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As Shin Youngwoo had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the most popular VR game, Satisfy!

However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and will become a legend…

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puppytoe rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: c813
This is my second time leaving a review, and mind you, I did stick around until what is currently the latest chapter to date to see the MC develop. The MC develops from an unlikable unsociable human being to a unlikable human being that bribes people into adoring him.

The amount of plot armor this fella gets is unbearable. You could have a secret organization bent on ruining this guy in one arc, only to have the head of said organization down on his knees begging for the MC's items in... more>> the next. And EVERYONE ends up with the same mindset of "Well I didnt recognize his abilities, but now I do recognize it and want to be his friend". At a certain point, the novel begins to follow a "pubstomped, so I guess I'll follow this guy" kind of trope.


Its been 4 years in the novel, and yet everyone globally still thinks the MC is going to lose the international competitions despite the MC continuing time and time again to prove himself broken. Why is everyone except the MC's kingdom/associates so daft? Which results in meh "OMG, this guy just broke my expectations" sort of reactions.


Also, I dont mind the harem genre, but what seemed to be strong supporting women turns into 2-dimensional mindless women whose only goal is to somehow woo their one and only MC savior, who gives them items that keep them relevant in the story amongst the 50 other supporting cast members.

The story went from bad -> better -> good -> I saw that coming -> boring -> bad <<less
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January 30, 2021
Status: c1293
The reason why I have reached as far as 1293 chs is not because the novel is good but because I dont have the habit of dropping something I pick up reading and also because my friends were actively reading and recommended me this. Now the review.

Where to start from, yikes, everything is garbage. The MC and even his character development which is so boasted about is ridiculous. Nouveau riche is an understandable phenomenon but the absurd sheer luck which comes with it every single arc and supposed setback which... more>> turns into blessings every godamn time is astonishing. This is one of those Gary Stu tales I get it but.. It is just absurd.

I wonder if author wanted to design an anti-hero but he failed terribly on that as well. And the mere thought of Grid being a 'Hero King' can be scoffed at. Even at this point in the story, he is short sighted, petty, jealous, greedy and timid. No matter the proclamations by his fans or guild mates. The only redeemable thing about him is his immersion and interaction with NPCs and thats that. But here too, it is mostly misunderstandings and not his pious first intentions which have developed those NPC affinities and relations to this point. Just let's start with Irene, his wife. Why'd he save her? For the Doran Ring (an item). What about Khan? To learn craftsmanship and after he was fascinated and greedy for that Dainsleif in his smithy And this goes along with Pirao, Asmophel and Mercedes and other major characters that come later. It's always in this pattern.

To talk about his real life interactions, I'll seriously cry. A strong woman, Jishuka and her guildmates (Tzedakah Guild) just one day disbanded their guild with no more than a thought to get items? Yes, that may seem slightly plausible but no. It was recognised that Grid was a jealous and petty person but they didn't even blink and just joined his bandwagon with no ounce of background and character checks? Euphemia too only later helped him because she got a quest by an NPC no matter when her interest was even piqued. It wasn't out of her own will. The author has added subtle elements here and there which just go in MC's favour no matter what. I agree Rabbit had foreseen that his potential could blossom but once and twice of such situations can be acceptable but the whole novel has countless such instances.

99% times when Grid helped someone is because of either misunderstandings, profit or sheer dog sh*t luck and I actually don't have a big problem with that, the problem is, his misconception that he's become a bigger person and the people around him who see him as a messiah with a divine aura when in reality the core issue has been very slowly improved but on a macro scale. Let's say Hao, he had a dinner with him in a Chinese restaurant and misunderstood him to be deep thinker. What about Yura? I feel sad for her honestly. She believed that Grid let her win the quest because she wasn't aware about the Immortal Passive of his class then. She helped her finances, did her chores, taxes, management and everything and even confessed to him but all she got was a silence and not much material appreciation but just comforting words and yet again, she will give all her treasures and prizes for him to keep. And he even sold most of the items he made to his guildmates but he half heartedly concedes for extra wealth.

I won't stop, I want to rant here about all his short sighted and s*upid activities out to the world. I have never disliked an MC to this extent. At this point am only reading for the sake of it, as it's my habit. I would surely scrutinise and check reviews before I stumble upon a piece of sh*t which this novel is.

And ofcourse, it's a Korean Novel so it can't be without downright abusive and racist remarks towards Japan and China. Obligatory, North Korea as well. The people who are even reviewing it above 2 stars are naive and imbecilic imo, probably kids. I get the point of power fantasies but this novel gets more undeserved praise which needs to be curbed. Unless, you can relate with the MC or sympathize with his so called dark past. Like seriously, even the backstory isnt heavy. Even Agnus is more reasonable than Shin Youngwoo. He got bullied and himself got into debt and besides inferiority complex, envy and hate for people who do better than him, he has had a pretty normal lifestyle. Yet, that is such a haunting experience that he can't even come out of even at this point. Can't man up to confess to the person he likes irl because oh well "Ahyoung was a bad girl = all girls are bad" when considering. Now, sighs. I guess I rant out well. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c11
I'm giving this a 2 star for now, instead of a 1 star because there aren't that many chapters out yet. Hopefully the MC gets his act together and stop being a childish brat all the time. His way is thinking is something like this "this guy is a nice guy, I should borrow money from him and never return it since we are friends". Who wants a friend like that? Joking or not, it's very crass.

If you read Emperor solo play, this is similar to that, but instead of... more>> a somewhat mature adult, you a MC that acts like a 6 year old instead. You'll hear the MC cursing at things on every chapter, cry at things he doesn't have/can't obtain, do s*upid mistakes and much much more. If you find the ESP MC annoyance level is nothing compared to this guy here. MC is just way too childish for my taste, and with his plot armor, the s*upid things he does end up somehow being a benefit.

MC needs some serious character development, but I highly doubt he will, as most KR novels still end up being somewhat childish like LMS. First off, like many other reviews here, the MC as of right now is extremely irritating, he curses and the s*upidest things, he acts without thinking, and does so many s*upid things that I'm actually at times rooting for the other side, because this MC deserves to be treated like garbage from the silly things he does. An 8 year old would probably be more mature than him.

For example, he spent 1 of his 3 skills to create a weapon blueprint/craft, the only problem was he didn't think it through before crafting the weapon print, in the end he was able to create an op weapon but the requirements were just too harsh. So, then he starts complaining about how this isn't fair, blah blah blah and starts cursing. Uhh, maybe you should use your head a bit before jumping into something eh? <<less
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aqua55 rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c1241
chapter 1203

Honestly because of this novel I have a new standard for video games and books all together.



And those "character flaws" everyone dislikes is an essential part of the story. Its the most important part. Not only to build off of, but you have to understand that's the type of person he was (past tense). THAT'S YOUR STARTING CHARACTER. Its your job as a reader to see where this story takes him. Especially when the reason for this character makes sense from a psychological standpoint when you read about his life. You're not just reading game dialogue, you're reading a STORY.

The in game descriptions are awsome, and idk how but this author really balanced this game really well considering everything he's writing is made up It's so balance I honestly feel like making a video game mirroring these setting/ideas because its really awsome.

Making Satisfy exactly would be hard, but a more free / super multi variable system would be cool the items and skills he comes up with are so f*cking perfect. Like I was having a hard time imagining what these titles and skills and rewards would give grid, and its really easy to just think up something that's either kinda lack luster or simply too overpowered/easy to abuse/game breaking, but he still manages to make them feel balanced yet strong enough to satisfy our greed. Its a real talent.

He's thinking super longer term, hes setting stuff up hundereds/thousands of chapters in advance, even with the younger genrations, theres a lot of forshadowing, and he gives us little hints that he hasn't forgotten about some stuff while hiding other stuff hoping we would forget. Detials that aren't mentioned, appear in future chapters

To me personally, this seems like a upgraded version of legendary moonlight because he is keeping the whole game world in mind and setting these up, and its really upsetting there aren't more novels like this. Things like solo leveling, emperor of solo play and ark felt to linear, like legend of zelda.

This novel makes the idea of "you can make any choice, you can get various different rewards based off those choices" feel more real. Taming master was also a great novel but its not as free as this novel is Him choosing the never reveal too much information about mobs and bosses is also a brilliant decision because it makes things more open ended, anything is possible, and we aren't focused too much on monsters, bosses and raids, but they aren't disregarded either. He gives us a ton of information, but there is also just as much he decided not to tell us, and its just as important to the structure of the story. It's why this story succeeds as a realistic next gen VRMMO. Our personal imagination is a factor that he considered, and that alone makes this novel the top VRMMO novel to this date.


chapter 893

Whoever said this novel is tr*sh is mental. This is an amazing story, where the MC not only evolves in real time with the reader, bit by bit, but the author also has an incredible timeline. It's where arcs overlap and small details are never truly forgotten, but instead will appear sometime in the future. Dam, there are parts where a certain species will be mentioned briefly and will seemingly be very important, but wont appear till way later in the story. Not only that but you feel like you're actually playing the game with the character, as the skills and items and quests are all intriguing, where their quest rewards make you drool.

And no, it's not the same as moonlight sculptor. Sure both of them are similar in bringing in the idea of making subclasses like sculpting, blacksmithing, painting, etc into powerful existances if played correctly with a bit of luck, but THATS WHAT MAKES THIS INTERESTING! I'm tired of the swordsman and mages. MAKE WIERD CLASSES OP TOO, like in I Am Monarch, you hardly ever see an MC as a spearman but it made it interesting because of that.

On top of that, this story is not even close to done, we're currently on like year 4 of the MC playing the gaming and I still don't see an end to this story. And this is primarily because every time you expect it to follow a certain generic path to like hero's vs demons, or Gods or whatever, the author keeps adding other stuff for the MC to do on top of that.

For example *spoiler ahead* we're like the MC is gonna fight the great demons, NOPE, bring him to a hidden continent. Oh he's gonna go to war with the ruling nation, oh but wait what's this, now we have this whole sorry of vampires, What! We have gods, we have dragons, elves and dwarves, which we only heard of but haven't met yet. And since we have vampires, we might have werewolves but those haven't even been mentioned. We have weapons with egos, we have classes that evolve, we have NPCS that can EVOLVE THEIR CLASS, we have previous legends, blah blah blah.

Seems like a lot right, BUT ITS NOT BECAUSE THE authors made all of this extremely digestible, and make it feel like one big story, which it is. And dam, even the real world stuff is pretty fun the read.

Give this story a try, idk why's it's 3.9 stars, should be 4.5 minimum, but if you wanna live a vrmmo experience with an ideal dog. Read this. If you like LMS, read this. I swear, you'll fall in love with it. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c243
This author wants me to believe that 60-70% of the world can pay 10 grand for a capsule. Everything in this story seems like bs. 80% of the stuff the MC makes are only normal or rare rated. What is the point of being a legendary blacksmith? This running joke has gone on to long and its not funny anymore. The MC only made 2 unique items in 3 months. Thats 1 month in real life. He has been a blacksmith for at least 9 months in real life and... more>> has only made 8 legendary items. How can a legendary blacksmith make normal items? He even has a legendary blacksmith hammer. Its also sad that the author doesnt care about his real life. The MC said he would visit his grandfather and never did. The author just gave up on the mc's real life after the high school reunion arc. This is just a poor mans version of LMS. They should change the name from Overgeared to Overated. <<less
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Dhoozy rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c900
The story was good up until chapter 300 or so. It was REALLY good, funny, charming. However the Author does not know the meaning of restraint and then made the dumbest decision I have ever seen in a VRMMORG novel.

... more>>

He let the MC have an NPC baby. NOT only did he let the MC have a NPC baby, but he made that NPC baby as the strongest existence in the game. That as 2 week old infant have the physical ability of a 14 year old. That a 1 month old infant can follow the titanic battle between TWO high end user as if it was nothing. That a month old baby can understand troops ability and placement.


THEN to add insult to injury


The author then go on to say that said NPC baby will be the ultimate godlike existence in the game with NO equal. That he would be perfect in every way.


You see up until those point no matter how strong our MC go, his ability is sh*t and has no skill just very strong weapons with stats. Everyone around him is more skilled then him by a mile. However his gear makes them even. If a skilled person was armed like him he would crush him in 5 second flat.

So no matter how strong he go there were NPC and user still better than him.

But that


killed it.

Don't waste your time. King's Avatar is better in terms of opness by a mile then this MC. If you do I suggest you stop up until

the birth

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mangalife rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: --
I hate this author

I have read till chapter 1091 and wanted to wait to make a review
This is honestly one of the most frustrating, idiotic and annoying stories written
First 200-300 chapters the MC is a total tr*sh person. He is utterly s*upid, annoying, and jealous of everyone. His estimated IQ is around 50-60
The author tried to show this whole "journey" of how a person grows but come on 700-800 chapters and still he is a total idiot
It is constantly mentioned every few chapters whenever he meets anyone how ugly he is. NPCS, People in real life, and so on. The amazingly because he is eating chicken instead of ramen and working out now he becomes good looking. Thats the biggest bs I have ever heard
Also author uses the one girl who betrayed him early as an excuse to nor trust for the next around 957 chapters. Everytime some girl shows interest he is like no way they would like me. Every single few chapters this is mentioned.
Yura helps him out, gets him a payday when she threatens a company and she is there in numerous ways. She helps him with his construction project, managing taxes etc but he still continues to be suspicious of her for a while and selfish. I dont mean 50-60 chapters I mean hundreds of chapters.
Then he throws all the work for the kingdom because he admits he's not smart on Lauel whose really smart. He throws all the responsibility for managing everything on his guild people and doesnt really actively try to even help. He has the mindset it is "work" to even talk to those people. He corrects himself after freaking 900ish chapters.
Romance: Dont get me started. I was so freaking annoyed the whole time. Jishuka and Yura have done a lot for him but every couple of chapters it is shown they like him but he plays it off as a typical oblivious character. His excuse no way would anyone like me and because he got betrayed. Now this would be fine but author brings up every few chapters they like him and he ignores it and they feel hurt. This repeats over and over and over. If you dont want him to be with someone dont include every few chapters someone liking him and there being no progress. Just focus on the damn story.
Then he runs into multiple npcs who like him. Sua, Mercedes, Basara, this other npc he picked up on the east continent and the same things happens again. They all show an interst in him but he acts oblivious and this happens over and over and over. Now if they were not introduced from the purpose showing that they like him and just as normal characters I would be like cool the story is progressing. Instead the author keeps introducing these characters and then totally ignores them and then he introduces a new one and over....
Now he is very s*upid but also in the game when your affinity is over 70 you can marry someone so the fact that he doesn't understand that is idiotic. In addition Basara who is empress like him and he could be uniting the kingdom and the empire but he doesnt think.
Irene his wife when she wanted to marry him which happened very early on everyone was like no dont because she would age 3 times faster. Time in there moves 3 times as fast. Now the fact that he can create items, or has a kingdom but is still an idiot even around 1091 chapters. Multiple times its mentioned that now she is older then him and he feels sad but like an idiot he never thinks let me find something that can extend or prolong aging. He doesnt think that after almost 10 years of being married to her. The fact that it never crosses his mind shows how s*upid he and the author both are. Also he is a blacksmith but not once did he think let me make equipment for my wife who has been in several dangerous situations. It is honestly absurd how the whole thing is written. He never tried to het her level up or make equipment or nothing.
Around chapter 957 Yura finally comes out and says will you date me and he thinks shes crazy and says why would you want to go out with someone like me. She actually explains it all and he is like I dont believe it you're mistaken.... instead of sitting and finishing a talk he goes in the bathroom in the mirror and starts posing. Then after this confessions its ignored and he goes on dates with her but his purpose is that she will realize she doesnt like me and is mistaken. It's honestly ridiculous at this point. Jishuka moves in with him but no progression. What sucks is both of them really care about him so it gets frustrating watching that over and over every few chapters. Then around chapter 1080ish Yura is like is the reason you arent accepting to go out with me because I am weak in the game and cant help.... so like an idiot he doesnt try to communicate and lets her live with a misunderstanding and shes like lets stop going out on dates. I will go and become stronger so I can help and all the 10 people who have been helping him all leave to get stronger. This is ridicolous that people who have been helping him and managing the territory he doesnt even communicate to them properly. Yura especially feels like she is being a burden and is constantly under stress but he doesnt even try to console or talk to her. Its idiotic that by chapter 1080 he doesnt understand relationships, people, and anything else. I get the author tried to show growth but all this shows is he is incompetent. He never would have been able to manage a guild, make a country or do anything without all the people. he takes all of them for granted. Yes he might have gotten strong himself but managing a guild, making a country those were all due to people helping....

Why did I continue to read..... Once I start a story its hard for me to stop and I really wanted to get a happy ending to this but its frustrating. Introducing 2 really good characters who care about him Yura and Jishuka and having no development with over 1000+ chapters is absurd. If someone says thats not his focus well there were multiple times he mentioned that when am I going to get someone in real life.... so when someone asks him out he ignores it.....
It's honestly one of the most frustrating stories I have read

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Alex Woods
Alex Woods rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c600
Totally shitty book. Heavenly beauties falling for MC for random stuff.
MC is the worst part of all, at starting of the book MC hadmintelligence 10% of average human, after 150 chapters he had intelligence of 70% of average human.
Whenever MC makes a decision that an average man, will make everyone is shocked about how he much he had grown.
They are shocked with his growth every 3 chapters.
Some people are like Grid is our lord and we will give up our life for him, MC has charisma of shit.
Billionaires that can shake the world are very eager to swear loyalty to him. Beauties fall in love with MC.
MC is the most disgusting person, I dont mean by morality, I mean I felt disgusted about his everything.
Villians have IQ in negatives, in game as well as real life.

There was a scene where some dudes try to r*pe his sister, MC fought with them with martial moves he didnt know he had gained by playing games. He just beat them up and just left,
he could have complain to police or make their life living hell.
He was not a nobody at that time, he was the hero of the nation. With one word people will fall over themselves to kill those rapists, but MC is too beta for that.
If you like character growth this book is not for you, in every 3 chapters someone will remark about how much MC has grown.
I cringe so hard everytime I read it.
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beddedOtaku rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: c1155
-- some moments of greatness sprinkled among the mediocrity and downright garbage. That's perhaps the best description of I can offer of Overgeared as of ch 1155.

I've contemplated dropping the novel around 20~ times give or take, but I stuck with it. It's definitely a fun experience; there's a decent amount of humor, some epic moments, and it's probably the best you're gonna get of MMORPG-like novels at the moment. However, that isn't exactly praise of the highest order.

I didn't mind Grid's character as some other readers had, be that... more>> before his transformation or after. What bothered me, however, was the transformation itself -- it completely abandons the concept of show-don't-tell, since every other chapter either some side character or the author himself through omniscient perspective will clamor about how much Grid has changed. It always pulled me right out of the story because it felt erroneously cheap; after all, the point of character development is to showcase a change, not inform the readers of the change. Time and again, author kept reminding me of Grid's change, whereas he should have just showed it.

It's fine, however; his character development certainly is strong, and as I said at the start, there are some really great moments throughout the novel. The problem is that it's a webnovel. Those moments of greatness are sprinkled in the mess that is the main (?) story in addition to endless vomit of filler. They are also often marred by what I like to call 'showoff hero' -- the type of a character that always appears at the very last second to save the day. Once or twice it was fine, but it's gotten to the point that author himself points it out through random internet commentators. It's not funny. It's just annoying.

I don't really wanna spend too much time talking about harem because I generally tend to hate the genre. It is especially so in this novel, since I literally do not buy a single relationship he has built with women -- not even his wife's. Whatever, right? Who cares? Aren't most harems like that? Sure. But, we're over a 1000 chapters in, and this dude is yet to reach the mental awareness of an 18y-old despite being over 30 (I think?).

What I will assent, however, is that women in the novel generally do get a better treatment than the women in most other novels of similar type. They do have somewhat unique personalities (that unfortunately disappear when dealing with MC), but their goals and life orbit the MC far too much for me to take them seriously.

In reality, that's the case with virtually every other character in the novel. Even if they had a single independent thought, it would be crushed the moment they meet and interact with MC. The only exception is one of the 'bad guys' (?), but I'd bet my left nipple he'll undergo the exact same thing in the future as the rest of the characters and join MC's ever-growing harem.

As with every single MMORPG-like novel ever written in the history of this world, the game part of the story is just utter nonsense. I can't remember how many times author indicated that the developers pay a whole lot of attention to balance, but each time it happened, I suffered a temporary curse of rofling. Balance? Gacha games are more balanced than this nonsense. Rather than the game, 'Satisfy' or whatever is treated more like an alternate reality with a game system, since MC is virtually unparalleled save for the bigger and badder monsters that come knocking at just the right time so he doesn't quiver and die.

I will say this time and again -- hidden classes, classes layered in tiers, exclusive titles directly impacting battle performance, unique items that are just outright better than anything else... none of this will ever become a part of the genuine MMORPG. To begin with, the pre-requisite for a balanced game is already thrown out the window at the start since leveling is uncapped. I will never for the life of me understand how the new generation of players who are joining 2-3 years after the game's release are capable of actually catching up in levels to everyone else. No matter what I fabricate in my mind (because author never bothers to explain it since it's impossible), I can't reconcile the fact that the gap should be so massive, not even a thousand XP potions should be enough to make up for it. Yet, lo and behold.

Grid's class, in general, is just a broken nonsense that would never be allowed. It's similar to Weed's in that it can do virtually everything. I literally can't think of a single weakness that Grid's class has. It's superior in terms of stats, melee combat, range combat, production, speed, defense, attack, etc. No matter how much the author claims that 'Grid's hitting his limits and others will shoot past him soon', that's just pure nonsense. I don't even want to talk about the spoilery stuff from later on when those 'limits' just crumble like glass.

In effect, don't read this as an MMORPG novel; it's just another wish-fulfillment type of a story set in a game-like universe in which MC is dictating how the story goes. In the last 600-700 chapters (I think?), there was only a single point in which someone other than MC did something that triggered a storyline. And, naturally, MC gobbled that sh*t up and became the driver of the story shortly after.

His companions eventually, as in all the novels of this type, become irrelevant resource parasites. Despite being 'supreme talents', they'd literally rot in the sewers if it wasn't for MC-bus. The only one even remotely necessary is the strategist, and even that's debatable if I'm being honest.

All in all, despite my rough overview of the novel, I did enjoy Overgeard up till now. It's a good way to pass time, and there are some interesting storylines to be found here. Unfortunately, during the past 200-300 chapters, it reads more like your generic xianxia rather than a story set inside a game.

Oh, also, racism is also a thing here. I'll honestly never understand why East-Asian novels set in the modern era can't abstain from overt racism. I don't think it's that hard, right? <<less
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Viestigal rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c949
If you're not patient enough, you might miss one of the most phenomenal novel you'll ever read. From sh*t to cake, it's a story of a useless man's journey to the peak and beyond. It's a game novel and yeah, it started with a sickening MC with his maddening circumstances. Anyways time will heal those scars and a much better protagonist is being concocted or say... being ??????! The thing is, are you up to the challenge of surviving the first hundred? Second? Third? Do you dare to read those... more>> shitty beginnings ahem.. really shi... ahem.. chapters? Haha well goodluck and hope you survive.

You might not believe it but waiting for the next update is much worse than the reading the first ? chapters. <<less
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Kraust Howzer
Kraust Howzer rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c65
I accidentally cl**ked the stars above so ignore those stars for now as it is not the basis of my review for this novel. While so many cl**ked suddenly about giving a low review immediately, I cannot argue that it has the same trope as the start of the novel.

The MC has a complex personality much like weed but a different one. While Weed has a bit of a personality being a caring brother and grandson to his sister and grandmother who is ill, Youngwoo here doesn't. His only redeemable... more>> personality is his existing persistence and drive albeit with his nagging personality. Good luck and bad luck always follows him like a follower. Weed also has this mind you but Youngwoo I think tops him on this. He's not a star in my books but the MC has this charm.

As of the newest chapter, the household is in a crisis and maybe... just maybe we can finally expect a growth on the MC's personality as like every eldest son or daughter has... take the reigns of the household and help the family out. Let's not quickly jump into conclusion that the novel is outright bad immediately. As every relationship needs a second chance to get back up again to the lovey dovey moments, so too shall we give the novel a second chance.

As we all have seen, the author is like a noob writer that needs time and experience so the first chapters that we have read is obvious that he just started out.

MC growth personality is albeit slow to the low side. His mentality is so ridiculous that it got him a debt that he needs to pay and worse, the father was a friends guarantor which leaves the household in a massive debt plus his own debt piled up so I can finally vision that the MC will have some growth spurts in the coming chapters.

I have followed Turtle nee since she started translating and has been my go to korean novels whenever I finished reading my updated novels. She won't pick up a novel if it's not interesting. Like I said, let's all give the novel a second chance. Who knows... this novel might be a diamond that has been shelved for god knows how many years until Turtle nee discovered this. <<less
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kamishiniyari rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: c900
overgeared huh, more like, overrated

I am convinced that people who actually recommend this for the character growth are the victim themselves, after reading hundreds of pages of nonsense, why not make others suffer for the same thing, the hope that there will be indeed a character growth.

"Believe me bro, he'll improve in 100 more chapters, it was such a well written development bro, trust me, you should believe in me and god grid".

The prisoner of sweet words went by pages, filled with hope for a change, alas, only misery awaited... more>> him.

The MC started off as a depressed, greedy, and dumb game junkie, and over the course of the story he developed to a greater height, namely the overconfident, greedy, and dumb game junkie.

Oh, he's also an a**hole, he started off poor, poor and sad a**hole, then the game lets him make money so he became a rich a**hole. What a great development.

The game world was rich, but absurdly unbalanced. The fights were sometimes good, sometimes bad.

The side characters were just passing sentence, mostly existed just to give praise for our MC. The real life drama were probably sourced from some flopping k-drama script.

But all of those weren't the worst thing there is, the hardcore fans were, hahaha. They'll call you names for having different opinion on their beloved novel, calling you tasteless or moron or something for not understanding the greatness of god grid character development. <<less
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Zakier rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: c939
Alright so this novel starts out real slow. I mean super ret*rded levels of slow. The main character is an a**inine Douche-waffle with nearly no redeeming qualities. Gets himself a Legendary class and complains non stop. Understand that the MC is a Swordsman who through various circumstances got stuck with a Crafting class. He has reasons to be upset and his life style shows all to well why he is a greedy selfish pig of a person.

Now on to why this is 5 stars.

Oh my **cking Gods above and below... more>> did this Main character grow. He want from douchy MC Douchervillin to a Gods be Dam*ed paragon. This wasnt an abrupt switch. Not life altering single moment. This character grows chapter after chapter, little by little. And this has to be the Slowest but most satisfying character growth I've seen so far. LMS's Weed never grew like this. Yeah theres plenty similar between the two but weeds personality stayed the same and everyone just misunderstands his shallowness for goodness and humility. Grid here grows in personality.

Now beyond that you've got the story. Yeah the MC is powerful but not like God dropped an op class on him. More that due to severe bad luck he didnt meet the requirements of his class to advance it which would stop him getting attribute points. Which turns out to be great luck as those attributes stack up massively. He works hard and trains his gaming ability. Finally reaching a point where he stands tall at a pinnacle only to find yet another mountain to climb.

While there are multiple beautiful female characters around him, as of chapter 900+ he still hasnt gotten woth any of them. Hasn't even tried. Hes married an NPC which in this novels game systems the AI has them as pretty much human. It's an interesting way of managing NPCs.

The real growth of thos character starts to take place around chapter 120+. Stuck with it. This is an amazing Novel and well worth your time. Dont let the other reviews fool you. <<less
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kevindzx rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c685
A lot of people say this novel isn't tr*sh but it is. I have never seen such a s*upid MC. I mean there is a limit to bieng s*upid, the MC has two legend classe, and he rarely use his magic. And this hole consept of bieng overgeared is just crap. This web novel is just here as publicite for s*upid gamers that are overgeared in game on ligne, so that more gamers give more money in items to play games.

And thanks a lot for the reviewers that said that... more>> the MC is gonna grow and have more inteligence, and here i'am at ch685 and the MC is the same s*upid sh*t he was in the begining. A complete wast of time

this novel is a bad copy of TLMS. The two MC of this two novel are diferent like hevean and earth an yet the result is the same the two are king and at the top ranking of players, it's not relistic at all I mean there is a limit to the result of effort will bien s*upid like Grid. <<less
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Zoronstorm rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c1500
Overgeared in my opinion is 4/10, this might be considered harsh but personally I think that this is more than generous enough for a novel that fabricates everything about it and doesn't have any real development nor does it make sense.

First I would like to address the so called 'character development' that happens. It exists, but it doesn't make sense. The character develops from an ugly, s*upid, arrogant, lustful piece of garbage into a handsome, intelligent, humble, saint of man because he got a class. This development happens with no... more>> instigation other than that the character decides that he wants to change and while this may be a good enough reason for character development it happens way too fast. He becomes intelligent and incredibly proficient at tactics and game skills fast enough to become even better than people who were considered geniuses and the best in the field in the real world despite it being stated multiple times in the novel that he isn't at all intelligent and is in fact dumber than most people. It's not something you notice unless you actually pay attention to the MC and the other characters development.

Now lets talk about this mans harem. He literally has the two MOST BEAUTIFUL women fall in love with him for no reason other than he did them a favour or helped them once or twice when its stated in the book that people have done far more for them and have still gotten the cold shoulder, it just idiotic and their relationships always felt so forced and the MC didnt get the most obvious hints (not in the endearing way) and had to have one of them confess on live TV to understand that they liked him.

All in all the novel is just tr*sh, its fine to binge read when your incredibly bored but if your looking for something of quality this is not it, take it from someone who spent 10 days reading the whole thing then dropped it immediately after because of how stagnant it got without instant content to keep me interested instead of keeping me interested with a good plot. <<less
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EternalSympathy rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c476
We've all seen novels where 'geniuses', 'talented' people, reincarnators, etc. Grow stronger, and rise to power in their respective worlds.

But if you ask me, it's far more interesting to observe the growth of a below-average protagonist into not only a stronger, but also a smarter being; a more 'genuine' growth.

Fortunately, there's Overgeared.

Staying with this novel over the course of 470+ chapters, I can assure you that this is one of the best novels out there of it's kind. For those who gave up before the story begins to reaches it's... more>> prime, I offer you my deepest condolences on missing out, and implore you to pick it up once again. Please. You'll definitely thank me.

What my rating of this novel reflects can be summed up into three things:

    • How good the novel is at being what it tries to be. (It's a character growth type novel)
    • My overall enjoyment while reading so far (the characters, execution of fight scenes, quality of humor, plot progression, etc.)
    • The level of excitement as I await the release of the following chapter.
Ultimately, once you catch up to the recent chapter and think back to the start of the story, you'll realize just how amazing the ride has been.

(On a side note, though this novel may have a few similarities with the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, DO NOT COMPARE Grid to Weed, when reading this novel. If you're doing that, you're locking yourself out from enjoying the key feature of this novel, which is the development of Grid.) <<less
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SomeSuspiciousGuy rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c206
After reading 206 chapters I finally had enough, this novel is garbage.

... more>>

I could make a 10 page essay describing why this novel sucks, but the one that made me draw the line was the main character's little sister. Around the chapter I stopped reading, the MC's sister joined the game but of course, because she's the virtuous little sister trope, which means she could not possibly get a capsule from her big brother despite him rolling in money at this point. Anyways, she enters the game then 5 seconds in the city is under attack and because she hugs an NPC kid as it's about to be killed she gets a hidden growth type class due to her "virtuous" to be willing to die saving an NPC, which is bullsh*t as she doesn't stand to lose anything at all and she would NOT be the first in a game with over 2 BILLION to not be a d*ck to NPCs after the game has been played for 1-2 years.

Now, lets dissect what happened with MC's little sister: plays game for 5 seconds, gets the second strongest class in game (can't have as good as MC, otherwise how could the author justify sucking his d*ck as much as he does?), despite being level f*cking 1 has a % based heal and heals the s*upidly high amount of 20% per heal so she can immediately help her brother, helps with his quest and is power leveled so much it's not even funny and gets 500k gold, which is several hundred million won. All of this within about 1 hour of gameplay (i dunno, probably less) so yeah, novel sucks so much it's not even funny because she's not important to the story.

She is as I mentioned earlier the virtuous little sister trope, earlier in the novel she's been shown to have knowledge of the game e.g. A televised event in Winston where all the important people wait at the gates for MC to arrive, she knows who these people are and that they're important. Skip to later in the novel, when she first enters the game and she has no clue about the game. This is the serious flaw about her, that she is essentially like a pet or an accessory to the MC to show how awesome he is and she is not the only one, every damn character in this novel is made to be like this.

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shuiko rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c27
I gave it a chance, I really did. I legit hate the MC, if only because hes so ret*rded it beyond ridiculous. It's lite really a rip off of LMS, but worse because the MC is also useless as a person, even with a supportive family around him.

The author tries to literally copy aspects from LMS, but only makes it worse cause he never establishes any room for character growth, he's literally stuck in a cycle of being a selfish dumbass, for the sake of being a selfish dumbass.

I cannot... more>> recommend this novel if you want to read something to enjoy. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c375

Well, after hundreds of chapters, Grid has finally grown. It's been a bumpy road. He started as a wimp, grew into an arrogant prick, evolved into an even more arrogant prick who only loves items, and now he's a proper leader who is willing to listen first.

Of course, this wasn't some random growth, but one tempered through meeting various NPCs and Players. I don't know whether to congratulate author for making such growth or slap him silly for taking so f*cking long to do so...

<First Review>

What can I say? I seriously hope the MC will grow as a person. As some of the reviewers already stated, MC really isn't that good a person. Even Weed seems more, how do I say this, more dignified as a human being than this MC. Although I get why his personality is like that, it's still very difficult to read. I'll continue, but I seriously hope the author doesn't keep his personality like so.

Most of the high score is cause of Rainbow~

How s*upid is the MC? From the lack of info he gets, I assume the internet itself is too difficult for him to access.

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Hazy rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c65
It's been a really good novel so far. It's early to say whether I'll keep having a good impression about it or not, but people are giving up on it just because of the MC's mentality. Don't do that. You should at least read it a little more, and see if there's no development in his mentality before giving up on reading it. I liked the way the author describes the crafting system, and the way the MC tries hard to do his best. He is an a**hole, but I... more>> believe in the translator, as she said in WuxiaWorld, he'll become someone reliable. <<less
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