Thriller Paradise


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This is a game that surpasses dimensions.

It is also a competition for the search of truth.

Unknown seals, a game of chance with ghosts and gods…

The digital struggle, the redemption of humans…

In the virtual world that links with reality—It consciously decided us. It consciously chose us. It consciously decided our consciousness.

And now, throw away your fear.

Throw away your selfish thoughts, questions, and resistance… Free your mind.

Welcome to: Thriller Paradise.

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Terror Paradise
Thiên đường kinh khủng
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SnowTime rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: c500
We changed the name from Terror to Thriller for a reason.

This is more of a detective-type novel plot, not really a terror driven one like Terror Infinity... so stop trying to read it hoping it's like that =-=

The MC is very intelligent and witty, he is not exactly a super straight morals guys or a bad one, he has a rather interesting view on everything. The things he say sometimes sounds like a joke, but in some cases he is quite serious

... more>>

He once said he would bury a dead body for his best friend. He had pretty much done that already


A lot of things get gradually told in the future and a lot of characters get fleshed out and reappears pretty often. There is a lot of mysteries both in and out of the game so Real Life is actually important and interesting so this isn't just pure game situations only. <<less
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MC-LW rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: c1399
Coming from China. The book has finished in China but not yet been completely translated in English. I read about 15 of the reviews and I kinda wanna answer some questions.

  1. Several people mentioned that it's similar to Horror Infinity. It's true because both of them have the same structure, in which we call "infinity style" in China used to describe any novels writing about MCs going into different worlds to grow. However, infinity style was divided into smaller areas just like in math we have algebra, statistics and so on. Horror Infinity is in "classical infinity style" in which MCs have to fight for their lives while Thriller Paradise is in "game infinity style" which is usually more relaxed. Thus, they have similarities, absolutely. But you cannot compare 2 dogs base on their colors, or at least, color should not be the most important factor.
  2. Several people mentioned that the romance sucks. It's true and the writer said so himself, and he's learning about this. However, interestingly, the romance described in the novel was similar to how he found his girlfriend, and later, his wife. So... well, have fun reading that part.
  3. Several people mentioned that many plots seems to be here-and-there and not connected together. Well, this author loves doing this and in the end comes up with a fantastic ending which no one would ever thought about it before he writes it out. And surprisingly, the hint is hidden in the previous chapters everywhere. So before reading the ending, (I suggest you to learn Chinese and read it in China because personally speaking I think his books are hard to translate) try figure it out rather then complain about the hint.
  4. Several people mentioned that many words seems to be strange and hard to understand. Well, culture difference... Either try to learn Chinese culture or try to find something you can understand. The hardest part of translating is to translate the meanings behind the words.
  5. Several people complain about fighting. For god sake why would you be here reading a MC who is a writer to learn about fighting? Shouldn't you read the books with MCs who are warriors or fighters?
  6. Several people complained about breaking the 4th wall. If you read too much books that are simply illustrating and keep talking you'll miss this book. The purpose of doing so is to provide a relax atmosphere.
Finally, if there's any questions about... more>> this book, let me know. I can try my best to answer your questions besides spoiling and translating the book for you guys =)

In the end, a sentence for anyone likes and reads this review until this point.

W H Y S O S E R I O U S ? <<less
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keklel rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c26
Updated review (written at chapter 26) :

This novel is actually very different from Terror Infinity. Whereas TI relies on suspense (from high stakes, knowledge that anyone can die at any point) and character conflicts (e.g between the MC, Lan, and Xuan), this novel revolves primarily around the MC solving mysteries, very much like a Sherlock Holmes novel. The novel is quite unengaging because there are no stakes. If the MC dies in the game, there are no consequences, just the difficulty gets lowered.

The entire plot is that the MC is a writer playing a game to enough inspiration to get over his writer's block. That's it. For 26 chapters so far there's been absolutely no hint of anything more than that.

As is the case with most such stories, the reader usually doesn't get enough detail to be able to solve the puzzles themselves, so they're supposed to just be impressed by the protagonist listing the details and coming to the conclusion - kind of watching a "worked example".

This was Sherlock Holmes' shtick, except Sherlock Holmes had high stakes - very often, Sherlock would put his own life on the line in order to track down and defeat a dangerous criminal. In this story, there are no stakes. If the MC fails to solve a puzzle, he just gets fewer points.

The puzzle solving is the central attraction of the novel (as far as I can see). If you want more action or say, political intrigue, or maybe character interactions, I see no signs of them. Which disappoints me, because the main thing I look for in novels is good character interaction, plotting/scheming, use of cunning tactics and so on.

Another thing I don't like about the novel is that it very frequently breaks the 4th wall. An example is in one of the first few chapters where the author tells us that the MC has no parents because he can't be be bothered to write them in. It's supposed to be funny but it breaks my immersion completely. This happens very frequently - the author would constantly remind us that this is not a real world, it's completely made up, that the game designers were lazy in this or that, etc. This makes reading the novel quite tiring because you are constantly being taken out of the novel by these 4th-wall breaks. Anyways, I see that a lot of people enjoy this, so YMMV. It doesn't suit my tastes, that's all.

Previous review (written at chapter 2) :


An input box appeared on the screen. On the side, there were several restrictions, such as the name had to be over 4 bytes, and dirty words or sensitive wording were not permitted. In the era of photon computing, those restrictions were even more thorough because the intelligence and calculation capabilities of the system was so high that it terrified one's hair and bones. "It" only needed a word bank for censoring or even just a general category to automatically display its reasoning abilities and restrict any grey zone actions. For example, the name "Sudden Big Stalk", or a name with any symbols behind "FUC" then a "K", those anti-censoring methods were useless to 4th generation photon computers. Dozens of years ago, someone worried that these types of calculative AIs would attack and ens*ave humans, but up until now, there were no solid proof to support that saying.


This is basically like the original Terror Infinity where the author tries to make up something that sounds impressive but makes no sense in reality.

Is the author aware of the Church-Turing thesis? The fact that all Turing-complete machines are equally powerful? Does he think that "photon computers" are capable of operations which ordinary computers are not? Because that seems to be what he's suggesting and it makes no sense. If a photon computer is Turing-complete then whatever programs that it can run can also run on a normal computer, so in fact it's the programs that are smart and not the computer.
The first chapter reads like a literal copy of Terror Infinity (guy bored of life, seeks excitement and terror). Tired of reading this nonsense.
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UniverseCreator rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c18
Really interesting series, especially with the fact that he is in a horror game, and he seems to not be able to become afraid, along with his deduction abilities, make it so that he can solve difficult problems even during stressful time, which I really like as a matter of fact
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IRainstorm rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: c49 part3
Very different from the usual CN, you can feel the influence western culture has on the author thoughts from the way his story unfold, his random knowledge on our pop culture and the way his character behave. I've even wondered if this wasn't a Korean novel instead since it felt so... different.

The story is about the main character who happen through some kind of trauma has lost the emotion of 'fear', hes literally fearless and want dearly to feel this emotion which eluded him for so long, so as you... more>> can already deduce the MC find out that there is this new Virtual Reality Game that guarantee horrors to its players and the MC anticipate it dearly.

But here is where the cliche sh*t stop, you don't get the protagonist going inside the game to swinging his sword or shooting his gun at armies of ghosts or demons, no its way more than that, each scenario (mini story) has it own plot, indices, and multiple ways of solving it, but the good is our Main character has quick wits and happen to be a novelist with very good memory so he goes through each of them like a Sherlock Holmes solving them one by one.

Also the side characters so far has been pretty good, they have been fleshed out and with more story time and more scenario, the readers will grow even more attached to them, the MC isn't the only spot light in this story, its a team work.

The thing that really sold the deal for me was knowing that the author of this novel is a fan of SCP

https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/SCP_Foundation

shame on those who don't what it is lol, I'm pretty sure we can expect a lot of great stuff just from this fact alone. <<less
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Miri-Bell rated it
October 14, 2016
Status: c22 part6
A very creative and unique storyline. I definitely recommend reading it. I'm not sure why people say it's like Terror Infinity as I see very little similarity when reading either of them.
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Nedrey rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
A very good, entertaining read. Sort of reminds me of Terror Infinity, but without the death game factor. A must try for those who enjoy reading Terror Infinity. Sadly, at ch16, it seems like it's been dropped though.
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MostlyBlue rated it
December 14, 2017
Status: c64
Why do people keep b*tching that this is exactly like the terror infinity? Every virtual reality game is not a copy pasta of terror infinity you doofus.

Story is enjoyable, very interesting, slowly dabs into the mystery of the game, imo read this for yourself, you might find enjoy it, peace.
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Isaic rated it
May 24, 2018
Status: c85
Idk...I really just don't know. So I'll just list some pros/cons.


-MC is good. Logical, funny, skilled.

... more>> -The game is nice. It has good scenarios, decent fighting.

-The MC's best friend is a solid character all-round.


-No suspense or tension. The game is based on a "fear" factor, which the MC doesn't have. For a game like that, the writing makes it into more of an adventure/"quest completion" type novel.

-The author breaks that 4th wall and writes directly to the reader quite a lot. At first I found it refreshing, but he does it at bad times and just goes off on tangents that I don't have any interest in, usually. Some people like it, so it might not be a negative for you.

-You can skip over entire scenarios (10-15 chapters) and not miss any important details. You can get all important information needed at the end game breakdown.

Personal issues:

-The author brings in a female lead and immediately tips us off that she has something to hide. Even though it isn't a big deal and other than that I don't have a reason to dislike her, I still want to skip over all parts that include her. It's more of a combination of annoying females from past novels and knowing she's hiding something immediately that makes me not want to read about her. Semi-spoiler:

Oh, she's a badass at fighting as well, which is really cool. It's just that apparently she is a famous, rich, beauty and we have no idea why she is such a badass. I like a girl being skilled, but it feels like she is skilled just because she is the main lead. (author also stated that immediately when she was introduced.) That might change as her background was introduced.


I'm dropping the novel, which is sad since I really do like the MC. I might pick it back up after my brain recovers from feeling so incredibly numb. <<less
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A1xL13 rated it
March 10, 2017
Status: c20
Kinda found this when I was looking for terror infinity, but I was not at all disappointed. Other people may say they are similar with guy bores of life, seeks excitement and terror... their wrong. There is a difference.

(This is not a spoiler because it's told in the 1st chapter)

While terror infinity MC was actually done with life due to a depressing event that happened to him, the MC in terror paradise is an mystery author who needs fear as his occupation requires it to instill it into... more>> readers which lead him to play a terror game.

The reason why he wants to feel fear is because he can't- at least, until recently. While it that does lead to amazing scenarios of deduction and action, it's kinda understandable if it's hard to believe such an op ability he happened to suddenly gain. But just realize that's not impossible to have in actuality. Just like psychopaths lack emotional activity at birth, or a certain head collision can cause lose of taste, it happens.

In the end, terror infinity is more intense and is circled around already made horror films while terror paradise is more deductions, decisions, and maintaining calm in frightening situations. Both have game qualities. <<less
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mathilde135 rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: v2c294
The Author wants to combine Terror Infinity with Detectiv Conan. Out comes a sometimes first-class novel and now and then total bullshit.

Pros: All the Saw-Arcs and the Alchemist Arcs were really goot to read


  • The Setting from the Beginning with the fear was cool, but Since the author was fast tired of horror, it was totally useless
  • This whole Money-hungry writer thing feels just s*upid
  • Believe me when I say I have not seen a worse romance yet
  • Whenever the MC has to fight, which he has to do very often later, it gets so bad that I feel like a toddler is writing it
  • Actually, the novel should be about horror and fear, but later it's really just about bad fights and if I want to have them, then I read ATG
  • The author has no idea about games or Pay2Win. I would have liked it better if the author were to read through a few Virtual Reality novels beforehand, then the whole thing would not be so weird and inappropriate in some places.
  • But the thing that has made me stop was this mysterious stuff that is often just confusing and moronic. I know that the Novel would then not has so many chapters, but I have rather a short good novel than a long bad one
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: c44
I absolutely love this story. It is very different from terror infinity (no matter what anyone says) There are very obvious similarities though, like the missions and scenarios.

Don't be mistaken though. This isn't a movie by movie story where the MC has to fight for his life. The main character loves observing things and using deductive reasoning. He has a weird illness that pulls him into this weird virtual reality game rooted in fear.

... more>>

He can not feel fear.

He isn't capable of getting scared. So he joins this game designed to test people's fears using missions in various scenarios.

You can do it solo or with a team. It can have people you know or in can be completely random. I love the rewards system even though it hasn't really showed it's usefulness yet.


Also the scenario themes.


As already said it isn't just movies. The scenario in chapter 38 is based on a short story called "The fall of the house of Usher"

by Edgar Allen Poe. It's awesomeness. Some can be made up I believe while others are based on plots that exist in real life.


Oh and the main character has a life outside the game too. He has an ambition.... Even if he is a little weird. (Okay, I lied. He is the definition of weird.)


He's a novelist. Ikr?

Awesome. He writes detective stories. He actually has a series about this detective and a talking cat who can give really good deductions. (Funny thing is the MC ends up picking up a stray cat...)

His best friend is a doctor who screams like a girl when scared. He is a genius though... Just not in the mental stability department


I hope you guys read this story and realize just how awesome it is. As much as possible would love faster updates, I hope the translator keeps up the good work. *Hugs* <<less
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Netherlicht rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c47
Really enjoyable and a bit silly but the horror is in there, really well written with good translation. I hope anyone that likes a bit of problem solving, comedy and gruesome scenery and a dash of narcissism to check this out.
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Vlaeghe rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: c49
Rather than a thriller/horror novel. This novel reads more like a detective.

The main reason is because the Main Character is constantly deducing things and coming to a conclusion. Another reason is that there's nothing actually scary going on, simply because our MC is never scared of anything. Which defuses a lot of situations. And then there's the fact that most situations are occurring inside a game, so nothing 'life-threatening' can actually happen.

So if you enjoy reading about a game and our clever MC solving 'things'. Then this is the novel... more>> for you.

I would like to add that there's plenty to enjoy about this novel, even if it's not as thrilling/scary as the title would make you believe. It's well-written and properly translated. <<less
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kapa890 rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: --
Honestly, I don't like to write bad reviews instead I would just go ahead and read something else instead. But man I just don't understand why most of the people gave such high reviews.

I really like the MC with what I've already read and it has an interesting concept but that's all there is to it. It gave me a headache reading this like holy crap the author just dumped so much information on it, I don't even see what the MC is doing.

Like this is just bare information... more>> for ex: (oh what would a player do if this happened, or what this means and why the dream whatever the name of the company was did this and how it made rules about distributing items or winning exp or that blacklisting other players blah blah) and its so repetitive about the skills. The author could have shortened it and it would still make sense.

This story just made me upset like I don't even feel reading it anymore even though I was so excited about it : ( <<less
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Starlight2417 rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c192
I'll make this simple its a good story with a smart MC who is a writer with a condition leaving him unable to be afraid or get scared, so he tries this new VR game that you may get you sent to the hospital due to fright. It is good but then it starts to get very puzzle-like, and hard to follow the train of thought.
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lafiel11 rated it
January 11, 2018
Status: c110
Awesome story so far /ch110. So here is the review :

Thriller Paradise is a VR game - detective and action /mystery centered story somewhere in the future. Starting point is, MC has a psychological problem /unable to feel fear/ due to unknown circumstances.

So his plan to somehow deal with his by doctors "uncurable" condition is to enter this fear-inducing game.

Believe me, our MC is a total weirdo. He isn't normal functioning human. Plenty of fun moments and interaction with other people. Also he describes himself as "a reasoning detective novelist... more>> ".

The style of story telling can be somewhat compared "Gate of Revelation" - there are Intermission (RL stuff chapter/arcs) and various Scenarios (VR game) arcs.
Majority of the time the POV follows the MC.
The in-game "Thriller" stories are generated and unique for each scenario.

They are divided in Solo normal / nightmare, Team normal / nightmare and PvP solo /team.

The "PvE aspect" is either more action - oriented with hints or more deduction with less action.
So far I found this story to be really consistent (or atleast made me believe to be so) , it has set a solid background world, one-of-a kind characters - everyone has their own motivation, quirks and backstory. And there is the element of mystery present as well ! First "nightmare" solo arc was absolutely awesome!

Some people may think that the author self-inserted explanations parts are immersion-breaking, but to me it's just a different way of storytelling. They are not often and happens when it's not a culmination point in some arc, but at the start. <<less
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apaulose rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c91
So the MC lives in a futuristic world where virtual reality exists and copyrights have all expired. He suddenly develops a mysterious illness that makes him lose the ability to feel fear. He enters this virtual horror game that inserts players into horror situations, some of which are based on popular horror movies or novels (basically terror infinity without the high stakes and with more changes to the plots). From there till around chapter 100 the plot is mainly about him completing these games for fun. He has no interest... more>> in being the top player but the games themselves are well written enough to provide some tension. We also get clear hints that the game is hiding something but we only really start exploring that after chapter 100. It feels like it might start to get really convoluted but who knows. I'd say it's worth a read.

Also the author sometimes interrupts the story to provide exposition. Somewhat annoying but it's effective and you get over it quickly. <<less
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December 1, 2017
Status: c52 part6
Really great and enjoyable read. It reads and feels like a western book somehow while belonging to the infinity genre. What does this mean? It means it has a really interesting concept and world building coupled with a solid plotline with fleshed out characters and believable interactions. So far all the horror scenarios he has been in had felt really well written and engaging. Although there haven't been that many characters introduced (due to still being early into the novel) they are all memorable, even the filler characters introduced as... more>> team mates feel real and memorable enough. <<less
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alone1player rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c420
I think there are no repetitive elements in the series compared to other novels

I do not understand the depth of the story even though I came to the 420th episode

but don't be misunderstood. I wonder about the mysterious things

... more>> The series may have made some references and can be enjoyable while reading.

The main character of our story consists of crazy sherlock and gives more pleasure when reading than other main characters who blindly jump to goodness and justice.
I admit that some scripts are boring but I think most of them are enjoyable <<less
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