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When the night came, there was a twittering sound in his ears, and the monster in the shadows began to move restlessly. Jason’s hungry stomach began to roar, and he couldn’t help swallow his saliva. Hunger was the best spur.

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April 14, 2020
Status: c10
MC winds up in another world becoming a postman under the help of this 'old man'. He suddenly obtains a system after eating a monster and forced to do missions in order to satisfy his hunger and power his new ability.

Feel free to take my review as a grain of salt, since I haven't read far to judge properly but here are my first impressions:

Personally I think I had high hopes since glutton ability stories interest me to an extent.... but there's a mismatch between MC's said personality and his... more>> actions that are hypocritical and rather illogical. There is choppiness due to the author forcing things and the lack of information to leave an intended mysterious feeling and faster pace. But I feels it's rather not fluid at times. But I don't mind the pacing since it fits the action.

+pace +interesting idea +game elements +suspense +decent description

-conflicting personality & actions
-MC & world is not fleshed out
-author forces things to happen and could do better in setting up things since it's jarring at times.

Gonna elaborate below but spoiler alert because it sort of breaks down my thoughts as I read the chapters 1-9:


MC states he manages to get by in this world as a postman and has good reputation because he's not curious. Aka minding his own business. Get stuff done and leaves that's it. He is smart in that sense since he knows how this new world works and how to survive.

But in future following chapters he does the exact opposite and decides to eat a roasted monster tentacle he killed to protect himself to satisfy his random urges. (Like noncurious guy would not even think of eating strange dead monster. Usually curious ones are triggered to fulfill appeals to needs and objectives)

He also decides it's great idea to pretend to be the stranger guy he just killed in self defense, to avoid being imprisoned, when (1) he got rid of the evidence by burning the body; (2) he seem to forget he could just run away from the damn thing and ppl can assume the stranger guy could be killed by a monster instead.... and (3) he doesn't know a thing about this stranger (besides he has relations with monsters and tried to kill MC... and stranger lives in area MC is somewhat familiar with as he delivers to this area) and logically ppl can't suddenly be good at pretending to be someone else without knowing them to certain extent.

So in order for MC to get to know this dead stranger, he snoops and investigates around stranger's trap-filled house (aka another thing that is opposite to MCs said noncurious personality) to learn more about him and prepare himself to live there.

Author suddenly disregards this whole 'MC gotta pretend' situation and throws MC a mission where he has a different role and setup, and is suddenly transported to the mission area. Like I felt like the first situation wasn't resolved.... then well who cares MC u don't have to pretend to be dead guy anyway; u gotta do this instead... Cuz you should learn about your new system and ability.
Sure the whole u got sudden abrupt mission is not new but it just feels like the author just wanted force MC to be curious enough to chance upon this mission. If MC stayed true to his noncurious personality this wouldn't happened cuz he would've just avoided the place.

On this mission, MC is to be a nightwatchman, with his only goal to survive on Cross Street which has monsters.. And so because he doesn't know what's going on.. He ask questions about the whole scenario to clarify the whole situation, showing off how curious he is. //facepalm

Basically I wish the author didn't state the MC was not curious because it conflicts so much with future actions. If he only said MC was cautious then ok. There would be less glaring issue, but this is not the case. It's possibly one of the reasons I don't like noncurious MC's because author makes them do curiosity related things. As if it's forced and pretending 'oh MC is not curious he forced to be curious', but it's not. I sort of expect a noncurious MC to not be inquisitive. He could be more observant and figure out things without asking 'what is going on', but that is not the direction the author took.
And yes people could gradually be curious about things that interest them, but this is not the case.


I will update this review if possibly I return to read further. But for I'm little peeved at MC's contradictory character. <<less
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Draigon rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly, I had high hopes for this novel since I loved "The Devil's Cage" and thought this one would be as great. But, sadly I didn't find this as enjoyable as the last one since, I constantly skimmed through a lot of the chapters (around 100-200 chapters) as they were drawn out and dull in my opinion. Another thing that I found was that the author decided to steal a lot of characters from other movies/games and possibly tv shows for a notable amount of content of the story. For... more>> example, the main character is called Jason and has the exact template of Jason Voorhees from the film/game franchise "Friday the 13th" copying everything from his hockey mask, machete and even the immortality of the character making it very unoriginal and just not as interesting since 90% of Chinese novels I've read are essentially breaking copyright laws and so hoped this one would be different. After all "The Devil's Cage" was completely original from what I could recall or maybe there were some things stolen however, it wasn't as obvious as this novel was with it's blatancy with characters like John Wick, Sadako and a few others making their appearance.

Overall, the novel was still quite enjoyable with its game elements and different original worlds the MC had to go through. The ending was definitely rushed which was disappointing and the novel still had it's characteristically annoying women who just hound the MC all the time and for some reason just fall in love with him. So I give this novel a 3/5 since it's easily better than most of the garbage on this site but not nearly as good as those at the top for me like "Swallowed Star" and the authors previous novel "The Devil's Cage." <<less
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