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Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body.

A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished.

He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story.

The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline.

However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.

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소설 속 엑스트라
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New CrazedFanatic rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: c43
Strongly recommend. Not your typical author stuck in a novel trope. Its a page turner and keeps you wanting more. The MC is likeable and the story flows smoothly. Translation quality and speed is top notch and its definitely worth all the love its been getting. I love it and I think if you love transmigration novels, it will be your cup of tea.
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New LeaningMaple rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: --
It's another "sent inside a novel I'm familiar with" plot, but it's way more enjoyable than a typical one for SO many reasons:

  • The protagonist (of The Novel's Extra, not of the novel within it) isn't forced to be a villain who's constantly mistreated just because he looks evil, nor is the hero of the novel characterized as a self-righteous prick. The protagonist a normal guy who has a lot of agency because he's not the center of attention, and the hero is actually a likable and good-natured guy (as you'd expect from a novel's hero!).
  • The girls don't develop a fascination with the protagonist the moment they meet him, or fall in love with him just a few encounters later. They keep him at a distance, and he keeps them at a distance. Generally speaking, that distance slowly closes, but sometimes it even widens a little.
  • The protagonist is cool and confident without being a smartass or cocky. Plenty of times he'll just end a seemingly important conversation casually, because he doesn't want to get too close to others. In other words, he's not a playboy or an attention whore. He also makes mistakes, but not foolish "hotheaded behavior" that's obviously a plot device.
  • Unlike many other "knowledge of the future" novels, the protagonist doesn't blurt out knowledge of the future and then make up some flimsy lie that everyone seemingly accepts tentatively because they appreciate his advice. Even up to the latest chapter I've read, he doesn't have any real influence or authority, he's just a normal student.
  • You can tell that the protagonist is a writer and he loves the characters he wrote, flaws and all. The author of The Novel's Extra accurately captures how I feel the protagonist would behave in this surreal situation of entering his own novel.
To be honest, I expect The Novel's Extra to not be able to... more>> keep up this level of quality forever, especially as the setting is fleshed out more--and considering that the "novel within the novel" took place over 10+ years, but at the current pacing The Novel's Extra's would need 2000+ chapters to match that. But that's normal with Korean "modern day world with RPG dungeons that suddenly appeared"-type novels. I'll probably still enjoy it a lot, because I love this genre, and I especially love The Novel's Extra and its excitingly meaningful approach to character development. <<less
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Recca201 rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c3
So far so good. I really want to know what happens next. The translation is good, and like most Korean novels it is very much t to my taste. There seems to be depth and the plot is very interesting.


I hope this novel is better than his other novel, A Monster Who Levels Up, bcoz althiugh thay novel is good, the ending is quite ??? O_O?? In any case, the premise is interesting enough, hopefully this turns out okay.

Translator, fighting!!!
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jojmist rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c29
Though there are currently only 17 'free' chapters out at this time, I have sponsored this novel and I am currently at chapter 29 at the time of this review.

FYI, I have never sponsored a novel before, though have read countless novels good and bad over the years. I hope that me dishing out 70 dollars to sponsor and get the max amount of translated chapters shows how great this novel is and the potential it has.

As per the novel itself, the setting is a unique spin on the 'transported... more>> to another world' theme, as the novel's MC is the creator of the world he is transported to in his own book/series but is only an extra and not a main character. This gives him an advantage in information and future events, though at this point in time, he is actually weaker than the rest of the characters in the story (but due to his special abilities, can upgrade/create items but at a cost to balance it out). He does have the potential to be OP in the future and he probably will be, but so far he is putting in the maximal amount of effort in the hopes of fighting off future disaster. If he becomes OP, then it is well deserved.

I can also best describe the MC as mature, intelligent, and more of a 'no-nonsense' character that doesn't let himself get pushed around. He doesn't beat anyone up; if he feels that another character is being a jackass, he will just literally call them out and call them a jackass, or act intelligent and just ignore the childish banter. I like these interactions in the story; it feels as though the MC is a real person, and the interactions are what you would expect from real people in modern society.

What really impresses me though is the scope of the other characters. They play their 'defined' roles well and have additional defining points for each with much more room for depth, backstory, and growth that is foreshadowed in the novel. They are enjoyable and I look forward to their future interactions with the MC.

As per romance, there is currently none with very obvious hints with one of the main characters maybe fancying the MC, but the MC himself has absolutely no interest in anyone at this point in time or aware of any hinted feelings. There is a ton of potential here for later as well.

Lastly, the one issue I find with this novel and that I also found with the author's previous work, 'A Monster Who Levels Up', is that the author tends to be unpredictable and add in jumble bits of plot devices that are there for the sake of the author trying to make the setting more interesting that are also used to quicken the pace of the plot. Luckily, this novel is a bit more slower paced compared to the previous work (that ended before 200 chapters) and much more put together/logical, so hopefully this novel will bloom into its well deserved current rating on this site.

All in all, read this novel! It has humongous potential of being a top novel. <<less
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Chourou rated it
June 14, 2018
Status: --
Same writer who wrote "A monster who levels up" (with a sh*tty ending) so I am already a bit scared of this novel. Or in other words, I am reading with a skeptical mindset after finnishing the other novel "A monster etc".

After reading 8 chapters. these are my thoughts:

From God to Kim Hajin: "Seek and grab as much as attention as possible, stand out, and you will get more story points and get stronger"

*Shrugs* If A Monster who levels up, were forced unintional attention seeking, then this is intentional... more>> attention seeking. But then again in all novels, be it japanese, chinese or korean, main characters, lead characters, they all get attention. What makes me point this out is because, it somehow seems and feels "attention" is the main ingredient, the main focus. I am a bit... reluctant to that... Perhaps I shouldn't say main ingredient but an important one (in this novel) and that should never be in my opinion. It should come and feel as natural. Whatever... Might aswell just stand up in his class and yell "NOTICE ME SENPAI! I NEED STORY POINTS!".

Because in the novel if he train in secrets or in private secluded area (which he does), he get miniscule points...

So far I am little bit entertained but its still early in the novel. It is an intressting idea the novel is build upon. The novel puts a lot on status window and the skills. Spent like 1 or 2 chapter to explain it and then 2 chapter to tweak it. Gonna wait and see how it pans out up to chapter 35 or something.


I have now read up to chapter 35. This is an entertaining novel, everyone should give it a read. However I feel it is also a bit messy. A messy novel. The novel has an intressting idea, its about a writer who has put his novel on hiatus, and so "god" or some otherwordly being with power beyond our human standards throws him into his own novel. Right? You get me so far? While this part is intressting, it soon get messy for me. We know he is main character inside a novel, in his own novel (novelception). But this main character (Kim Hajin), trys not to be the main character, he is trying to be the extra character that pushes forward the other side-characters so they become important figures. (??) And yet, he needs to stand out, or draws their attention to accumulate Story Points. He is trying to get acknowledge and get into the main characters circle of party, that he wrote (Kim Hajin), to advance his novel forward, but at the same time acts cold and tsundere towards them (??) This is how I understood it so far up to chapter 35. I prefer the other old styles of story telling and this whole thing is a mess for me. But I am entertained. - The action part is entertaining but short, in some chapters - nonexisant. The novel itself is moving forwards in a "ok" speed. I am willing to give this 4 star when things clears up in later chapters. <<less
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Leon07 rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c41
I read the synopsis, didn't think it'd be very interesting. I found out who the author is, and quickly ran away (I don't want another story with an ending like 'A Monster Who Levels up'). So I read some JP novels (and dropped all of them pretty quick). With nothing left, I started reading this...... Well what can I say, never judge a book by it's cover (although this one's cover ain't that bad).

First of all, if you've gotten bored of JP isekai novels, then don't worry... more>> because you'll like this. The novel is about the author who ends up in the story he created as a character even he doesn't remember, but with some minor changes in the storyline (such as enemies becoming more stronger, too much for the original characters to handle themselves). It is now up to the MC to ensure that none of the important characters of his novel die.

So why did I give this a 5 star? Because I truly enjoyed reading it (That's a real big complement coming from me. Even I can't remember the number of novels I've dropped because I didn't enjoy it). The story has a good mix of elements, comedy to help readers relax, decent fights (fight scenes are short though. Rarely goes over a chapter till now), and the MC, who has real high luck (literally).

One of the main features that made me really like this novel is that normally in JP isekai novels, MC's would start missing the Japanese foods and culture. But in this novel, the MC instead misses his real family (That's the difference between JP and Korean novels. I've never read a JP isekai novel where the MC misses their family, but instead misses the food and lifestyle there). I'll admit, that scored a really good score from me (I'm sick of JP culture). There's no chapter wasting time on real world food and all, so it won't annoy you.

There are a large number of low quality works out there nowadays, but I personally feel that this novel is not one of them. I'd expect nothing less from Wuxiaworld, translating high quality works.

Oops I've derailed a lot from the review :P. So, now about the MC. I like his character. He is not dumb and actually uses his brain. He can get SP points by becoming more involved in the main storyline and becoming more popular, and can use those points to upgrade himself and his weapons, so he uses his knowledge of the future to his full advantage. He is not that strong, but is cunning and acts quite badass (especially infront of the ladies). Knows when to fight and when to avoid fights.

We're only at 41 chapters right now, so this is all I can think of to put in the review. I'll add more stuff later. (And sorry for all my long ranting)

So in short, if you want to read something different from typical isekai novels, then this would be a really good choice. It's not boring, and is quite fun to read. <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c28
An incredibly refreshing take on a tired genre. I can't praise this novel enough - at least up until the latest chapter as of this review.

This novel is special in that you can really feel the impact of the protagonist's choices in how they cause the novel to unravel. Every decision that he makes not only affects the plot of the story but also how his character's stats will develop. It's essentially a well-executed, novel spin on the questing system (a similar example is seen in Advent of the Archmage,... more>> however AotA doesn't perform in this regard nearly as well as TNE does, in fact it doesn't even come close). Overall the gaming system is quite interesting and has a lot of potential.
A relevant (and hilarious) example of this is how the main character attempts to raise a non-upgradeable stat beyond human limits with his acquired 'bonus points' from the gaming system, only to have the moderator of the system stop him from doing so as his luck stat was becoming far too high - and too much plot armor is probably not a good thing! It shows that the author is self-aware but unlike others of his craft, he goes out of his way to smooth out those rough edges you would so often find left unattended in lesser works.

On the other hand, it also tends to rely on the 'class' system that you see perpetuated in so many novels and despite the praise I'm laying down for it, along with this tired trope and several others like it, it does have its fair share of issues that could potentially cause issues down the road. However, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and wait to see how the author plays it all out.

TNE goes against many of the tropes that you'll often see in CN/JN/KN novels. The MC has to make good decisions, he's not overpowered, he does not have "plot armor" but the decisions he makes can help him power through the rough spots and side characters are given just enough development and set-up such that the readers will invest their emotional capital into them. I'm hoping that these good times continue as I would hate to be disappointed. I'm slightly concerned about the power creep accelerating out of control. The Main character, despite not being OP at the start, does seem to be developing rather rapidly - which is a double edged blade as too fast of a development turns him into a Gary Stu whereas too slow of a creep makes the read less satisfying and more boring.

To conclude, allow me to share an excerpt to show how far the author is willing to go in regards to pushing his MC to the limit:


[Flaw. There is no semblance of danger for the main character and others. If the story continues this way, the readers would become bored thinking, "The main character will win anyways."]

"... This crazy motherfu... "

No danger? Of course, there was no danger. Readers didn't like extreme danger! This thoughtless amateur...

However, there was another line below.

[Makeshift solution. Even if things become a mess, increase the power of antagonists.]

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Seraphim222 rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c26
This novel about a novel is truly novel. The first time in a while I am actively anticipating the release of each chapter. It's fun creative and tackles the well-loved light novel tropes in new and creative ways that draw the reader in.
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raysha18 rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c38
I had no expectations while reading this novel. Not because it's bad, that's not it at all. But because the ending of 'A Monster who levels up' was not to my liking. To put it more bluntly, disappointing.

But here I am once more, caught up in the story and enjoying myself as I wait for the next update.

Overall, I like the story. You get hook at the scenes and enjoy the characters the author created. I decided to write a review for my fellow readers who likes the authors other... more>> work but hesitating to read this one due to the ending.

Let's all suffer together while reading such a wonderful novel without knowing if we are going to have a good ending. <<less
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NirvanaStarfire rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c35
I'm gonna keep this short since their are plenty other reviews for this novel. This is a great novel with an interesting and uncommon plot. While the typical transmigration novel can get kinda annoying, this one has managed to keep my interest as I find myself constantly waiting for the next release. Editing and release are exceptional and I hope this novel doesn't slow down any time soon!
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Freezy rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c32
Quite different from the author's last work, I hate OP characters so I hope the character doesn't go the route of last character but maybe even so the author may handle it better than the last novel. All in all high hopes.
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puffiness123 rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c31
I didn't really want to try this story but then I saw all the reviews with 5 star ratings... now here I am also rating it 5 stars. It's very interesting. I like all the drama.

... more>>

Main character is the author of his novel and now he is living out the novel. I like the characterization and the emotions the characters go through. And the main character cares about making money. Some sections made me laugh a lot so there's some humour. I also like how there's status points and skills, just like a game.

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scribbledoutname rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c8
Damn, didn't realise there were only 8 chapters out so far... I'm a fan of this author by now xD

The story is pretty good so far. I was also worried the MC was going to be a pushover but he's definitely not.

The MC gets sucked into the world of a story he's written. He doesn't take over the body of the MC or the villain, as you'd expect, but some nameless side character. Luckily he gets "Story Points", which he can use to upgrade his character, and hopefully survive long... more>> enough to find a way to return to his real life.

I'm interested in how he'll grow and how he'll interact with the cast that's been introduced :) <<less
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