The Academy’s Weapon Replicator


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Etius, a game that no one has cleared.


The moment all possible strategies failed, “Student Frondier ?”

I became an Extra in the game, I became Frondier!

[Weave] •Saves and replicates images of objects. However, it is an illusion. All I have is the ability to replicate objects as virtual images!

[Main Quest: Change of Destiny] ? You know the end of humanity’s destruction. Save humanity and change its fate.

“Change the fate with this?!” Duplicate everything to carve out my destiny!

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아카데미의 무기복제자
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PicturesqueSeeker rated it
July 4, 2023
Status: c30
I kinda like it.

The childhood friend started getting interested in MC again. She's not that interesting even with her 'loved by 5 gods' thing.

Sybil (I think that's her name) is alright, I kind of like her so far even tho she is like a literal white lotus. I just like how she has pink hair and green eyes.

I like how MC tries to stay in character with Frondier (the body he's possessing) but the side characters constantly trying to interpret every little thing he does is annoying to read ngl... more>> once he starts showing his power sometimes. At least they're not exactly coming up to MC's face and straight up asking but the way they monologue themselves sound so uh... condescending as if the MC is some 'interesting' toy to them that they can conveniently get involved with.

Little rant but I'd say, something very common with fantasy Academy's is the side characters constantly going "He's so interesting", "I need to find out what he's hiding" and their incessant nosy-ass poking their heads in that don't concern them. Though I get why (politics, needing to know who's going to be influential cuz they're powerful etc etc.) it does get tiring to read everyone being in awe of MC or circling around trying to sound him out.

Anyways, I like how MC is blunt and casual e.g. the time he broke the coffin mistltein branch thing. But sometimes I don't like how he explains his own actions e.g. saying Elin deserves to live and that he's on their side bla bla bla, I would've just said the most reasonable and common sense response a person can give when they ask "why did you save me?" even tho we're strangers... is because you would obviously save someone because why would you want to see someone die in front of you if you have the ability to save them? Plus, sometimes you don't even think before you act. and for MC who was training, his body would still feel very active and his senses would probably move in response.

Well it's interesting enough but it also got boring so I may come back later <<less
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Ravenpeko rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: c114
Standard MC possessing a second rate villain in a game and then they hide his power and stuff, the tr*sh personality changes, and the childhood friend that liked him then doesn't like and then likes him again, all of that. What I will say though so that the pacing is quite fast, his abilities is actually revealed quite early. But I don't really like the way it's revealed, can't really described it, they just kinda did arbitrarily and the plot kind of felt random at times to like with the... more>> sister arc and the rumor arc, maybe it's just because it's mtl, but ye. Now for mc's power, he can basically weave stuff into existence and he can throw them, fire them, and use it as a weapon kind of like emiya from fate. His character is just like any other typical Korean or wn MC, but he show his powers a bit more and he isn't cowardly like he just straight up calls the empress Philly. Bout to put it on hold because recent chaps and pacing has been pretty slow and boring and I feel like that's gonna be happening for quite some time, so I'll get back it later. Lastly just want to say that Aten is best girl. (Objectively and subjectively)

3.4/5 as of c114 <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
July 13, 2023
Status: --
The story begins with our protagonist transmigrating into a game which is thought to be a Manggame where no one has seen the ending and that too as a side character.

A cliche, right?

Yep, that's true. It is a cliche troupe that has been redone countless times by now, but this one stands tall amongst them all. It is one of the better works in the academy + side character + world ending genre.

... more>> Out MC clones the weapons and fights. Think of it as Shirou from Fate.

I highly recommend it and I would say, you will love it too. <<less
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ninji_in rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: c19
regardless of what anyone says, I think this is a misunderstanding novel. The title is a one trick, sure he has unique power and hes trying to improve it since its his only hope for survival but which isekai to game world MC doesnt strive to possess some power. Lemme explain

... more>>
  • waifus think hes pretty mysterious and has countless guesses on him. Some waifu think he pretty strong cos that power doesnt conform to the system, he does random monologues that some waifu hears and misunderstands, he tells some event to a waifu then event gets solved and that waifu gets frustrated from thinking too much about him, etc etc
  • some god entity tells some character to be wary of him, as of now, only 19 chapters have been released so far so we still dont know the consequence of that statement, but I bet its another misunderstanding trip cos mc's goal is to prevent world destruction
  • MC says some divine artifact excavated somewhere is a fake, he gets backlash for that, some event proves that he was right, yet ppl still say bad things about him
dont get me wrong, I love me some misunderstanding trope, its hilarious sometimes and in this novel, its not frustrating watching characters processing those misunderstandings compared to some other novels.

what im concerned is that arcs dont feel that they have weight, chapters feel like teaser after teaser after teaser with little payback for readers in the end.

the story is a cliche, yes, but its not really bad being a cliche. A lot of todays hits have elements of good old tropes in them. Read this when u on the toilet, waiting in a long ass line, during rush hour traffic or something. This is not a novel where u can learn something from but its entertaining enough to pass time with <<less
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