The Book Eating Magician


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[‘Lightning Magic Primer’ has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.] [The 2nd Circle magic ‘Lightning Bolt’ has been acquired.]

The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared.

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Book Eater
책 먹는 마법사
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BQDJ rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c134
How can the top review be from someone who only read 5 chapters ? The protagonist is a loser who can't graduate school, it's obvious that his main objective when he gets his cheat is to get rid of the loser tag and graduate (especially when his and his family's honor is on the line). He's a human being, sure he's fictional but he still is one in the novel so his scope can't be as wide as a reader. And you understand pretty quick that he can't become instantly... more>> OP because he's limited by "his circles". The circles are the power system in this novel, the main character is only at the first circle at the beginning of the novel so he can't learn OP magic like time or space mastery (available at 6th circle or more). It's like asking a xianxia protagonist with his new cheat to stop bothering trying to be the best in his sect, stop learning Qi Cultivation techniques and skip directly to Immortal magics. I wonder how this review can have so many likes, it baffles me.

Then, I'm not saying that this novel doesn't have its flaws, it has many but everything the top reviewer said is pretty off the mark. The novel is not slow paced at all, it's even extremely fast paced. The hero becomes cheated really quickly and the story goes along with it so the world building is average and there are no particular arcs that leaves you breathtaken. I'm still giving it 5 stars because it's a novel that's enjoyable to read with pretty good cliffs. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c44
Surprisingly good. I expected the usual power trip fantasy of some kid with a cheat beating all of his competitors into the dust, but this is actually a very well thought out story so far. The main character is diligent and smart, the plot is refreshing, and the magic system has a good structure.

As for gottafly's review, it should be disregarded. The guy has no idea what he's talking about. He is terribly impatient and has no appreciation for proper storytelling. His complaints are worthless, and if he had bothered... more>> to read more than just five chapters, would have seen that they have been perfectly addressed. <<less
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gottafly rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c5
With a grimoire having vast knowledge.... there are endless possibilities. It's pretty pathetic for MC to worried about graduating. Granted the author may had made him with a weakened personality or whatever but due to that the story became very dull. (Oh I want to be strong cause ppl looked down on me so I will try hard to graduate. Even though I have this greedy eating grimoire that can change it all, I still want to graduate. Really?)

Why not ask about other magic? Immortality? Time magic? Different dimension/world?... more>> etc.....

MC not worried about getting caught with books disappearing in the library?

Why not look for awesome magic books?

I think the story would've been better if the author didn't made the story like a knock-off product of other novels like game system prompts. This is a very cliche story of unoriginal ideas. (I know there are at least 2 stories out there about grimoires and a bunch about MC eating/absorbing to power up ie*RE:Monsters) <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c67
I don't understand how you can even write a review after 5 chapters lol GET THE FVCK OUT OF HERE.

This novel is definitely amazing. The M/C is not OP at all, even right now lol even the female lead Sylvia can fight evenly with his grimoire power, granted, she was already strong as fvck.

The M/C is able to obtain abilities by eating books, and every once in a while, if he eats an original book from a great magician, he has a chance at peering through their memories and obtaining... more>> their techniques as well.

If you kingdom building, from the different empires, races, to the magic towers where circle 8 magicians rule over. (Strength can destroy a country)

If you like action and adventure, there is definitely A LOT of that. If you like M/Cs who ACTUALLY use their damn brain when fighting and overall, there is our Theo for that. <<less
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Bassel rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c245
Fairly mediocre.


1-Good concept... The grimoires, power levels, history.. etc.

2-A couple of good characters, but not many.

*Worldbuilding is so-so. It's either the author is good at it but has neglected doing it with all his heart or the author sucks at it and tried to force-write it. Either way, it's a half-good.


Politics sucks.. If you don't know how to write it, DON'T. How is is this possible:

... more>>

The Lairon Crusader has stepped on Sudon kingdom soil without royal permission and is acting against the throne, but if he's killed, it would be enough Justification for Lairon to invade? What horsetail product is this? If this was acceptable in Central continent reason then invasion without reason would be acceptable too. When someone goes on an illegal mission like this, they have given up all rights to their lives if they can't keep it. -------Another thing is how nobility is pointless, and powerless everywhere. If nobility was that weak then it would have been abolished. Nobles who didn't have experts supporting them would have perished without the backlash


This is just part of it.

2- War is pointless.... If masters decide the end of it, then don't fight please. 50 thousand men won't matter if the enemy has a master with 5 thousand men? Then just fight with masters instead of the bs. The fact that people can equal armies instead of having an major (but not total) effect on wars makes it seem like a distorted immortal world. If it's a world of that kind, there wouldn't have been kings and emperors. Just powerhouses ruling the continent. Anyway, this part is blurred. The author doesn't make it clear. Sometimes he makes it seem like armies matter and sometimes not.

3- Powerlevels of masters are without reason. If an 7th circle level master is defenseless against an 8th circle level master then mutual elimination of weak masters between Andras and Meltor would have happened long ago. The 7 swordsment of Andras would have become 3 while the weaker 4 would have been eliminated by the 8th circle experts of Meltor. The 7th circle magicians of Meltor would have been eliminated by ultra powerful swordsmen of Andras... (more on that part later because it's ridiculous when it comes to the mc)... The ridiculous reason which the author gives is that the two strongest masters of Andras don't move from the capital.. yea ha ha ha. I think the author himself felt that it would shameless to call it a reason in the novel so he didn't mention it clearly. He just said it as hanging information.


The MC is never given the recognition of a master when he becomes a 7th circle magician. They keep sending assassins after him like he's still a sapling. Why haven't they assassinated all the 7th circle magicians of Meltor if assassinating them is that easy? Fearing that he would become 8th circle.. ugghh bs. Any 7th circle has a chance of becoming 8th... They're all people beyond reason and powerful enough to achieve it someday if they're lucky. The author trying to cause adversity for the MC through bs reasoning. And an empire that lost nearly half of its masters (Andras) is still sending them out recklessly because apparently their royalty are morons. If they can send master assassins after Theordore why isn't Veronica or Blundell going on a hunt for one of the weaker masters of Andras? It's because masters aren't supposed to risk it and go out for too long for the security of the nation, but that rule apparently only applies to Meltor, the allies of the MC, but his enemies are stripped of all reason because he exists.


5- The world seems to perceive the MC as too important. If the MC is the center of the world and it revolves around him then the story is pointless from the beginning. He's never exploring, the world is just making him way. Everything is falling in place to make his story instead of him carving it out of an already existing world.

All in all, this story had potential but like usual ruined by weak writing. It's not awful but not as good as it should have been. <<less
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Laco rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: c89
Till chapter 89 I was more or less ok with this novel... and can forgive for some minor error. Like 2 or 3 book per day for the glutton and 1 question per day... so what are the questions during all these days ? First big issue... but ok I can wait for...

But after the duel in chapter 89... flash of truth, this novel is lacking of credibility and logic!

After an amazing duel, no one is following or enquiring Theo's condition, a Seven Sword master is strolling in the ennemy... more>> kingdom as nothing (no guard no spy nothing to survey him...) and he can kill theo in The palace like that.

Ok too much bullsh*t for me at this point no need to continue this novel. <<less
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mrttao rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c34
c8: So far its not bad.

MC is well versed in magic theory but cannot graduate from magic academy due to lack of innate casting talent and isn't rich so he can't afford the potions to permanently increase his raw capacity that could compensate for low talent. He finds an ancient grimoire in the school's magic library that chooses him based on his personality.

The gromoire latches on to him like a parasite and can eat books (a limited quantity per day) and IF he has already mastered the theoretical knowledge in... more>> the book he fed it then it will give a related boost (like the memories of the author practicing the magic in question). This also has limitations, for example he cannot benefit from the summoning fire elemental familiar spell because he lacks fire affinity. So the spell is useless to him. It feels like a vastly nerfed version of The Gamer, but with a better in universe justification.

It is an OP cheat, but so far its not completely crazy. Also aside from the main power, the story itself is so far pleasant enough. Time will tell if it continues to be well written.

c34 Edit: It got somewhat less pleasant to read so I am dropping a star. MC is somewhat annoying now, hopped up on arrogance, and also keeps on rushing into melee despite being a glass canon ranged nuker that has no business of ever entering melee.

Furthermore, the limitations on the MC disappeared in a puff of smoke. He gets instant cast slots from the grimoire. He can eat normal magic items (not books) with no limit to rapidly level up his cultivation rank, get special powers, and even increase his talent. Such that he becomes super broken OP super fast. He also got a summon now, earth elemental.

It is actually more OP than The Gamer now, since he doesn't need to train or grind, just find and eat magic items to get instant diverse powerups without a limit. Basically, This is what The Gamer would have looked like if he could convert money into XP, and was an arrogant Chinese MC <<less
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ieh rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c214
How I learned to stop worrying and love the fortnight.

Started out great about someone struggling to attain their wish with all their might. Took a nose dive when the MC became a true book eating magician. The MC being able to ask a question to a living book from the age of mythology is wasted and glossed over. No real structure or rules in the story outside of circles for magic makes power levels very vague. The story goes straight into comically cheesy territory where they repeatedly describe each adversary... more>> as the second coming of Christ for paragraphs. Then cuts any buildup of tension by going "Oh, of course, they are nothing compared to the MC and his pals." After that arc ends every monster is a world shaking, hell on earth abomination bent on consuming every living thing. Which the MC coincidentally can survive and kill because of his newly found powers from the last arc. The side characters are all 1-dimensional cardboard cutouts. Even the love interests are flat and nothing ever happens. Our hero can stand against mythical beasts but go to a party and talk to people?? OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO. The author just doesn't know how to write people or relationships. Most people instantly like or fall in love with the MC. Those that aren't instantly kind to the MC are supposed to be viewed as mysterious threats but come off comical because of the power of MC's plot armor.

The biggest problem with this novel is you're told so many things that the author wants you to completely believe but the character interactions don't reflect what happened at all. We're told repeatedly that the MC is a hardworking genius but the only difficulty he runs into is getting a headache from reading. Oh, he's going to die in a few years, nvm it's been solved already because he went outside for a few months. He doesn't really do anything to reflect his genius, everything is given to him on a silver platter by the limitless knowledge of the book or from repeated once in a lifetime chance encounters. No matter what the MC does, a rare event happens that propels him to a higher power level or solves his problems. Each story arc ends with the MC getting a treasure that becomes what saves his life in the next arc. The MC also hates socializing or meeting other people and is essentially a book reading hermit. However, everyone instantly falls in love or want to support him because of convoluted reasons. His first love interest falls in love with him because he's not afraid of talking to her like a normal person. Show through actions, don't just rely on telling or large exposition dumps from side characters otherwise your story just feels hollow and filled with lifeless dolls.

Everything gets a bit absurd and inflated like a Michael Bay Transformer sequel. Thousand or million tons monster who's momentum is enough to destroy mountains. People that move so fast they can outrun bolts of light. The best arc was when the MC and Randolph are mutually helping each other to become stronger. It actually felt like something human beings would do in the story setting. Imagine if this story actually revolved around the MC's natural learning abilities/genius. Him tricking the grimoire with intelligent questions that allow him to surpass his human limits. All the while having to hide his growth and demonic grimoire from others who might want to gain his powers. Or even ideological crusaders that come after the MC for trying to transcend humanity. Maybe the MC solves some of his problems with words, not with his newfound overwhelming power? MC was originally powerless and bullied, how did he use to solve his problems? All of that gets brushed over and never mentioned again. Black magic and s*avery in this world is a taboo enough sin that the entire continent will pool their forces and erase them but a grimoire that grants unlimited power and knowledge is a-ok and relatively unknown even though multiple grimoires have almost destroyed their continent. <<less
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ORorc rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c357
1 star

In the beginning, the premise of the story seemed solid: boy discovers plot device, and achieves power, but boy must read and comprehend books to maintain power.

So we follow the MC, as he uses the tools the author gives, in universe, to death one bad guy after another.


Beating the necromancer's grimoire via eating it with Gluttony.

Beating the necromancer the second time with divine power from the artifacts already collected.

Beating the necromancer a third time via using his weaknesses, and making extensive preparations.


Then this happens

After MC defeats the evil dragon, and prevents the world tree from being killed, anything that would separate this novel from a generic xian novel, disappeared.


After that, the MC just sleeps with every attractive girl, magically achieves a power up, and beats up all his enemies without breaking a sweat. All of that, is utterly disappointing, as the author had made it a point to lay a foundation for each success, before that point in the story. After that point, it seems like the author ran out of ideas.

So before chapter 300 or so, 5 stars

After chapter 300 or so, 1 star
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hero rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: --
It's weird, usually when I get my hands on a PDF / EPUB of decently written novels, I breeze through the chapters. For this one though, I've probably spent 20x more time just to get to the 20th chapter because I keep putting my reader down. I've been trying to put a finger on what exactly it's been that's been boring me and I've finally figured it out. Blandness.

This novel is extremely bland. So bland in fact that this might be the most detached I've been reading a novel. I... more>> just don't really care about anything about it. The MC, the characters, the world which hasn't even been delved upon. Apart from the whole parasitic mouth / grimore in his hand, everything is generic. Hell, the amazing capital of the amazing city is named. Mana-vil.

Also, usually the first "beatdown" or "face-slapping" in these types of novels are extremely satisfying. My reaction here? "Oh okay." That's it.

What the hell is with the game-like system as well? It makes sense if it the MC originally came from the real world but it just doesn't belong here. There's even the whole thing about connecting / synchronizing with dead mages.

It honestly feels like the author just thought of one interesting factor and played it super safe everywhere else. Just grabbing from other novels left and right. Hell, it even grabbed the Loli earth elemental from The Gamer.

Web novels have been getting more and more popular. With that, the quality of a novel needs to be higher than the vast majority. I've probably read close to a hundred web novels and have dropped over 90% of them. This isn't about to be a part of the 10% I'm still reading.

It's on WW though so I'm sure it'll still be popular and get rated highly. It's just not something which passes for me. <<less
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DazeHero rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c99
The Book Eating Magician is an slightly interesting idea wasted. The MC is generally uninteresting, he is your standard protagonist with a good mind held back by poor talent. The plot progressives at a lightning fast pace giving no room for any sort of character or world building. The MC is overpowered and seems to overcome any perceived challenge like it is nothing. There really are no reasons to read this novel. The world is shallow, the characters are shallow, and the plot is shallow. If you think you want... more>> to read this book I would suggest not to. There are plenty of other books to read that are many times more fulfilling to read. <<less
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Darkzeta rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c35
Wow. This book was a surprise to me.

I'm glad I gave it a chance.

The MC is NOT OP off the bat and even if he got his 'cheat' he actually has to evolve and grow with it. Sure the far future implications of such a 'cheat' is that by chapter 200 (currently at 35 he is just starting to battle) he will be a god like being. But meh. I figure I got used to Super Saiyinjin Stage 1 Goku, I can get used to the MC here too when... more>> that day comes. Haha!!

Overall if you like bright and sensible MC, who actually are thinkers before bashers, then you will like this story.

Skillers over Killers is my preference. <<less
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Reputation rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: c189
Eating books to gain powers - an uncommon setup. What that really entails is an overtly video gamey system that helps the MC cheat his way through life. If you're at all familiar with Korean and Japanese light novels, let's just say this novel heavily leans towards Japanese tropes. In a bad way.


- Not isekai, yay!

... more>> CONS

- Messy world building. The setting feels completely lifeless. We get introduced to a handful of mainstay kingdoms and locales, but the author gives few details about any place. Instead of every location having character and distinctive color, they just blend into each other.

- Harem. Harems can be done well; however, this is not one of those times.

- Insufferably boring dialogue, especially between the love interests.

- Shallow characters - either they're saints or they're puppy-kicking villains.

- Shoehorned game system.

Don't go into it expecting a thrilling tale of mages and powers. Everything about this is just weak. <<less
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Sairony rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: c51
I really like this one as far as op MC with cheat novels goes.


    • The cheat is fairly interesting, absorbing stats / abilities / knowledge from items fed to it depending on the item. There's other features to it as well, some which needs to be unlocked through leveling.
    • Combat & spell system is a lot better than average. It revolves more around combination of effects rather than absurd 1 shot attacks.
    • Western names, it's so much easier to keep track of characters for me at least.
    • The characters actually have some sort of character. The potential love candidate isn't a kingdom toppling beauty with perfect 10 in all stats.
    • So far it progresses at a fairly nice pace with little filler & bullshit.

    • Cheat item is sentient & contains incomparably vast amounts of knowledge. While it does give the author a lot of freedom to feed us with information to progress the story forward, you have to live with the fact that MC doesn't feel the need to abuse it more.
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Shirai rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c120
I hate give out a 1-star but this novel is nothing short of a disaster.

You have a Book-eating Grimoire that grants you the skill of the books it eats. The MC's need for this at all was due to his very unique 'lack of sensitivity to magic' which also gets solved by the Grimoire in 10 chapters. That pretty much kicks out 1 of the many functions of the Grimoire. Utter shortsightedness from the author 20 chapters in already.

In 1 of the battles which was a spar VS his HQ's... more>> big shot to 'temper his body'. He willingly uses practically all of his Grimoire's abilites which he is still hiding at that point. For a FREAKING SPARRING MATCH. Remember, the MC is a genius.

Character depth practically doesn't exist in this novel. Every character is given a cliche character trait and thats all we get to work with.

Character interactions are a complete mess.

Worldbuilding is also another disaster. The magic system in this novel makes no sense once you ponder about it for even a minute.

However the heck this failure of a novel got picked up by the amazing WuxiaWorld is beyond me. Not worth the read whatsoever. <<less
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CandleLight rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c189
I don't know why so much low ratings in reviews when I honestly found it very interesting so far. I mean, I've read a ton more novels of varying genres (except BL) and I found this one more unique than others.

I get that MC could do better with his questions, but it's not as bad as people are nitpicking about. Asking the book about immortality and so on? What would a kid who can't even graduate do with that? Isn't that more s*upid? Like seriously s*upid?

For all of you who... more>> thinks that's obvious, then you're probably one of those people wasting away in their bas**ents wishing to win a lottery... like everything should whoooosh! Yeah, it's s*upid.

The MC here is what you call principled, not naive. Though that call for arguements, but who are you to say people like him never existed. It's the so called hero quality... in fantasy setting... of a story of swords and magic... Get it?

People probably read too much novel like Satou-san (hi hi, too OP mc) and everything else is lacklustre or "bland" in comparison when a shounen-ish story is not full of cheat-like easy mode...

Ai, and that's my rant for today. Thanks for reading.

Have a good day! <<less
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Ignus rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c40
Not a bad story, no issues found.

But, it is lacking in character. The thing that separates it from another story. The author's creative touch.

It feels dry, with little excitement built with words as to what could be, danger, intrigue. Even the action doesn't stand out as that great. It feels like the story is following a script rehearsal without costumes and make-up.

Examples: ... more>>

MC gets a grimoire named glutton. So much stuff could be done with this. Like MC freaking out having a parasite in his hand that could kill him. Asking it questions on its origins, or possible harmful/side effects to the owner.

Or a true trek through dangerous mountains, rather than clean sailing until, oh an ambush, fight the main boss and win, and everything returns to status quo. No angst at first kill, no spoils of war, no reflection on combat, or words spoken about it from his mentor... Nope, just arriving at the amazing city with vast walls....

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Pythonspace rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c40
I will simply say that this "review" is simply to correct some rubbish. YOU CANNOT review a novel in 5 freaking chapters. Stop it. Go away and read the novel beyond that before writing a review. What's worse? The guy posted that on July 1st on that day we had more than 30 chapters.

As for the novel it's still in a world-building state. To be quite honest we are still finding out more about his power. To me the author doesn't necessarily go in depth enough in his fights. Granted... more>> maybe he has a plan and would rather focus on progressing the story to do higher level fights. The fact is at 40 chapters it's interesting. Not the next WMW, ISSTH, DE (didn't this start out slow as well), Everyone ER or Renegade Immortal (Well certain parts). Overall I have to be honest with you. It's moving along and that is true. However, with the world-building still going on at chapter 40 and it still feels a tad early before the end (yes this is typically a constant thing throughout the story, but it feels like in it's infancy still). As well as only being at 89 current chapters... I would suggest hold off if the premise isn't enough to draw your interest. Or a silly 5 chapters *cough*.

Overall it's different, read the premise understand he's going to get some "power" as they always do. Then at LEAST try until 20. The chapters are NOT long. Anyways I'll try and update this in the future when we catch up. Which we will because this translator is a machine! <<less
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Aeternus rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: c380
The novel is ending soon, and sadly I do not think the ending can change my rating anymore, so I decided to leave a review.

The translator, rainbowturtle, deserves praise for her dedication to translating.

So the review:

... more>> 2 stars means apparently poor. And sadly this is what the novel is.

It starts (the first 100 chapters) with a good mechanic, but a standard plot. The execution lacks, author changes styles and information can not be relied on, changing greatly. It seems amateurish, but kinda honest. And I liked it.

Then the novel seems to stabilise (chapter ca. 100-200). It seems to have found a style and direction. It is investing into stable worldbuilding. It also has decided to go the mythical western route. Some arcs are better then others, mechanic plays a big role.

Later (chapter 200-300) things get complicated. The novel changes once more. Eastern parts get added. Which is ok. But the important part is, once more the core mechanics are subjeted to change. The novel lays off the book eating part! Without it, it is not different from any other cultivation novels, you train, some "bullsh*t unicorn power" aspect., stronger enemies just a realm about you, decide to attack you etc. It invest heavily into premonions, cheap mystries and epicness. We get a standard cultivation harem route. Magic is at this point not much different then boom, and bigger boom. That is also why our magician becomes a complete swordsman, with especially bullsh*t ability, besides being "so owerpowered" and "never seen", it doesn't actually ever do anything, maybe because it is "so owerpowered". If the novel started like this, noone would read it. Can it get worse? And yes, it can...

Ending (300+), there is no reason to read further. The novel fails completly at this point. Why? Because it doesn't do something in my opinion necessary. To show us any redeaming qualities of the main character, or any personality of the MC. Who/What is the mc? At this point he is already noone. He is you, the reader. You are the hero, who gets a cheat with no consequences, who goes to adventures with no effect on you, and who gets everything you want with no effort. The plot gets is just a jocke, we all know it is about establishing

  • who has the biggest "sword" in the town
  • who will deserve to be a "shaft" of this sword, and how will it happen
  • tocken actionsequences for companions
  • meet cool mythical whoevers
Yea, and I read this thing. It is not even a good power fantasy, at least you get to swing your "sword", I guess. Not just a trophy hall. If that makes it better for you...

I appologise for any mistakes, or failures in logic, just can not let myself spend any more time on this "jewel". <<less
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Simple As It
Simple As It
June 25, 2017
Status: c21
Early review, so I won't rate it for now.

Story about a boy who lack of talent in magic but very smart in theories. The story itself is not that bad but there is lack reasoning of main character existence, why he became 'tr*sh', why he receive that grimore, for what? Are his family in trouble? Is he have someone to protect? What reasoning to become 'strong'?. The story really lackluster in short.

If you ever read "skeleton in other world" novel, then it feels like that. MC didn't have a Long-term... more>> goal, most of it just short-term. And if you would compare to the same novel that being translated by RainbowTurtle, "Praise The Orc!" though both of them are casual and not heavy to read, but praise the orc are much much better 10x times than this.

Not recommended to read, at least for now, not sure in the long future but now? Don't waste your time. <<less
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