The Devil’s Cage


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A virtual underground game that has no protection. Lurking with players who seek power, fortune and survival. Kieran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation because he knows this is his only way out from death. Can he escape death in real life or dying via the game?

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Demon’s Cage
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New iWH1te rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: c1458
One of the few novels that made me go to lnmtl and endure the terrible grammar, IQ drop & epilepsy.

It's written with some flaws, I won't cover that, but it has the ability of keeping you wanting more.
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Alexander Valdimir
Alexander Valdimir rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c50
Personally I find this novel closer to the 'infinity' Genre rather than a Virtual reality or MMORPG genre. 'In a infinity novel, they usually go on a mission in a life and death environment. Missions would have tasks needed to be completed in a set environment. Upon completing the mission would they be rewarded with Benefits, money, etc. The benefits acquired during the missions are used in a trading environment in a safe zone. Difficulty would progressively get hardier as the story goes on.'

While there is some Virtual aspect such... more>> as the game, leveling up system and trading. If you readied Terror infinity, you can see the similarly between the two novels. Compare to Terror infinity which uses movies as the mission setting, the author uses his own worldly setting for his missions. The combat, mission, overall feeling basically points that this novel is more Infinity genre than a Virtual reality novel.

The Positives:

1. The mission setting are quite interesting, wouldn't say its fantastic but doesn't have too much issues.

2. The Main Character has guts and a brain, really rare these days.

3. Actions that are logical.

4. Battles are quite interesting, During a battle with a group of soldiers, he at least knows the bare minimum of a squad set up.


  1. As a LE personnel, there's slight unrealistic moments, but its only my perspective and doesn't hinder the novel in any way.
  2. Doesn't have any major faults, not for now at least, probably will edit this if there is one.
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ththth12 rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c55
This is great story. MC is smart and decisive. It does not feel like virtual world at all, it's more like another world. Death is real, and you can't quit the game. NPC characters have intelligence and personality, and so players call them natives.

I don't understand why this story has so low rating, it's definitely one of the best novels here. It might be because it's on Qidian, same goes for other stories like the castle of black iron.
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sal880612m rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c14
While this is a VRMMORPG type novel, at this point, it has used a more modern setting. The details of what is going on haven't completely unfolded, and there is potential for some big changes as the MC is still in the tutorial stages. A lot of the world, both in game and out, has yet to be revealed so it's hard to make a judgement.

At this juncture the in game setting reminds me of IET's Swallowed Star, but remains more grounded in present day and reality. That is to... more>> say, people are't flying around, guns are still considered deadly, and have yet to encounter mutated beasts. Just people doing bad things, at least that is my understanding at this point. <<less
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Buffelephant rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c296
You guys need to read this novel.

Especially if you like terror infinity or the ultimate evolution.

It is a novel set in the future, maybe not even on earth, with a dying MC in need of a ton of money. More money than someone can earn in a normal lifespan. He spent a few years trying hard work to make that money. No where close to the amount he needs, he turns to an illegal vr game. The rumors said rich people play this vr for entertainment. He also heard they... more>> spend fortunes in this game buying In Game currency and items. The vr game sends you on missions, each mission a different world, time period, with magic/no magic, or supernatural/no supernatural forces. The only downside is that this vr is so realistic that it kills you if you die. It has a matrix feel to it, where you can't tell your in the vr. But it lacks a vr game novel feel. The constant reminder that the MC can die and the realism of the world, takes away that game feel and some readers may not like that.

I think this novel created a better world than ultimate evolution. It has a created a better setting in reality, different worlds, and side characters. The goal of the MC might be bland, to raise tons and tons of money to cure himself of a deadly disease; but, he has a goal and thats more than I can say for the MC of TUE.

I personally like the fact that npcs are called natives. They aren't AI programs but people. They have emotions and a purpose in the story. The greatest downside, that I see, is the difficulty of returning to a past world. Meaning, it's kinda emotional knowing the MC might never see a native on one world if a native fell for the MC, became the mc's best friend, or became the mc's master. Maybe this changes in the future, where the MC can freely change to multiple worlds, but for now it's really hard for the MC to see past worlds or natives. The writer and the translator did a good job though, even though the worlds are separated, it doesn't feel like multiple small stories loosely tied together. They all link up like puzzle pieces to make a great story.

The MC does power up a little too fast in comparison to others, but it's reasonable. First, the MC could have been more op. The parameters of the story does allow for the MC to power up further than he has, if he was smarter or stronger he could have earned better items or more IGC. So, you get the feeling that he isn't op because he could be stronger. Secondly, other players could be as strong as the MC if they were as reckless as him. He's dying. So, he takes risks that would kill him if he made a small mistake. The risks lead to rewards. Most other players are looking to survive or power up within reasonable limits. That doesn't mean the MC is the strongest, just an exceptionally good newbie who can fight. <<less
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Overclock rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c174
A really good novel. To sum it up its the better Ultimate Evolution type novel in MC, characters, setting, logic, story telling, and action. I compare it to UE because they have many similarities and both suffer from the disease called Info Dumps, but at least in DC its only restricted to item descriptions.
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Ignus rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c33
C33 marks the end of the first arc. An entertaining read that it's style stands out from other game element novels

Its like reading a game of Metal Gear Solid. ... more>>

MC gets same skill set as Snake, and the first arc is like completing an extended mission.


Action is nice, and story is somewhat intelligent. It looks like MC will stay weaker than his challenge and require brains to complete the missions.

A few things bothered me. Stuff that broke immersion of feeling the game world, that the author choose to ignore or add to move the story along.


1. MC doesn't full explore gaining skills, which can boost his stats. Sure there is some, but there are some serious misses in this category. For me, I would try out everything to get as many skills as possible, and since this didn't happen, I couldn't help but cry out after every chapter, please use a blunt weapon, try throwing knives...

2. MC does really well on his noob starting area that has golden opportunities, so what happens, he gets penalized by changing it from 7 days to 3 days. He could unlock so many skills, either by performing actions, help out NPC, which could lead to learning and unlocking skills, or killing military experts to loot skill tomes. All these of course would raise his stats.

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acoleman2 rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c10
It's just not good... or rather, it's not a virtual reality novel. I went into it expecting a virtual reality novel based on the tag and description, but it doesn't feel like virtual reality at all... the author doesn't do a good job of distinguishing reality from virtual reality, NPC from human, etc. Even with a realistic game that has no protections and can kill you (i.e. Sword Art Online lol), you should still be able to clearly distinguish reality from virtual reality. If you like other VRMMORPG novels, and... more>> are looking for something similar, this is not for you. If you like Terror Infinity type novels, this is more in line with that. <<less
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earthdrake rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c333
This is an excellent novel with a few flaws.

the pace is great, however from time to time there are infodump chapters where nothing important happens.

the characters are good, there is little physical descriptions most of the time, like a dude appeared, is dressed like so, that’s it, however it’s okay and most important characters are properly described.

... more>> the plot is good and the red herrings are noticeable to create a proper expectation, my only complain is that most are a bit too much noticeable.

However there are two hard faults. First is that there is little to no details of the reality, like the MC has to go back to eat something from time to time? Rest? There is a bit of that at the beginning of the novel, but after a few dungeons he appears to always be online.

the second fault is the vrmmo tag. It IS proper as everything happens online however it bears very little resemblance to a vrmmo game, is more like thriller paradise or the infinty genre where the MC enters endless dungeons using the author base (instead of using movies or things like that). Sadly this fault is not of the itself but of the tags and description. There should be a tag for this infinity system.

as half a complaint the description is quite bad, it’s a bit misleading and does no justice to the novel (although after reading the novel is appropriate) <<less
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Fan2zz rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: c371
It's a really good novel. Especially like that the MC isn't a sociopath or tyrant like in most Chinese novels. It's definitely five stars, but my only real complaint is the ending of the mc's fourth main mission.

... more>>

The underground game and it's system is simple when it sets difficulty for the mission. For main missions the game sets the difficulty by an average/standard level based on the number of missions the player has been on. Like the tenth main mission will only be as difficult as the standard level of a player on their tenth main mission. Only the main mission and does not account the the actual players abilities. Of course the system keeps upping the difficulty, so just barely getting by isn't enough to stay alive for long, but it isn't too extreme.

Now to my complaint. During the mc's 4th main mission he fought the boss and... to sum it up the MC got stun locked to death by a cut scene of sorts. The MC lived through BS plot armor, but that's besides the point. The point is that this stun lock should never have happened according to our understanding of how difficulty progress works even when faced with the boss.

The MC at this point in the story is abnormally strong for his dungeon progression. He scored perfect or above in his newbie and three main missions. He also scored a perfect or above in two team missions and a special mission. Additionally the MC has been collecting items and selling them for high prices multiple times. The result of this is that the MC is far, far above what is expected of a 4th time player in all areas, yet the author wrote a cut scene that almost killed him just as he met the boss of his fourth mission.

Specifically it required the player to have a very high level of a stat that is reguard as the most difficult stat to raise in the game. The MC even had the stat higher than average when he entered the game and has been raising it regularly through great effort, yet this 4th mission boss practically killed him and he only survived the ordeal through God tier plot armor. The MC even in a team mission of similar difficulty when facing the boss that required a high spirit wasn't nearly as demanding. This was just a horrible BS ending.


Also the cost of heals is stupid. Losing an arm or major organ would bankrupt any ace player of the game and ruin them. <<less
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Sinai rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c269
Read through about Ch. 108 so far. Great internal consistency in this story, and shockingly, a MC who is actually pretty smart, has a reason and motivation for his actions, and doesn't completely shun help when he needs it.

Anyway, MC voluntarily joins a VRMMO death game in order to earn money for an operation (on himself), which gives him essentially a reason to risk his life. The VRMMO is set up into a series of self-contained missions, at the end of which he is sent back into a hub to... more>> prepare for the next mission. While theoretically he can log out, essentially he has no life worth speaking of in the real world and he needs to power up quickly to save his life, so for the purposes of the MC's story it's essentially very similar to VRMMOs where characters are trapped in the world.

The MC doesn't really have much character to him, but that's sort of forgivable given that he's generally competent and driven. There's some reasonably decent side characters, but the episodic nature of the story prevents them from long-term development or gaining interest in them in general with the exception of other PCs, and those haven't really been strongly used other than info dumps.

It's a little distressing he doesn't try to powergame and min/max his build given the free availability of a player trading system with very minimal account-bound items, he just kind of rolls with the skills he picked up in his newbie mission despite exponentially increasing costs to level them - as time passes new skills are exceedingly cheap compared to leveling old skills and even at lvl 1 they're the equivalent of a very highly skilled normal person - basic skill in dagger and sneak has him OHKO assassinating street thugs by the dozen, and basic skill in light arms gives him one-shot headshot mastery of all light firearms. Imagine you could learn to be a great computer hacker, or a Casanova, or able to speak every modern language for $10 in a store you pass by every day, and you know this, but you never so much as walk into the store.

Which might be more reasonable, except he's intentionally soloing missions instead of working in teams, so he has enormous skill gaps he doesn't really realize, and there's frankly quite a bit of plot armor that keeps him from being killed outright. For example, in his 3rd mission, he plays mercenary, and just as all the team is about to be poisoned eating a meal, he happens to detect it with a skill he coincidentally picked up in his 1st mission. Which is fine, but there's really no reason he hasn't died in any number of ways from soloing without being a jack-of-all-trades given the game's general unfairness. Or how he picked up a lockpicking skill recently, but up until he got the lockpicking skill, he's never encountered a locked door or chest or cabinet or anything, which is just a non-deadly form of plot armor.

There are fun quirks that keep the different worlds fresh; in his 2nd mission, he's basically Sherlock Holmes, and the MC alters his speech accordingly on the theory that playing his assigned character role will make the NPCs act more positively, which appears to be correct although it's not really proven either way. At any rate, the fact that he's essentially shifting to different settings allows the story to keep from getting dull, and the author is quite good at pulling off a variety of settings that feel significantly different.

All in all, a well-written, entertaining and refreshingly different take on a stat-based VRMMO with a Quantum Leap/Sliders-ish feel (apparently this is a sorta established genre in the Chinese webnovel world, but I haven't read others).

edit: up to chapter 269

Quality remains overall high, but it becomes obvious there's a great deal of railroading in the story - things happen because the author wants them to, not because they make sense. Also frustrating is we keep being told how smart and powerful the MC is getting, but he's unable to significantly outpace the power curve in the "game". Missions ostensibly of the same level of previous missions offer him as much trouble as when he was at far lower levels of power, and there appears to be no good reason for this.

Also, as MC continues to play the game fairly badly pretty much bumbling around at random, it's very unclear why he's better than other players other than pure luck. Example: He's wasted skill points on no less than SEVEN weapon paths: hand-to-hand, dagger, spears, bows, light firearms, swords, and attacking magic. You know how many defensive skills he's learned? One. Exactly one. Which he got automatically without trying, otherwise his dumbass probably wouldn't have thought about it. Bro, maybe invest some points in some more passives, armor/defense, or general skills and you won't almost die every mission. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c153
It's a decent novel, nothing particularly unique or well written. It's nothing more than stat porn, as the MC shifts from one scenario to the next without any meaningful interactions, thoughts, or actions. All you get is the MC killing a random one dimensional character, getting stats, then going to the next zone. Which is not bad, but this novel is not thought out in any way. I've read Let's Plays of rpg games that have more depth than this.
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hjieru rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c411
Lots of action. Great suspense and thriller. Only low humour...

Definitely recommend reading! Although the first 50 chapters may be dry but after that it's beyond awesome 😁
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somsit rated it
February 11, 2018
Status: c278
One of the best but under-rated Novel. MC is smart, cool and intelligence. You rarely found any flow on MC decision (unlike many high rated novel here which childish intelligence MC). Plot is interesting and fun. The only drawback is no romantic & harem, lol.
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murilofranco rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c295
There's no such thing as perfect novel, without any flaws whatsoever, but this one is being a perfect recipe for me. Just so well written and I can understand the characters motivation, from the MC to the side characters.

The concept of real virtual reality it's very common, but I like the way the MC develop inside the game, he is not just a fighter, but a detective as well, so good.

I can find flaws, but the way the story progress makes me want to read more, I look like a... more>> addict. But it's so good. <<less
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iosoposo rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c21
There's nothing much to say as of now.. It looks pretty good, the start it's pretty fast paced and has some potential regarding the story. Have to see how it's going to develop in the future chapters.
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sri143 rated it
December 14, 2018
Status: c744
The novel is set in future where the hero needs money to cure his ailment and turns to illegal VR game. Well paced with little to no fillers in between the dungeon runs at the start, but that time also becomes a part of the story after some time instead of being filler. Also as of now, the MC is focused on becoming stronger so no romance in the plot. Will recommend for people who are looking for a nice little layback story reding time.
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SolarIridesence rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c307
This novel is quite interesting and I'm enjoying it. Each of the world the MC visits is interesting, each person or as they call them "native" feels like a proper character and has his personality and ideals. The only world I don't like is the one in witch he returns every time. The world where players reside, its boring it only has players and the only thing they talk about is the game, jobs, murder and Trade. In my opinion if there were some "natives" in that world and minor... more>> missions that could I don't know give you 500 points it would be more fun, as even that world would feel real. The "earth" is totally ignored with which I'm fine as it's there to give him a goal.

so why 4 stars than?


the reason is that there is a scene that is so cliche that it almost made me stop reading. I was enjoying his progression and the intricate ways he did his quest's but when he got the heath omg was I mad. Like you can see that it was such a Deus ex machina. First he manages to destroy the crystal but guess what it still manages to hit his hearth. Oh but that isn't the end, so he is dying and the sistem offers to heal him, of course he doesn't have enough points so the system offers the second option (you think that he will have enough for this one but no) with which I would be content because it would still be fine and he wouldnt become OP too fast. But he doesn't have enough even for that. So the system offers him the third and the most risky option and he takes it and obtains the SPECIAL AND UNIQUE HEARTH THAT NOBODY ELSE HAS, and guess what the penalty for it's use is cheep even tho it makes him so much stronger.


and another reason is that sometime you can get attached to a likable "native" but after he finishes the dungeon you will never see him again and that bothers me too much.

All in all this is a good read and I recommend reading it. It deserves all of its 4 star and I hope the story stays good for a long time because these long novels sometimes get repetitive. <<less
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