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Date Title Release
08/18/18 Tranxending Vision c227
08/18/18 Terror Infinity v23c9-1
08/18/18 Ancient Strengthening Technique c1717
08/18/18 Ancient Strengthening Technique c1716
08/18/18 Sovereign of the Three Realms c1159
08/18/18 I Reincarnated For Nothing c99
08/18/18 City of Sin v3c1
08/18/18 Renegade Immortal c1070
08/18/18 The Godsfall Chronicles c123
08/18/18 Against the Gods c1160
08/18/18 A Will Eternal c799
08/18/18 Talisman Emperor c595
08/18/18 Overgeared c732
08/18/18 Overgeared c731
08/18/18 Spirit Realm c1032
08/18/18 Spirit Realm c1031
08/18/18 Spirit Realm c1030
08/18/18 A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality c743
08/18/18 The Great Ruler c646
08/18/18 City of Sin v2c218
08/18/18 City of Sin v2c217
08/18/18 Lord of All Realms c539
08/18/18 Talisman Emperor c594
08/18/18 Monarch of Evernight v5c29
08/18/18 Martial God Asura c2894
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