The Second Coming of Gluttony


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“The son of god Gula has returned.”hoo

I was lost in the world of gambling.

I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.

I wasted every day of my life.

It was a life of tr*sh.

The reality told me thus:

That I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.

In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.

Even then, it was the same story.

I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.

But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.

The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.

Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

“Come closer, my child…”

I will not hold back this time.

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Khát vọng trỗi dậy
탐식의 재림
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463 Reviews

Sep 20, 2019
Status: 108
Reading this novel was a surprising experience. My expectations and reality didn't match at all.

I've seen a lot of people ranting about amazing character development, great side characters who are important, etc. So obviously I've expected to see something worthy of that praise, but what I've got is an irrational world with a group of incompetent individuals. And that's what I want to talk about here.

Disclaimer. I've dropped the novel in early 100th and will be talking about the things I've seen so far in the story.

Lets start from the... more>> beginning.

Gods. It's a very dubious bunch in this novel. Despite their importance in the setting, they are useless existences. Their leader died right at the introduction without achieving anything, and you don't really feel that the rest of the them are doing something worthwhile. The only thing worth mentioning is the fact that they are the ones summoning the earthlings and administering the system they are given.

And here comes the thing I've found the most illogical and contradicting in this dumb world building. Currently all of the humans summoned into this world are s*aves or corporate s*aves by default. Excuse me but what the actual **ck is this? I can accept the existence of human corporations having some amount of invitations to summon their own corporate s*aves to work for them as a privilege for their achievements, but the fact that there are contracts without any human rights and that people are treated worse than livestock is beyond my comprehension. What these moronic gods are even thinking about to allow this? Do they expect that mistreated s*aves will save their world? Like 'Yeah, we were tricked/forced into the contract, humiliated, forced into different kinds of labors, so now it's time to work our butts off to save this great world!'. Looks like they need to read some isekai novels about edgy teenagers who were just rudely chased away after the summon, without even being forced into mining, and see how it is usually ends.

And it is only the beginning of s*upidity. Because it is said that this world lacks any sort of entertainment, so all the females usually sell their bodies. And it is 'perfectly normal' and accepted by everyone. Mm, what? Am I reading the Chinese novel here and not American?

Well, lets set aside the question of morals here and look at it from another angle. Imagine that you have to go through hard training, fights, monster attacks and being constantly under huge stress only to sell yourself 'for fun' later. What great prospects! It just fills you with motivation when thinking about it. Do these damnable gods even know the concept of being grateful? Maybe they will provide something to the people who are fighting for them?

I got it that they will grant you some kind of wish in the future, proportional to your achievements on the battlefield. But it is a matter too far off. For normal people some vague promise is not enough of a motivation. It may work with psychos and battle junkies because they will enjoy the process, or some desperate souls, but for sane people it's not ok.

Moving to the MC.

The protagonist - Seol. He is a miracle in and of itself. What I want to talk about now is not his personality, but a question of how it came to be. Yeah, how? Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. In the first chapters he was described as a scum and alcoholic, who will do whatever he needs to achieve what he wants, including stealing from his own kin. But he doesn't act like it. Well, he was under the alcohol and had an argument with his ex. But there was nothing too shocking here. We know nothing about their shared background, so we can't even properly judge the situation. And the next chapter Seol is suddenly a changed man. Complete 180 degree change. It came out of blue without any character development whatsoever. All his values got swapped, now he is acting like a Japanese high schooler with hero syndrome. He appears to be very indecisive and innocent. Is it not a miracle? People do not change like flipping a switch, and more so they can't get back their innocence. Let me remind you that he was even stealing from his kin. You need to be very decisive to do that kind of stunt. Mindset like this will never disappear, even if you decide to change your way of doing things, it will still follow you. Well, normally, that is.

What happens here can only be described with another setting. Something alone the lines of:

'Your absolutely usual, Japanese highschool student Hiroto, who was known as a beta pushover among his peers, was hit by a truck and got reincarnated into the body of a Chinese scum Seol. Being pushed by destiny this time around and finding within himself both down and hero syndromes (famous 2-in-1 for you here), Hiroto decided to go and save another world, all the time redeeming Seol's past sins and changing the way people see him.'

And this premise fits novel much better. Yes, later we will see how our autist Hiroto is struggling and developing something. Though Hiroto will always be a sub-human, there will be some changes.

But you can't really feel the results of his struggles. The reason is the plot armour. I don't know how better to describe this. Him being pushed around by his skill this time? Should we be happy that Hiroto can stay true to his pushover ways? All of his actions and decisions are decided by his skills. I've seen comments like 'great trouble solving' somewhere, and it made me laugh. I mean, Hiroto got the ability to check status of others (Like level, stats, titles. Titles are very important here. You can basically see the person's true self through some of them.), to see the best decision and way to choose and what level of danger it will be. The fact that Hiroto is always getting into trouble is already showing how much of a ret*rd he is.

Side characters. By themselves they are okay. Nothing new here, just some cliche.

It is also worth mentioning that I didn't notice any particular meaning in any of them. All of them can be replaced. And the reason for this, once again, is Hiroto's imbalanced skill. Even if placed in a completely new environment, his skill will show him where to go and to whom it's worth it to pay attention to. Whom to follow to achieve success and whom to avoid.

The other reason is that no one of the characters was really capable or has any exceptional ability. What I mean is, the characters are only described as capable. They do not act like they are ones. They are bland and meagre, it is hard to imagine someone being even more useless when what they are performing is only basics.

Just imagine it. During 100 chapters our level 1 ret*rded hero always had the same level of contribution as the high level veteran adventurers. If not higher. Hiroto's autism seems to be contagious, so all the other characters act s*upid, allowing him to close the distance in stats/skills. Once it was a situation where all Hiroto did was to throw several grenades and immediately retreat, but among the thousands of high level adventures present nobody could do something of this level. Including levels 4 and 5.

All of the characters here are simply for convenience's sake. So he wouldn't need to go through the trouble of getting acquainted with new ones for the same reason. And because his skill is showing him the way, he is always meeting them again through some kind of coincidence. The skill is showing who is the boss here.

You can't escape from Hiroto! <<less
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Sep 10, 2019
Status: c100
Really Bad

  • Well, the MC is DUMB, he doesn't uses powers in a good way. He has the ability to sense danger, yet on every mission (WITHOUT EXCEPTION), he goes in a dangerous situation to save some (GIRL who he doesn't knows well many times, well why not save a GUY for some change!!) and almost DIES yet, every time by some MIRACLE (plot armor), he survives!!
  • Well, he can sense danger, yet goes into a life-threatening situation with a team of newbies (he doesn't even know them). He is the team-leader yet is bossed around by the newbies on basis of majority rules!! He enters the situation and almost dies yet again!!
  • If one is ok with a novel with a (dense) MC who wants to build some harem, by risking his life every time and who has no brain at all, then one can like this novel. I don't think you are one of them and neither am I. Its really over-rated, deserves 4.2 at best instead of this ridiculously high 4.7!! For me personally it is 1.0.
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Oct 14, 2018
Status: c35
Update 6/26/2020: Very strong series, highly recommend. Slight dip/lull in some parts, but not for long!

This review was made after finishing the latest chapter (c35) available at the time.

One of the strongest intro arcs I've ever read. Second Coming of Avarice is interesting in how it initially sets up the main character - it does it in a way where you can't help but feel invested into seeing where he'll turn up on his journey. Additionally, he has one of the more interesting powers I've read of and it fits... more>> in very well with the novel's theme of personal growth and development - which is a mainstay in all novels that involve RPG mechanics, or at least it should be! Though it should also be mentioned that although his powers of




are unique in their concept, the implementation falls short:


Basically, most of his ability's functionality serves as merely a warning bell to varying degrees; i.e. It tells him on a scale of 1-10 how 'bad' or how 'good' a situation is and you must invest massive resources and potentially training to unlock another tier. The problem with this is, if you know a situation is 'bad', it doesn't do you much more good to be able to differentiate whether it's 'bad', 'really bad', or 'terribly bad' - all of these outcomes are unfavorable and should be avoided! The scope is dimmed with this particular enactment and I feel that it was poorly carried out. The caveat in this situation is that the skill does have a lot of potential and it could potentially be redeemed in the future, we will just have to wait and see.


It is frustrating to see MC invest so much time and effort to -upgrade- his innate ability only to read on in disappointment on how the evolution and development of the skill is carried out.

I'm currently rating this at a solid 5/5 stars, however that may change later on. Although the novel had a strong start, I could easily see it devolving into the ranks of the countless riff-raff gutter tr*sh that you can easily find strewn about on this site.

Reading the latter chapters past the introduction I can see the novel falling into many of the same trappings as other Korean novels; namely, the focus on class templates and mechanics (tanks, healers, dps, mage, etc.). It lends nothing to the story other than being an annoying reminder of how Korean writers just can't get out of a certain mold of thinking where they just have to implement a restricted class system. Why? Because everyone else does it, of course, on top of the fact that Koreans love their grind-fest cookie-cutter MMOs (please spare me). Japanese novels have the same issues with their Adventurer Guild systems (which are equally annoying, by the way).

Adventurer guilds are an issue precisely because they deter from the fact that adventurers are supposed to be free and uninhibited, fantasy and exploration should be the rule here, not bureaucracy and rigid structure hiearchies. For much the same reason, the korean MMO class system adherence detracts from the fluidity and freeform styling that you would come to expect from a adventure fantasy/isekai.

It's an issue because real (or fantasty-based) combat is best when mechanics are smooth and uninhibited by unnecessary fetters and restrictions and in the case of Second Coming of Avarice I could see my interest levels plummeting as soon as they introduced the class system along with their version of 'dungeon runs' complete with a partying system where aforementioned warriors/healers/mages team up to split loot and exp (Are you snoring yet? Because I am). I'd like to give this novel the benefit of the doubt but statistically speaking I'm overwhelmingly convinced that these particular story devices are more bane than boon and that they have always detracted rather than added to a novel's enjoyability. <<less
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Oct 24, 2019
Status: c160
The way the MC acts is like a pampered teenager even though he's already an adult, kinda breaks the immersion on how the story works.
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Oct 11, 2019
Status: c156
In the beginning it looked like characters had some depth to them and the plot had potential. The main character was very strange though and you couldn't really tell if he's mentally strong, weak, or crazy. Not long after finishing the tutorial he went full on jap-MC whiny weakling without a backbone: "please don't give me that nice thing!, I'm about to cry", "please don't speak to me in a polite manner!, I'm about to cry", "please don't ask for my opinion!, I'm about to cry", "why is that female... more>> attracted to me?, I'm about to cry", "why are things not how I would like them to be?, I'm about to cry". People like that aren't protagonists. They're toilet cleaners. And this ruined novel deserves to be printed on toilet paper. <<less
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Aug 13, 2019
Status: --
Misleading tags.

While the story is plenty "emotional", I was lead to believe the MC is a smart, cautious individual.

In reality, He likes to put himself in basically every bad situation he can.

The author keeps saving MC using deus ex, basically pulling things out of his ass in order for the MC to live.

I will write about two scenarios where this happens:

... more>>
  1. The MC is on a commission where he is team leader. MC has innate ability to see danger, so he sees that the room they are about to enter is extremely dangerous (high possibility of dead). The MC suggests to leave and get a stronger individual, but team disagrees. result? he goes in with them. how he survives? he gets mad and unleashes power which is highly above his capability. really author? really??
  2. The kingdom sends individuals to destroy a facility, they fail miserably (almost every one is caught). The MC decides that the best course of action is for him to go try and save them.. let me remind you, the MC is considered the second weakest lvl in the world (basically a scrub). So he almost dies. how he survives? The author pulls a fast one from his ass and reminds us that there is actually some second hideout the MC can go to!

So let me ask you all, is he a cautious mc? nope. He is a ret*rd, a gambler that bets on his plot armor.


Secondly, the MC is a wimp. He has many girls around him, many of which like him. But the result? he acts like a Japanese anime main character... he blushes and "doesn't understand why they do this". I personally hate MCs who act like this. Take it into consideration when reading the story.

Hope you enjoyed my rant. In summery: The story has a great premise, but author has decided to make a wimpy MC, and plot holes. which ruined it for me. <<less
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Jun 04, 2019
Status: c90
It was a great novel.

I was going to wait for the translator to reach 100 chapters so I could read it from the beginning and give it a proper review but sadly, the f*ck*r who owns the rights for the English translations decided to change the translator and start from the beginning so...

Well besides all of that, lets start.

... more>> Characters - 5/5:

All the characters so far have their own unique personality, they don't feel two-dimensional and you can see them develop as characters and not stay static like many other side characters from countless novels.

Also, so far it doesn't seems like there is a character that has been forgotten or thrown away, what I mean is that characters who you saw at the beginning of the story don't just appear during that part of the story and that's it, they keep reappearing (at least of what has been translated) in the future and some might even have a major role to play on the Arc they appeared, instead of being deleted once they fulfilled their role on the Arc they were introduced.

MC - 5/5:

The MC is pretty unique. He was a greedy scumbag but because of... something, he started changing into a better person. Something that I like is that the people around him don't just simply start accepting him again just because he changed, they are suspicious about him really changing, as anyone would be if a scumbag out of nowhere changed... The reaction of the people who knew how he was before is realistic, and that is something that I can appreciate as someone who has read many novels with similar starting plots.

Besides that, is not like he just became a great person just like that, through the story you can see him struggling with himself and trying to change his way of doing things, after all someone just can't stop being who they were before, something is bound to stay the same or be difficult to change.

Plot - ?/5 :

The story so far has been amazing, but I can't really give a "proper" review to the plot because what I have read is less than 20% of the novel, so it would be unfair.

What I can say is that I love how the author is able to give some hope to the MC and other characters, just to throw them into the depths of hell at the last moment lol, I suffer along the MC in those situations, but I still can't help but to want to see the MC struggle to find a way out.

Action - 4/5:

The fight scenes so far have been pretty good, nothing too amazing neither mediocre, I would say above average, although I can't give it a proper review since I'm not one to focus on that kind of stuff.

As long as there is no boring fights that expanded for about 20 chapters (of which I and many others skimmed through), or the power levels are really outbalanced, I'm happy.

By outbalanced power levels, I was talking about those novels in which the MC or some other character was able to destroy a mountain and 10 chapters later they can punch a planet out of existence.

EDIT: It might be a bit confusing by the way I structured those two sentences, but no, there is not a 20 chapters boring fight and neither there seems to be outbalanced power levels on this novel, I was just talking examples from other novels.

Translator - 10/5:

Well, analyzing translations is my bane of reviewing, after all I'm pretty bad at trying to find misspelled stuff or something like that, that's because when I'm reading a novel, I'm either too concentrated on the story to pay attention to the sentence structure or I'm skimming through all of it (And also because I also suck at grammar, structure and all that sh*t but lets just ignore that fact for the sake of my image...). But well, that also means if I'm able to find something wrong while been in any of those two mind-states, then either the translator was pretty unlucky or he made a grave mistake and didn't proofread

But I couldn't find any faults with the translated chapters. I think the translator, or ex-translator did a great job with it and doesn't get the support that he deserves.

10/10 would suck his d*ck again...I mean, would read his translations again!

Well that's it, I really can't give it a proper review because not only am I pretty new at this reviewing stuff, but also because there isn't enough translated material to give it a proper review.


So far of what I have read, the novel is pretty good, with unique characters and MC. the plot so far has been also great, not too slow neither too fast, you can enjoy the pace of the story, but sadly there isn't enough chapters to give it a proper review. The fight scenes don't seem to be that special but the execution is pretty good, and the translator did a good job. but beware, the rights holder for the English translation changed the translator and decided to start over so it might take a year or two before it surpasses the current translation.

EDIT: It seems that the new translation will use the ex-translator's chapters, so we will not have to wait that long to read it again. <<less
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Jan 12, 2019
Status: c59
Wow.. just wow.. this novel just didn't stop in bringing surprises.

A novel That actually deserves 5 Stars..

It's mature in the sense that.. it feels like it's written by an actual adult... Like the author doesn't hold back experiences or insights about what's interesting to see..

... more>> It's like.. a merit of it's own.

A work of art that really encompasses all aspects of human being within this world... And not in a compulsive way.

But.. It felt like if I was reading the work of a human being.. In a long time.

The start it's cringe.. but it adds a level of realness.. like it's definer worthy and after reading ahead.. I can say the writing is honest.

Just. Wow. Totally worth it thank you translator for reminding me what a real personal style feels like..

For me.. I think the big merit of this work is aesthetic.

Secondarily is just.. adding to watch..

Like.. the story progresses but I don't really care about pacing.. I just care to continue experiencing..

In being honest when I say I can experience it.. it's only 59 chapters but somehow im like satisfied..?.. like.. I can sleep sound and know tomorrow or whatever day.. this novel is going to progress.. hehe I don't know.. Just my first time experiencing this..

Even it looks like the translation is alive (I mean it continues wich is veeryy good)... wow... How could this bee? I feel lucky being able to read this..

This novel is not something that blows my mind.. it's like.. this little kitten that somehow.. manages to earn my respect.. sure I can think of snob words to make my review but.. is like it deserves a different way of addressing it.

This Novel dia things different. Not extremely different but just enough too... Be like radically different.. when all things combine.. and in a good way.

It's like the little differences are truthful and consistent. Wich then over the passing of time.. Are honored and become something unique. Wich then continuously add up to something extremely precious and valuable.

This novel. It reminds me of some quirk writer having fun doing it.. like in glances like honestly he's doing things right. Even if he's not perfect or whatever for sure he's more than a worthy artist.

Btw.. on a secondary note;


the chapters are lovingly long! hehe, I mean this is how chapters ought to be.. Long and fulfilling

Surely my thanks for the translation team again ;)

I mean this looks like a hard endeavor thanks x3 this doing it's super cool

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Archer Sterling
Archer Sterl
Aug 21, 2019
Status: c120
Could have been something different.

This novel started off very, very similar to every other damn novel with the same premise that I almost drop it within the first few chapters. Memories of MC or MC being sent back in time after an "end-of-the-world" event for the human faction and this time around he/she is not going to mess up. Almost every freaking' time the story structure would be something about MC encountering an event, access his memories or whatever and voila MC saves the day, repeat.

BUT!!! this novel didn't do... more>> that! None of that BS accessing memory stuff this time around and thank god for it. It is so much better to discover the world alongside the MC. Man, when Seol (Main Character) exits the neutral zone and enters the world of Paradise for the first time not knowing what to expect. I'm all like I feel ya, I feel ya. It is damn refreshing to see a world unveil itself naturally instead of the old' samey main character who gives the reader an exposition of "oh I remember this, blah blah." Looking at you Reincarnator.

Unfortunately, this novel does have the same problem exhibited in other novels with this premise. Seol is a very weak main character. I don't mean he has to be an overpowered, rational, always making the best choices kind of character. What bums me out is that he started off very interesting at the beginning of the story. He was a gambling addicted, manipulative arse, whose behavior drove away people that care about him. He dug the hole himself. I wanted to see how he was going to turn his life around but after the neutral zone/training arc he became like any other bumbling dense s*upid MC with bad dialogues. This is a 26-year old man who acts like he's in his teens. A man who receive his past memory feeling like he had lived it. I know I praise the novel for not doing memory accessing exposition dumps and it's better for it; but, the author does not do anything with him gaining his past memories either. This is the initial premise of the story and the most important one too. Without sending his memory back in time this story would not have started the way that it did. His past life was about being bought off, taken advantage of, going to war with monstrosities known as Parasites, abandon by people blinded with greed, and eventually with him dead. I just wanted to emphasize it again: he received his memory feeling like he's lived it. And it's written off like a fleeting forgotten dream. Present Seol does not act like a 26 year old who has receive the memories of the past Seol who has seen sh*t and it's such a missed opportunity.

The supporting cast can be a mixed-bag. The one's introduced at the very beginning area are completely forgettable. In the neutral zone arc you had a more colorful cast of character being introduced with some of them being quite memorable and have a distinct voice to them. Especially the Priest Maria she is definitely one of my favorite character. Unlike other story of this kind the author doesn't just abandon these characters and introduce new ones every new arc so that's a plus. The problem that arises is whenever Seol, the main character, is in a scene or interacting with these character. The dialogue just feels off and it's always his dialogue for some reason. Seol's dialogue feels like it comes from text bubble you choose when your playing a visual novel or Skyrim interacting with NPCs. It feels so bizarre and not only that, the MC always ends up one-upping the supporting casts too. Oh crap, this supporting character just did something cool but look here's the main character doing something even cooler. And his interactions... my god, just no. Another problem is that the MCs always the one with the right plan or solution to the problem presented. One can only read so many times of that before it gets tiring. So, the supporting cast tend to shine less whenever the main character is present.

The game-like system is done wonderfully. It's straightforward and very easy to understand. Scenes with tension were also done really well. As a reader you can just feel what is at stakes for Seol in some of these situations.

Although the plot is a generic travel back in time, having a second chance, and doing it right the second time I thought it was good. Main character's "Nine-eye" ability is creative, well thought-out, and suited for a main character in this type of story. How Seol was able to send his memories back in time is a little weak but I can buy it. I do have questions about the world building and some of the plot holes but I probably won't be reading this novel anymore. Man, if only Seol hadn't turn into the same bland main character commonly found in Chinese and Korean Novels on this site. <<less
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Jun 10, 2019
Status: c90
To the guy asking why the novel changed name from avarice to gluttony: As far as I'm aware, it is simply the proper translation of the title. I get that it sounds a bit odd with how big of a role greed plays in the story, but gluttony honestly makes more sense over all. The reason is a semi-spoiler since some people realize it right away while others read through the story with no clue. At least up until the current translation (c90), it doesn't seem to have any real... more>> influence on the story, so it doesn't take away from the experience if you don't know. I'll still throw in a spoiler tag for good measure though.


If you know some latin, you will notice that the 7 gods are named after the 7 deadly sins (e.g. Luxuria = lust). In this case, the main character serves gula, which means gluttony


The trigger for the change is the same as the reason why all the links are currently dead - the story is switching translators. The old translater no longer has the rights to the chapters, so they have been taken down. However, I've heard that the new translater (same translator as "The Novel's Extra") has bought the already translated chapters from the old translator, so once the translation starts getting posted again, we should be able to keep reading from there.

On another note, to those of you actually looking for a review, just go read the story (once it's back), it's amazing. <<less
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Aug 02, 2019
Status: c103
I don't get it. How can this tr*sh of a novel be so popular? I mean there is literally nothing worth paying attention to in this story.

Plot is full of holes. MC is a cringy dense moron. World buiding is illogical. Supporting characters refuse to think for themselves when they are near MC so that author can show how 'clever' our MC is using them as a background.

But the most infuriating thing for me is of course the protagonist.

By the setting he is a 26yo gambling addict who has lost... more>> everything and reached the lowest lows. Surely he has seen and experienced a lot, so he should be more mature than others, no? But here he is, all naive and innocent, acting like a middle schooler in most situations. People all around him also treat him the same. Calling him "kid" "young man" "youngling" etc as if it's natural. What the **ck is this? 26yo kid? Really? Also it's annoying how in the world with a lack of morals and full of violence he is the only eunuch who can't even touch a girl's hand and goes nuts when a girl kisses him like a typical MC from Japanese novels. He should've been experienced somewhat with his girlfriend before at the very least, no? Shouldn't he be tough and mature, keeping composure in most situations? What is this nerd kid mode then?

I could let it be if he was 16 but not 26. Also, he should have experienced a lot of things through his vivid dream, it was even described in the beginning how clear he could see his past life. It was supposed to be the most precious thing he could get, but what have he done with it? Nothing. After first few chapters he forgot nearly everything about it.

I can continue with criticism about other things but I think it's already more than enough to see my opinion about this novel. Everything else is just as illogical as the MC. <<less
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Dec 04, 2018
Status: c56
I really enjoyed this novel, well until it was dropped. If you are looking for a great novel I would really advise reading this one, but since its dropped I will warn you to read at your own risk. This novel has very great character development with our main character, turning from a lazy piece of dog s*** to a very hardworking swords man. This novel really captured the heart of characters and made them have very human flaws. This novel does have one factor which is consistent with many... more>> k-novels, A hard-headed protagonist. <<less
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Spike Speigel
Spike Speige
Dec 18, 2018
Status: c56
I love this novel! I truly think its a hidden gem. If I were to find it in a bookstore, I would definitely buy it. Compared to most web novels I feel like the characters actually have depth, and the combat has a much more realistic feel rather than fantastical magical bad@s$es plowing through huge monsters as if they were butter. Real combat is messy, and huge monsters would be creatures of horror and mass murder, I like that the author acknowledges that. I hope someone picks this back up,... more>> Its definitely worth a read.

On a side note, why is it that I feel like Korean web novels are better than chinese and japanese novels? To me the storytelling aspects are usually worlds apart. I also feel like Korean WNs tend to be more Gritty and real... <<less
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Jun 01, 2020
Status: c359
This is more of a rant than a review. Plenty of spoilers.

It's just a bit long. Feel free to skip around; I've outlined the key takeaways.

Note: I've changed my rating from a 3/5 to a 2/5 following C359. My reasoning is in 3rd section.

The Good:

... more>>

The beginning 50 or so chapters with the Tutorial and Neutral Zone were phenomenal. It was incredibly unique and we got to see the transformation of Seol being a piece of sh*t to a somewhat good guy. The plot was also intriguing and mysterious.

The plot has been mostly good and does keep me flipping to the next chapter wondering what's going to happen next. Even in the later chapters where it gets awful (next sections), the plot by itself is interesting. We see many interesting, diverse, and actually believable characters. The 6 crazies? Maldong? Cinzia? The mafia? I could go on. All of these characters have their own unique personalities and stay relevant to the story throughout the entire novel; they grow and develop as an actual person and not a decoration.

Networking within the Tutorial/Neutral Zone was emphasized because the people Seol makes friends with early on all appear 100-150+ chapters later. The perspective changing actually added a unique spin on some of the chapters that I definitely enjoyed and have grown to appreciate more after the fact.

The action scenes were also well done. All battles are pretty well described and flow nicely. It was definitely one of the stronger aspects of this novel. I really enjoyed how progression was handled for Earthlings - up until Seol got Level 5. I'm not sure how I feel about progression past level 5 for him because it seems like Gods and divinity are a dime a dozen. Fight scenes between powerful beings of divinity transform well-thought-out action sequences into dragon ball energy beam battles. However, there's really not enough information available at the moment for me to say this is a bad thing or not because it was just introduced.

But yeah, no matter how you splice it, the plot, action scenes, and character development - for side characters - have been pretty solid for a web novel. Now, if you've read this far, you're probably wondering why I'm only giving it 3/5 stars.



The Bad:


Seol. Holy fu*king christ, Seol.

Let's back up here. Seol wasn't just a gambling addict. He was a piece of tr*sh that was loathed by his family and loved ones. He was scum. He hit bedrock and could not get any lower than where he was at in the beginning of this novel.

So, how in the fu*k does this scum transition from the worst kind of human being to a petulant, immature man-child saint obsessed with hugging anyone with a pair of t*ts? Seriously. The moment the neutral zone ends, Seol becomes a baby who blushes when two people start going down on each other. How does this make sense? He's 26 and acts like a 9 year old. It's pathetic and ruins the immersion.

Let's make a list of things wrong with this novel:

  • Seol is a 26 year old man-child.
  • Literally everyone of note is South Korean.
    • Earthlings are called Earthlings for a reason (people from ALL OVER EARTH), but almost every Earthling Seol interacts with in the latest chapters are from Area 1 ----> South Korea. Uhm, what?
  • Seol never fails at anything.
    • I am not exaggerating. Some people only follow Seol because he literally has never failed at anything. It's almost a joke.
  • Seol never uses his abilities intelligently... because plot.
    • This will more than likely annoy the ever living h*ll out of you. A stray cat can utilize Seol's abilities better than Seol himself can.
  • The novel is classified as a "romance" and "harem" but nothing ever happens.
    • Seol is more dense than a metric ton of Osmium. He is so dense and pathetic with women that he makes Japanese betas look like purebred alpha males. In fact, it's a wonder that Paradise and Earth haven't been ripped apart or thrown off their orbits because I would argue that he's even more dense than a neutron star. Other reviews have gone in detail about how incredibly dense he is, so to spare you I'll opt out of elaborating.

Let me just emphasize once again that Seol is a man baby. His character is downright detestable and hypocritical. It's hard to read about someone who behaves like a prepubescent child. And before you even think it - I get it's supposed to be comedic, but it's really not funny when it happens so frequently. It's not something you would expect from someone who hit rock bottom and is just now coming back. Seol is not an innocent child. The author needs to stop pretending he is and then doing a complete 180 when things need to get serious.


The Incredibly Bad:


Now, I'm going to spoil the reveal of some characters. These are your last spoiler warnings.

Yoo Seonhwa is...


... all but confirmed to be Baek (i.e. the strongest Earthling in Paradise). This reveal is bullsh*t and makes no sense. Kim Hannah did extensive background research on Seol before attempting to recruit him and the author is trying to pass off that she and Sinyoung didn't know who Baek was on Earth?

W h a t

T h e

F u * k

For those unfamiliar with the significance of this reveal, Yoo Seonhwa is Seol's ex. She grew up with him and was his girlfriend until Seol degraded into total scum. It makes no sense why Sinyoung - the most powerful Earthling organization on Paradise and an even more powerful organization on Earth - wouldn't know who Baek was on Earth. It's actually more than reasonable to assume Kim Hannah should have known about Baek in some way.

Think about it: Seonwha had to come to Paradise somehow, right? If she performed well - or was even above average - in the Neutral Zone, her identity would have 100% not been a secret and Sinyoung would have marked her, exactly like they marked Eun Yuri. Even if Seonhwa "Baek" sandbagged her abilities in the Neutral Zone, she still more than likely would have had to join an organization by nature of being contracted or Invited. So Sinyoung, again, would have marked her. And being the powerful organization on Earth that Sinyoung is, they obviously would have wanted to keep tabs on the most powerful Earthlings, right? Sinyoung was known to do this with Earthlings that weren't even half as powerful as Seonhwa "Baek" was.

Keeping that in mind- Sinyoung is already reluctant to offend high rankers, but for whatever reason Kim Hannah (and by extension, Sinyoung) thought it'd be okay to try and ensl-ve the childhood friend and ex-boyfriend of the most powerful Earthling in Paradise? Are you fu*king kidding me?

This reveal is literally contrary to everything the first 100-150 chapters were about that also remain a constant theme throughout the entire novel. Go to Paradise. Treat it like a job, not a second life. That's the whole reason Seol had to "work" at Sinyoung on Earth in the first place. It makes no sense how Seonhwa kept her identity a secret (but not really) for so long. The whole "Sacred Empress" persona was pulled out of thin air for additional drama in preparation for a harem that will likely never happen - until the last chapters of the novel, at least.

The author essentially threw logic out the window with this dumpster fire.

And before anyone even whispers it in their minds: NO! Yuhui is NOT Seonhwa. People keep relentlessly saying this but forget Seol himself confirmed this. All pointers literally spell out Baek being Seonwha, which also matches what the Korean wiki and MTL raw translations say. For anyone reading this who disagrees with me - grow up. The author faked you out like he did a hundred other things. Accept it.


- - - - EDIT following Chapter 359 - - - -


Further, with this reveal, it's confirmed that Seonhwa is a complete hypocrite and sociopath. Seol's mother is the same way.. This entire novel is about Seol's abuse. Seonhwa trained Seol like a dog while he was on Earth to be her perfect 'boyfriend.' Seriously, Seol has been described by multiple people as 'perfectly conditioned' after witnessing his odd behavior. He has been brainwashed his entire life to think a certain way for his ex BY his ex; even Kim Hannah has said Seonhwa has him 'perfectly reigned in.'

Originally I had thought this was beyond pathetic but after reading the latest chapter I think it's just sad - Seol has been a victim of abuse his entire life. Think about it if the roles were reversed: take an impressionable, outgoing female named Kim (the stand-in for Seol) that's about 8-9 years old. Now imagine a similarly aged, but slightly older male helped by Kim's father to condition Kim for YEARS through positive/negative reinforcement in order to force Kim into listening to the male unconditionally. Are you starting to see something wrong with this now? Seol has been trained in the exact same way, with Seonhwa holding his leash. Seol has been conditioned to where he literally cannot think for himself anytime Seonhwa is involved.

And it's not just Seonhwa, either. There are many females in this novel that would like nothing more than to completely possess Seol. Even Yuhui, who people speak so highly of, took advantage of Seol in a weakened state and f*cking brainwashed him to be a 4-year old. The author has to have some sort possession-masochistic fetish or something. I can't see any other explanation.

There's just something not right about manipulating someone from childhood to be exactly who you want them to be. It's to the point where anytime I see these characters in the latest chapters I have to hold back my absolute disgust. And given that I have read the MTL spoilers and know exactly how this novel (and it's harem) is going to end, I am fast losing motivation to read the new chapters. Do not read this novel if you want a satisfying harem/romance/etc. novel. You will be immeasurably disappointed and completely revolted if you had even a sliver of ethical sense. Seonhwa doesn't get punished for being a manipulative sociopath. She gets rewarded for it. What the fu*k!!

This is psychological conditioning - brainwashing - at it's finest. I've come to discover this is part of what makes Seol such a moron. Again, I get it's supposed to be comedic, but in reality this novel has some fu*ked up implications.


- - - - END EDIT - - - -

There are several other reveals that make literally no sense. There are so many breathtakingly bad plot holes in this story that I actually have to close my eyes and pretend they don't bother me.

For example,

  • We actually don't see anyone not related to the MC training. No one but the MC and company actively get stronger and as such only the MC and company are active threats to the Parasite Queen who is sitting on her hands.
    • It's a bit shocking how humanity is basically incompetent in dealing with the Parasite threat; to the author's credit it is heavily implied that this is because the Parasite Queen had infiltrated Humanity's side and caused a lot of internal strife. But I'm not too impressed because there are about 100 better, less obvious ways you could actually go about sabotaging humanity and the Federation.
  • The Parasite Queen is a truly terrible commander. She could have ended the Federation and humanity's seven cities/countries within days but doesn't... because plot. It's like watching someone continually run into a brick wall while expecting something different to happen. For instance:
    • [Humanity] The Parasite Queen obviously knows about the Royal Oath and how Earthlings can't get to level 5 without royal approval. So why can't she send out a strike force composed of Army Commanders who are basically gods to assassinate the already weakened human royal families? Humanity and the Federation are on the losing side of this war, so it's not like the Parasite Queen has to fear an invasion from either side in the meanwhile. Further, the Executors are strong together but they mainly live in separate cities. Why can't this same strike force gang up on the Executors and take them down one by one? But that's just it - the Parasite Queen is incapable of using intelligent tactics and strategy. She is essentially giving out free level ups and contribution points to Earthlings as it is; the best of which will only get stronger. If she used her mob parasite army as a diversion and sent her strike force out to accomplish the real objective, humanity would be screwed. The result? Humanity's leaders die and Earthlings become irreparably weakened. Seol dead. Novel finished.
    • [Federation] Tigol Fortress is an important focal point for the invasion of both humanity and the Federation. But the Parasite Queen obviously knows that brute force doesn't work well against it after numerous failed attempts. So why keep sending out a mob army to do nothing but die? Instead, why doesn't she just concentrate her forces on the Spirit Realm? Kill everything. Lock it down and occupy it. Don't just send 1 commander, send like 5 or 6. Destroy the World Tree and permanently cut off the power source of Tigol Fortress by occupying the Spirit Realm first. Maintain the status quo and don't get greedy by attacking the humans/Tigol Fortress at the same time - at least not seriously. For fu*k's sake, it's easy to imagine what would happen if the Parasite Queen even managed to carry out a half-as*ed plan. The result? The Federation castrated, Tigol fortress doomed, humanity forced to the forefront of the war, and a nice new base for the Parasites to invade the Federation/Humanity from. Novel finished.
  • The MC takes Deus Ex Machina to a whole new level. Since the MC never fails at anything, the plot is always 1000% convenient. This minimizes any sense of urgency one may have because you already know Seol is going to win. This is your typical Shonen on steroids.
    • Seol's innate abilities are cool and all, but his most fearsome power is plot armor. If Seol decided one day that he wanted the Moon, then no matter what color his Nine Eyes showed, the Moon would soon hit a [Deus Ex Machina event] and then shrink and fly into his hand... because plot. This happens so frequently it can't even be called Deus ex machina anymore. It's just bad writing.
    • In one of the latest chapters, the villain even acknowledges Seol's plot armor. I quote: "'F*ucking hell...' At this point, she was beginning to wonder whether this planet called Paradise was actually taking this man's [Seol's] side." (CH. 336). Sorry Ms. Villain, you lost the moment Seol sprouted into existence; which, as another reviewer noted, is a miracle in and of itself.

And there's plenty more, believe me.


/end rant

Despite my very long ranting over some parts of this novel, I do believe it is worthwhile to read. There are some parts that are just truly terrible, but those are sparse enough to where I do not believe it degrades the worth of reading this novel. Give it a shot. Plus, if I were to judge based only on the first 50-60 chapters, practically everything would be 5/5 stars.

Keep in mind however, that this is a web novel. If you're looking for something perfect, look elsewhere. If you want something of similar quality to a light novel (with the exception of the translation which was excellent), look elsewhere. If you're not willing to have an active suspension of disbelief, look elsewhere. If none of this bothers you, then I'm sure you will at bare minimum enjoy the creative setting, plot, and characters.

Translation: 5/5 (very good translation!)

Plot: 2/5

Setting: 3/5

Style: 2/5

Characters: 1/5 (with Seol)

Characters: 4/5 (without Seol, but I'm not counting this rating)

In all, though, a solid 2/5 for the entire novel with the most up-to-date translation as of 06/01/2020. <<less
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Jul 04, 2019
Status: c90
This book has top-notch dialogues. The author does not waste readers time on pointless info dump or mindless action. He will let the protagonist explore the world and acquire knowledge with engaging conservations or by other means.

Although the novel has a second chance plot, the MC does not retain memories only feelings which means he does not go around collecting items and skills like other regressors. Instead, we get to see MC going on adventures in the fantasy world to change himself. He is a hopeless gambling addict which has... more>> ruined his life in the modern world. The characters have some of the best personalities I have seen in a long time and they behave in a realistic manner. Even the emotions are perfectly blended together with their conservations.

The story atmosphere is really good, in dark moments it has a heavy psychological impact with eerie feelings while the light moments feels refreshing to read.

If you love to read captivating conservation between characters with little to no action and is a fan of survival, adventure, fantasy theme novels with the added touch of romance then you should definitely give it a try. <<less
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Dec 16, 2018
Status: c56
I created an account on here to write my first ever review on any type of novel, and I have decided to do it on this one. It was disappointing to learn that the translator had dropped, but we will do with what we got for now...

As a long time lurker on this site, I happened to stumble upon this novel very recently, and I am so fortunate to have run into this novel.

This novel deserves 5 stars. Plan and simple. The characters in this novel are incredibly diverse. The... more>> diversity brings a sense of realism and culture to each chapter and arcs of the story. The environments of each area that the protagonist is in sets a tone for the story at that point in time, which is something that you don't find often in these types of novels.

The fighting, stats, and magic is explained enough to keep the reader actively engaged in each character.

Honestly, this is the best korean novel I have read, and because of that, it inspired me to write my first review on here. Hopefully someone will pick this novel up soon. <<less
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Dec 31, 2018
Status: c56
I don't feel that the Synopsis accurately reflects the content or quality of the novel. At the very least, the first 56 chapters are well-written and solidly translated.

Character wise, The MC starts off as a piece of tr*sh. This might be pretty off-putting to some people but in a way, this is a story of redemption where our MC uses the vague memories and feelings of bitterness to improve himself as a person and try to right the wrongs of his past. There is a wierd dynamic where this is... more>> an "Isekai" but you also have segments in the modern world.

But anyway, If you enjoy second chance novels, this is definitely one of the better ones on this site. I'm leaving this review in the hopes that more people pick this novel up thus generating a more concrete interest for the TLers to continue with the translation of this otherwise diamond in the rough novel. <<less
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Aug 15, 2018
Status: c10
Regarding the style and story telling, it deserves a 5/5
It is simple yet profound. Not overly descriptive, at the same time delivering all the necessary information and more.

The plot: MC died on a battlefield in the future, he makes a wish to a God to return back to the past. His wish is denied, because only his emotions at the time could be sent back to the past him.

That's where the story start, the MC is a son of a..... basta** who is living in modern Korea. He's an... more>> addicted gambler and took advantage of his family to get money.

Then one day, a woman comes to him, offering him the opportunity to travel to another world in exchange for something (more complicated than this).

The story kicks up as he's entering "mission worlds" where he has to complete some objectives (at least that's what the tutorial is about).

Once again, what makes it interesting is the way the author describes the world and character's internal state. You quickly immerse in the story without realising. <<less
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Feb 01, 2019
Status: c63
What can I say, I absolutely love this novel, definitely one of the best I've seen.

A very well written story that has pulled one or two of my heart strings here and there. With quite reasonable decision making it makes for a very easy to enjoy story, with potential love candidates coming up here and there, and amazing fight scenes.

Some of the antagonists make it quite easy for you to hate them, and vice versa of the supporting cast also being easy to become attached to.

The only thing I dislike... more>> is the lack of people reading this amazing little gemstone.

All in all, an emotional roller coaster of tension, "epic-ness" and seeing how our protagonist deals with his relationships. <<less
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Dec 29, 2018
Status: c59
(Ch.56, 12/29/18) Hello, I started reading this just yesterday, as I was caught up with The Novel's Extra and saw this was recommended on the TNE page. I skimmed some reviews and jumped right into the reading, and boy was I glad I did. It's true that the MC does have a sucky personality at first, but similar to the other reviews, you really only need to get past the first few chapters for things to start looking up. Translation quality is top-notch, and very consistent. Story is constantly... more>> moving forward with the MC's character development and the plot, in general, very captivating. Yes, it's currently on an indefinite hiatus due to it's unpopularity + the long lengths of the chapters, but I'm hoping it'll either be picked up, or this slew of accurately 5-star reviews will help up the popularity and re-motivate the translator. Read on with no doubts, I honestly really like it.

UPDATE (Ch. 59-1, 1/7/19) : Alright, so I picked up this novel at a GREAT time, it's updating again, and although the story isn't really going to be the main focus of the translator, they did say that they'll continue updating it!! I'm happy. The positive direction the novel is heading in after the last update hasn't really changed (which is to be expected, since only a couple chapters have been posted since Ch. 56), so that's good. I'll update with more later I guess. ?? <<less
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