Infinity Armament


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This world is Heaven.

Because this world has everything you dream of, everything you wish for.

This world is Hell.

Because everyone in this world are parts of a never-ending massacre.

Are you fighting to survive, or fighting to come home?

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acoleman2 rated it
October 9, 2016
Status: v1c5
EDIT 12/23/16: In response to comments criticizing me I read on. As of v2c14, I stick by my review. Women in this novel, as with many other light novels, are there to be objectified. Anna from the movie Van Helsing is supposed to be a warrior, but in this she sits on the sidelines getting kissed and flushed and flirting and cooking and not fighting. One positive is that the interactions outside of the movies are slightly better but that's because they're all between males. Beyond that, the rewards are... more>> ridiculous, and the backstory still doesn't explain the MC's lack of fear. Even a special forces officer would be scared facing monsters and the like. I won't address any other comments people have made about my review. Read the story for yourself and decide the merit of what I said then. ORIGINAL REVIEW 10/9/16:
I started reading this because of the positive reviews saying it rivaled Terror Infinity. The premise is similar, and it is easier to follow than Ultimate Evolution. However, there are four problems that have caused me to put it down after only 5 chapters. First, the MC's actions and attitude once he enters the "movie" for the first time are hard to believe. There's no adjustment period, and the MC doesn't struggle like a normal person would. Second, it feels like the author wrote some scenes with the sole intent of glorifying the MC, not with the intent of writing something interesting to read.

the battle with the silver werewolf? Unrealistic that he would be that courageous, calm, or skilled, going back to the first point, and Anna coming up to him after with her inner monologue describing how impressed she was watching him going to the second and third points


Third, I am sick to death of authors writing MCs that are blatantly chauvinistic and treat women like objects.

the MC saying to Anna the second he finished the fight that he needed a beautiful woman to heal him and her agreeing with a smile and laughing as though that was cute or flirtatious goes to the second problem and this problem


Fourth, the game elements could be good, but the rewards given are so unrealistic. It's reminiscent of Zhan Long more than Terror Infinity in that sense. Spoiler

the random skill he gets is appraisal which is universally useful, the supposedly random item is holy bullets when he's in an undead movie, he also gets temporary doubling of his stats, and all for no reason other than he chose (not even completed) hard difficulty? Also, the drops from killing the werewolf? Healing Skill, stat boosting item, and even a bloodline? Totally ridiculous.

I will be dropping this one. I just can't enjoy it while those problems persist. <<less
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MasqueMurder rated it
November 5, 2016
Status: v2c7
I just had to create an account just to defend this novel.

If you enjoy Terror Infinity, why not read something similar? What Infinity Armament (IA) has to offer is a fun, fast paced, intelligent novel full of history and tactics that I think a lot more people could enjoy. I hope I did my part to ensure that this novel translation lives on, because I genuinely look forward to reading more. To all my TI homies out there the MC in IA is like a good combination of... more>> Zheng and Xuan which I LOVE. START:
Don't let that one review with two stars fool you, this novel is a definite diamond in the rough. And while this story is comparable to Terror Inifity (TI) there are some notable differences.

For instance, one: it stated from the beginning that the MC was intelligent and calm. Unlike the traditional, dumb as a pile of rocks MC who goes charging forth or the MC from Terror Infinity who didn't know/didn't realize his situation.

The spoilers I'll add are pretty non spoiler-y, but I'll let you know.

First of all, for anyone who's read terror infinity you know that Zheng's beginner experience wasn't usual. He didn't have someone to clearly explain what was going on.

This is entirely different from IA where right off the bat the MC and others are told where they are, why they are there, and what's going to happen

If you're told what is happening and you're an intelligent, capable human being, you should know that freaking out wouldn't help. Two: The MC isn't chauvinistic??? Like first of all, a chauvinist is someone who thinks men are superior to women in all aspects and treat women as if they exist solely to serve? To call the MC a chauvinist for simply calling a woman beautiful, is too much, a little sexist, maybe. But barely at that. But if you had just fought and almost died I would flirt with the beautiful woman too. He didn't force himself on her, he didn't belittle her, he never thought he was superior, so how is he chauvinistic? There's a difference between a jokingly said "you're a woman so you only exist to heal me" versus a jokingly said " what I really need is a beautiful woman to heal me".

Three: The item drops aren't as random as some reviews say they are. In a video game where you are told explicitly what's going to happen would the video game then give you truly random items? Like if that was true you'd be getting a bicycle or a half eaten pear. Light spoiler -


This is a mission for BEGINNERS it was already explained by the guide that the beginners mission has some of highest rewards possible and if you a brave ducker like our MC is and you choose to go 100% normal difficultly when any reasonable person would have chosen the 25% of the normal difficulty that was also offered


why shouldn't you get 4x better rewards???? The game is going to give you relevant items


the game actually offered the MC THREE random abilities and FIVE random items, so what if it was obvious that he was going to choose analyze I would've picked it too, it adds to storytelling and makes it so the smart MC can analyze better, it fits who he is. And all the items the game offered were decent, it had molotovs and holy water and holy bullets as 3 options, all of which are good against undead, all of which make sense given that the MC was placed into an undead world


or did that one reviewer actually expect the game to give him items that wouldn't help him at all when the entire point of this mission is basically a tutorial like L O L. Also


the "bloodline" can't be compared to the one Zheng from TI got, because the one he got, was a low grade one that couldn't even be evolved, if he used it he would've been stuck with that basic level of blood for the rest of the story


so SMH when people try to say that that is op

Are there some obvious plot devices in this story, sure there are, isn't that true for most stories? But is it a bad story? HELL NO. Infinity Armament is a refreshing take on the Terror Infinity survivable game genre that has a lot of interesting stories to offer. In a stylistic choice, that I highly approve of, the translation team at light novel worlds decided to post the the prologue after the end of the 1st book. I would at least give this novel a chance until the end of the "prologue" and you'll understand why this novel is one to keep your eye on. Sorry for the long post and if you made it this far here's a cookie. Thanks for reading and until next time! <<less
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keklel rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: v3c15
I cannot stand this inconsistent, hypocritical MC.

First of all he says he would do anything to survive. Then he goes out and starts saying bullsh*t like "only an exciting life is worth living" and spewing all sorts of garbage like that to Fatty, who only wants to survive.

Secondly, after the mutant battle HE LETS A MUTANT KID JUST RUN AWAY, WTF. He doesn't even tie the kid up or anything, he literally says "it's just a kid, leave him" and then the kid just runs up and snatches their most... more>> important document out of their former police officer's hands and runs out. LITERALLY WTF. Are they completely retarded? How can this possibly happen? The kid didn't even have a physical ability, his special ability was to fix cars, so again how the f*ck did they not even react in time?

First of all, NOT EVEN TYING UP THE KID WHO WAS KNOWN TO BE A MUTANT was just, it was not only stupid, but out of character for the MC, who is supposed to be pretty smart. Secondly, the kid did not even have any physical powers, so how the f*ck did he manage to run faster than the adventurers (who are supposed to be super buffed in physical stats) and snatch the document out of their hands? Makes zero sense.

Dropped. <<less
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Amaury1514 rated it
October 9, 2016
Status: c16
This novel really has great potential, I'm only done with the first book so I can't comment on much. From what I can tell so far is that it's going to be a Really good novel in the "infinity" genre. The MC's personality is kind of Manipulative and calculating, but not too cold. He doesn't seem like a "save the world through kindness" Type of guy (which is good) plus the translation is really good. The MC seems to have some type of backstory that I'm really interested in finding... more>> out what it is, So far I can't tell if he is in his 20s or 30s. The world seems really interesting also. The only real con I see so far is how there's only one regular chp a week rn, I really hope they do more later! Anyway yeah give it a chance what do you have to lose? P.s. Thx translators. <<less
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Raneday rated it
October 4, 2016
Status: v1c10
Pretty good novel and as @Overclock said, Infinity Armament can really rival Terror Infinity. And for me I much prefer reading this. So what did I like about this novel? Well aside from the good translation quality, I love the fact that this is a fast pace action novel, the Mc's decisiveness and pragmatic personality is also a plus for me
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Overclock rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c40
Love the way its going and hoping for more!

Infinity genre definitely inspired by Terror Infinity. Game elements such as stats, equipment, quest, shops, and calculated damage, but is very well done and not overloading with text like "The Ultimate Evolution", flowing much better. Also, nothing like Zhan Long like what one reviews says and is hardly cliche with its interesting style hardly used by the main stream works. There's no cheap A.I with set patterns to take advantage of, or you can take damage without feeling pain. Although there's HP,... more>> it starts out so low a few bullets or attacks can still kill you. Where Terror Infinity starts out with a fusion of real world rules with game elements and fantasy powers, before going more towards cultivation and items, Infinity Armament seems to stick with the game element as the main, and to a slightly lesser extent real world rules. The translation is also well done and should be praised.

The author obviously studied Terror Infinity which inspired the Infinity genre, and learned from its mistakes and truly thought out his system. This is where TI failed and IA succeeded, so you won't feel those gaps. A good pace, consistent rules, and steady upgrades not bordering into OP. Even after his large harvest in the first mission, he's not much stronger than a normal person except having two good weapons. MC is smart, logical, decisive, but so far not cruel and can be nice. Takes the best parts of Zheng and Xuan from TI, but more adventurous, more battle oriented tactics which Xuan lacked, and with a much deeper understanding of human nature. Not someone who snaps at the smallest remark, but he is not a wimp. He's not a common man entering a world like Zheng, but a man who trained himself for revenge in the real world, succeeded, died, and trying to find excitement in his new world. Skilled and smart, but not OP in any way. His vast skill set is explained in the three chapter prologue. Nothing he does gets settled due to plot armor, but his own efforts and is completely logical. He does receive a rewards with the luck of a main character, but who doesn't? A MC wouldn't be a MC, especially in a Chinese novel, without good luck.

Other characters are interesting and not too shallow. Doesn't go as deep into characters as "The Ultimate Evolution" or give out names to every human who so much as breaths like "God and Devil World", but I personally find that a great thing. In the Infinity genre you go from one world/setting to the next, so the Massive Kingdom Building in a single world/setting some people love like building up a nation, organization, or a vast cast of side characters growth, these things probably won't be here. Not 100% sure yet. In exchange, the Infinity genre gifts you a variety of impossible settings within a series. Zombie apocalypse, historical wars of the past, space frontiers, ancient civilizations with magic, and supernatural occult backgrounds. These are all but a few possibilities in Infinity genre. The best part is that there won't be a standstill or settling down in peace.

A true rival of Terror Infinity if you give it the chance as it was inspired by it. Exciting battles, interesting story, unique system, good planning, and interesting MC. Currently Infinity Armament is not as well known, but hope that changes, so spread the word.

Opinion as of Volume 4. Honestly I'm not too into IA right now. Don't know why but starting from v3 the MC keeps giving speeches about the nature of mankind and is sort of this semi prophet in a way. Also, they introduce for him a heavily descriptive innate ability. I'm leaving my rating as a 2 due to my initial impression. <<less
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Mike777ac rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: v3c2
I decided to write a review because I was pissed off that the person at the top of the list gave this awesome novel 1 star : (. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with this story. In fact, in a lot of ways, it's much better than most "Infinity Element" stories I've read so far.

Basically, the only problem I have with Infinity Armament is that the translation speed is practically nonexistent. If you're reading this months or years later and the translation speed changed, then you're lucky lol.
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nubdog rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: v3c23

There are lots of people saying the novels is bad because the author was treating anna from van helsing like an object and being chauvinistic and stuff, but later it is confirmed that was because she was an npc and thus her reactions were abit off and also it was better to form a good relationship with her for clearing the level, later on when u see him interact with other players female or male its totally realistic, and in fact I feel its better than usual chinese novel interactions if u ask me.

If you feel the author is giving the protagonist unfair rewards in respect to the amount of risk/effort or advantages, I suggest reading the explanation for it first before judging, he is going in on his first mission as a complete mortal against monsters and if he doesn't get any advantages hes gonna get insta killed, and as explained in the story they get really good rewards for their first missions too, its not just the protagonist who gets this advantage, and also which main character ever isn't lucky sometimes, especially in this kind of random loot aspect novels, if u read it again he got his 1st ever advantage by using his brain so u can't say thats unreasonable.

And if u really read the novel seriously after vol 1, u can tell the author knows pseudo tactics and human interaction/manipulation well and the battle scenes are interesting too IMO, so don't be dissuaded by negative reviews and give it a go, u'll feel this novel has real essence especially when he starts interacting with the other characters (players)

Try reading the author's other series Divine Throne of Primordial Blood and you can understand the goodness of the intellectual portions and world building, and you know he'll apply them well here too

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emielcerejo91 rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: --
This novel started off with pretty interesting concept and potential. In first volume author lets him go on single mission. Where he barely survives. 2nd mission is where he finds few friends and after 3rd world he forms team. Now I wanted it to be a single hero novel and not group leads. But I still accepted it and continued reading. 4th world he gets all sorts of items and bullets. But he still doesn't have one damn offence skill which started to piss me off. Because his group got all sorts of good skills from previous worlds. The thing that really gets on nerve is that he has a chance to get 1st position in 3rd world which he gives to his GF and when he ends up getting useless skill he complains about it.

I really dont know what author was thinking doing the bloodline mess he created. In 4th and 5th world they get various bloodlines.. All of his team get awesome bloodline skills and transformations. Hell one of his team mates has x men, jeans telikiniess ability, one has fantastic the things rock transformation ability, one has magnetos control metal ability, one has phoenix bloodline, one has super reflexes. And each one bloodline is awesome and powerful. They all get their bloodline pretty early in novel. With awesome abilities and transformation. But the worst part is he has 3 awesome bloodline which for some reason author makes so that he cant use any of them and eventually he has to get rid of them and I think he gets another bloodline here that is vampire bloodline. But again its useless in half of novel. He is the weakest among his team mates and is still the captain because author portrays him as very intelligent which he is not.

Funny fact about this is that he had chance to get all this but he make decision to give all this to his team mate while he only relies on guns and special bullets. Which is pretty lame in my opinion. All fights are won either by him relying on someone else power or by cheap tricks. He gets his first proper bloodline in chapter 870 or so which is sacred dragon bloodline. But even it has flaws.

In half of novel MC basically doesn't have proper skills and offence and just rely on equipment while his team progress by leaps and bounds. Which is annoying because every time he gets awesome new ability or skill it is instantly given to his team members.

If you are looking for bad ass lead turn over now because in this novel the MC is pretty lame. For half a novel he still doesn't have 1 offence skill or bloodline.

If I have to say in one word this novel is boring has MC uses same old tricks and cheats to win entire novel.
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Netherlicht rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: v3c10
After reading this I have to say that it's not only well written and translated, in the infinity genre I find this novel above Terror infinity and Ultimate evolution. The maincharacter is both likable, charismatic and quite realistic in the sense that a methodical person is.

I'd recommend this towards anyone that is interested in the infinity genre or previous readers of It. Unfortunetly there isn't that much to read currently but it has the right mood and path for the prospects to be very bright.
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Monomololo rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: v3c1
Coming back to reread this now that it has a few more chapters and I wanted to review it to let people know that this is definitely one of those stories that you have to read before making a judgement on. Give it a chance and chances are you may even find yourself enjoying it.
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Sai47s rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: --
An interesting novel you tell by looking at the reviews and the high assessment of the work. Not a bad start, but on the originality of this work does not boast. And what's interesting, if you shove the protagonist in the story of the Van Hellsing? Knowing the essence of the story, it is not interesting. Author, mixed story with RPG world and favorite movies, stories? (One gets the feeling that the character jumps on time periods and alternative realities in the form of missions), (cliché and such a... more>> second-rate story, anyone can write and steam will not). Originality died after the first chapter and the prologue of the novel. Disappointing overestimated, which does not reflect reality. The novel does not live up to expectations at all. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: v3c47
I liked the novel and the MC, but he change. He appear to go back on what he said at first, and there's frequent inconsistencies in his character between chapters.

I was thinking that the difference is that at first the MC is alone with "NPCs" or "natives" so their impressions of him don't matter after he return to "Bloody City" (Basically the hub-world connecting to all the dungeons/mission worlds/whatever where all the players/contestants are.)

So while he can be ruthless and indifferent he still at least has to act or... more>> pretend as if he care about the others or it will negatively affect him when he has to cooperate with other players. Heck they might even band up together and get rid of him...

However I'm not so sure about that anymore. It could still be the case, but it doesn't appear like it. It would be one thing if that MC says one thing but think another (the author wouldn't even need to do it so explicitly. E.g. every time the MC says one thing it wouldn't have to be accompanied by things like "Tsk, idiots, good thing you died..." etc), but even when thinking for himself it appears to be the case that the MC does think completely differently from before...

It could be the case that it's just false alarm, but at least for now I've taken down the rating to 3 stars. It's not bad, especially not compared to most things, but it's disappointing... <<less
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Aevum rated it
October 13, 2016
Status: --
Since the first Arc is over now, I'll write a small review.

Firstly, I really like the pacing, it's not too fast or slow, and keeps my interest. I also feel that the author don't repeat himself. The MC isn't stupid and so far plans his actions well before hand, while the author hints at his plans for us to figure them out (basically it's not thrown at your face). Neither do you get lost in long info dumps and instead learn as the story the goes (much more preferable imo... more>> since it doesn't detract from the story). Another thing I like is that the author doesn't follow the movies 100%, and instead creates new events based on the MCs actions. There are more points, but so far it's well written.

@acoleman2 Since we don't really know exactly how valuable the items/skills he gets are, I feel that it's a bit early to judge if they are too op or not (he got like a D-class skill if I remember correctly). He takes the risks and gets the rewards, although he has been somewhat lucky with getting good stuff for his current situation.

I don't really get the feeling that he treats women as objects either, rather he respects the movies heroine and don't just use her & leave.

After reading acoleman2s response and actually thinking about it, I have to agree with all of his points... I kinda deluded myself because I wanted to find a new novel similar to TI to like and read. :/ <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: v4.2
There's huge problems with inconsistent characterisation for this novel. The protagonist and team would simply massacre innocent civilians (those with no means of self-defence) but then erratically, and randomly show pity and sympathy elsewhere. Furthermore, as the novel goes on, the protagonist becomes an intolerable hypocrite. He would preach unity, and then go onto sacrifice random people for his agenda. That's all okay, rather tolerable. What's definitely not is the cringe-inducing romance. Every-time there's a women, you can bet your house that she has a thicker plot amour than Japanese... more>> shounen heroes. Only one of them died, and that's because the author accidentally made her promiscuous.

Still your cuppa tea? Fret not, for this novel is obsessed with moral preaching. Every 5 chapters, they'll gather in groups and debate life, existence, morality, and nature! Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Especially since it always ends with a 'sigh', as the long-winded speeches symbolise that the next few chapters are going to have the protagonist do something exceptional stupid, but still be rewarded for it. Honestly, I haven't read a novel this terrible in years. Infuriating. <<less
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zouave rated it
September 28, 2018
Status: v3c15
The best part about the novel was the prologue introduced after book 1, which I read before reading book 1 lol good thing I did :P

The novel is okay as any terror infinity series, I guess, it just couldn't keep my attention much unlike other series that I read. I am gonna drop it off here, it was too generic for my taste but I honestly loved the prologue of the book I would rate it at least 4/5, hence the only reason I stuck until book 3 c 15... more>> :P <<less
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Azazelx rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c1427
Basically like TI, but without the tragedy.

I think MC's strength was ok throughout the novel. He got his offensive skills, class, and bloodline later on the story, because you can't change them easily, or at all. The better stuff comes from higher difficulty worlds, obviously.

Only NPCs were sort of "objectified"

... more>> I don't find hard to believe some people would be unafraid of monsters.

Anyways, I think the novel was good. Some people talk about originality and whatnot but this is the whole idea of the novel. Going into movie worlds. If you don't like that, why read it then?

And yes, MC is supposed to be smart but let's remember that MC can only be as smart as the author that created him so yeah, MC will be stupid at times.

Lastly, there are 4 or 5 harem members. Maybe 6 or maybe more, ending was sort of open so who knows what he'll do after that. <<less
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NovelDevourer K
NovelDevourer K rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: v3c35
I feel like the characters have mental age of 15 below. Feels like their just friends playing some computer games. No tension of real death, just afraid to get game over.
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HaoYu rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: --
Liked the Premise that reminded of Terror Infinity except that this time it wasn't the 'Righteous MC' that made it unreadable for me, although they were problems with the novels it was still going pretty fine, until the

... more>>

Mutant Scenario when he suddenly become righteous, like someone else said, how the hell did the kid steals the document with his weak body? And why did MC decide to let him live? MC already know that it is a fake world so even if he were to kill the Kid nothing would happen, he even entered a fight with someone insanely strong just to protect the mutant Kid.

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