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A Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!

However, luck would soon enter his hapless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player…

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New Polokrik rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c100
Ok so I put 4 stars because it is quite good so far, the characters are good, everythings is ok, except the MC.

It's a nice change from the other stereotypes (arrogant chinese, whimpy Jap) but I've never wanted so much the ability to go inside a book and bash his head trought "common sense and how to be a not completely retarded human being for dummies"

Come on !! He is so dumb and frustrating ! I mean he is 26, how can you live that long while still acting like... more>> that ?

But I feel there is improvements and he is learning but you will probably want to scream if you chose to read it (at least until 100 where I am) <<less
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servico macape
New servico macape rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c365
It is of great interest to bring out the best out of the writing from start to finish. Cant blame those who rate it lower having read only the the first few chapters, but also pity them having miss such a story.

Though some might find the story line boring at the beginning, it makes its sense as its foundation for an explosive interest. Author tries to supplement what he lacks in the first chapters by making it funny.

The author brings out the best out of the virtual reality games by... more>> maximizing the in-game freedom together with the characters resourcefulness. I might as well like to make it an unbounded world vibes and add more uncharted land or forbidden areas to not make the place feel cramped or the story limited, just a suggestion.


I didnt feel the romantic subplot, fast phased and lacked development.

Lacks sense of antagonism. Although there are some rivalry, it lacks punches that it makes you feel everything is serve, maybe add some sense of crisis by putting multiple enemy pov, just a suggestion though.

I kind of irritated by overuse of futuristic promises like those of his sons mentor. Pls moderate its use and dont overexhaust it.

Over all, 4 stars for now. <<less
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Alexander Valdimir
Alexander Valdimir
October 19, 2017
Status: --
I've followed Rainbowturtle for a good two years now, so I generally know what she prefers for translation. Not too surprising that the novel would be more towards teens and young adults.

That being said, the novel is indeed more towards younger audiences. Its a pretty straightforward story, you got a someone who was forced to enter the labor force after graduating from highschool. However his obsession to achieve greatness in the game lead him to get into debt. He doesn't achieve any achievement for a long period making the financial... more>> situation worst until he finally succeeded in completing a difficult quest. Succeeding in doing so, only to be forced back into level 1 than negative for failing the quest. Nothing overly complex, nor amazing detail thus far beside the fact that he went into the negatives level.

Also we got a lot of imbeciles who when seeing that its a korean novel along with that the MC is a labor and setting is VR. Instantly related this novel to LMS which is idiotic, since a novel should be review as its own. Unless the novel is shocking so similar that even your damn anus could come from another guys mouth. The stats in MMORPG is used in about everywhere so you really can't say anyone is copying from anyone.

Overall, currently the novel is fine but not great. But personally I would still read it for its a great way too kill time and been reading her translation for a long time now.

Rant a small one

Cause in theFFL, I have too much damn times these day, no task besides hurricane relief. Beside marching, marching and more marching, and other random training, also besides hanging with other mates, my go too is Rainbowturtle translation. Saying this cause people don't appreciated how Rainbowturtle has spent her time translating. The woman has translated over two-three thousand chapters alone and half of them were big size chapters that were around 8000-10000 words each. (Both ark series, 30 volume of LMS and others) She didn't received much monetary support from translating only till recently. So even if the novels aren't the best one in the genre, you better at least show your respect to such a person for dedication. <<less
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chencking rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c65
It'a a great story. The MC breaks the game's balance by obtaining a Legendary class 2 years earlier than the developer's planned, and the other players are floundering to get Epic classes, which are two tiers lower.

The MC is a bit of a NEET because all he does is game, but he perseveres in-game, and he puts incredible labor in order to succeed, and by now he is establishing himself as a pro-gamer. The interesting thing about this is that unlike many other MCs, Grid (his in game name) is... more>> incredibly unlucky, and no matter what he does something goes wrong. For example, often times, he receives a really rare quest, but this triggers a counter-quest among other players, and on the verge of victory, something will go wrong and he'll fail. The failure will blindside you, but it's never unwarranted.

TGrid's family is likable - they don't respect him as a NEET, but they won't abandon him either - and there is some great humor. I'm rating this 5/5 off of its current merits, and we haven't even gotten to the development. The TLer says the novel doesn't get really good until chapter 100 or so. The MC is also maturing nicely; he got out of debt and stopped dreaming of showing up at a reunion in a fancy sports car. Hopefully his new dream isn't quite so silly. I know he won't stop persevering.

PS: One thing I really like is he doesn't pull any of that being Korean makes him a super-grinder and combat expert BS. He labors, but there has yet to be much combat, and he isn't that good at it anyway. He'll probably get better, but I'm happy he's bad for now. Much more realistic than certain other novels. <<less
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Lunitan rated it
October 18, 2017
Status: c110
Lms but worse. Same old sob story about a loser that does hard work to survive then does gaming to make money and hits it rich and then has it snatched away, kind of.

Only the character is much less cunning and smart than weed, not to mention annoyingly childish. He mastered all his production skills in a second instead of forty plus volumes of epic adventures it took weed to master his skill, and his stat increases and skills are way more overpowered. Plus a sculptor is much more interesting... more>> than a blacksmith.

Other uninspired tropes include a unbelievably beautiful women that everyone stupidly lusts after despite beauty being entirely a setting in a VR game, TV companies broadcasting ingame footage, and stats straight from LMS, among others.

Uninspired drivel that showcases the worst aspects of korean web novels. Please translate something better than this trash.

Edit: Kind of gets better, still not great, and things are way too easy for him but it's okay as junk food. Takes until chapter 100-110 until it gets decent. 3 stars. <<less
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Friedsquido rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c28
2 stars is my current score- MC would have to grow a brain for me to rate this any higher.

I find it funny how the sole reason people are leaving 4-5 star reviews is because someone said that it would get "better" in the later chapters. I'm going to rate the novel based on the chapters i've read so far and not based on someones opinion. Could the better turn from being a whiny 5 year old to a mature adult, possibility (?), but until then im giving this a... more>> two, and I'm being generous here as the current MC is UNBEARABLE, this kid is, by far the worst MC i've ever read from reading countless k-novels and c-novels, and I truly despise some of the MC from cn novels.

So far, what we have is a MC with downs syndrome, is a compulsive liar, cheater, idiot, thief, and a idiot. This guy has no friends and he's thinking in his head how he should befriend others and cheat them off their money, steal xp and so on. Who the hell wants a friend like that, seriously? Why should an idiot like him get hit with all the luck, but no brains to take advantage of it. I'm sure some of these things will change in the future, but not his character. I'll probably stay away from this novel and maybe binge read it way later in the future.

Rainbowturtles novels have really been a hit or miss for me. Seems like her main target audience nowadays is for teens or adolescent kids. I love the translation speed and hopes she can translate some of the dropped k-novels instead of tling new ones. <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c295
It's a poorly written Gary Stu story. I know several people have said that the MC gets better with time, and that's true. But it's the kind of "gets better" that takes him from -10 billion to -10 thousand. Sure, it's a dramatic improvement, but he's still subhuman.

If you care about the protagonist that everyone worships like a god not being an a**hole, then you will definitely hate this series.

If you hate strong, independent, world-shatteringly beautiful women abandoning their ability to think or act rationally simply because they've had brief... more>> contact with the MC, then you'll also hate this series.

If you love poorly written power fantasies about people with no redeeming qualities getting rich, powerful and popular with minimal effort, then you'll absolutely love this series.

Personally, I regret ever having read any of it. <<less
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campfire rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c41
I like the mc's personality in the beginning, even though the character will be going through character growth based on the announcement in ch1.

MC has clear goals but doesn't seem to be obsessed about it in the game--even though he gambled his real life on it. I like how the MC is not perfect or in other words; a robot hunting for japtem. He still has persistence in his gaming, but it was focused on quest and reputation, which seem to normally be a bad move (?).

Based on his circumstances,... more>> he finds a legendary class book. The class does seem really OP but at the same time it's not in the beginning. So far in the story, that class seem to emphasis his new skills rather than levels--to improve his "production" in money making.

Just to reinforces my statement, I like the mc's personality very much; and he has similar personality as the characters in my fav top novels. I mean something random and trivial reason he became a keyboard warrior for a moment--was pretty funny (and there are more humor towards that end).

People seem to compare this with LMS, so to let my thoughts out; LMS is meh. The world building is fenomenal and the story is epic, but the characters seem to be lacking (MC included). There are many different humanoid races/species, but their individuality seem small and is the reason the MC affects them hard (even if the process of him doing it is clever). The MC in LMS too perfect for my taste, but if you could call his negligence toward his real life, a flaw; then it probably is. But that's not interesting. LMS is basically about a robotic workaholic with epic achievements in his dream job, and develops mostly one-sided social connections with real people--from their end.

I'm glad that I didn't trust the reviews or this would have slipped through my hands. I already don't have many novels to follow, so this is good.

As of chapter 110, I know this will be more satisfying than LMS. Why? Because the MC interacted with his family and realized his filial piety. Now he is a member of a guild--a small one--which I suspect the MC will be exposed to camaraderie he never had. This MC will grow as he progress throughout the story.

LMS was exhausting to read, when I was waiting for Weed to do about something big; and every achievement brought change in his surroundings and more power, but NEVER made him grow. Hopefully, the MC in Overgeared will incur some losses along with his Guild; and do self-reflection and redetermination. <<less
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Robertp3001 rated it
October 19, 2017
Status: c24
At this point the MC is mentally handicapped person with little to no control over his emotions. Anytime something happens he has to make crazy sounds of laughter or crying in public and it is really annoying. I'm sticking around for the sake of hoping he has some character growth at all. Even just not laughing crazily in public setting, even I want to punch him in the face. Not to mention he is a compulsive liar and a coward.

The only reason I'm going to continue reading is because I... more>> like the premise however if the MC experiences no mental growth from a child to the adult that he is I will have to drop it. <<less
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oblueknighto rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c96
Grid has so many problems in the beginning of the story that he's almost more pitiful than Weed. He's also so incompetent that even his own family have given up hope on him. He works hard but in the least efficient way by always taking the longest way around his problems. He's gradually changing after meeting some people who see his skills whether in a good or bad light. There's a lot to look forward to as the novel progresses.

I think the novel is worth a try for anyone who... more>> enjoys the VR game genre even if he isn't the typical 'smart' character who solves problems by magically finding a super smart way. He's definitely no Weed let alone Ark even if they're all similarly greedy. He's going to get through his problems with his overpowered gear because he's probably the furthest thing from talented. He's just a foolish guy who has a lot of misunderstandings about the world, people and overall clutz. I hope to see our main character grow (especially since both the author and translator says he grows over time).

Finally I'd like to give props for the great translator because Rainbow Turtle keeps an amazing pace with quality translations. Even got a 20 chapter batch all at once this week. <<less
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Dragon Devourer
Dragon Devourer rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: --
TL;DR: This series is almost as garbage as its protagonist.

I wanted to like this, I'm all about crafting systems and progression, but the protagonist started as subhuman garbage and then evolved into human garbage. A selfish, terrible person whos 'redeeming quality' from the author's eyes is his jingoistic nationalism to the exclusion of all else.

Effectively, the protagonist gets everything thrown into his lap and every setback he seems to suffer actually turns out to be a benefit. He's lazy, selfish, stupid and narcissistic on top of having no real skills... more>> and no redeeming qualities, but the virtual universe yawns its gaping asshole over him and sh*ts rewards into his life for being scum beyond scum somehow. Maybe the AI wants to bed him or something.

And despite his abrasive, asinine personality and complete lack of cooperation (as well as literally contributing nothing to his guild as an actual member since he charges them full price for his gear) everyone around him worships the ground he walks on as though he were actually a personable human being with some positive qualities. Super thick Mary Sue/Gary Stu levels of 'character'.

As if to top it all off, the writing wasn't all that good to begin with and steadily became lazier, just repetitions of skill names and how special random NPC #10293283203 is so that it can be 'impressive' when the protagonist one shots them with some random artefact he found or made or pulled out of his ass like Felix the Cat's magic bag. <<less
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Mahiro9 rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c139
Had I made this review a week ago, I'm sure I would have rated it low, but I'm glad I stopped and waited until it reached hundreds of chapters before binging it, and I have to say I'm very impressed. It is rare to find novels that focus on character growth nowadays.

The MC was really cancerous at the early chapters, but after reaching hundreds of chapters, he has shown growth in many aspects and the author always put emphasis in his growth.

The number of chapters needed for him to show... more>> his growth might discourage others from reading but those chapters are necessary to build the character and the story. Those hundreds of chapters doesn't even feel that long and entertaining things happen around the main character in almost every chapters. I could even consider the pacing of this novel to be fast despite taking so much chapters for the main character to grow.

Even though you might feel like pulling your hair at the early chapters, I'm sure that you'll also get a decent amount of laughs and giggles from the characters' antics.

The side characters aren't always just thrown away either, while some might get forgotten for a bit, they usually make a comeback after a few arcs.


So folks, stop giving a review without reading until you see how the story developed. I don't think the early chapters were written badly to warrant early bad reviews or any reviews at all.

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TheJudge rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c11
I'm giving this a 2 star for now, instead of a 1 star because there aren't that many chapters out yet. Hopefully the MC gets his act together and stop being a childish brat all the time. His way is thinking is something like this "this guy is a nice guy, I should borrow money from him and never return it since we are friends". Who wants a friend like that? Joking or not, it's very crass.

If you read Emperor solo play, this is similar to that, but instead of... more>> a somewhat mature adult, you a MC that acts like a 6 year old instead. You'll hear the MC cursing at things on every chapter, cry at things he doesn't have/can't obtain, do stupid mistakes and much much more. If you find the ESP MC annoyance level is nothing compared to this guy here. MC is just way too childish for my taste, and with his plot armor, the stupid things he does end up somehow being a benefit.

MC needs some serious character development, but I highly doubt he will, as most KR novels still end up being somewhat childish like LMS. First off, like many other reviews here, the MC as of right now is extremely irritating, he curses and the stupidest things, he acts without thinking, and does so many stupid things that I'm actually at times rooting for the other side, because this MC deserves to be treated like garbage from the silly things he does. An 8 year old would probably be more mature than him.

For example, he spent 1 of his 3 skills to create a weapon blueprint/craft, the only problem was he didn't think it through before crafting the weapon print, in the end he was able to create an op weapon but the requirements were just too harsh. So, then he starts complaining about how this isn't fair, blah blah blah and starts cursing. Uhh, maybe you should use your head a bit before jumping into something eh? <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c195
The novel starts like regular korean VR novels, with loser MC and bad luck and grudges. And suddenly everything changes, the MC gets OP, gets the girls (and even the 2 most beautiful girls on the planet), gets successful.. All for the sake of "character development". The novel was good in the beginning but just started to suck when the MC got his overhaul. I dont feel the author planned anything in this story.
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renaneal rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c69
The MC is unbereable at the beginning, childish and acts like an idiot. No redeeming qualities are seen initialy, but throughout story he starts to reddem himself and beggins to learn with his mistakes. Great plot overall.
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Elawn rated it
January 31, 2018
Status: c318
TL;DR Give it a shot. It's a worthwhile read.

Pfew. Where to begin? First of all, I'm flipping off all those who didn't even go past 100 chapters and made a review. I like this novel. I really, really like this novel.

I might've been exasperated with Grid at the begining but... Okay that's a lie. I hated him. Like, how can anyone be so scummy? It felt like his personality had gone through a level drop into the minuses.

However, it's obvious that's what the author wanted because after... more>> a while, he changes. He really does – although he still has a few questionable moments, he has, at least, become better.

And now I read because I want to know more. I want to know how much he'll keep growing.

I won't lie, I binge read the 318 chapters available in 3 days. If you can get past/through the first 100 chapters, you probably won't regret it.

PS: Although it says Harem, he is only in a relationship with a single person right now. I don't know how it's gonna be after that though. <<less
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Kraust Howzer
Kraust Howzer rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c65
I accidentally clicked the stars above so ignore those stars for now as it is not the basis of my review for this novel. While so many clicked suddenly about giving a low review immediately, I cannot argue that it has the same trope as the start of the novel.

The MC has a complex personality much like weed but a different one. While Weed has a bit of a personality being a caring brother and grandson to his sister and grandmother who is ill, Youngwoo here doesn't. His only redeemable... more>> personality is his existing persistence and drive albeit with his nagging personality. Good luck and bad luck always follows him like a follower. Weed also has this mind you but Youngwoo I think tops him on this. He's not a star in my books but the MC has this charm.

As of the newest chapter, the household is in a crisis and maybe... just maybe we can finally expect a growth on the MC's personality as like every eldest son or daughter has... take the reigns of the household and help the family out. Let's not quickly jump into conclusion that the novel is outright bad immediately. As every relationship needs a second chance to get back up again to the lovey dovey moments, so too shall we give the novel a second chance.

As we all have seen, the author is like a noob writer that needs time and experience so the first chapters that we have read is obvious that he just started out.

MC growth personality is albeit slow to the low side. His mentality is so ridiculous that it got him a debt that he needs to pay and worse, the father was a friends guarantor which leaves the household in a massive debt plus his own debt piled up so I can finally vision that the MC will have some growth spurts in the coming chapters.

I have followed Turtle nee since she started translating and has been my go to korean novels whenever I finished reading my updated novels. She won't pick up a novel if it's not interesting. Like I said, let's all give the novel a second chance. Who knows... this novel might be a diamond that has been shelved for god knows how many years until Turtle nee discovered this. <<less
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aelevo rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c105
Its roller coaster. Really.

first 50 chapter might be bad for your brain because the MC is dumb-stupid-selfcentered-hole. Always focus on making money money money. But its a necessary chapter so the story became solid and for more realistic (?). I mean come on, who else in this entire universe doesnt concern about money when your in late-20 and you have a huge debt, not everyone can be a saint.

but my point is many people just runaway from the series just because the MC is just have bad personalities, and... more>> of them all giving bad review just after reading about 10 to 30 chapter. I mean come on, there is these (Money Grubber, Poor Protagonist, Selfish Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist, Unlucky Protagonist) tags for a reason. But dont forget that Character Growth tags. Its mean the MC might be turn for the better (and he did in the latest chapter).

actually I might rate it 4. But i'll give 5 for balancing purpose with the runaway (s)


it's got really good at about c80, more crafting and hunting. And he get a friends too

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Hazy rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c65
It's been a really good novel so far. It's early to say whether I'll keep having a good impression about it or not, but people are giving up on it just because of the MC's mentality. Don't do that. You should at least read it a little more, and see if there's no development in his mentality before giving up on reading it. I liked the way the author describes the crafting system, and the way the MC tries hard to do his best. He is an asshole, but I... more>> believe in the translator, as she said in WuxiaWorld, he'll become someone reliable. <<less
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shuiko rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c27
I gave it a chance, I really did. I legit hate the MC, if only because hes so retarded it beyond ridiculous. It's lite really a rip off of LMS, but worse because the MC is also useless as a person, even with a supportive family around him.

The author tries to literally copy aspects from LMS, but only makes it worse cause he never establishes any room for character growth, he's literally stuck in a cycle of being a selfish dumbass, for the sake of being a selfish dumbass.

I cannot... more>> recommend this novel if you want to read something to enjoy. <<less
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Midnight Coffee
Midnight Coffee rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c35
I am not an adept reviewer, but let me speak my mind to those who want to read this piece and those who said that this piece is not good.

First, do not expect every story you read to have the same concept as the ones you read before.

You've read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor before? Good for you, my friend. But it doesn't mean that you can count the value of this piece with the standards you used on LMS. In LMS, to appeal the public, the author created a cunning,... more>> hardworking, and cheap MC with a dark background, his parents were not around, and they're poor as hell. In this novel, the author tried to bring a different persona, a stupid, slow, hates labour, cheap MC. He's literally the trash of humanity, he'd die in a week if it's not for his parents still being around. But the author tried to make a story around this kind of MC, so of course you can't judge the value with LMS standards. Also, it's still 35 chapters translated, god dammit, what did you expect?

Second, this story has a certain appeal to me. I'm not saying that most people would agree with me, but, because the story revolves around an unlikeable MC, I actually want to see how he fight his way up.

Third, yeah, I hate his stupidity too, and how he thought the world revolved around him and everyone owed him something, man, I really want to hit this guy sometimes. But, hey, I want to see if this guy can change for the better.

Fourth, some korean novels that I've read showed a great start, and at some point near the end, the quality just went bad, for example Praise The Orc and Breakers, but this novel on the other hand, showed such detestable start, maybe it'll surprise you and me in the near future when the later chapters come out.

That's the end of my "I don't know what I wrote" review, I hope you give this piece a try.

Shout out to RainbowTurtle, thanks for the hardwork, mate! Keep it up, and sorry that I'm just a leecher, lol. <<less
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1234567890 rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c34
Premises is good and has a quiet fascinating plot. But MC is one of the worst characters in any novel I have ever read. He has almost all of the negative characteristics and none of the positive except for his persistence. If his character improves 5 stars could be given to this novel.
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