?

Funny stuff? Those "Saints" of the East are originated from China. The author heavily implied that everything is ORIGINALLY belonged to and only China, and everyone are nothing but copy-cat whores who made a mockery out of the real stuff. Doesn't explain why Japan, Hollywood, etc had those first, but not China.

Then, came the arc where Mummy at WWII. Honestly, this sh*t is nothing but a big ass display of typical m*sturbation behavior of a fenqing. Worse, this sh*t is about as bad as the God of Devil System WN. Not only I saw a sheer amount of fantasizing and but also a big speech from the author telling how much a c*nt he is in every aspect, from knowledge about his own country to being a jerkass racist.

The whole cast went from "somewhat decent" to "sluts, whores, bastards, ret*rds and c*nts" for me after this arc not only their action, but also their questionable acceptance of the "this is another world so we can do whatever we like".
Inspired by Gantz. Yet trying to obliterate Japan. The smartest character became a full-blown fenqing. Despite the fact anyone with average IQ and considerable knowledge would see how s*upid is fenqing. Saying the Qing Dynasty is why China became so pathetic despite their large territory and abundant resource are legacy of the Qing and that the Qing Dynasty is when China at its peak of everything (not counting population, of course). Claimed to be "fair" and "guest". Yet ravage the world, eliminate other superpower countries, giving extremely advanced technology to the Communism Party and do everything to give China an edge and a foundation to rule the world, even sending out a hidden threat to their former allies in the Mummy, etc

There was so much to list. In additional of those bullshits, the part Xuan tried to awake that loli assassin is....... quite cliche and generic that it made me puke. Since I remembered that part from a manga or an anime I saw in the past, as expected from a Chinese.


To be short, another typical Chinese WN case where setting is a carbon copy of other works, everything started good then became piles of sh*t, with fenqing rubbed all over the work. 3.5/5 for the first half and -1/5 for the rest. <<less
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Kyanpufa rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: v14c2
This is so good! I reallt can't express my feelings! This novel have everything. From qi, flying sword, talisman to laser saber, sci-fi weapons to vampire, werewolf etc. I watch every movie before reading volume cause if u did that it will so amazing while reading related volumes!
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Master_x01 rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: --
I see this thing til Transformer vol and I have to say that this novel lost the good thing it have at the beginning.

At the beginning this story was like a better ver of Gantz, with less nonsense and ramdon s*x escenes and some good parts but now, sadly, it has dropped in quality.

... more>>

First off, the MC and the rest of the characters bar Xuan seems to be unable of think for themselves. While is plausible that they cant hope to grasp the lvl of calculations that he is able to do, at least, they 'should' be able to think at the lvl of a normal person but, alas, it seems that that is too hard for them. So either Xuan have the ability of suck the inteligence of the people around him or they became just that complacent. The MC is pretty much one big idiot that only seems to know how to lose the reason a go ahead in berserk mode against the enemy. The MC live fearing about Xuan can screw anybody involving them and want to know a way to figure them out to not go blind with them but it seems he forgot he have the ability of simulate Xuan' mind around of a 60-70% since he unlocked the third lvl of the unlocked mode.

Second, some characters getting less and less screen time for s*upid reasons. I will be sincere, the best character out this ragtag bunch of misfits in this novel is Lan by far. But since she was revived her screen time begun to decrease and the best thing the autor could do was to give a s*upid reason related to stupiest action made by the MC to the date, aka, ask the 'god/system' to create a copy of his deceaced love interest (this bugs me every time I think about it). So because Lan doesnt want to get in the middle of that, she decided to fade to the lvl of a background character... I was very disappointed when I read that. And not like the rest of the cast is getting a better treatement, in the transfomers movies the were relegated to do mostly background work.

Third, the dead of the mecha dude was incredibly s*upid and the odds of him coming back as a super monster seeking revenge in the Devil team is so big that I will be impressed if the autor only did that to mess with his/her readers but if not, then that was a very bad handed way of giving the team another revenge seeking enemy. And the less I say about his dead the better. The Oppai loli suposely tried to rescued him from some ramdon decepticon that catched his helpless mecha without energy but instead of rescue him ASAP with some overkill move if it was necesary, she only did some half-assed efford that resulted in the death of the dude while he was cursing their names and swearing vengace against them. Later the same loli used her Excalibur plus some other tecnique to move super fast to pull out a Balmung (Fate/Apocrypha- FGO) like blast... Couldnt she have used that tecnique to move fast to save him? nope. Later Xuan said that the team was getting c*cky and due that someone ended up diying even when at the end of the last movie (The Lord of the Rings) he himself said to them that the probabilities of getting a wipe in that movie had been around the 80-90%... Seriously, that mecha goy could have been someone overpowered with the right set of skills but they prefered to let him die. They could have give him the Spiral Enery (Gurren Lagann) and some customized parts to use said power in any mecha and he would have been set to go and become a powerhouse, but alas, they wasted that potential into nothing.

Fourth, I know the xianxias arent the most detailed of the novels (bar when they are explaining about the local way of getting overpowered) but this one during the Transformers movie was hitting pretty low and some of the explanations about some powers, like The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (Kara no Kyoukai-Tsukihime-Nasuverse), were wrong and even the usage of said power against a giant decepticon was wrong. The autor keeps forgiving some of the powers that the people have, like the already mentioned ability to simulate the mind of others, between others thing.


So to resume, the character progresively keeps getting more and more s*upid, the best ones lose screen time for s*upid reasons, and let die people for getting c*cky (that isnt s*upid as it a very comon reason of getting yourself killed) when they didnt have reason to be in the first place.

This MC is pretty much like that dude in World of Cultivation. They begun using their heads to get an upper hand against their oponents and later they devolved into a generic shonen MC that only know how to use their muscles to resolve every poblem and situation and get power ups in the middle of it meanwhile. <<less
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Overclock rated it
April 26, 2017
Status: v18c1 part1
My opinion of TI started out very high, unimaginably so, but soon went downhill. TI has its mistakes and plot holes, but the story was great and battles were intense. The problem is the author. He is very inconsistent. He gets us in love with the idea of getting powers and tools right out of fantasy and fiction, but never really explores it as much as he should. There are even stats to quantify realistic attributes like muscle density and reaction speed, but are never brought up in later arcs.... more>> Even MC barely has powers. Eight in all after 18 volumes.


After 17 volumes the main character Zheng had the following:

Intermediate Qi, Volume 1.

Vampire Baron, Volume 1.

Progressive Knife, Volume 3, bought for him and lost in volume 8.

Red Flame Blood Spell, Volume 4.

Nameless Movement Technique, Volume 7, could have gotten earlier in Volume 4, plot hole.

Advance Qi, Volume 9

Chaotic Unity Qi, Volume 13, not mentioned past Volume 14.

Tiger Soul - Sword, Volume 14, upgraded in Volume 17.

May not sound like a few things, but remember its 18 volumes and the store ends at 23.


He does has special quest items, yet he never uses them after certain points.

He gets the Book of the dead in the Mummy. According to its description it contains dozens of black magic spells where you only need 1000 points to learn a spell, or if you know the language you can exchange them for free. The main characters don't do either vety much, but it doesn't matter. Latter in the story they barely use it, and the author changes it to that you actually need the Book to cast any spells at all. Well, thinking about it having the book to use spells isn't that bad, but still mad they barely use it.

They later get the Golden Book of Revival from the Mummy. It's original description was the Book contains multiple spells and not just revivals, but the author only writes them using it revive comrades.

The MC Zheng gets the Spear of Osiris. It's incredibly powerful, but he forgets to use it. In a latter volume the Author wrote that if you infused refined energy into the Spear it grows ridiculously powerful even with just a small amount, but not only did the MC only try doing so in the middle of a battle when just before he took almost a year to do self training, he forgets about it later.

They also get the scorpion king bracelet which can summon undead soldiers. It's a great item that's barely used even when having extra fighters around would help a lot.

The MC obtained The One Ring. It has the ability to refine energy or convert it to another type of energy. The MC only uses it to refine energy, completely not considering the various ways to use any other type of energy.


Also a defining concept of TI gets ruined in the end. The Genetic Constraint.


First Stage that bestows combat instincts is okay.

Second Stage physical and reaction speed buff is okay.

Third Stage skill copy is okay, but is later weakened and rarely used in combat.

Fourth Stage is game breaking. Its like going from level 1 to level 100, and destroyed the idea one needs to train and challenge themselves to become strong. In one instance it allowed the MC to rival a much, much stronger player who reached end game stage enhancements and who is the embodiment of talent and hard work.

Its original explanation was pure genetic manipulation, where you just adjust your mutations and body to suit the user, but the more we learn the more s*upidly broken it is. You don't even need enhancements in a sense long as you reach 4th stage. The story actually shows one character without enhancement reaching the fourth stage and having strength to rival the MC in some ways. It even gets more broken as it allows a MC who never trained his magic to gain high level magic powers outside the system.


How the author balances risk equals rewards is messed up. Concept just get introduce and discarded for the next. Battles are no longer battles to the death for survival, but shallow exchanges after a certain point to make characters look strong and smart, when they aren't. At least by standards for what I imagine high level players to potentially be at after so much time passes.

Characters are also strange. A very liked character, not by me, Xuan is what I call intellectual plot armor.


Around volume 14 his plot armor kicks in and any guess he makes ends up true even without evidence. In addition he makes Zheng look bad. They would originally have conflicts over plans and methods, Zheng is the human side of the argument and Xuan is the extreme logical side of it. It was interesting to see them contrast with one another which is good writing, but then author writes Zheng to be a spineless bit*h and Xuan ignores rank and acts as leader whenever he likes. And people allow him to do this because it's too hard to think for themselves. Xuan also lies or stays quite for no reason. He may give a reason, but I can argue and win against him.

He also gets actual power plot armor latter on. Xuan somehow without going through much danger reaches the fourth stage. It s*upid since he only experienced 1 minor battle and 1 major battle after unlocking his constraint.


All in all as one reviews TI has many flaws, but is still a okay read. At least early chapters.

Also, people complaining about copyrights, no terror, or revivals need to grow up and stop complaining about irrelevant things. TI is amazing because it enters movies and would be less popular if those and fictional powers weren't there. Terror? Its just a word. As for revivals it is what it is. If there were no revivals then characters would never die or rarely die due to plot armor. <<less
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rapture_edge rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
This novel catapulted to the top (and I mean Number 1) of my reading list.

I spent two days reading it straight destroying my productivity at work. I used to read xianxia style novels (ISSTH, ATG, TDG, etc) and this isn’t like one. But one can imagine just how great this novel is as it easily defeats everybody’s favorite ISSTH.

Though this may not be everyones favorite due to it being a horror genre, it will surely keep you entertained and wanting for more.

I agree with Korendir in saying its like Gantz... more>> but way better. Way better because this story shows how the MC evolves. Story wise, its easier to understand, simpler to appreciate and unlike Gantz with sooooooooo many plot holes, (seriously. I couldn’t sleep right after having read through and completed the manga due to the many plot holes, left out elements, and forgotten characters) this novel considers all elements, and even has a lot of room for your imagination to go wild. Read this freaking novel. I beg you! Also, as far as the story goes, (right now I’m at Vampiric Mask saga) I suggest watching the mummy and the mummy returns as a major essential part of the story takes place there and it would be good to have seen resedent evil and apocalypse. As for the rest of the movies, getting the overview is already enough.

anyways, 5/5 for me! <<less
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leedalys rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Read this novel, then read Gantz --> Terror Infinity >>>>>Gantz; no doubt :)
I'll just be simple an say: "this novel is gold, read it, buy it, reread it, and your soul shall be freed! " (just kidding)

I don't think there is any (many) plot hole (I don't see them). I like the plot, and since I read this before reading Gantz, maybe my soul was preserved (because I seriously could not stand the manga) and I enjoyed this novel fully.

I like the MC as much as I like other characters. I shall even say I like Xuan better then Zheng (the MC). Xuan's story... What can I say, how can one hate such a person after this... How one can blame someone of being heartless when he does not have one. *sigh*... *sigh*


At the Alien movie, I prefered xuan decision better (even if it failed :P) because it's rational, wise, and I support the idea of vote for any decision, including own sacrifice.


Yep, I'm sick too. Ha Ha.

The autor manage to write a book where smart people is OBVIOUSLY smart (not like some novel where the "average" MC got an miraculous, awesome idea". And that the MC is starting to be smart to. I mean, he still has some improvement to do, but he can do it (not like Xuan, because Xuan is god) !

I love the whole story, not one thing is bad. there is just one thing that bother me, it's that it is supposed to be an horror novel, and except The Grudge, I feel no horror, just a little anxiety and a lot of adrenaline. Yep im definitly Xuan, there is nothing to be scared if it can be scientificaly explained, tested, and mesured. Even the dragon is scary.
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korendir rated it
October 8, 2015
Status: --
Just picked this up and binge read it, reminds me a little of Gantz, but a lot more enjoyable!

Really worth a read =)
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djsosonut rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: v14c22 part1
Terror Infinity has well realized characters with their own distinct voices, motivations, and character growth. It also has some of most tense and thrilling battles I've ever read in a CN. It's especially nice if you've already seen the movies the characters a fighting in. Though that isn't completely necessary since the author does a good job of filling in details of the plot. A great thing about the premise of the story is that dangers scale to the strength of the characters. If they're having to easy of a... more>> time something will change to put them under more stress.

The zombies and Lickers from Resident Evil going down to easy to be a serious threat? Then the T-virus will mutate to push those mobs to the next level.

The danger rises, so the characters never really become OP. It makes for a fascinating read. I highly recommend it. Just finished rereading this series for the second time. Very enjoyable and well worth reread. <<less
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Stark3 rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: v14 c18 part1
Very well done! I basically binge read this in two sittings, can't put it down. There just seems to be endless possibilities for this novel, since it can draw on any movie for inspiration for its worlds.

Actually, at some point, the author merged the environment and characters of The Mummy with storyline from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, showing that even anime can be used as an inspiration. It also really cracked me up when they gave one of the newbies whose only talent was for piloting an "anime bear mecha" (which I imagine is Beargguy http://i. Imgur. Com/7IElF4s. Jpg) which tho cute was equipped with Gundarium alloy making it hella tough.


Highly recommended, especially if you're tired of the usual xianxia / xuanhua
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 7, 2019
Status: v7
This is my honest opinion after read 3 arcs of this novel (resident evil, grudge, the mummy) :

    1. MC is a plain idiot. What worst then a pighead teammate? A pigheaded leader, n thats what the author show us with this MC. Heres why: in grudge, he indirectly kill his smartest team member (xuan) just bcoz xuan always did the logical way without cares of people feeling. Yet MC goes literally do the same thing in next arcs. Almost all his suggestion as a lead is kinda dumb imo, like how he ask his member to spend their hardearned points for vacation. Imho this MC only alive bcoz of MC`s halo and plotarmor (seed system, etc2). Wont be surprised if hes the only left alive bcoz of all his dumb decisions as team lead.
    1. full of flaws. Lots of inconsistency writing that some happens in the same chapter. For example: how a woman got both her eyes gouged out yet can "see" the MC and asking for his help to kill her?
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TerraEarth rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: --
The world building, combat and premise of the novel are lacking. This novel certainly is more original than a lot of stuff you'll see out there, but rather than rip off minor cliches and plot frames, it rips off movies instead. The story would have been a lot more interesting for me if the author had created his own worlds of 'terror' rather than just ripping off some schmuck Hollywood film. A lot of the scenes that revolve around the plot of the movies just don't leave much of an... more>> impact, even if you've seen the movie in question.

The combat and action scenes, while not lazy in execution (they tend to generally be more creative than your typical CN), are not thoroughly thought out. The way that different powers and abilities coexist is an interesting concept, but it is beyond the scope of the author's writing ability so it comes off as being sloppy. Another point to consider is that although the diverse range of powers and settings do create a sense of diversity, a lot of the time the flavors and concepts don't mix together all too well, sort of like ruining a dish by drowning it in far too much/many sauce. We have a lot of mix-matching of different lores, genres and whatnot, yet they don't blend together all too well.

Finally the premise of the plot itself is just plain out s*upid. The concept is that there's some super-sentient pre-programmed being that's forcing humans to evolve in a certain direction, however this being is capable of doing things that are far more implausible and difficult than genetic engineering and rearing, which when combined together would achieve the same exact effect at a far lesser cost. It just isn't very well thought out.

There's a lot more I have to say on this topic but this post is getting quite long so I'll have to cut it short. <<less
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Zackarotto rated it
June 29, 2016
Status: v17c5
My biggest problem with Terror Infinity is that it's unfortunate to rely so heavily on the intellectual properties of other writers. It's not just an ethics thing, although it is that, and it's not just that it can be hard to follow the plot of the story if you don't watch a lot of bad movies like Resident Evil and The Mummy Returns... although there is that, too. The ethics thing should be pretty straightforward. There's plenty of crossover fanfiction out there (and it's just about the lowest form of... more>> creative writing), but let me remind you that writing on Qidian is commercial, even if you can read the translations for free. For use of other people's characters, that crosses a line. I guess the only thing I can pin this on is a Chinese stereotype of treating active copyright with contempt: the same phenomenon that gives us a whole market of awful bootleg jobs like Incredible Hulk action figures that say "SHREK 2" on them.

Now, you might say, "Yeah, The Mummy movies are dumb, but this novel is neat for using lesser intellectual properties in interesting ways, rather than riding on the coattails of really good movies!" And I might buy that excuse, that this is intellectually bold "found art", if I thought the banter and drama between film characters in Terror Infinity was actually any better than it was in the movies themselves, but it's not if I'm being honest. It's not Terror Infinity's strong point at all. My prevailing feeling in the end is that the only thing dumber than watching Resident Evil 2 is reading Resident Evil 2 fanfiction.

While the dialogue isn't very good and I don't love any of the original characters either, some are interesting (especially Xuan), and they each have well-thought out motives and distinct personalities. This is more than I can say for the supporting cast of a lot of other popular webnovels. But I think Terror Infinity's strength is more in showing the way people act when pitted against each other, especially when it results in fun convoluted schemes where genius characters are thinking ten moves ahead.

The Gantz game-like premise is neat, but there seem to be holes in it from the "god's" perspective. The goal of the "game" is apparently to raise strong warriors, and yet they kill off the participants with cheap tricks so that they can't get 50, 000 points and win too fast. Why even have the 50, 000 point victory condition at all, when you could instead just say that people can only escape after unlocking their abilities to Stage 5? Team fights don't make sense either; you're telling me the risk that the participants will go to war on the outside is greater than the downsides of annihilating your own pool of skilled soldiers? Especially when the only reason they'd hate each other is because your game constantly sets them against each other?

The story is often fun, with solid plot development, clear objectives, and villains who are threatening in the long-term, which may suit some readers more than a cultivation novel where the hero could easily go from place to place indefinitely, repeating the same tropes. But even though it has structure, I don't really have enough fun reading it to really feel excited about following it to the end. And given that it's basically crossover fan-fiction, with amateurishly written dialogue, and an awkward translation quality that sometimes leaves me cringing -- sorry, I appreciate your hard work, but please find an editor -- I can't really justify reading this anymore. Good luck to those who can. <<less
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