Hong Kong Detective [90s]


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Many years later, facing the cover reporter of Time magazine, Yi Jiayi would recall the distant afternoon when the head of the serious crime unit took her to see the body…

At that moment, she heard the wails of the deceased, saw the face of the mu*derer, and gained the ability to mentally revisit the crime scene.

From then on, Hong Kong had one less civilian policewoman who spent her time gossiping over tea and dating after work, and gained a shining star in the police force who solved every case she encountered.

Head of Serious Crime Unit: How did you know he was the mu*derer!?

Yi Jiayi: Because it was a rainy night (omitting the reasoning process, 800 words), so there is only one truth…

The mu*derer trembled, his face turned pale, speechless, surrendered, and resigned himself to his fate.

Yi Jiayi thought: I’m sorry, all of the above was made up.

As the saying goes, explanation is just a cover-up, and a cover-up is just storytelling!

Solving a case is like solving a math problem; others derive conclusions based on known conditions.

She just knows the answer directly, and the process of solving the problem relies entirely on fabrication…

Acting, pretending to be a detective, deceiving the mu*derer… resorting to all sorts of extremes, it’s really difficult!

Ming Pao Reporter: The police force in Hong Kong calls you “Female Zhuge”, saying you are both intelligent and close to supernatural. What do you think, Officer Yi?

Yi Jiayi: Haha, I’m just an (extraordinary) ordinary person.

Reporter: It’s said that your home was vandalized by two thugs, and even the Flying Tigers were mobilized.

Yi Jiayi: Haha, that’s just the daily routine of righteous officers protecting ordinary citizens.

Hong Kong Daily Reporter: It’s rumored that the sons of Hong Kong’s wealthiest, the rising young stars, and… are all pursuing you? Which one do you prefer?

Yi Jiayi shivered at the thought of the wrath of the Jealous King, not daring to be careless. She sat up straight, facing the camera, and said firmly:

“It’s all rumors! As a detective dedicated to the cause of justice, my only concern is to uncover the real culprit and ensure the safety of the citizens. I have no time for romantic affairs.”

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